How To Prepare For A One Night Stand?

When planning to arrange some one night stand sex, one should properly prepare for this nice and piquant affair. So, don’t be a dummy! No matter which gender you are and what experiences you are going to get into, you will need to be as prepared as possible to make it all both pleasant and memorable. Yep, the most terrific hookup sites that are real would provide you with the biggest choice of possible matches to have a one night stand.

In any case, similarly to any other case of having a sexual intercourse, you would need to have the best impressions, and, as a result, you should be prepared. Of course, your one night stand can be a planned affair if you manage it via adult dating services or it may occur just by chance. In both instances, the matter of preparation is of importance!

Basically, we could say something like watch some hot cam sex videos to have more ideas for diversity, which would determine the level of your preparation. However, it’d never be as assisting as possible. Therefore, we’re posting this unique guide on how to prepare for a one night stand!

Choosing The Source

As mentioned above, within the modern hookup culture, there can be actually two main sources where you can get the one night stand partners from, namely,

  • real life (like at a bar or a club or somewhere outside); and/or
  • online (by using the hookup apps or sites).

By the way, these two sources are applicable for both straight ties, gay dating and lesbian relations. Nonetheless, the matter of preparation may vary, but it’s not the focus for now.

Let’s now briefly review these two sources of getting the one night stands!

Real Life One Night Stands

To have the best one night stands with no strings attached in real life would be some different from the online communication, as you have to decide on whether you’re planning to have an affair or not. So, it’s some complicated. Anyway, herein, you should keep in mind that the place matters,

  • if you are at a bar or at a club, the things would go easier (since you can drink something strong to get more frivolous);
  • if you’re somewhere outside, you would encounter some difficulties (as you’d need to make the first step and you two should understand if you want the same).

Yep, we’d suggest you visiting a bar or a club to have more chances to grab the best and the most lustful persons. (Oh, maybe, you remember our marvelous and exciting trips to the different hookup spots of the biggest cities of the US including Manchester, New Orleans, and/or San Antonio). So, if you are in one of the biggest cities, you can address our guide of the hookup spots to simplify everything!

Getting One Night Stand Online

If you don’t want to be waiting for a chance to hook up someone, you can easily sign up with one of or several fuck sites to pick up the most passionate partners ever. Why is it better?

  • you don’t have to waste much for the search;
  • you can easily agree on everything you’d both want to have during your one night stand;
  • you can have the greatest range of the partners to opt for from;
  • you can see all preferences of your possible partners in their profile, so it’d be easier to matchmake;
  • you can exchange your nudes to clearly see if you suit each other.

Thus, you can pick up a good credible site, say, like FuckBook or any other alternative to FuckBook to start off! Yeah, we’d recommend doing like that, as you would be able to save up your time, and obtain even much more than you expected.

Watch Your Countenance

Regardless of how stunning and cool you can seem in the online communication, you can never predict the attitude of your interlocutor in the real life. Not to spoil the impression, you should look like the same, as you wish to have the most lustful experiences ever, right?

Therefore, the first bundle of hints on how to get prepared for the one night stand would be related to your countenance, namely,

  • be as natural as you are on your pics you sent to your possible partner;
  • don’t make up any legends about yourself not to disenchant your partner;
  • be as pretty as possible (yep, it may sound odd or awkward but still, no matter which gender you are you have to look gorgeous);
  • take care of your clothes (don’t wear anything that would limit your actions or something that would make you look like strange);
  • be yourself in everything (but don’t forget that your purpose is not to shock someone but to get them laid);
  • try to pick up the proper underwear, as it makes your image (no one would love to see you wearing something outdated or weird, right?);
  • be sure to wear the clothes that would not make you look like weird.

Nevertheless, that’s not all about the countenance of yours to follow.

If you’re a girl, be sure to

  • have your makeup on in such a way that you would seem appealing;
  • be sure to wear the clothes that would clearly manifest what you expect from the one night stand;
  • if you’re expecting to have something hotter, you’d be supposed to wear high heels, so that you man would surely get the idea;
  • if you’re going to wear a dress, don’t hesitate to wear something piquant with a nice décolletage, you know;
  • make sure you properly choose your perfume, so that it’d be much appealing to your partner;
  • if you prefer wearing the jewellery, be sure to make it all right with no exaggerated amount of the pieces.

Therefore, as a woman, you should clearly understand that even if it is a one night stand affair, you should leave the best impression.

If you’re a man, and you want to make everything possible to satisfy your partner, you also should take care of the countenance of yours, namely,

  • be as gorgeous as possible (yep, it may sound some vague, but still you should bear in mind that your partner would love to see you the best of the best;
  • be sure to look fashionable (yep, women adore such men, and don’t give a f— to any issues related to your sexual preferences and orientation);
  • don’t try to be better than you are (on the one hand, you shouldn’t fool your partner up; and on the other hand, girls like bad guys, you know);
  • take care of the accessories you’re going to wear (a nice watch, for instance, can make your image better);
  • take care of the way you smell (a nice male perfume can work magic, you know);
  • be sure to demonstrate with your look what you are going to offer and what you would like to have (the same can be said about your wording, that is what you say).

