GonnaBang: What’s The Matter?

If you’re here, our beloved reader, you do like reading our  adult dating and one night stand dating site reviews on top adult hookup sites, our pieces of advice on best dating ideas or some squirt-related strategies. However, as you can know our field of expertise is not limited to these issues only—we also tend to consider the cam sites (by the way, we’re so professional in this question so that we’ve even created a special guide on how to become a webcam model!). Anyway, we’re also aimed at classifying the cams into Male Cams, Female Cams, and Asian Cams. Why do we do it all? The answer is easy: being professionals, we’d love to get more engaged in the hookup culture of the USA. By the way, we’ve quite already succeeded in this affair, and released an exclusive anti-research named Datingology, so if you’re interested, you can easily read it!

So, the main issue, which we are going to touch upon in here, is that our beloved GonnaBang does not function anymore. Yep, that’s too sad to know, but we have nothing to do but inform you about this sorrowful news. But don’t even try to get upset, since HookupGeek is always with you, and we can really assist you in finding some gorgeous and reputable alternatives, so that you’ll miss GonnaBang but you’ll not have any occasion to get bored or to get deprived of the tiniest particle of satisfaction. Proved, you know!

Reasons And HookupGeek’s Exclusive Investigation

First of all, you may be interested to discover the main reasons to why such a giant of the webcam industry as GonnaBang is currently down. HookupGeek is aware of the reasons, and we’d want to share them with you,

  • in fact, there is no official version for why the site decided to stop functioning and is currently closed;
  • HookupGeek has decided to conduct our own investigation, and we’ve found out some possible reasons which led to the stop of GonnaBang;
  • one of the versions is that the site is at the stage of revision, so that it can start working soon but now they need to conduct some additional actions to master the quality;
  • the second version is that GonnaBang is going to transform into either one of the one night stand websites or even one of the lesbian dating sites—that is to cover the dating industry, as well;
  • the third version is the competition on the market of the webcam sites, which means that some popular websites like CamFuze could be much influential, and GonnaBang could’ve not been successful enough to win the race; and finally,
  • the platform was banned by the search engines because of the possible illegal activities, and, if this is true, the site will be recovered quite soon, since the actions of GonnaBang were absolutely legal and based on the current US registration.

Yep, these are the main conclusions we could do when investigating the case of GonnaBang and its current situation. Of course, we could not know any exact reason, since the administration of the web source has not shared any insights on this matter, yet, and we have nothing to do but to single out some versions. By the way, we’re sure that quite soon, there will be some data on the essence of such a decision to stop the site’s functioning.

Former Users Of GonnaBang

It’d be logical to consider the former users of GonnaBang—or the ones, who’d been signed up with the service before it expired, since when someone joins the platform of GonnaBang, they should agree on the Terms of use and other documentation(s) as for the usage of the site. So, what’s the problem here?

  • the users who had been eligible to have the content exhibited were given some guarantees as for the website functioning;
  • the payment procedures were also based on the quality of the website functioning;
  • the refund policies of GonnaBang were known to guarantee the users to have their funds back in case if the website doesn’t work properly.

So, how it all was done when GonnaBang had been shut down? HookupGeek’s investigation has also found some possible actions from the part of GonnaBang as for their users on the paid membership basis, and they are mainly as follows,

  •  it is really known that the company counted all the days left by the end of the users’ memberships and refunded all the money to the payment methods used for the payment for the last membership subscription;
  • the personal data shared with the website will never be disclosed to the third parties, so even after the fact that GonnaBang is now down, the former users can really count for the confidentiality;
  • the payment methods and the payment data will also be stored in secret, so that no one could have ever had any access to them;
  • the personal data of the models and information on their income are also not to be disclosed.

Hence, you can see that the website was a responsible and legal actor in the industry of the adult entertainment. This is why, in fact, we really do hope that it will restore its functioning and will surprise its users with the brand-new approach to the webcams as well as by the new models and plots of the shows. This is really important, since the audience of the site is millions of users, and all of them are in search of the hottest experiences they might have only with GonnaBang. Let’s just wait…

The Best Alternatives To GonnaBang

In fact, if we had been much irresponsible for our words and for our readers, we might say that the alternatives to GonnaBang are numerous, and one can freely seek them on the web. Nevertheless, the professional team working for HookupGeek as a brand is aware that we have to assist our readers—both regular and new ones—in finding the best alternatives to GonnaBang. Of course, we might have said something like go and choose one of the sites like ChaturBate or amuse yourself with the SnapChat nudes. We could also suggest you trying the alternatives for CamSoda or the possible similar sites like ImLive. Would it be helpful? Not that much. This is why we’ve decided to give you some really working alternatives, so that you’ll have some options to test and pick up.

