Hookup Sites That Take PayPal: Top 7 Cool Alternatives Ever!


There is actually no acute need to explain that PayPal can be one of the payment options, when you use different hookup sites and one night stands sites, right? Many users, who addressed us to share their feedbacks with us, have claimed that when they see PayPal being a payment option, it adds up some more trust to a particular dating resource. We’ll try to find out if it is all true and how PayPal can contribute to your success. Yeah, as all of you asked us for, we are starting to create a list of the hookup sites (apps) that take PayPal as one of the payment methods available for the users to release payment to purchase a particular membership.

So, what you should expect from this article by HookupGeek? Firstly, we’ll show you 7 best and top-rated hookup sites and/or apps, which use PayPal as one of the payment options. Secondly, we’ll shortly review each of the sites to get you more acquainted with each particular option to simplify your choice. Thirdly, we’ll let you know if PayPal a sign of the safe adult online sites and hookup sites, adult live show platforms, and/or apps. So, there is much to narrate, and we have to start, as you are passionately eager to know it all, right?

# Website Offer Hookup Rate
1 coomeet CooMeet Login
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2 tinder logo Tinder login
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3 badoo logo Special Discounts
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4 okcupid OkCupid
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5 Age Match Logo Age Match Login
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6 blendr logo
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7 EliteSingles EliteSingles Login
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CooMeet Login
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When we first had encountered CooMeet dating and hookup platform, we had actually gone mad, as the website is able to bestow the best impressions ever from the first glance! So, if you have never used CooMeet, we’d show you what it is like and what you can with it,

  • CooMeet is much similar to Fubar, since they both are great social networks for adults to date, flirt, hook up, and chat;
  • CooMeet haas innumerable interactive tools for adults to provide them not only with some top quality hookup but also to make their pastime more and more intriguing and funnier;
  • The number of the free of price options, which you can find with CooMeet, is gorgeous, so it may even mean that you don’t have to pay to use the platform successfully;
  • CooMeet is among those lucky platforms, which accept PayPal as a payment option.

As you can know, CooMeet is really a website, whereon you are able to achieve numerous purposes and have some cool pastime! So, why they accept PayPal and what are the conditions to use PayPal as a payment method on CooMeet?

  • You can use PayPal to buy or prolong the membership of yours;
  • You can pay for the credits using PayPal;
  • The policies of CooMeet on making payment via PayPal are the same as PayPal elaborated;
  • By using PayPal as a payment method, you can feel more protected, as PayPal supports a 7-days refund principle.

Well, when it comes to CooMeet, you can really be sure that no scam can be expected. Of course, on the one hand, this is because of presence of PayPal option to execute payments. On the other hand, CooMeet has a pretty good reputation, and it’s just been proven, yay?



Special Discounts
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Along with being a super great alternative to the modern famous dating and hookup apps like, say, Tinder or Bumble, Badoo was created for both purposes: you can flirt, date, and hook up. So, what it is like, Badoo? What is the role of PayPal when you sign up with the app? Let’s single it all out,

  • Badoo can only be used as an app (however, there is a website, but it is just for getting more information about the service);
  • within the diversity of the payment options available on Badoo, PayPal is one to be most frequently used;
  • Badoo is based on the swiping principle, so you can instantly decide if you like a particular person or not;
  • the free mode functionality of Badoo is nice, and can really bring you the highest satisfaction;
  • to obtain unlimited functions and access to everything in the app, you’d better purchase the membership.

Because of the millions of users, Badoo once intromitted PayPal, so that its users can release the payment. Why is it so? Just because Badoo is quite popular in the countries, where PayPal functions, and, thus, it is much more comfortable for the users to execute their payments for the membership on Badoo.

What is more, again, PayPal serves as additional protection of the users’ funds sent to Badoo for membership. Similarly to any other hookup website taking PayPal, Badoo recognizes the policies of PayPal and strictly follows them. Thus, if you have any questions as for the processing payments via PayPal, you can contact both Badoo and/or PayPal, as they have absolutely identical approach to the payments. So, if you have never used Badoo but have always wanted some diversity, you will be glad to test it as it is a great alternative to the most popular dating and hookup apps nowadays!



