In fact, we are not going to write much about the website as such, as we do it about any free one night stand site or livesexcam, for it does not contain any features to get engaged in dating. The main thing is an app by Hinge, and we will pay much attention to it. However, traditionally, we would love to show you what the site is like and how it was registered to be sure that the everything is legal and that you will not expect any fraud to happen! So, f— apps like Jaumo or Badoo, since this is the turn of the best and the brand-new approach to dating!

In fact, we are not going to write much about the website as such, for it does not contain any features to get engaged in dating. The main thing is an app by Hinge, and we will pay much attention to it. However, traditionally, we would love to show you what the site is like and how it was registered to be sure that the everything is legal and that you will not expect any fraud to happen! So, f— apps like Jaumo or Badoo, since this is the turn of the best and the brand-new approach to dating!

Thus, HookupGeek currently possesses the following information about the service,

  • the app was run by Justin McLeod, as the Hinge Dating app wiki page informs;
  • the app was created in 2012;
  • the geolocation is US (United States), CA, California, 94043 Mountain View;
  • the website’s creation date is 2012;
  • the expiry date of the website is 2019;
  • the office of the site is located at 508 LaGuardia Place, New York, New York 10012;
  • the website was registered by CCI REG S.A.;
  • the initial registration country is Colombia; however, we also have data that the website was registered in Paris, as well;
  • by 2019, the Match Group had owned all 100% of Hinge.

Hinge datingIn fact, this is all we know about the Hinge dating web platform. As a matter of fact, it is not that important, since—as we told you,—we have to concentrate on the dating app Hinge. What is more, why this app is intriguing is that because it claims to be the anti-Tinder dating app! What a mysterious approach! So, we will let you know everything about the app in the special section of this Hinge Dating app review!

In any case, let’s turn back to the website. What can you found there?

  • there are three main sections: Mission, Date Ideas, and Careers;
  • the Mission tab will get you exposed to the philosophy of the dating app by Hinge;
  • the Date Ideas is the tab in which you will be given some nice hints on how to brighten your dates when using Hinge online dating services or, in fact, any other ones;
  • the ideas are quite interesting and they can suit the expectations and capacities of different users with different income;
  • the Careers tab will show you the current positions wanted by the company; however, for now and for us, it is of the least interest;
  • at the very end of the website, you will be able to see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies sections, as well as the Safe Dating Tips tab.

Hence, as you might have already comprehended, the website is designed to give you just a general vision on the service. By the way, in order to have your app downloaded, you can insert your phone number and they will send you the download link. Or you just can install the app from the Play Market (if you use Hinge Dating android) and from iTunes (for the users of iOs).

So, what is Hinge Dating? What is it philosophy? What stands behind the mission of the creators of the apk?

  • the first and foremost reason to create the dating apps Hinge was to assist people in dating in the digital era;
  • the second purpose is to get the users deprived of any scam which they could have encountered on the different casual encounters sites and apps like Happn or LiveFlings;
  • the third idea, which stands behind the app is to free the world of apps for dating from the constant sexually explicit content, which is a norm with the sites like SoNaughty and, say, CindyMatches.

Hence, the designers of the app were aimed to provide the users with the focus on dating and get them deprived of the innumerable spam, torrents of information, and scam. Let’s see if they have succeeded!

Prices Of Hinge Dating Service

So, when it comes to pricing, we always wait something weird as well, when it comes to the Hinge dating apk. However, this HookupGeek’s Hinge Dating review will not be an exception, and we will tell you the truth about the prices the app dictates. Of course, those shitty Hinge Dating app reviews from the other reviewers point to the fact that the app is absolutely free and you will never need to pay off for something. However, is that true in reality?

Yep, almost all of the Hinge Dating reviews want to convince you that the service is absolutely for free—but what the hell they are talking all about? When reading such low quality Hinge Dating site review, you should better look for some other ones, like, for instance, HookupGeek’s, since we do not deceive our readers, ever! Thus, what about the pricing?

  • of course, to download and install the app is really free of cost—God, it’d be really ridiculous if you had to pay for this as well;
  • but this is, in fact, all that you can get for free of price with Hinge;
  • 1 month of subscription to Hinge is $12.99;
  • the package of 3 months will cost you $6.99 a month and in total it is going to be just $20.97; and
  • the 6 months subscription period would go for just $4.99 per month with the overall cost for the whole period of $29.94.

Yeah, we admit that the pricing is actually the lowest on the market (especially, if you compare it with SecretBenefits or Fubar), but why the hell neither the website nor the other reviews say that it is a paid a service for dating? Well, calm down, that is not the focus of our review, right? In any case, now thanks to HookupGeek, you know the real truth! And, what is more, that’s up to you to decide on if you want to use the app or not.

Pros and Cons

Don’t be disappointed about our mood in the previous section—everything’s fine, indeed. We have to concentrate now on the advantages and shortcomings of the Hinge app, so that you could clearly see if it is Hinge a good dating app or not. So, what are the key benefits of using the dating app by Hinge?

