Hookup Sites That Don’t Require A Credit Card


When searching for the best hookup sites, you might have thought of picking up the ones, which would not require to provide your credit card or any other payment method. That is you could have wanted to have the free of price hookup sites to use! Right? You should admit it, you had such desire, you lil’ bastard! Aaaand… can you guess what? HookupGeek is going to provide you with it right away!

Yeah, that is not a dream or a miracle — no way! — that’s reality, a brand-new reality, which would broaden your hookup opportunities in this virtual world to translate them all to offline communication! We’re sure you didn’t expect it to happen, but as you know we are always attentive to the feedback you are providing us with, and we tend to follow it! So, you’ve been asking us to give you the best and the most credible hookup sites that don’t require a credit card, and we’re here to do so!

# Website Offer Hookup Rate
1 SnapFuck Special Discounts
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2 fubar logo Fubar Login
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3 CollarSpace logo CollarSpace Login
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4 chatib logo Chatib
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5 coomeet CooMeet Login
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CooMeet Login
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Yeah, CooMeet, one of the dating sites resembling a social network, is also suitable for the category of the sites that don’t require any credit card to sign up and use the service. CooMeet is indeed loved by the millions of users, as the number of the free of price features is adorable. However, the main thing is that all the features being at the free disposal of a user are truly working!

When you start being a member of the free mode, you can count for the following benefits,

  • super great number of profiles being absolutely deprived of any scam;
  • fabulous search tools to use to generate the horniest users;
  • great functionality being similar to the social networking;
  • media files exchange;
  • ecstatic choice of the games to play and options to interact.

By the way, as you can understand, CooMeet is not just an ordinary adult dating service, as it can be of use for those who is in search of serious relations or just friendship. In any case, whatever you would love to look for, you will be eligible to get it with CooMeet!


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Perhaps, iSexyChat is among the first websites to provide the hookup opportunities to its users absolutely for free! Absolutely for free. That is you don’t ever have to provide your bank card details to the site to sign up. No one can know anything private about you. If you remember we wrote a review of this nice platform, and you can now refresh your mind by these quick facts about the site, namely,

  • iSexyChat is a free of price chat website where the users are united in different subjects and themes to discuss, and the themes, of course, are related to sex;
  • there are specially designed rooms for getting acquainted;
  • iSexyChat is not equipped with any paid features, so the site would never ask you for the credit card details to provide;
  • but you can come across some ads, as they are the source of income for the chat platform.

So, whenever you join iSexyChat you can really count for the best impressions because that’s really easy to find the hottest partners for tonight, you know. The only thing which can seem weird is that you don’t sign up with the site but join the chats using a nickname, which you can change a million times—every time when you enter. In fact, these are all the reasons why HookupGeek has decided to include the very this chat website to this list of the hookup platforms that don’t require any credit cards or payment methods.



Fubar Login
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When you want some diversity along with the adult fun, entertainment, and hookup, you can broaden your horizons by using Fubar as it is the biggest dating site. Yep, that marvelous social network-like website, where you can listen to music, play games, chat, join the communities, and so on! Let’s have a short look at the site to know what it can provide you with,

  • there are innumerable communities to join with the purpose of hookup;
  • the users of the site are mainly friendly and open to communication;
  • almost all the features are free of cost;
  • if you are going to use the free mode (with about 95% of functionality available), the site does not require your credit card.

So, we’re sure you’d admire it! Really! By the way, when you use Fubar, you can have innumerable interactive tools at your disposal in the free mode. It means that you can abuse the website in your own purposes and have much fun! So, you can search for the friendship, real and serious relations, onenightstand site experiences, casual sex, and of course for hookup. In fact, there is nothing that you would’ve been unable to do when using Fubar. Along with this, you’ll see that exquisite design and you’ll be marvelled by the diversity of the tools and functions presented for all users of the social network mentioned!



CollarSpace Login
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If you want a hot chat to pick up someone for passionate BDSM experiences, you are here! You may wonder how they have so many users. Well, that’s not a secret: there are too many people who really love BDSM, as it is absolutely normal. Why not try it once if you’ve never had it? New experiences and new impressions are all here! What is it all about?

