See Her Fountaining: How To Make Her Wet!


Yo bro! If you’re reading this blogpost, you might have had some issues or questions related to the matter of female ejaculation and orgasms that you could see on the webcam sex sites! And this is great you ain’t afraid of finding out more to master your skills! Well, pounding any chick you wanted to get laid does always presuppose the tons of pleasure, the cubic meters of satisfaction being moisturized and super horny sweet! When trying to hook someone up by using the numerous fuck sites or adult dating web services, you gotta take care of your partner’s satisfaction because this is, in fact, a nice and tasty part of your personal one, as well, ain’t it? Heh, HookupGeek is not gonna undergo any rebrending to be called a squirt-man-geek or a cunning-linguist-geek. No way, no! But we can turn you in a real squirt master of the most unbearably great, mind-boggling, and horny female orgasms! Interested? We bet, yes! We’ll show you everything, and as bonus, we’re gonna teach you how to make a girl wet by texting her. Hey, you’re never gonna read anything of a kind elsewhere! So, join the lustful army of the men who do perform great to moisture their horny cuties!

The Subtle Science Of Female Orgasm and Ejaculation

We’d also wanna force you to take care of your gorgeous female partners’ squirt and orgasms by sharing some stats! Don’t think it’s gonna be boring, no! So, just have a glance at the way the other men are not the sexmasters at all, and if you wanna be a real king of female gratification, you’d better read it all!

  • about 45% of females don’t get their rocks off at all regardless of the sexual intercourse duration and intensity;
  • around 85% of women do need some dine at the Y to stimulate their pleasure to cum;
  • about 75% of women are ashamed to ask their partners to make some muff dive into them;
  • no more than 65% of women do not get wet having no pre-games by their partners;
  • only 15% of females say it directly they wanna have some munch carpet to get arousal to the more intensive extent; and
  • the probability of the female squirt and/or orgasm augments up to 70% after their partners give them face.

If that’s not suffice for you to understand that your cutie needs more your attempts, you’d better see the following additional stats by HookupGeek.

The Subtle Science Of Female Orgasm and Ejaculation

So, the luckiest chicks are those who are aged 17–25 and 30+ y.o. Why so? We’re gonna tell you everything, and believe, after reading this post you’re gonna understand that you have never known and done such marvelous things how to make her pussy wet! But we’d wanna ask you to paysome more (and even a bit more!) attention to the green sector of the diagram! Don’t include your woman to this one, ok? We’ll let you know how to do that!

We have some more stats to reveal to force you get more serious and get exposed to how you can really make your gf get the dirty water off her chest! Just imagine how you will force her to moan and crawl just because your tongue, fingers, and your lil’bro work this magic perfectly! In any case, some more stats, man. Welcome and don’t thank!


Yikes, these stats are just another horror! The percentages of the orgasms and ejaculations are that low! If you look more precisely at the graph, you’ll see that the percentage of female pleasurable feelings on the daily basis does not even exceeds 20 f— percent! Yak! But there is some good news! The less women have been wet with the other men, the more chances for you to conquer the place of the sexmaster! And, muahaha, we ain’t forcing you to bang any married women ‘cause they have the smallest probability of get wet, no, but it’s up to ya, yep.

Finally for this section, we’re gonna let you peep on the stats as for the women faking their orgasms. Yay, unfortunately for all men, they are faking they’re high up with you. I most cases. In the majority of cases. In the biggest majority, gee whiz! Just look at the following,


Heh, just help them get rid of the ho hum format of getting wet and orgasming to increase the first column of the chart to the maximum. For now, that’s all quite disappointing and sad, ain’t that? Still, everything is in the men’s hands (and tongue, lol) to make make another flood, ya know!

So, now our aim is to discover how to make her wet to make her call you her sexmaster! And—you know what, hah?—we’re gonna help you! Believe, after you have read this blog, she ain’t resist anymore and, what is more, she’s gonna be.cum the horniest cutie you have next to you! Yay, if sounding in the most old school manner, the dry mouthed widow will marvel you! Wanna know more and more how to set her on fire and squeeze her sweet white nectar? Follow us and keep on reading! We’re gonna share 10 coolest and the most efficient ideas and actions with you so that your bedroom will be turned into a pool of the hottest wet impressions to remember!