  • the ideas, which stand behind the app, seem to be quite unique and attractive, since you will be surely able to count for the most unexpected impressions;
  • the profiles of the users with Hinge are all credible and real, since you would never be able to sign up if you have no Facebook profile;
  • the app promotes an idea of pure dating, in its classical format, with no vulgarity and other naked stuff;
  • the website contains a clearly and well-developed section of the Hinge Dating tips, which will be of use if you have no ideas on how to arrange the date with a person, who you like(d);
  • the dating site Hinge contains all the legislative proofs of the fact that everything is legit;
  • the tools built in the app will help  you shortly find the best matches, using the algorithm of the Facebook friends and recommendations, however, the essence of the search is not only linked to Facebook per se;
  • the design of the app is appealing and laconic;
  • the Hinge Dating website is created in such a way that it really proves that the app is real and efficient.

Hence, we believe that within the modern approach to online dating, Hinge has a ton of the nice benefits, which you will surely enjoy with the app. In addition to this, the pleasant pricing for the services will never desolate your wallet!

However, let’s move further and find out the data about the cons. Intrigued? Let’s see,

  • the app is accessible from the certain list of countries, so you will never be able to use the app if you are not located in the US or Canada;
  • sometimes it can be quite confusing to know how to use Hinge Dating app, but will will shed on light as well in our review.

As you can see, the app is equipped with the numerous advantages, and, to be honest, they cannot by delight us. However, as you can see that is not the end of our review, and we are going to let you know even more and more!


With Hinge, the aspect of security is more than just interesting! So, we will start off showing you all the addresses which you can need if you have some troubles with the work of the app,

  • the address of the Terms Inquiries Dpt is P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA;
  • the Cancellations Dpt is located on the same address, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA;
  • The Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs and Consumer Information Division are located at 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N112 Sacramento, CA 95834;
  • you can also use the following phone number to get in touch with the office, (800) 952-5210;
  • the Copyright Compliance Department c/o Match Group Legal is situated at 8750 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75231;
  • the Copyright Compliance Department c/o Match Group Legal can be reached by the phone number: 214-576-3272;
  • the Copyright Compliance Department c/o Match Group Legal can be reached via email:

What about the legal safety of the app?

  • the app functions under the authority of the Cal. Civ. Code §1789.3;
  • the only responsible part for the complaints and other issues of the app is MTCH Technology Services Limited (“MTCH Technology”);
  • the app is property of Match Group, so all the copyright laws of the US can function in case of any misuse of the data of the app or its idea;
  • the work of the app is regulated by laws of Texas, U.S.A., but excluding Texas’s conflict of laws rules.

Thus, we can see that the security measures are nice. But we are also interested in the security measures as for the users. So, can the users count for the protection of their private data? Let’s get it all sorted out,

  • the company is quite sensitive to the privacy of the users and claims not to disclose any data of yours;
  • if you have encountered any problems with privacy of yours, you can direct your claims to the following address: 5 Harcourt Road Dublin 2, D02 FW64 Ireland (for the European users); and
  • for the US users, the address is Hinge, Inc. 508 LaGuardia Pl. New York, NY 10012;
  • as for the privacy of the Hinge users, the company claims that they “share your information with other people as per your privacy settings (and in the case of any sharing features available on Hinge, the individuals or apps with whom you may choose to share your information with) when you voluntarily disclose information on the service (including your public profile). Please be careful with your information and make sure that the content you share is stuff that you’re comfortable being publicly viewable since neither you nor we can control what others do with your information once you share it.”

Hinge importantHence, for now HookupGeek is more than sure that whenever you use the app by Hinge, you will be really protected, and no unpredictable cases can happen to you. Thus, feel absolutely secure with Hinge!

Quality of Tools

Within the current review of the Hinge tools, we would love to point out the following facts in order to show you possible benefits and issues where the tools can lag,

  • you can easily make up a profile by just signing up by using your Facebook profile;
  • the process of registration is fast, and you will not have to waste time for the innumerable questions to fill out;
  • Hinge Dating ensures that the matching algorithm is sensitive and that it will provide you with the most credible results;
  • the search also was intentionally made in anti-Tinder manner, since the Tinder users (as well as the users of the other similar dating apps) have been exhausted of those constant swiping games bringing just disappointment;
  • the messaging system is built in the app and it will let you sort the messages, mark them with the stars, and will ensure that you can browse your messages, as well;
  • the process to upload the photos will not take it much time, since you can easily import them from the Facebook profile of yours.

Thus, we would fairly refer the quality of tools with Hinge to the progressive ones, which are to be present with the app of this cool level. So, why not have it all tested and checked out? We’re sure you will like it!