What kind of options would we suggest you using instead of GonnaBang?

  • surely the ones, which have some famous webcam models working on them like Daisy Marie, Jada Fire or Dani Daniels;
  • we’d also provide you with the most credible alternatives, which will never fool you up!;
  • we’ll be sharing only the websites, which have legal terms of use and real models;
  • no webcam sites with the pre-recorded videos would be listed in this article;
  • when sharing one of the alternatives here, we also care of the way the model can be employed and fairly treated.

Hence, when going through the list of GonnaBang alternatives, we want you to try only the best options with some similar functionality, so that you’d like to carry on using one or several of the sites until GonnaBang is again on (if, of course, it can happen). In any case, you’ll succeed, since almost each of the webcam sites we’re listing in here are equipped with the trial period.


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Being one of the most popular webcam sources on the web, CamSoda is eager to suggest you watching innumerable cams of the hottest models. On the one hand, there is much diversity of the platform, while on the other hand, you can always admire the simplicity of the site when you utilize it or its functions. Let’s have some more precise insights into the matter of CamSoda,

  • when you’re an eligible member of this webcam platform, you can watch the amateurs webcam shows;
  • having joined the paid membership with CamSoda, you’re always welcome to admire some really professional webcam models like, say, Shark, Gianna Michaels or Farrah Abraham;
  • different sexual orientations are possible to see with CamSoda including gay and lesbian cams, transsexuals, and some other;
  • different number of models can be watch in the same video chat room, so you can even enjoy the threesome experiences.

Therefore, due to these reasons we’ve decided to list CamSoda as one of the greatest alternatives to GonnaBang. If you’ve never tried it out, you’d be happy to have some fresh experiences!


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Well, some of our readers claimed that ChaturBate is quite similar to CamSiteOnline, and there is no point in joining just ChaturBate, since it’s more popular. In our opinion, we’d compare ChaturBate with Flirt4Free, however, the latter is equipped with the feature of chatting and hookup, like, say SCRUFF (but it’s only for the gay men) or Badoo.

So, why do we consider the ChaturBate a great alternative to GonnaBang? We’d listed a couple of reasons, like,

  • ChaturBate has a very powerful system of search so that you’ll surely find what you do really want to spy on;
  • The diversity of the ChaturBate models is indeed similar to both GonnaBang and CamSoda, so the diversity is the only drawback in this case;
  • The millions of users choose ChaturBate just because they’re sure that the website is credible and the money you release will always be secure;
  • there are no illegal actions from the part of the site, and neither of your personal data would be ever disclosed to the third parties.

Yep, we’re sure that you consider these reasons as the credible ones to refer ChaturBate to the best alternatives of GonnaBang. If no, just be welcome to leave a comment below the article to prove the opposite. We’re always happy to communicate with our readers!


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One can say that there is no real difference between all the websites devoted to the webcams; nevertheless, as we write so many reviews, so there are some differences, and, by the way, they’re not that slight as one can believe. ImLive is not similar neither to StripChat nor to xCams platform but still it can be a gorgeous alternative to GonnaBang.

What are the main particularities of the ImLive webcam platform and why we would suggest it as one of the most suitable alternatives to GonnaBang?

  • ImLive is built mainly for the men seeking some alluring diversity;
  • there are numerous webcam models on the site, and the number of these hottie cuties is getting bigger monthly;
  • the different types of the webcam shows on ImLive will make you experience the diverse feelings and impressions;
  • the site does not set any limits, so you can watch several webcam shows at once to have the best adult fun!

So, shortly, ImLive is for those who’d like to dive in the world of satisfaction being absolutely limitless but controlled. If you prefer the very this format of adult entertainment, you’d love the activities on ImLive!


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One of the nicest alternatives to GonnaBang would be presented by RedTube, since this platform has much to surprise you. If you’ve never used it, you’ll go nuts even after the first seconds spent online in there. The main reasons why we like RedTube and suggest on this page are as follows,

  • the site contains tons of the free content to admire;
  • the stream of the webcam shows is at the top level of quality;
  • there is no similar video to watch but only the most diversified ones;
  • the easy process of registration is great and doesn’t require much time to spend;
  • you can watch some videos even if you’ve not signed up yet with RedTube.

When you sign in you don’t even see a plenty of ads to irritate you, so you’ll have the omnipresent and everlasting gratification all the time when you’re online with RedTube. Believe, there is nothing better than knowing that you’re filled with the sweetest titillation, right?


