So, hi there again and welcome to the HookupGeek’s most informative review about the well-known lesbian dating service named HER. Yeah, the very title of the service is intriguing, and it definitely shows who this dating app is for! So, as you may know, HookupGeek is focused not only on the horny dating websites for the straight users, best websites for one night stands and innumerable best cam sites but also on the LGBTQ+ dating services including gay dating and lesbian dating. So, today is the turn of the epochal app for lesbians!

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Well, let’s gradually move to the HER dating service and let’s find out the general data about the website and the app (by the way, the most detailed information on the app per se will be provided in the section devoted to the HER app). So, this is what HookupGek has been successful to find out about the work of HER,

  • HER website officially acknowledged geolocation is IE (Ireland), 07, Dublin, D02 Dublin;
  • the HER website is known to be created back in 2014;
  • the expiry date of HER website is 2019;
  • the process of the website registration was supported and processed by Gandi SAS;
  • the owner of the website is the Dattch Ltd company;
  • the former name of the HER dating for lesbians is Dattch;
  • the HER website was registered and assigned to the following address, 75013 Gandi-63-65 boulevard Massena, Paris, France;
  • the phone number, which you can use in order to contact the site administration is +33.170377666;
  • you can also use the fax assigned to the number +33.143730576;
  • all the questions related to the possible issues of the service work are recommended to be direct to;
  • all arbitration affairs are supposed to be forwarded to 1760 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103;
  • the creator of the app is Robyn Exton;
  • the list of the main investors of the app is comprised of the following people and companies, W3 Ltd, Alexis Ohanian, Yannick Pons and Investor & Chairman of YPlan Andy Phillipps, and Garry Tan and Michael Birch from Y Combinator.

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Well, now we can see that the service is official and properly registered, which is, in fact, the first and very prominent advantage. However, we would love to be even more convinced and, thus, we would love to move to the stats, which can be connected with the work of the service and which would let us shed light on the overall situation of the service,

  • the HER dating is available only in the format of the app;
  • regardless of the fact that there is a website of the dating service under review but there is no possibility to get signed up via it;
  • the website contains numerous pieces of advice on how to get acquainted and how to perfectly use the app;
  • also, the website is something like a business card of the app, so it contains general information and terms of use (which we will discuss some later on within the current review!);
  • it is known that the app is available and, along with this, popular in about 60 countries as of the spring of 2019;
  • regardless of the fact that the official website claims that the service is for the LGBTQ+ representatives, only women of this category can sign up;
  • there are about 4 million users registered with the app as of 2019.

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Hence, we can know now that the diversity of the profiles is granted by the app. However, we cannot be sure that everything is secure and properly functioning. Thus, we will have to spend some more time to find out more and more details about the website and the app. So, now on, it’s a high time to move to the functionality, but it will be partially, since the app characteristics will be narrated some later on.

So, how does it all work and what you can do with the HER app?

  • you can run the free profile and manage it with no extra payment presupposed;
  • you can upload and delete the photos of yours;
  • you can leave the text items in your profile (like different statuses and so on);
  • the profiles are searched by the first name of the users only;
  • the app will provide you with the approximate distance between the users of your choice and you as well;
  • the app is not equipped (and it does not actually presupposes to be) with the search of the manual mode, which quite a unique function;
  • you can like the profiles of the other users and see who has liked you.

In fact, because of these functions, the app partially resembles such famous apps like Jaumo and Happn. Nevertheless, the function of feed, which is built in the app, tends to resemble a social network like, say, Fubar or CooMeet. In any case, HER presents something like a perfect conglomerate of the features from the apps just mentioned from the point of view of its functionality.

Prices of HER Online Dating Service

As you, our beloved readers believe, the Pricing section is amongst the most engaging and important in the reviews by HookupGeek, so in this review, there will be no exceptions, and we will discuss the pricing as well. In addition to this, in this section we will shed light on the features which you gain when having paid off along with the features which are proposed for absolutely free of price. So, everything will be sorted out!

So, the HER lesbian dating app is characterized by the following types of profiles possible,

  • free (or basic); and
  • premium.