About Hinge Dating App For Dating

Among the users, frequently, there are many Hinge Dating app questions, and they are all focused on how to get the app and how to use it, since when you use your PC or laptop you can access the website only. Surprisingly, but you will never succeed to sign up via the website. Thus, we need to clearly understand how to use Hinge Dating app! Yeah, HookupGeek will show you everything right away, as we promised in the previous sections. However, we would love to draw your attention to some general information about the app,

  • the app was first released back in 2012;
  • by 2015, 51% of the app had been a property of Match Group;
  • by 2019, the company had been the absolute owner of the app;
  • currently the app is available for the users of iOs, Android, and Windows phone;
  • the app contains a unique feature, which is called “Your Turn,” which is to force you to carry on your conversation;
  • you can opt for the user to chat with not only from the matches list but also in compliance with the search you empowered.

So, how does Hinge Dating app work? In fact, regardless of the fact that at the very beginning of the review we have called it weird, the app is quite easy to use,

  • you sign up and log in by using your Facebook profile;
  • you import the photos from your Facebook profile;
  • you can upload the photos of yours from your mobile device;
  • you shortly fill out the profile of yours;
  • the app automatically processes the information from your profile to enlist the matches;
  • you see the matches and pick up who you would love to communicate;
  • the communication takes place up to the moment when you or your partner (or both of you) decide on quitting it.

Thus, it is easy, right? You can just try it to better understand the way the matching system works, so that you could clearly see that the app suits all of your expectations.

How To Delete Hinge Dating Profile

The process of deleting of the Hinge app varies on the basis of which operating system you use. Hence, we will commence with iOs. Hence, in order to cancel your membership and delete the profile, you will need to accomplish the following steps,

  • first of all, log in your profile;
  • secondly go to the Settings tab;
  • find iTunes & App Stores (where you are supposed to click on your Apple ID);
  • then view your Apple ID and choose the Subscriptions tab;
  • then find your Hinge subscription and follow the instructions to cancel it.

It will not take much time. Approximately, you will need to spend about 5 minutes.

What about the Android users? How can they delete their profile and cancel the membership with Hinge?

  • if you subscribed on Google Play, cancellation is known to be handled by Google;
  • so, in order to cancel a purchase made through Google Play, just launch the Google Play app on any of your mobile devices;
  • next, you should go to the Menu tab and pick up My Apps line;
  • Then choose the Subscriptions tab;
  • within the list of your subscriptions find your Hinge subscription and follow the instructions to cancel.

Similarly to iOs, it’ll not take more than 5 minutes in total.

Quality of Profiles

The quality of profiles with Hinge apk is quite easy to assess, since the website utilizes the login details for your Facebook profile, so you will be sure that the users of the platform do not have any fake profiles. What are the other proofs to the fact that the profiles on Hinge are real?

  • because of the paid nature, you will have to insert your payment details, thus if you will need to run another profile of yours for any purpose, you’ll fail;
  • in order to get signed up, there will be a process of your phone number verification, so it’d be also quite complicated to generate the innumerable profiles to scam;
  • the cookies of the site will collect the data about your device, so it would be hard enough to have many profiles.

Hence, we believe that Hinge is able to provide its users with the best quality of the profiles. Thus, be welcome to check it out on your own!

Final Thoughts

So, Hinge is really to be referred to a good alternative to the dating apps, which have been quite boring for the users. Thus, even the greatly famous Tinder can now have a nice alternative, in which you will not need to waste much time for the swiping games with the app in search of I-don’t-know-who-and-why. Hinge is a perfect alternative for those, who are in search of new formats of dating, since the digital era has already oversaturated the users. Thus, in the view of the numerous pros and because of the unique idea, HookupGeek would surely suggest you trying app in order to accomplish all of your purposes of search. By the way, make your dating brighter by utilizing the sexy quotes, which HookupGeek has exclusively invented for our readers!

FAQ about Hinge

Unfortunately, if you are located in the country, which Hinge does not support, yet, you will not be able to use the app even if you enable your VPN app. The thing is that along the process of signup, you will need to verify your phone number. Thus, you would better take a look at some similar hookup sites also reviewed by HookupGeek for your convenience.

Regardless of the fact that the app is paid, there is no trial period per se, but there is a basic free profile which you can use endlessly until you either delete your Hinge profile or purchase the membership. However, kindly bear in mind that the paid profile is characterized by more evolved functionality and, as a result, it would be more capable of providing you with the desired effects.

This is exclusively up to you and up to the expectations you have. Also, you should take into consideration that time which you can or want to spend for using the app. In general, the app’s users claim that they spend between 1 month and 3 months to totally satisfy their search expectations and accomplish all the purposes.

Hinge is not aimed at any sexually related ties. In other words, it presupposes that you of course can have search for those on the app and find them. But the initial purpose of the app is to get the people acquainted. In addition to this, both friendly and serious relations options are enabled. What is more, you can always count for the straight, bisexual, and homosexual relations.

Each of the refund cases is considered in a separate and individual manner taking into consideration of the conditions of the situation. As a rule, Hinge claims not to provide any refunds, since the app does not guarantee you that you will find a person to fall in love with. The task of the app is to unite people, but the matter and essence of their communication are another domain, which Hinge is not responsible for.