Tinder login
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Yep, we’ve already mentioned Tinder, and you surely know what it is. In case if you don’t, you’d be surprised by the highest volume of its popularity! Actually, because of the fact that Tinder is used by millions of users all over the world, the management of the app has decided to introduce PayPal as a payment option for the services. What is more, Tinder accepts almost all possible payment alternatives; however, we’re going to tell you only about PayPal in this article.

So, let’s consider Tinder, its features, tools, and how PayPal shapes the policies of the app for dating and hookup. We will do it in the shortest manner, for the app is very famous and you have used it, we guess. However, this is our mission, anyway,

  • Tinder is built on the principle of swipes (if you swipe right, you like a user, if you swipe left, you don’t);
  • the principle of geolocation is among the key once to suggest you seeing the profiles of the other users;
  • Tinder also utilizes the feature of sexual orientation to let you pick up the other users, so if you are heterosexual, you’ll never be suggested viewing the gays and lesbians’ profiles;
  • you can chat with a person only in case if you both swiped each other right, so that is if you both liked each other).

So, why Tinder is also engaged in processing the payments via PayPal?

  • Due to the high and perfect reputation of PayPal, the first reason is, of course, security for both users and Tinder itself;
  • The easy procedure of processing the payments is rather good and attracts the users;
  • The refund policies by PayPal would force any app to provide you with a refund in case if the Tinder policies are not violated.

Thus, by opting for Tinder and paying for via PayPal you can have really cool safety measures of your payments! So, if you want it, you’ll have it!

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If we carry on narrating about the most popular and top-rated dating and hookup apps, you’ll sure go nuts (as well as we will, too). Nevertheless, our task is to give you all the possible (and, along with this, credible) possibilities to hook up and date safely. Also, if you’ve been looking for the apps and sites to use with Paypal, OkCupid is indeed one of the means to get your success!

What should you expect from OkCupid and its payment function of PayPal?

  • one of the prerogatives of OkCupid is that it supports all the possible sexual orientations;
  • the diversity of the interactive tools would surely make you fascinated, as there is no chance to get bored with OkCupid;
  • the numerous members of the app will definitely be suitable for your search, and you’ll find the perfect hookup and/or dating partner for yourself;
  • the diversity of the payment options is great, so you’ll have no obstacles on your way to the best impressions.

Great, isn’t it? We believe that if you have never come across OkCupid, you’d definitely fall in love with it. Nevertheless, we’d move to the features of PayPal for OkCupid,

  • PayPal directly shapes the activities of the app, as PayPal has its policies on the matter of the payment procedures;
  • When you commit your payment via PayPal, the only third party to know about you (we mean your private data) is PayPal; nonetheless, they have the policies of your personal data non-disclosure;
  • PayPal can also grant you a weekly period of having your money back in case of refund you required.

OkCupid is known to be a credible app, since the majority of the payment options presented on it can guarantee you the best safety measures and, of course, non-disclosure of your private data, which is quite important in the modern time, right?



Age Match Login
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We’ve already showed you so many gorgeous PayPal-related websites and apps for adult dating and hookup, yeah! But we’re not going to stop here. We have some more interesting opportunities for you. We’re sure you’re intrigued! So are we! Anyway, let’s keep on, since PayPal can be used with some other sites for hooking up and dating.

AgeMatch is another marvelous dating and hookup service to use and abuse, for the app is designed in such a way that there will be no difficulties to use it in the most successful manner! What is it, AgeMatch? How it functions? What are your users’ benefits if you use PayPal as a payment option for the dating services?

  • AgeMatch is based on the idea to serve as one of the best hookup sites for seniors;
  • AgeMatch stands for all the possible sexual preferences, so you will be able to find whoever you want to;
  • Of course, you can encounter some younger users, but the focus of the app is to let the seniors date and hook up;
  • AgeMatch is also referred to be one of the most credible and trusted platforms, as the policies and terms of use of the app are transparent and have no scam;
  • You’d hardly ever be able to come across any fake profiles, for there is a great approach to accounts’ verification;
  • Because of ability to use PayPal as a payment option, AgeMatch can be acclaimed as a legal service.

