Hookup Sites Like Tinder

Well, it is a frequent thing to seek something to be better than that you used to use before, right? Tinder is one of the most popular giants of the dating industry; however, it is not ideal as everything in this world. Also, it can get you bored, so that you will need to look for some alternatives to Tinder, right? Thus, here we are to assist you and let you be more aware of the sites like Tinder! What is more, we will let you compare all alternatives to pick up the best one in compliance with your needs and purposes (and, by the way, don’t forget about the cam site online options). It means that according to what you are looking for, we will be able to provide you the key features of the apps like Tinder, which is one of the sex and dating sites. By the way, some of them are really even more functional and have much more features to surprise you and advance your search of the perfect partner!

The hookup sites like Tinder are not that numerous but the ones we are going to locate in this blogpost will surely intrigue you to the biggest extent. They’re also referred to as the websites for one night stand. Yep, we’ve already reviewed them all; nevertheless, we would like to take a glance anew on them, so that you could have some more vision on what the sites and apps like Tinder are! Believe, you’ll be surprised and will surely pick something up from the list! No time to waste—let’s start in discussing them all!

# Website Offer Hookup Rate
1 badoo logo Special Discounts
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2 bumble Bumble Login
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3 okcupid OkCupid
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4 pog POF Login
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5 zoosk Zoosk login
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We chose Badoo to serve as a perfect alternative to Tinder because of the numerous similarities being united with the unique differences. Being one of the most popular dating apps for adults, Badoo is known to be quite a similar thing if compared with Tinder. So, let’s briefly refresh our minds and recall what Badoo is like, and what you can expect from it.

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So, let’s start with the key principles of its work,

  • after you logged in, you’ll be provided with the numerous profiles to swipe;
  • you swipe each profile left if you don’t like a user;
  • you swipe the profiles right, if you like a user;
  • in turn, a user will be notified that they are liked;
  • if it is mutual, the user who you swiped right will swipe you right as well, and you both are going to be informed that a new couple is made up;
  • then, you can start a chat.

Such a matchmaking process is actually nice, since you don’t have to waste much time for unnecessary correspondence. What is more, there are exquisite features, which make Badoo quite a nice place to find a perfect partner for a date or just hook them up.

How are Badoo and Tinder and similar and different? Let’s compare their key features right away,

  • you can modify your confidentiality settings with Badoo, which means that with Tinder, you can’t choose which of your content should be private and/or public;
  • Badoo’s rating on Google Play and App Store is some higher than the Tinder’s;
  • Badoo lets you see who watched your profile, while with Tinder it’s not really possible;
  • Badoo supports numerous languages of the interface to make the app really international, while Tinder provides a lesser number of the languages;
  • Badoo’s free mode is absolutely deprived of any ads, but Tinder will make you watch some ads;
  • there is an invisible mode with Badoo but Tinder does not provide such function.

Hence, it is really evident that Tinder is equipped with a lesser range of features. Being designed after Tinder, Badoo can provide its users with the numerous free features, which is a real plus. So, after such comparison was conducted, one can really notice that the only thing being similar with both Tinder and Badoo is the principle of swiping the hypothetical partners to date and hook up. Why not try Badoo, then? Yay, we know that you will surely choose the best!



We’ve thought much of what’s next, which app could be some competitive with Tinder, and decided to list Bumble here. Why? First, it’s really similar to a certain extent to Tinder. Secondly, Bumble is also popular, if the stats on Google Play and App Store are truthful. Thirdly, there are nice points to compare why Bumble can serve as a nice alternative to Tinder.

Bumble Login
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We need to remind you what Bumble is like, and which of the features would help you arrange the search process to the best extent. Hence,

  • Bumble is unique because it is the only app in the world (!), where girls do their first step to get acquainted—not men, as all are accustomed to thinking;
  • in case if the same-sex couples are meant, so it does not matter who starts communication;
  • matchmaking is based on swiping as well; however, the communication can start and carry on only in case if a girl was an initiator;
  • some users believe that this is much a feminist app to use.

In any case, the world is changing, and the gender roles as well as the gender equality are trendy, and there is no point in opting for the stronger one. Thus, because of the popularity of the app, it is clear that it is used by both men and women quite successfully! Let’s compare the features it has with the ones of Tinder!