Let’s start of the paid profile and its tariffs for the premium features of the HER lesbian dating site and app. So, the app provides and suggests the following approaches to pricing,

  • the premium membership of HER with the duration of 1 month will go for just $14.99;
  • the premium status of your membership for the 6 six months will cost you just $10 a month, which is total $59.99; and, finally,
  • the annual subscription to the services by HER dating will go for just $7.50 per month, which is in total will comprise just $89.99.

As you might have observed it, with the longer period of subscription you receive more opportunities to save up. Hence, for instance, by purchasing the annual subscription to the premium services of HER lesbian dating, you will save up to 50%. Nice, right? In any case, the pricing tariffs of HER are quite similar to the apps like OkCupid and Fuckr.

However, as promised, we have to touch upon the features which go for free within the framework of the Basic profile and within the Premium membership tariff. Thus, the free features of HER dating service are comprised of,

  • you are always eligible to have the procedure of signing up absolutely for free;
  • you can download your HER app;
  • you can view the profiles (but their number would be quite limited);
  • you will be able to receive and send the messages, but again, their number will be regulated;
  • you will get some of the standard HER app notifications;
  • you will have access to your news Feed section; and, finally,
  • you will be given a function of Meet, which is similar to Tinder, where you will be able to swipe the profiles left or right.

In fact, HookupGeek did not expect so many features to go absolutely for free, since such apps like EliteSingles will never provide you with so many traits in the free mode! So, we are more than pleased to announce for now that the free (or basic) profile can also be somehow fruitful. But what you should wait from the Premium membership of the HER dating website? Let’s touch it upon right away,

  • with the Premium subscription only, you will be given access to the section of Who’s Online Now, which is also quite similar to OurTime dating;
  • only with the Premium membership, you will be eligible to rewind the profiles you watched, which you could by mistake swipe improperly;
  • you will see who visited your profile and who also liked your account;
  • in case if you travel or just want to be safer, you will have a chance to change your location irrespectively of what the app claims your location is; and, finally,
  • you will have a chance to observe each instance, when your message was read by the recipient.

You know what? HookupGeek is currently really marveled with the list of the premium features. What is more, we would love to believe that the other characteristics of the app will also be that great. Thus, for now, we have a strong conviction that the features accessible via the pre-paid mode are nice, and they will surely bring you many fruitful experiences in your dating affairs!

In any case, we would like to move on and discuss another section, which no less important. Yep, traditionally, we would touch upon the Pros and Cons of the app, since we have to know which of them prevails. Of course, as usually, we are eager to believe that cons would be less numerous than the pros. Of course, ideally, it is the situation, wherein there are no drawbacks at all! Let’s see!

Pros and Cons

As we’ve already informed you, the HER dating site is not for the sign up process as well as it is not for the use for dating, as well. However, we have some pros and cons assigned to the HER dating apps. Thus, traditionally, we will analyze the advantages of the app, and, then, we will consider the shortcomings possible. Hence, what we have found is as follows,

  • the app provides numerous free features, which would definitely serve the use of the members registered;
  • the pricing of the website is another prominent advantage, since it is very affordable;
  • the app is nicely designed;
  • the premium functions of the website will surely result in the most successful pastime and dating experiences;
  • the number of the user profiles is quite great, and it will advance you closer to the best dating practices;
  • the HER app cooperates with the social networks, and you can either sign up or sign in with the help of the Facebook profile of yours or by using the Instagram profile of yours;
  • the matching system is quite nice and really provides the most suitable options to pick up for the dating;
  • there are unlimited functions, which will marvel you (such as messaging and swiping).

What about the cons? As a matter of fact, there are just two cons which we have identified about HER dating, namely,

  • the app is known to be lagging, however, it is not that frequent;
  • you can send the messages being unlimited only to your friends in the app and the swipes, which makes your search quite limited.

In any case, the cons are not that cruel, so you may have a chance to admire the app. What is more, you can always have it tried out, since it has basic free features at your disposal.

What is more, the balance of advantages and disadvantages is quite inevident, so we are now about to think that the app is quite a credible platform to date the people of the same views. So, why not try it all and get with your own vision?