10 Ways How To Make Her Pussy Wet

Well, f— every opinion even if you’re told that you can make a girl wet only if you are super-duper-greatly experienced and skillful man of 100500 level of divine capacities. In fact, by reading the following hints and pieces of advice, you’re gonna succeed as if you’re either a real macho or a contemporary Don Juan! Of course, we ain’t able to guarantee that the girls will get moisturized as if they’re seeing Justin Bieber or another sexy male icon but still you gotta know that these easy tricks will lead you to the top notch status of a the sexmaster! We dare you ain’t even imagine this; but now you’re gonna have some professional assistance!

Before we get damn engaged in that wet-pussy-how-to-do stuff, we wanna let you know that it doesn’t even matter which dating site you are to come across in choosing. We mean that this is not actually important if you pick up a cougar dating site or just the best online dating sites for one night stands. The most important thing is that if you don’t have a girl to make her wet you gotta pick up one by using the dating and free hookup sites. For instance, if you’re about some romance or serious relations (who knows, man, it happens), you can try something like Jaumo or OkCupid, which are specialized not on the regular hookup or no strings attached sex. However, there are some more opportunities: for instance, if you’re a gay and wanna try something new, you’d be happy to get some women who are located with SnapSext.  Btw, lesbian women would also admire some of these techniques we’re gonna advertise here! Intrigued? We bet you’re already set on fire of having this most hidden alluring desire! So, of great balls of fire, let’s get it started off!

Physical Actions You Gotta Make To Make Her Squirt As Hell

So, these are the physical hints on how to make your gf’s pussy extra wet! Then, we’ll show you the psychological mechanisms which are gonna assist you, as well, dude!

Make Her G-Spot Tremble

Every girl’s G-spot is the most important part of her twat in the process of squirt extraction. This tasty and active cherry berry is located on the front wall of her lovely cunt. Hey, what you gotta do here to make her squirt? That’s easy! Go and lubricate the finger, then, insert it inside the vulva and move it along the upper wall. Your babe’s G-spot is gonna be at a depth of about 5-7 centimeters. You will realize that you have found your cutie’s G-spot by touching a place that looks like a raspberry or mini bunch of grapes. Yay, it’s pleasantly soft, slightly ribbed, textured with peculiar grooves on both sides. Here is one more hint for you: your gf’s G-spot’s gonna be easier to find when your babe is filled with… arousal! Just as your lil’bro becomes hard and hard only when erected, its G-spot will not be noticeable in a calm state.

Your Fingers Are Not Only For Tapping Your iPhone, Man!

You’re gonna begin with plunging your middle finger into your cutie’s snatch. Btw, you gotta ensure that your middle-finger-up is sufficiently lubricated for smooth penetration. Ideally, your gf’s sweet spot’s gonna be “wet” enough so that you’re gonna be able to cover your finger with her natural lubricant before visiting her box. If you feel that it’s just dry there, just lick your finger or use specialized lubricants, which are always working option. Yap, go use some artificial lubrication.

It is necessary to touch with your pad of the finger to the upper wall of her cute pudenda. So, you gotta carefully stroke this area with your middle finger and observe its reaction—just imagine how great and horny you’re gonna feel, as well! After about a minute of such strokes, slowly—very slowly—extremely slowly and tenderly—remove your finger. Now use both middle and ring fingers. Do not forget that they both gotta be richly moisturized—as you don’t wanna scratch her pussy and make her feel pain inside, right?girl

Sliding two fingers inside, slightly bend them around the pubic bone. Thus, they will press on the area of ​​the G-spot of your kinky bitch. If that’s for the first time when you’re trying to bring your partner to squirt, then it would be nice to explore her a bit for a start—which is another pleasant experience for you, ain’t it? Next! Go and pull the fingers to their full length, and then roll them back to the starting point of the movement. At the same time be sure to spend your fingertips along the upper wall of her vaginal canal. In this case, you can feel the different textures, helping you pinpoint the location of the G-spot. You gotta remember again, it looks like a kind of raspberry. It’s time to stimulate this area and make the girl terribly squirt!