  • the site is focused on the persons who love BDSM only;
  • no other formats of preferences are possible;
  • there is no option to pay for the services;
  • there are no ads to irritate you;
  • tons of users will surprise you by their desire to have some nice and pleasant cases with you.

So, what’s the mission of the site and why HookupGeek has chosen it? That’s easy: just because it is credible and is really free, that is it doesn’t require any credit cards or any other payment details from you. If you are not interesting in BDSM at all or it violates your moral principles or somewhat else, you should just omit this chat, as it would never assist you in finding what you want. So, you can be sure that nothing bad would happen! Cool! You would fall in love with the site, trust us!



ChatStep Login
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You might have heard of this chat, as it is quite a popular spot to find a nice partner to hook up and have some interesting affairs, you know. What is more, similarly to the other chat sites, ChatStep is comprised of diverse chat rooms to satisfy all of your needs. What else?

  • you don’t have to pay for the services by ChatStep at all;
  • the design of the site is minimalist, so that you’ll have no difficulties when using it;
  • there are many tools to use, but there is no exact search tool, as the purpose of the site is to unite people via the public chat, so that they can carry on communication in the private chat voluntarily;
  • you’ll hardly ever be exposed to the unnecessary ads;
  • the number of users of the site is quite nice, so you’ll never be bored;
  • the chat rooms for hookup are numerous, and you can participate in many at the same time.

The nice feature of ChatStep is that you have no limits in anything at all. It means that being absolutely free, ChatStep unlocks all the possible freedom for you! Whenever you use it, you can really be sure about your safety, since there is no exact registration process, and you should provide only your nickname to join the chat rooms or send the private messages.

ChatStep by HookupGeek


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The final option we would love to provide you with is Chatib, a nice website and app built for chatting in the horniest purposes ever! As you know, HookupGeek has recently reviewed it, and we have come up with some nice conclusions, which you will surely admire, buddy! Anyway, we would love to supply some reasons for why HookupGeek has chosen the very this platform to include in the list of the hookup sites that don’t require a credit card,

  • the free nature of Chatib is a great start for the hookup search;
  • the exquisite and along with it simple minimalist design would never make you irritated by the unknown functions;
  • you can have no limits in communicating with the other member;
  • the only thing is forbidden, that is you are not allowed to share any contact data yours in the public chats (for you security); however, you can do it easily in the private chats.

Chatib is really suitable for those who are in search of diversity. It is not of the narrowed theme or much general. You can pick up the persons when chatting by the principle of the theme of a particular chat room. In addition to this, among the hookup services that don’t require any payment details, Chatib is nice, since it follows all the possible safety measures, so that you’re never disclosed, and no one could have ever harmed you! We have no doubts that Chatib can really become your favorite chat platform, as you can have so much with it!


So, we have just given you some pretty cool opportunities to hook up online and spend no money at all! Of course, this is a great chance, yay? Also, we believe that you have to try out each of the sites to find the best one. Who knows, maybe you’ll love them all and get signed up with each peculiar one! The choice is always yours! In case if you have some additional questions, you can directly read our FAQ section below to know even more! Finally, we are always happy to hear some nice feedback from you. Our readers do also like reading the feedbacks as they are quite helpful! By the way, don’t forget to try at least one web cam site we offer!


Being in need of the instant adult dating, you may find it quite a useful thing to come across some of the chats, whose aim is not just to entertain, as some sites tend to but to connect people for the most passionate hookup! StrangersMeetUp is right that online platform, where you’d be able to find someone to chat with rapidly to arrange the most frivolous experiences ever!

Strangermeetup login
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Let’s briefly take a look at the key features and positive sides of the chat to be sure that this is one of the best!

  • there is no need to indicate your bank card, as the service is indeed free of price for all members;
  • there are no extra feature to purchase, so your communication would not be limited to either free or paid features;
  • there are numerous users generated automatically to emerge in your chat, so you’ll be able to easily skip someone or, oppositely, prefer;
  • there are public chat rooms to discuss some diverse topics related to adult dating, hookup, and sexual experiences;
  • you don’t have to verify your profile or photo, so the overall anonymity is really granted.

