You’ve probably heard about a wide diversity of the dating apps and casual encounter websites for how to find one night stands, but after a week of hype, you started to be skeptical about them since your search results had not brought anything except disappointment and disenchantment. It is because, nowadays, everything to be related to online communication has turned into wildness rather than a real opportunity. This statement can be referred not only to finding love process, but at least just to start communicating with someone in a normal manner.

The concepts of most dating mobile applications are absolutely unreal in nature. Let’s imagine a situation that, well, there is somewhere within your city a person with the same interests as yours, so what? Well, you can put a like to his/her profile, and then what? As a rule, you exchange a couple of on-duty phrases, carefully protecting your body and soul from unnecessary problems, and this is where your communication ends. Thus, having this tendency analyzed, the app developers have recently come up with the brand-new app, and they titled it Happn apk.

So, Happn is a French app service for meeting (and dating) people who are close to you or use similar routes from the point of view of geography. With all the simplicity, the development of the French confidently captures the world. It is mainly thanks to its efficiency and unique concept. So, HookupGeek has collected all the data from our personal experiences and other Happn app reviews to provide you with the most credible data about this particular dating service.

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So, what is Happn and how it can bring you the desired results? Let’s have everything touched upon in the current Happn app review?

  • Happn is an application that uses your geolocation data to suggest the closest possible matches for dating;
  • Happn can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. It works as follows: the main page is a feed of other Happn users who met you on the way;
  • When you are close to a person who fits your characteristics, his profile rises to the very top of the search tape;
  • After that, you can view photos of the candidate, mark him/her as you like and start a conversation by dropping a simple message like ‘Hi there!’;
  • The fundamental difference of the dating Happn app from the other dating services is that the application is based on the interaction of people in real life and in real time;
  • This format opens up new opportunities for acquaintances for modern and busy people who lead an active lifestyle and move a lot around the city (especially, if this city is quite big);
  • Using hypergeolocation technology approach, Happn tends to show its users only those people who their paths crossed with in their lives. For instance, it indicates those who were in the same place (however, it assumes that it works only within a radius of 250 meters) at the same time. If you find someone you like, click on the heart icon. If you are sent back in response, you can start chatting;
  • Happn uses not only likes but also the so-called Happn charms, which mean that a person you sent a charm will be notified, while the likes are sent incognito.

So, regardless of the utter simplicity, Happn conquered almost all the world now.

HappnHow does Happn work and which functions it can deliver to its users? How to use Happn? What is the overall nature of the app? Hence, let HookupGeek have it all sorted out right away!

  • Happn’s user experience is not gamified in any way, unlike most competitors;
  • The service also provides solutions to queries that traditional dating sites are powerless in front of;
  • In Happn, you do not need to fill out a detailed profile and interest list, just set up synchronization with Facebook (since it would help you minimize the amount of false information and fake accounts;
  • In addition, you receive a list of potential contacts not on the basis of common interests, but from the principle of proximity and visual sympathy;
  • It can be that in this way you will find a little less soul mates, but it will be much easier to meet people who really suit you in the real world.

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At the same time, the features of the service level out the standard negative aspects of competing applications,

  • There are no opportunities for spam, unpleasant contacts, mass sending of vulgar emails from fake accounts, etc.
  • Access to correspondence opens after two conditions are met. The first is if the sympathy is mutual and, secondly, the users are in proximity to each other (for instance, they can work in the same area, live nearby, etc.);
  • Happn also provides paid functionality: with it, you can start a conversation without mutual sympathy. But even here, the principle of territorial proximity is observed, otherwise the user profiles will simply not be shown to you;
  • You can link your accounts in Instagram and Spotify to the profile of Happn;
  • Photos and favorite music perfectly characterize a person, so that with their help it becomes much easier to find points of contact with the interlocutor;
  • With the help of Happn dating, you can meet again those who would like to see again;
  • You cannot use the function of Happn delete account by yourself

So, how does Happn work? The principle of work of the Happn app are as follows,

  • Profiles of those who you like, you can like, and if you get a response like, start a correspondence;
  • When you want the oncoming stranger (or a stranger) to pay attention to you, send Happn charm to him/her. And with his consent, immediately enter into a dialogue; Conveniently, the output in the newsfeed can be customized: set the gender and the age gap, and the application shows only those people that match your interests;
  • In each profile there is a map that will show where you and the person crossed. To have the candidates for acquaintance selected with maximum accuracy, adjust the gender and age of the desired interlocutor;
  • Every time you come across a suitable Happn user, his profile appears in your chronicle.