  • there is a tool to change and/or modify your confidentiality settings, which is impossible to do with Tinder;
  • there are no push notifications with Bumble, but Tinder has them;
  • you can’t import your pics from Facebook when using Bumble, but you can do it with Tinder;
  • Bumble is not created for the tablets, so when you install it to your tablet, it will surely lag;
  • Bumble’s rating on Google Play is lower than the Tinder’s;
  • Bumble is available in English only, while Tinder is accessible in many languages;
  • with Bumble you cannot have a function of wink, but Tinder would provide you with the one;
  • Badoo will notify you about the new messages, but Tinder doesn’t;
  • Bumble is equipped with a unique feature of searching a partner using their behavioral patterns;
  • Bumble has a special verification of the users, so there will be no fake profiles at all.

Of course, if Tinder and Bumble are compared, you can really decide for yourself if you used it or not. What is more, Bumble is also a unique thing to try out, so you’d be happy to assess it, and maybe, if you’re tired of Tinder, you’ll be surprised using Bumble.




OkCupid is another app to get acquainted with the most suitable partners. What is more, OkCupid has some variations, like Pink Cupid, say, to satisfy the needs of the lesbian girls, for instance. Anyway, we’d focus on OkCupid vs Tinder to understand why OkCupid can serve as a nice alternative to Tinder. Thus, let’s first take a look at what OkCupid is, so that you’ll know how it is established and how it is designed to meet your purposes,

  • OkCupid is an app to search for all possible types of relations including asexual, pansexual, genderfluid, sapiosexual, and transgender categories along with traditional straight relations;
  • the distinctive feature of OkCupid is the focus on a ton of the psychology-related questions to help the matchmaking algorithm elaborate the best partners for you;
  • the appearance is secondary with OkCupid, while the psychological features are primary;
  • the principle of swipes works with the app efficiently and brings fruitful results.

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Well, that’s a nice alternative to Tinder, as it seems. However, HookupGeek likes a profound approach to the dating apps, and we’d love to compare OkCupid to Tinder to show you what are their distinctive features, so that you will be able to decide which of these two would meet your expectations,

  • OkCupid has a higher rating on Google Play than Tinder;
  • With OkCupid, you can stay invisible when visiting the other users’ profiles;
  • OkCupid is built on the principle of the detailed profile, so it’s not all about appearance of your future partner;
  • OkCupid provides you with a tool to assess the compatibility of your partner and you;
  • OkCupid does not have any ads even in the free mode of using the app;
  • OkCupid cannot import your photos from the other social networks as Facebook or Instagram;
  • it’d be quite complicated to use OkCupid via your tablet, while the Tinder app is customized for tablets;
  • OkCupid doesn’t allow to point out your sexual preferences and orientation, but Tinder does;
  • OkCupid cannot integrate with your social networks.

Well, that’d be quite a complicated stuff to compare these two apps and, what is more, to pick up the best option for you. In any case, you can still use both apps to have your chances doubled! So, don’t be in hurry when picking up one, as our aim here is to show you the alternatives but not to convince you to get deprived of Tinder and join one of the apps we compare to Tinder. So, there is no issue at all, right?


Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish or just PoF is one of the most popular dating apps, whose aim is to unite the users to let them either date or hook up. However, it is necessary to state that Plenty Of Fish is a nice alternative from the point of view of functionality; however, the audience of the app tend to be referred to as one to be elite, so this is more similar to some elite dating. Nevertheless, there is no limitation for anyone to join the apk and try the app out to the biggest extent!

POF Login
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What are the key features of the app? How it functions? What can you expect the app to bring you? Let’s consider it shortly,

  • when you sign up, you’re given a chance to fill your profile out to have more opportunities to find the best partner;
  • when swiping, you are given the profiles who are similar to yours from the point of view of the detailed description, so the appearances of the partners are secondary;
  • the key aim of PoF is to ensure that the dating is based not only on the appearance but on the real personality matchmaking.

If you read our PoF review, you can know that the principle of swiping is also proper to the app. So, Plenty of Fish can be a real alternative for those who are tired of Tinder. In any case, we have to kind of compare them two to find out how you can use PoF or Tinder, or even both! We’re sure you’re intrigued, and we’ll provide you with everything possible to assist you in picking up the best alternative!