Traditionally, we are to move to the security measures of the website and of the app, as well. Dissimilarly from the other dating apps being alike, the security of the HER app is built in quite an interesting manner, namely,

  • you are encouraged and strongly recommended to upload no more than eight photos of yours to have at the same time in order to prevent the leakage of the extra information;
  • the fact that you can link your social networks’ profiles to the HER profile will serve as an additional proof for the fact that no fake profiles are signed up;
  • the payment details of the users are kept in secret and they are claimed to never be disclosed to any third parties;
  • the ability to modify your real location is another great feature, which can let you be anonymous if you wish to;
  • the payments are not accompanied with any hidden fees, which is quite a regular thing with some other dating services.

HookupGeek has also elaborated the legal bases of the dating app’s functioning. In compliance with the current and official Terms of Use of the app as well as in accordance with the numerous HER dating app reviews, there is a nice list of the institutions and laws to regulate the work of the website and of the app,

  • all the possible dispute issues are supposed to be resolved in compliance with the Arbitration Agreement, which functions on the basis of the Federal Arbitration Act of the USA;
  • all the law-related issues should be directed to the Corporation Trust Company, using the following address, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801;
  • you can also count for the assistance and defence by American Arbitration Association (“AAA”);
  • the complaints related directly or partially with the work of the app should be forwarded to the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may be contacted in writing at 400 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95814;
  • the phone number of the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs is (800) 952-5210;
  • if the user lives in California, so all the issues should be reviewed under the jurisdiction of District Courts of California;
  • all the other users (including the ones originating from the European Union) should direct their claims to the local courts and institutions, which deal with the cyber law.

Hence, the security and legal bases of the HER dating service have been utterly elaborated, so there is merely no aspect, which would not have been included in the Terms of Use of the app. Thus, the current HER dating app review is quite nicely informing you that the protection of your personal data and all of your online stay is always at the highest level! Not bad, we should admit!

Quality of Tools

Regardless of the fact that the tools are not that numerous, we are supposed to analyze them in any case. Thus, what is the quality of the tools provided for the users and their convenience?

  • in spite of the fact that the search tool is not presented in its pure classical way, the search can be claimed to be substituted by the match-making system, which works nicely and takes into account the filters and data you provided in the profile of yours;
  • the messaging system is easy and provides all the necessary features including the smiles;
  • the process of registration is easy, and you will not have to waste much time to get in;
  • the process of deleting your profile is also easy and will not take you much;
  • the support team works almost immediately, so, in average, the response time may vary from 1 to 3 or 4 minutes;
  • the payment system can be characterized by the easiness, transparency, and absence of the hidden fees.

As a result, we have nothing to do but to state that the quality of the tools is not that bad, and it can really bring the desired results. Mainly, this is because of the fact that the matching process is quite sensitive, and it can result in the best endeavors! So, dating with HER can be even more than just nice! Hence, be sure to become a part of the app, so that you will be able to apply all the features for your convenience!

About HER Dating App

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Oh yes! We’ve arrived to depicting the app per se! Yes! So, what we have about it is as follows,

  • there is HER dating app for android and for iOs;
  • the size of the iOs based file is 17.6 MB;
  • the size of the Android app file is 3.4 MB;
  • the preview version was released July 25, 2014;
  • the release of the first demo version is August 27, 2015;
  • at the moment, the app is the privacy of Bloomer Inc.;
  • the latest version of the app is 6.1.6;
  • the category of the app is geosocial networking.

her app

So, you can see that all the app-related information can be named as credible. However, our point here as well as our purpose is provide you what you can do with the app and show you how it functions. So, just take a look at the following,

  • you don’t need to enable the search in order to find the best match for you to date, since the app works on the swiping principle, which is a bit similar to the other dating apps;
  • in order to contact someone, you are supposed to swipe the profiles (by the way, in the free mode, you will not be able to see the profiles of the users, only photos and nicknames, while in the premium subscription mode, you will also be able to see the details of the profile);
  • if you like someone from the matching process, you are eligible to drop a message to start communication;
  • if you feel bored, and need something interesting, which is not directly united with dating, you will be able to visit the Events tab, so that you will be exposed the lesbian-related events to participate in.