Here you can see how many times you have already met, where and when this happened. Who knows, all of a sudden you and your second half walk through the same streets every day, visit the same places, but have not yet crossed. The best things happen all at once, and Happn gives such surprises a second chance.Happn

Pricing: Is Happn Free?

When you decide to install Happn, you should bear in mind that regardless of all the claims, this app is not free of cost. Yep, you can have happn gratis but if the download is meant, however, almost all the functions appear if you pay for the membership. So, what are the payment principles?

Due to the fact that when hanging out with Happn, you are expected to be charged in two ways which do not work separately,

  • the first aspect is the essential package needed to have access to the functions of the app;
  • the second aspect is the purchase of the so-called credits, which are used for sending the likes to the other people you like.

Herein, there is no point to order only the essential package, since if you don’t send likes and charms, you won’t be noticed, and, as a result, you will not be able to communicate with a person you liked. Thus, we have to consider the pricing approach to the essential package provided by the app designers. So,

  • The 1 Month Essential Package Subscription would cost you just $20.00;
  • The 3 Months Essential Package Subscription would cost you just 16.00 $ / Month, that is $48.00 in total;
  • The 6 Months Essential Package Subscription would cost you just 12.00 $ / Month, and in total it is $72.00.

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What about the credits? How are they evaluated?

  • if you purchase 10 Coins / Credits package, the price is $0.30 / Coin / credit, which is in total is $2.99;
  • If you buy 60 Coins / Credits package, the price is $0.25 / Coin/ credit, and $14.99 in total;
  • If you buy 100 Coins / Credits package, the cost is $0.23 / Coin/ credit, and $22.99 in total;
  • If you order 250 Coins / Credits package, the price is $0.16 / Coin/ credit, and $39.99.

So, in order to save up your funds in both cases it is recommended to order the biggest number of credits/coins and the same concerns the period of the package duration.

As soon as you installed the app, chose the plan you like and made a payment, you can easily start using the service and find the people of your choice right outside! So, good luck!

Pros And Cons

Having described the pricing plans, we should move to the advantages and disadvantages of the app. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out. The pros are comprised of the following points,

  • The app does not slow down the work of your device;
  • The geolocation easily finds people, who’d suit you within the shortest period of time;
  • No fake accounts can be encountered;
  • Millions of credible profiles from all over the world (however, the app is currently being developed as for the geographical locations and countries, so it is expected to be global shortly);
  • The procedure to happn download is quite easy. So, you just download either Android or iOs version;
  • After you did Happn app download you can easily use it with no difficulties;
  • The security measures are quite well developed so you can forget about any issues related to your privacy data to be disclosed.

Regardless of these nice pros, there are some disadvantages, and we have to pay your attention that they can be harmful enough, so when you use the app be sure to follow all the possible measures in order not to get in trouble.

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Thus, as for the cons, they are comprised of the following,

  • you cannot delete your account by yourself; so if you need to know how to delete Happn profile, you will need to contact support team and ask them to. Hence, when you delete Happn account you then can remove your Happn app;
  • because of the fact that you share your geolocation by yourself, you can be easily identified and, as a result, be blackmailed, for instance (this will be described in the next section in detail);
  • similarly to the other dating apps, it does not work if there is no internet connection;
  • there are not all countries presented in the app, since it is still evolving;
  • there are no additional steps to double check your personality when you log in, so if you save the password, the strangers can easily steal all the data you have in the app.

HappnOn the one hand, these cons do not seem to be serious; however, on the other hand, they can really harm you. Because of them, there are some negative feedbacks from the users. In any case, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that the developers would definitely improve the app, and the newer versions would be equipped with everything possible to make it safer.


The applications designed for dating are already an integral part of our daily life. In order to find the perfect partner, users are ready to reveal their true name, profession, place of work, favorite places and much more. So, how safe it is with Happn? The current Happn dating app review will show you everything! It is an important question to consider, for the applications to be designed for meetings and dating, turned into a storehouse of quite private data, including photos in naked manner.

It seems that only the laziest person did not write about online dating via Happn. Thus, the subject of deception and the danger of meeting a stranger was revealed both in psychology journals and in the criminal chronicle. But there is a less obvious threat associated not with acquaintance itself, but with mobile applications like Happn dating site designed to simplify this process. It is about intercepting and stealing personal information, as well as deanonymization of a user of a dating service app, which in the long run can create a lot of problems for the victimfrom sending messages on their behalf in a social network to blackmail.