Dude, Don’t Mind Your Hands!

Wanna get her arousal faster? Wanna make her squirt like hell to get tired of leaking it all? You then gotta use not only your fingers locally to her sweet-sweet great hole! Massage is your salvation! How? Easy, man! Just get deprived of any fears and complexes and recall your gf’s best zones to stimulate her back, for example. Don’t forget about the abdominal area and of course about her hot trembling nipples! You gotta be tender and passionate to comfort her. Your movements of hands should be accompanied with the lustful actions of your body along her body. In such a way, you’re gonna do the perfect atmosphere of your overall and everlasting presence, so that she’s gonna be aching to have you inside. In other words, her arousal is gonna be as explosive as hell, bro! Btw, to make your massage more pleasant and soft, you can use special artifical lubrication for xxx massage, which you can easily purchase either from any supermarket or a chemist’s.

Be Childish And Use Some Piquant Toys

Finding that your girlfriend loves to squirt or wanting her to love it, you’re gonna be eager to try some new approaches to it. Which? Oh boy, but don’t have any biases! You gotta allow the use of available tools, since they’re an ideal option. Dildos and penis-shaped vibrators can work fine. Yeah, that’s it, and go shut the f— up and don’t even think that you’re gonna be a man with the lesser importance, you know! If you wanna have your gf squirt gorgeously, just kick that all trash off out of your f— head! The use of adult tools is only welcome, and you’re gonna be the king, since your babe’s gonna be the queen of getting wet! So, just pay attention to the specialized models for the G-spot, yay!

Yap, you may know that some chicks prefer and even adore (!) some hard sex toys like for the games of BDSM. They’re, as a rule, made of hard plastic, glass or metal because they provide the necessary amount of stimulation for the G-orgasm and, as a result, mind-boggling squirt! Yay, yami-yami taste of her orgasming! Nevertheless, some other chicks do not need such powerful stimulation. Your partner herself will know what works best for her, so be sure to talk to her and get feedback. So, the adult toys will work gorgeous, we bet!

The Matter Of Penetration: Penetrate Her Wisely!

If your horny gf is already squirming steadily from your caresses, and both of you are getting bored, then it makes sense to try to bring her to a jet orgasm during regular sex, as well. Therefore, make sure that you removed the bollards from her sexual desire and turned on the accelerators, exciting her to the limit. In this case, you only need to worry about the position in which you enter her sweetest pussy. So, dude, do not worry about how long you hold out. Yeah, just focus on your posture. You gotta find a position that, hypothetically, will provide the maximum stimulation of your gf’s cherished point. Let the head of your dick slide along it during each dive. You need to experiment with the corners and find the one that is best for her (remember, you need to hear her feedback and find out what works best).

One of the fattest advantages during attempts to bring a girl to hell-like squirt by sexual intercourse is that this process does not require deep penetration! He-he, so if you’re having any doubts about your cock’s size, get it all out of your mind! You, in fact, need to enter her glory hole for 3-7 centimeters in order to go through the area of ​​interest to you and make your beloved cutie give a powerful jet. This makes it possible for guys with not the largest length of their tool to feel like heroes in bed. An important point to remember! If your girlfriend has problems with squirting during your caresses, then it will be almost impossible to achieve it during sex. So, what to do? First off, do concentrate on ensuring stable squirts using the above techniques. After that, you can start practicing with gushers during sex. It can also be easier for her if she first learns to ejaculate on her own, yep!.