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To be honest, we have had much doubts as for the site to recommend you: on the one hand, we were all for LiveJasmin but on the other hand, it was pretty evident that RealLifeCam is also a nice alternative. But because of the bigger number of the advantages, the competition in this case was won by LiveJasmin. So, why is the platform so great and why is it loved by so many viewers from the whole planet?

  • LiveJasmin has absorbed all the best features of all cams sites and apps;
  • the pricing approach of the site is quite affordable so that you’ll not need to waste money for nothing;
  • the number of the models is adorable, and you will be able to find what you exactly want to;
  • the site frequently generates the diverse and much beneficial discounts for the regular users;
  • the longer period of your membership is purchased, the more chances to save up your money are possible.

The live cam video rooms of the site are built in such a way that you can really arrange a private show with all of your needs included. It means that every time you pre-order the private webcam model show, you do really obtain what you’d asked for before. So, you’ll be never disappointed! Just try LiveJasmin once (if you’ve not done it before), and you’ll see how frivolous their models can get when you contact them and have them spied on!

xHamster Live

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As you can get it from the name of the site, only live cams are possible. In other words, you’ll never be exhibited to any pre-recorded videos, shot a year ago, for instance. How is it proved? Just easily: when you are chatting with the model, they respond you and may do what you asked them to. Yep, this is a great way to examine if your website with cams is real and works live.

xHamster is on this list just because of the following reasons,

  • the database of the models signed up with xHamster is abnormal and big, so you can always pick up either your preferred models or generate the new ones;
  • if you’re a regular user of the site, you will surely be able to use some of the loyalty programs and discounts designed by xHamster for your convenience;
  • you can use all the adorable functions of the site to advance yourself to the utter impressions out of spying on the horny models.

Of course, if you’ve always been a fan of GonnaBang, you’ll see that xHamster cannot give you the same range of opportunities. However, you can enjoy the difference between GonnaBang and xHamster to see beyond the limits! Thus, we’re truly recommending xHamster on this list, since you’ll surely love it!


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The final alternative, which we’d share with is SlutRoulette. Of course, it has nothing in common with the casino or gambling activities; however, it has much in common with the adult entertainment industry. What is more, SlutRoulette is not that much promoted but has very many models to broadcast their webcam nude performances. Thus, they’re really working for the quality, and you can personally get ensured! Just sign up with the site and you’ll see all the pleasance!

Hookupgeek’s listed this website here because we believe it can really substitute the experiences, which you had on GonnaBang, since

  • you can use diverse formats of webcam show, including the cam2cam format (similarly to CAM4);
  • you may adore those innumerable models of different sexual orientations and preferences;
  • you can endlessly watch the video streamed (as if you’re registered with Streamate);
  • you’ll be given access to the adorable collection of the adult movies, which will surely set your imagination on fire before watching the horny shows by the kinky webcam models.

The easy process of registration will make you bring yourself the best impressions within shortly, so that you’ll not have to spend much time waiting for any confirmation or validation or verification. Thus, SlutRoulette can really be of use if you do really want to encounter some diversity and get some more newer impressions! We’re sure you’ll enjoy the web platform and will be its regular user!

What Is Gonnabang?

The platform is focused on providing its users with the most extended version of passion kindly and generously provided by the numerous girls. However, some of the opinions refer gonnabang scam site but in reality, it is not like that, and we’ll provide you some evidences here.

So, in this review, you’ll get informed about

  • Opportunities and chances for your pleasure online;
  • The particularities and advantages of using the paid version of the platform;
  • The answer to the question “Is gonnabang safe?”
  • The correspondence between the chats, videos, quality, and experiences; and
  • The answer to the question “Is gonnabang a real dating site?”

Review Of The Gonnabang Dating Site

Review of GonnaBang

The platform ensures that you’ll have the most amazing experiences when using a telescope to explore the black hole after exploring the website. So, when you get enrolled and ready to begin, you’re given

  • variety of searching tools;
  • diversity of profiles, which would satisfy any taste;
  • security of your profile and data;
  • access to galleries;
  • access to the top cam sites cams; and
  • ability to chat to any girl you choose in accordance with the search tools parameters inserted.

The website is known for its good reputation and thousands of users. Having a nice hookup rate, which is currently approaching 90%, the app and the site per se will always show you its marvels, and you’ll forget about the routines of the real world and denials from the women who assess you using the criterion of your wallet. So, have no doubts in usage of the website, and you’ll see how bright your sexual life can be!

Reputation And Feedback

Review of GonnaBang

Is gonnabang legit? If you’re still asking this question, we’re confirming that the policies of the website are strongly built on the law system and, as a result, it prevents the users from any fraud and scam. So, be sure that the legit nature of the place would result in the most pleasant pastime you wished to get, believe us!