  • the number of users is the first priority why PoF is better: Tinder has about 50 million users, while the number of PoF users is about 90 million;
  • Plenty Of Fish is designed for serious relations, while Tinder is known to be more for hookup;
  • Plenty of Fish has a membership to be twice expensive than the one with Tinder;
  • when filling out the profile with Tinder, you can write your bio in 500 characters, while PoF ensure you two write twice as more;
  • when comparing the two apps, it is evident that each of them has some interesting features;
  • both can ensure that you can import the photos from the social networks like Facebook and Instagram;
  • you can sign up with both using Facebook.

Hence, each of the apps compared has something interesting. In fact, we just can imagine how it’d be difficult for you to pick up one. However, why? Why do you have to opt for one only? There is always an opportunity to use both, why not?


Zoosk login
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Zoosk is going to be the final alternative to Tinder. We’ve picked up Zoosk, since it is quite a reputable and credible app to go through. What is more, it is interesting to compare the two gigantic apps, as they are quite cool competitors. So, let’s shortly review Zoosk to understand the principle of its work and its core functions.

  • the principle of work of Zoosk is based on the matchmaking process to unite both appearance and traits of one’s personality;
  • when you sign up with Zoosk, you have to fill in your profile and indicate the key features of yours as well as your expectations;
  • you can seek different formats of ties with Zoosk, including the same-sex relations;
  • the app constantly sends you notifications to your email about the actions as for your profile and all the matches within a week.

What about the way it is similar to or different from Tinder? You can be sure that there are some to consider, and it’ll surely assist you in picking up the best option for you to ensure the best hookup or dating! As we told you, it’ll be complicated to compare, since the functionality of both Tinder and Zoosk are overloaded with nice features to admire. By the way, both apps can be said to be unique, as they have so much in difference!

  • Zoosk can be accessed from you personal computer, while Tinder is available only from mobile devices;
  • Zoosk possesses some higher rating on Google Play and App Store;
  • when using Zoosk, you can see someone typing a message for you;
  • Zoosk is absolutely deprived of the ads;
  • when you are a member of Zoosk, you can see who visited your profile, so that you can write messages to the visitors if you like them;
  • when using Zoosk you can see the overall estimates on how your compatibility with someone goes.

So, you have now much information to consider! We are so sure that it has been all helpful, and it’ll be easier for you to pick up the best option(s) to carry on your hooking up! By the way, if you still have any questions, which were not covered in this article, you can address our FAQ section, so that you will find some additional data!


This is all we have for now as for the alternatives to Tinder. You can pick every option and decide on your own if you do really like it. However, as for us, we are sure that it’ll not be a crime to use more than one apk for getting acquainted, as you are the creator of your success, and you can really help yourself by using several apps at the same time. Nevertheless, do remember (we’ll make an emphasis on it one more time) that you should plan your time wisely, as chatting can occupy a lion share of your free time. As a rule, the popular apps have many users, and if you like many people, and many people like you in turn, you can fancy how much time it takes to communicate and meet!


In fact, there are no limitations as for the usage of the apps we have singled out in this article. It means that you can install as many apk for dating and hookup as you wish, and no one would control it. However, be sure to have enough time to check them, as we are sure you’ll have much success there!

Usually, there are no rules to get acquainted, as this is not that exact science. The hints cannot also guarantee you 100% success. However, you should surely be guided by your reasonable thinking and common sense. It means that you’re supposed to provide more or less credible information not to disappoint your interlocutors. You should be friendly and support your communication. Be responsive, that is try to answer in the chats as soon as possible not to lose your best matchmaking partners. That’s it, in fact. Be yourself.

Of course, it is! If it’d been not real, the apps would have not existed and would have not had any popularity. Nevertheless, they are famous, and have millions users all over the world. Thus, it’ll be complicated to find a country on the planet, wherein no one would have used the dating and hookup apps. What is more, there are innumerable success stories on how people hooked up and, finally, got married, however, they did not even think of that. No plan for the destiny, you know.

As a rule, these well-developed and well-promoted apps have additional verification of the photos, emails, and phone numbers, so it’d be much complicated to create innumerable profiles. Of course, no one would be able to guarantee that all the information in profiles is real and credible, as no one can really check it out with each particular user. Be sure to double check everything in the messages or in course of real communication. It’s not that complicated as it may seem.

Of course, not! You can use the free mode of the apps, and some of them provide pretty good free mode deprived of any ads. For sure, the paid membership is better, as it ruins all the possible limits, and you can do whatever you want to. So, it is always your right to choose if you want to use the apps for free or you want to pay. Both options are ok, but the paid membership is more efficient, as it gives much more opportunities!