  • First of all, we checked whether it is easy to track users by the data that is available in the applications;
  • It turned out that the real name of the user and his social media page is easy enough to find if you can specify the place of work in the application;
  • As a result, attackers can collect much more information about the victim, track its movements, make a circle of friends and acquaintances;
  • The collected information can be used for stalking, that is for the pursuit of the victim;
  • In addition, the discovery of a user profile in a social network allows you to bypass the specific limitations of dating applications, for example, a ban on writing messages to each other;
  • So, there is some data that Happn application allows only owners of paid accounts to write messages, others prohibit men from starting communication;
  • In social networks, as a rule, there are no such restrictions, and you can write to the person you like directly.

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So, in order not to be exposed to any risks and dangers, some actions can be taken, and they are comprised of,

  • Use VPN as often as possible;
  • Each time when you happn login you should log out in order to protect your data;
  • Install security tools on all your devices;
  • Disclose only that information about yourself that is necessary.

What you should never do:

  • Share information about your social media accounts in the application profile: real name, last name, place of work;
  • Specify email addressneither personal nor corporate;
  • Use Happn dating apps over non-secure Wi-Fi networks.

Quality Of Tools

HappnWhen it comes to the quality of tools built in specifically to Happn, it is quite complicated to analyze them, since there are so many cool  and cutting edge new things. Nevertheless, there are some minor drawbacks which spoil all the impression of the tools. Hence,

  • because of the usage of geolocation, the search engine is referred to the innovative one;
  • the chats are nicely developed; however, the like function is paid, which is kind of a negative feature;
  • the newsfeed is exclusive and does not represent any social media type but exact search of the candidates to get acquainted with;
  • the process of getting signed up is easy.

The quality of tools is overall nice, but the thing that the app requires usage of geolocation and merely broadcasts it, it is quite specific, and can seem to be somehow harmful to the users. That is why, we are doubting if the tools mentioned can cover the drawback of security which was communicated in the Security section of this article.

Quality Of Profiles

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Because of the fact that the app gained much fame and popularity as soon as it has been first released, the quality of profiles is characterized by the following features,

  • there are millions of real and active profiles almost all around the globe;
  • no fake accounts have been detected, since there is no point in creating them by the developers of the app;
  • the credibility of the profiles can be easily checked for the profiles of Happn are linked with either Facebook or Instagram (or both);
  • the quality of the photos uploaded is required to be good, so it is a positive feature of the profiles’ quality.

In general, one can claim that this is merely the first innovative dating app which does not contain any fake profiles, which is already a perfect plus! So, HookupGeek is more than satisfied by the quality of the profiles signed up for this particular app.

Happn Review: Summing It All Up

Happn is an application that will help even the shyest persons to start communication. Its main difference from many similar services: you communicate with people who are right now somewhere nearby. The principle of geolocation search really works. It seems that Happn hookup site and its concept is the most real thing that could happen to us, people from the world of social networks. It’s nice that you are not dragged into the abyss of virtual communication, but simply help to start a conversation in a more comfortable environment. And then you decide it on your ownto be or not to be. Dating in real life has become something like the fiction, so the Happn dating sites will flourish!

A modern way to search for love is to use either dating applications or live adult sites. Firstly, it is convenient: thanks to them, you can meet anywhere, it is enough to have a smartphone with you. Secondly, it is fast, so you can weed out unnecessary people in just a few clicks. According to statistics, now every second person uses an application for online dating, and the most popular of them is Tinder. The number of stories about those who found a soul mate there goes off scale, and the application itself is a success even among stars: a new premium feature Tinder Select, which allows users to filter, has been launched for the rich and famous service. In any case, it is not necessary to have comparison between Happn vs Tinder.

FAQ about Happn

The following legislation acts are applied as for the work of Happn: Clause 6 of the French law on confidence in the digital economy Clause 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6 of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act (Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique) French Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 (Loi Informatique et Libertés, 78-17) Thus, we can state that the Happn app functions legally and does not ever violate your rights.

You can delete your account directly from the application (click "My account" > then "App settings" >"My data" > "Delete my account") or request deletion of your account by writing to Your account will then be deleted from the application. However, your data will be kept in a separate database archive for one year before being permanently destroyed.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or any other request concerning your personal data, you can contact Happn. Firstly, by sending an e-mail to Happn contact e-mail address Secondly, by sending an email to the Data Protection Officer Thirdly, by sending a letter to the following address: for the attention of the Data Protection Officer, HAPPN – 8 rue du Sentier 75002 Paris – France.

Fortunately, yes! OkCupid makes all the users undergo additional verification of their appearance, so that the other users can be really sure that they communicate with a real person. The photos verification ensures that no scam or fake profiles can be possible. What is more, the profiles newly registered and not verified are not exhibited in the search results.

You can use the free mode of the app to discover all the features and understand how the app functions. After releasing the payment, you will get access to all of the features in order to make your dating process fruitful and successful!