When you decide on release your money for the services by AgeMatch via PayPal, you also should be aware of the fact that all the payment procedures and monitored and governed by PayPal’s terms of use and user’s agreement. Thus, all the payments are absolutely legal. What is more, AgeMatch will not receive any of your private details, since PayPal would never disclose your information.

Age Match


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The prelast option that takes PayPal in the world of the hookup sites and apps, is Blendr. Yep, it is that exclusive and fashionable hookup app that can really make you closer to the desired dates and hookup! The popularity of the app stands outstanding in the industry of the similar apps. The credibility of Blendr is also nice, and it will never confuse you.

Why HookupGeek decides on listing Blendr among the best hookup sites that take PayPal? There are several reasons for this, in fact,

  • there are so many adorable features to use with Blendr;
  • the millions of users would constantly contribute to your entertainment and adult fun;
  • the terms of use and safety policies worked out by Blendr prove its legality;
  • the app stands for the sexual diversity, so that you’ll be able to get in touch with the representatives of the most different sexual orientations;
  • the most exclusive tools of search will approach you much closer to your desired outcomes of search!

Blendr accepts PayPal, and this is one of the coolest advantages of the app, since it makes the payment procedure more and more flexible. What is more, Paypal also introduces its own policies as for the way of transfering your funds to Blendr. Thus, you can really count for the best and the strictest security measures. You can really sure that no one would be ever possible to disclose your personal information or have it used in any illegal purposes. Hence, when you choose to pay for membership on Blendr via PayPal, you will surely be able to require the refund in case if you have not been given what’s promised in the Terms of Use of either Blendr or Paypal. It’s a real guarantee of the app’s safety and credibility, isn’t it? So, don’t hesitate to try Blendr out to get all our insights proven!



EliteSingles Login
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The final point we are to consider is to be focused on the most elite dating and hookup app, to EliteSingles, yay! As you may know, EliteSingles is fairly acclaimed to be one of the most expensive dating and hookup apps ever. However, in fact, the functionality of the app can be said to be worth using it for that money. Anyway, EliteSingles is the site that takes PayPal, and, thus we couldn’t but included this service in our top list.

Regardless of being quite an expensive app, EliteSingles comprises millions of users, wherein the majority of them originate from the USA. Paypal is one of the most widespread e-wallets in the USA. So, it’s all easy, and there is no need to call a spade a spade, right? In any case, we’d need to know exactly why you can opt for EliteSingles and how the app follows and suits the policies of PayPal. Let’s see,

  • PayPal cooperates with EliteSingles, for the two actors do respect the policies of each other;
  • the users of EliteSingles asked the administration for too long to introduce Paypal, and it was done;
  • You can always use EliteSingles for the diverse purposes and hook up the most unbelievable persons with different sexual preferences;
  • EliteSingles uses numerous tools to attract the users and diversify their leisure time spent with the app;
  • There are incredibly many ways to utilize the search built in the platform, so that you’ll have no real opportunity to fail your dating or hookup.

When you use PayPal with the purpose of providing the payment for the membership with EliteSingles, you can be sure about the protection of your funds. Along with this, as we all know, PayPal does not support any hidden fees, so you’ll never be exposed to them. Hence, we have no reasons not to test EliteSingles at least once to understand how great it is when you use PayPal to pay for it.


Finally, it’d be suitable to note that when you use PayPal, it will surely contribute to your security and non-disclosure of any of your private data. What is more, the hookup sites that take PayPal are to follow the policies of PayPal, so this is another advantage for the users, indeed. We’ll be waiting for your feedbacks on your experiences with PayPal and one of the apps or sites we showed you in this article! Shall you have some more questions, be sure to consult our FAQ section to know even more about the procedures of payment via PayPal on the hookup sites.