Why so many users prefer choosing StangersMeetUp? Of course, one of the most obvious factors in this case is that the site is absolutely free to use, that is it doesn’t require to provide any bank card. Secondly, the number of the active users is adorable, so you will never feel alone. Thirdly, having no classical search tool, the site ensures that the number of the randomly generated users to chat with is never to end! So, we’re sure will find the platform quite efficacious, and you will also… find the best persons to hook up and have that desired adult fun!


One of the gay chats, MenChats, was designed to unite the men from all over the world on one site to let them communicate and interact in all possible formats. Along with this, the design of the site may seem some outdated but it would not ever force you to think that it’s boring. In addition to this, there are so many fabulous tools and features to use when having signed up with MenChats. Let’s cover some of them to let you know what exactly you can count for when using the service,

  • there are innumerable gay webcam rooms to watch for free;
  • all features of the chat platform are for free, that is you will never need to pay off for them;
  • the active users number is also cool, so that you can chat and arrange dates in the unlimited mode;
  • there are almost no ads to be exposed to to irritate you;
  • all profiles seem to be absolutely real, so that no scam can be expected.

To be honest, with the constant emerge of the free platforms for chats, it’d be unreal to think they’re all credible. Nevertheless, now we can see that it is absolutely possible! MenChats is among the chat platforms to bring you the best impressions! So, no time to waste, go sign up to find the best partners, friends, and, surely, to have the best impressions in your personal life!


Another gay communication platform designed in the chat format is ChatSpin, and it is awesome that it doesn’t require any bank card or any other payment options. Why? Just because it is also absolutely free of cost! However, it doesn’t mean that this web platform is an exact copy of any other ones listed on this page! There are great features that make ChatSpin special! Let’s consider them right away,

  • you can either chat instantly in the text format or you can switch on your camera and have live communication;
  • the system generates the persons who you can chat with automatically, so it is always an interesting affair to get engaged in;
  • there is no need to pay for the service;
  • the number of ads broadcast on the site is not irritating much, so you’ll have the most comfortable pastimes;
  • the number of users could be higher, but still it is also ok to have gorgeous communication!

As you can see, the mechanism of the site is super marvelous, so you will always be surprised who you’d communicate next! In any case, if you believe you don’t like a peculiar person, you just skip them, and the chat with them would be over. However, if you’d love to keep on communication, you’d be able to exchange the contacts and have the best dates arranged!


As we know, these websites are indeed free of price. Their benefits come mainly from the ads, which are (or can be) located on the site. Thus, you sometimes can be exposed to the ads. However, as we checked it, they are not irritating. Also, some of the ads can be useful, as in majority of the cases they are related to hookup directly or indirectly. So, you will find them quite effective. These are the benefits which these free of price chats and sites have.

Oh, well, when you sign up with these free websites, you don’t even provide your email (with the exception of Fubar). As they don’t require any payment methods and details from you, you can be safe. Also, they don’t ask you to provide your mobile phone number. In any case, there is no chance for you to be blackmailed or scammed. Therefore, you can utilize these options knowing that neither of the private data of yours is disclosed, for you don’t even inform anyone about them.

In order to communicate successfully when you use the hookup sites that don’t require a credit card, it is necessary to follow the same rules as in any other type of communication. You’re to be friendly, responsive, polite, and a good sense of humour would be a nice plus. What is more, do clearly communicate your purposes: it means that if you’re aimed at something serious, do let your partner know about it. Or, if you want just one night stand, also do let your partner know it. It will prevent you both from any misunderstanding. Finally, try not to disclose your personal data to the unknown persons, as you can harm you security.

As we told you, almost all of these websites do not support any signup process. So, it’d be quite unreal to connect your social networks profiles. Also, if you want to friend someone you can copy paste your direct link to your profile(s) to the members of the sites. However, please kindly mind that this is possible only in private chats and messages. Still, be careful when you do this, as your personal data can be stolen and used in illegal purposes.

If the site does not support a function of creating a profile, so you will not be able to delete it. It means that it will be deleted automatically right after you leave the page. So, no worries at all. As for Fubar, the procedure of deleting the profile is present, and we have showed it in our review on Fubar, so you can feel free to read it.