The safety of the web destination is also approached by the means of the inner policies of the platform. It means that both your personal data as well as the correspondence and tracking of your activities will not be ever disclosed to the other persons. Thus, stay tuned without worrying about the safety of your presence on the website or app.

Advantages Of The Website

Review of GonnaBang

You now possibly think that it is totally unbelievable to get everything at once, and so many interesting experiences of hot character are impossible. No! Never! Now, we’ll tell you even more advantages of being a member at the website. Here is a short list of the most prominent features you’ll love about the website. Here you are,

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  • to get registered you only need to insert your email and the date of birth;
  • you can ‘spy’ at the website and send the messages anonymously;
  • both chats and web cams live available;
  • the platform is mostly oriented to satisfy the needs of men;
  • thousands of active and hot profiles;
  • progressive search tools; and
  • anti-scam policies and policies to store your personal data and correspondence in safety.

What You Need At The Website

Review of GonnaBang

Certainly, if you have successful experience in whitewashing the picket fence as well as the carnal passions and pleasures, your life is either successful. The main reason of a good mood stands behind your ability of vulcanizing the whoopee stick. So, the only thing you need with the website under review is to get registered. The procedure is not difficult. What you need in this case is only to insert your email, password, and, finally, the date of birth (to get ensured that you’re not going underaged).

After you had registered, you’re most welcome to load your profile. You have to know about the super duper great abilities you’re given after this,

  • access to all girls’ profiles (including the hottest and the most active ones);
  • access to the video base;
  • access to the limitless web cam performances;
  • wide choice of girls, who would certainly show their talents in whittling the love branch.

So, if you need interesting pastime and extension of the personal desires, you’re highly recommended to visit the girls’ profiles and pick up one or several ones to communicate with. As soon as you communicate, you might want to find out more and watch the online cams. These operate on the basis of tokens, and they can be freely purchased for the most affordable price.

The users of the system (including both men and women) always share their experience and stimulate all of your desires to be completed as soon as possible. Believe us, you have never had a similar practice and have never felt the similar emotions. The quality of your emotions is the prerequisite of the success in real life. So, try it fast to get rid of the negativity and to allow yourself the most unbearable, risqué, and piquant situations ever!

A Gonnabang Review: Conclusion

The review has showed that the platform is not a scam and does not contain any fraudulent activities. It means that you can feel yourself comfortable and do not worry about any deceit. By the way, it is also confirmed by the other gonnabang reviews.

If you’re still looking for the websites like gonnabang, we are suggesting you going through the list of the websites, which are similar to gonnabang. They’d be certainly of importance for you and there you will also be able to find the most intricate experiences by observing the secret video cams performances. So, give it a try as well,

So, as you might see, the diversity is everywhere, so stop hiding yourself and allow yourself the most concupiscent practices, which would certainly lead you to the overwhelming pleasures and passions. In addition, feel free to leave the comments and reputable opinions about your experiences in order to let the others know about the most comfortable and come-hither situations of tickling her tummy from the inside!


Yep, we’re sorry for having written this sad piece of writing. Nevertheless, it’s our task, and we have to follow our philosophy. What is more, we’re sure you’d enjoy reading some other reviews on the webcam sites, and also, you’ll be happy to know about the newest tendencies in this field. So, don’t hesitate to leave your comments right after this article.

We’d also love to suggest you reading some more stuff about the webcam sites to expand your outlook. We mean that you’ll be happy to know much secret information about the most popular webcam models and adult movies actresses, like, say, Mandy Kay, Gianna Nicole, or Ryan Ryans. In any case, we have even more and more items in our blog to know more. If you’re interested, you’re most welcome to abuse our website to know the best strategies of hookup!

Finally, we’re always happy to read your feedbacks on the work we do, so be sure to leave some words to express your opinion on a particular webcam site or any other source. We’re sure you’ll have the best and highest level of success when you are aware of all the tricks to use when hooking up! Therefore, we’re always your guide in the secret and amorous world of hookup, so be with us, and you’ll see how it all engaging! That’s all for now, and we’re sure we’ve been effective and helpful! Catch up to us, and you’ll never lose, believe!

FAQ about GonnaBang

Be sure that you will never need to pay for the registration with GonnaBang! So, it’s absolutely for free of price!

There are no limits on the number of models. You can enjoy the shows day and night, you know!

Nope, as no one can force anyone. You can suggest your ideas, and the model would try to do their best to satisfy you.

The models of GonnaBang are either amateurs or professional models and adult movies stars.

You can use cam2cam format. Cam2cam is the way to broadcast a video. It means that when you are watching a performer you can switch on your cam and show yourself. It is possible with GonnaBang