Psychological Actions You Gotta Make To Make Her Squirt As Hell


Stress interferes with intimate life, and it is proven, but, dude, hey, you know how to make your kitten relaxed, yep? Therefore, if you have troubles at work, confusion with finances or quarrels with colleagues, leave all the problems beyond the bedroom threshold or any other place you’re gonna have the most paradise-like outcomes. Ylang-ylang or sandalwood aromas, a glass of wine or a relaxing massage will help you both. By the way, nerves can be put in order with the help of simple monotonous homework or needlework. Just do not get carried away: 15 minutes of embroidery will be quite enough! Erotic thoughts. Exchange with your favorite few playful phrases or remember a vivid episode from your intimate life. If your head is occupied with sexual nonsense, you will start to be excited even before you exchange the first kiss with your partner.

Man, Don’t Be Too Conservative: Intromit Diversity

Off monotony! As soon as you feel that you have lost the sharpness of perception, suggest the partner to change the pose or to diversify the movements. Especially since there are still so many unexplored erogenous zones on your body—there is no time to miss! What’s more, just go and create the most unforgettable moments you’d pass together. Yeah, this romance-type relations are frequently needed for the girls! So, play the same fiddle she wants you to! You’ll see how her emotional background is getting more and more sensual! So, diversity is not only the carousell like type of the change of the poses in your bed but also some of the outdoors activities! The easiest one is if you haven’t had any romantic affairs in a restaurant for a long time, just go and book the best one to marvel her.

What’s more, diversity presupposes the way you change as well. It means that you’d not be the monotonous guy who wants nothing else but stay in your f— zone of comfort so that your majesty gets never disturbed! Open up yourself to open up your kitty!

Don’t Be A Fool, Stay A Man, Be Brutal!

Ya know, buddy, women love bad guys! And… women adore bed guys, as well! So, your aim ain’t be obeying to everything she asks for but be a brutal but caring so that she’d be able to realize that you’re able to be different! Be as brutal as hell but caring as heaven! She gotta feel your presence even if you f— far off her!

Turn On Your Imagination!

Don’t be afraid of, say, pretending gay a bit: arrange some atmosphere! nice smells (which she or you two may like) will serve as an invisible hint for the most alluring adventures! What’s more, don’t be scared of using some pitch of your voice to be even more sexy, since her ears are in love of hearing something she has never heard. So, be also unique!

Get Rid Of Any Shames And Doubts!

Woohoo! You’re not supposed to feel any angst! In case if you have any doubts use some alcohol for you both to get more relaxed. Experiments are always something new and unique, but they can scare you both. Just imagine the way you both cum as hell and lie with no strength even to breathe! Thus, kick off any doubts , biases, and shame! You’re gonna do the most pleasant thing in the whole world—have the unbearably great pleasure and gratification!girl

Final Thoughts

Yay! We’re happy like we’re on the horniest cloud nine to have shared all these techniques and hints with you! We’re sure you’re gonna have her pussy as wet as the hardest rain poured just inside your bedroom! If you wanna share some of your experiences and successes, don’t hesitate and go to write some messages to HookupGeek to make us even more glad for your most passionate and risqué experiments and experiences!

Bonus: How To Make A Girl Wet By Texting Her

As promised, we’re gonna give you a small—but extremely useful and pleasant—bonus to use! Yep, this is how to make a girl wet by texting her! Of course, you’re not next to her, but she’s gonna cum just because you’re texting—sexting—her! This is just a God level of delivering squirt and orgasm to your horny cutie! So, what you gotta do?

  • ensure you have led your chat with her to the themes related to sex you both might have had if you were next to each other at the moment;
  • go type some of the sexual quotes to set her imagination on fire;
  • then, you can propose her to play with her hands and fingers or use some of the sex toys (if she has some);
  • you can write something like “imagine my fingers sliding into you softly and passionately” or “my mouth’s too thirsty so give me some water!” or “imagine how my misbehaving tongue plays around in you”
  • be sure to use such phrases which you know your gf will like, since this is you who knows her better than anyone;
  • promise to experiment in the bed upon your arrival home and describe what you’d love to test.

Thus, you can really approach your babe to the best experiences and who knows maybe she’s gonna cum as hell squirting gorgeously! And you may use the video chats if the conditions allow!