Hence, the app can fairly be referred to as partially a dating service and partially a social network. Thus, the app can really satisfy different needs of the users, and you will be surely marveled to utilize it!

How To Delete HER Dating Profile

In compliance with the Terms of Use of the app as well as in accordance on HookupGeek’s personal experience, it is not that difficult to do. So, in order to delete your HER account, it is necessary to follow the steps like this,

  • First off, in order to delete your HER account, you are supposed to go on the ‘Me’ tab on the bottom menu of the HER app;
  • Secondly, you are to select the Settings icon tab, which is located in the top left hand corner;
  • Thirdly, you then have to tap on Support tab and select the line Close Account;
  • Your account will not be displayed anymore or be able to be accessed by any users since you have pressed the Close Account option.

Hence, these three easy steps will take about a couple of minutes of your time in order to get out of the app. Right after you deleted your profile, you can delete the app from your mobile device.

Quality of Profiles

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Oh, here comes a spoiler now, lol! The profiles’ quality is quite nice with HER app for dating! Why? HookupGeek will kindly disclose all these details for you exclusively,

  • because of the link to the social networks, you can really expect for the fact that you will encounter only the real profiles;
  • the investigation by HookupGeek has proved that no online cupids are registered, since the database of the app is great and there is no need in online cupids;
  • the photos of the profiles tend to be real, since the administration of the website may ask for additional verification;
  • the men are never registered with the app, since the administration monitors this;
  • all the complaints about the hypothetically fake profiles can be sent to the support, so you will never experience any negative issues.

HookupGeek is quite happy to know that there are so nice apps like HER, since the lesbian dating is not that developed in comparison to the mixed dating services (the ones which are for the straight, besexual, and homosexual people). In other words, the LGBTQ+ dating services to be pure are not that frequent. Thus, the developers of the similar quality apps are not numerous. Hence, it is a real miracle to find something really cool! In any case, we will move to the final sections of the review of HER. Keep on!

Final Thoughts

So, don’t give up—there comes another spoiler, lol!—we will surely recommend the HER dating app, which has been elaborated for the most successful dates to be arranged! Eh, the application has been produced in order to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community (if to be more precise, HER is only for women). In other words, this is purely a lesbian community, which is known to provide the users with the most unbelievable and cool results!

HookupGeek can recall not that many websites, which would be as good as HER. In addition to this, HER is built in such a way that you will not need to waste much time either for the signup process or cancelling profile. Hence, you will be focused on the dating and finding the best matches! Thus, be welcome to the app, since it can really bring you the uttermost results! Trust us, and, of course, don’t even thank, yo!

FAQ about HER

In compliance with the Terms of Use of the HER dating apk, there are no conditions under which you would be eligible to have your profile restored after it’s been deactivated regardless of the purposes and intentions. So, this is what the Terms of Use say about this, “you may cancel your Account at any time by contacting us. Please note that if your Account is cancelled, we do not have any obligation to delete or return to you any of Your Content that you have posted to the Services, including, but not limited to, any reviews or Feedback.”

In case of the preliminary cancellation of the profile with HER under the conditions that you have some funds left, you are not supposed to undergo any refund, since the services have been provided and the cancellation was not the fault of the HER app. Thus, HER “will have no other warranty obligation whatsoever with respect to the” money you invested for the membership. Hence, no refund is possible. However, you are advised to contact the Support Team in order to resolve any issues, and they will either assist you or explain everything in more details.

Certainly, you are always welcome to report this issue, for the HER app stands for the polite and tolerate communication. Hence, in any case of the improper communication, you are welcome to contact the Support Team. In case if you have the complaints about the work of the service, which is not dependent on the communication, feel free to forward your complaints to the following address of the the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs: 400 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Or, you can use the phone number of the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which is (800) 952-5210.

For now, there are only two available payment methods, either via your credit (debit) card (like MasterCard or VISA) or via the mobile phone. Thus, the processing of the payment will not take much time.

In accordance with the HER Terms of Use, there are no guarantees of the successful dating, since the app is aimed at providing the users with the profiles to get acquainted with. However, the administration of the app cannot ever be responsible for the communication you have or for the purposes you follow. So, in case if you are ready for the best communication, work your skills to contribute to the communication.