So, there are almost no obstacles to the best experiences in your hookup and one night stands! Just follow some easy rules to be on the top of the world, and you’ll certainly have the best instances and the biggest success!

Hygiene Matters

No, we’re not going to claim that you have to take a shower before having some sexual affairs with someone. Actually, we believe it’s on the surface, and there is no acute need to state it. In this subsection of hygiene, we’d better draw your attention to some other aspects.

As we all understand it, the matter of a sexual intercourse can be as diverse as it is only possible, right? Because of this, some interesting peculiarities may arise, and you have to take care of them to have the biggest success during your one night stand!

Yes, we could single out some pieces of advice like be sure to wash your genitals before preparing for your one night stand. Anyway, it’s also on the surface, and  there is no point in doing so. We’d be in details for something more piquant.

For instance, your partner and you agreed on some interesting experiences that would not be limited to ordinary vaginal sex, so that you both want to have some brighter experiences. Say, you’d both be eager to have some anal intercourse, and thus, the matter of the hygiene is crucial in this case. By the way, both male and female hygiene is meant as no one would like to be in trouble, right?

In case of planning some anal pleasures, a receiver should be aware of the actions to take care of, namely,

  • not to consume much food before the instance X;
  • prepare the zone of penetration properly by using a clyster or any other medication method;
  • ensure the cleanliness of the genitals to be sure that nothing can spoil the impression.

Both participants of this action should take care of hygiene and also they should be careful with lubs, as they play a decisive role!

In any case, no matter what kind of sex you are going to have, both of you should realize that hygiene matters, and it determines the outcomes. For example, even when making some blowjob, it’s more pleasant for you two to have everything clean, right?

Specials, Spicing, And Piquancy

When arranging a one night stand, you should be aware that there is a wide range of the adult sex toys to use to make your impressions more and more adorable and stunning! It doesn’t mean anything bad, in fact, as the sex toys are of importance and can bring you both the best impressions ever!

We’re not going to teach you on the vibrator types (that can be bullet vibrator, lipstick vibrator, wand vibrator, and so on) or on the types of the stimulating items. We’re standing here for the diversity of the tools to use to make you one night stand as passionate and memorable as it is only possible!

It means that even if you’re a man, you shouldn’t be afraid of the prostate vibrators and massagers to have more and more pleasure! Why so? Just because the purpose of any one night stand is to have and generate pleasure (be it unbearable!).

So, to spice up your one night stand, you would be eager to apply some additional items to be guided by to bring the best pleasure to both of you! Yep, the lubs are important when it comes to the sex toys, but still, don’t forget that everything should go on your mutual consent!

if you’re not about the sex toys, you can always have some interesting games like the ones to be come across on or CollarSpaces. Yes, we mean some nice BDSM-like practices. If you’re going to have those, you should extremely carefully consider the matter of your hygiene, as you’d be in need of using some dildos or any other penetrating things. So, hygiene matters, right?


Regardless of the fact that it’s now the 21st century, some persons may consider the one night stands as something awkward or weird, that is something they’d not want to hear about. From the tolerance viewpoint, it’s ok, of course. But if you want to have some dirty one night stands, and give a f— to the attitudes of the other persons, you should better agree on everything with yourself.

Psychologically, any one night stand experience may seem to be something really dirty and out-of-the-blue, since we are accustomed to the marriages and serious relations, lol! In any case, you should be prepared psychologically, as well. Why so? Just because it’s complicated to have sex with a stranger who you know for a couple of minutes or hours. Therefore, if you tend to agree on the similar experiences, just be sure that psychologically you can have it.

There is some range of the tips to single out in this case, so that you would easier deal with this affair, literally,

  • do understand that you do nothing criminal to suffer from your remorse after you have the best one night stand;
  • don’t count for any continuation (even if it’s meant to happen, you would better think that nothing can happen, as it’d be easier to overcome any sympathy you might experience);
  • be sure not to drink too much not to experience any hangover that would just burden your thoughts about the negativity of your actions;
  • approach the situation of one night stand as something wherein every participant consumes, so nothing special it is;
  • do always try to understand the position of your partner (it is especially important if you expect any continuation to take place).

Thus, you may see that one night stands are not that easy as they may seem from the first glance. In addition to this, one can claim that it all is not that complicated, as one of the partners suggests sex, and the other one agrees on it. However, to have the best impressions, it’s necessary to take care of many aspects not to have any negative experiences.


We’re sure, no dummies left after this guide by HookupGeek!

Why so? Just because there is no other fair and honest source on the web to provide the same detailed response to the title question. Don’t believe it? Just check it out, and you will see that no one provides the better answer. In addition to this, the only thing we didn’t communicate clearly is that you have to be yourself. Yes, it’s important. Just check it out, as well, during your one night stand cases!

We’ve learned everything you have to know about one night stand how to get prepared in such a way that you and your partner would both be happy with final outcomes, so to say. in case if you have any questions left unspoken, you can always address them in the comments right after the text.

Good luck!