About iHookup com Dating Site

As a matter of fact, you asked us to provide you with the review on iHookup, since this adult sex dating service has caused you many issues and questions. You also asked us to indicate if it is real to hook up someone with this one night stand hook ups service. So, HookupGeek will find out everything and we will let you know all the most truthful information about the service.


So, what we know about the hook up site per se? How was it registered? The current iHookup com review will let you know everything!

  • the official geolocation is CA (Canada), ON, Ontario, M6K Toronto;
  • the website was established in 1998;
  • the expiry date of the site is 2019;
  • the registration company is Tucows Domains Inc.

Hence, now it seems that everything is properly shaped from the point of view of the legal basis.

In any case, what is iHookup? Who can use it? What types of ties is it possible to run there? You can use iHookup for the following purposes,

  • Casual Encounters
  • Friends With Benefits
  • Discreet Romance
  • Dating
  • Online Fun
  • Activity Partners; and
  • you can somehow refer iHookup social network.

In addition to this, you will have a chance to date and hookup

  • straight persons;
  • gay persons; and
  • lesbian persons.

So, for now it seems that you’ll have quite interesting experiences!

ihookup com

Thus, there are different opportunities to use with iHookup, however, we are also interested in whether the site and the app are able to execute them in such a way that the users can have the most positive results.


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In order to understand if it is possible to hook up as many people as possible with iHookup, we need also to investigate the prices of this dating platform, so that you could know if it is worth of using and which features would appear in the paid mode of the dating service.

So, similarly to some other hookup sites, iHookup has different duration of membership and, by this, it determines the pricing for the services. Just take a look at the possible iHookup tariff plans now,

  • A trial period of 1 day will exclusively go for $2.00;
  • 1 month membership will cost you $29.99;
  • 3 months membership is for just $59.97;
  • An annual subscription would price at $107.88.

Thus, again: similarly to the other hookup and dating sites, the longer period of membership is purchased, the more saveup opportunities et unlocked for you.

What is included in the paid membership with iHookup? Let’s see! The main functions will be comprised of the following,

  • you will be eligible to read and write the unlimited emails you are sent to;
  • you will have a perfect chance to enjoy live 24/7 hi-res video chat with the users of your choice;
  • After you purchased your membership you will be able to access to all explicit member photos and home videos they uploaded to their profiles; and
  • as soon as you ordered your iHookup membership, you will get featured at the top of the search results (10 times more views of your profile and, thus, 10 times more opportunities for the sweetest hookup ever)!

Hence, if this functionality is efficient, you will be able to successfully get the biggest number of the dates arranged and the highest volume of satisfaction! We wish the iHookup free profile would exist!

Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of iHookup will ensure that we fairly and justly evaluate if it is to be suggested or not to use. What is more, iHookup should be checked for security and quality aspects. Thus, don’t hesitate to read this review right till the end!

We are going to commence with the benefits you are going to come across,

  • The website is ready to and capable of delivering innumerable number of profiles right at once after you signed up and purchased your membership;
  • There is an iHookup app;
  • The easy to use design of the interface will not overload you with unnecessary features;
  • The process of registration is easy and fast;
  • The tools of the website seem to be nice and effective;
  • You can easily delete your profile from the iHookup database.

Seems nice, yay? However, we cannot but have to disclose some drawbacks, and we would refer them to quite serious ones. Hence, let’s see,

  • There are numerous fake profiles created to spam you;
  • The website runs the bot-based profiles to appeal the users and create an illusion of lust and pleasant communication;
  • There are some unpleasant fees being uncontrolled even after you quit your membership, so you will have to take care of the billing on your bank account.

Hence, we would love to consider these points in more details, for they seem to be not that trustworthy.

Security: Is iHookup Legit?

As we have mentioned, security of iHookup resembles the drawback of the dating service in question because,

  • The terms of use of the website do not clearly communicate the laws to undergo;
  • The fake profiles would surely deprive you of the positive search results;
  • The terms of use with iHookup do not have any words about the non-disclosure of your private information.

Hence, it is quite complicated to consider the security as rather a positive feature of the website. Let’s take a look at the other subcategories of the pros and cons to find out if there are any other positive or negative features of iHookup, which would totally spoil your impression of using the site. So, is iHookup scam? Not exactly, but it resembles it a bit…

Thus, inch by inch, we are to move to the quality of tools. Can you guess what we are going to show you?

Quality of Tools

When utilizing the website, you will come across different and important tools. How are they effective? Are there any of them to work properly?

  • The sign up tool is great, for it works fast and does not require much time to get in;
  • The search engine seems to be efficient, for it really generates the numerous profiles, whose parameters coincide with search filters you choose;
  • The messaging system will efficiently work in the most efficient manner;
  • The process of deleting your profile is easy and fast;
  • The payment procedure is great, since it process your payment in the fastest way;
  • The work of support team could have been much better, since sometimes it seems you have to wait for their response for ages.

Well, what a nice situation! There are both positive and negative features about quality of the tools by the iHookup dating site. What do you think? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments right beneath this review.

About iHookup App

As we have already informed you, you can use iHookup either as a web format or as an app. What we know about the app? What is it like?

  • The app was initially released in 2015;
  • The latest version of the app is currently 2.8.;
  • The iHookup app is not available for the users of iOS system;
  • You can get only the Android-based app.

In any case, you can always utilize the web format of the site from your mobile.

What are the key features of the app? Do you know how different it is from the website?

  • In fact, there are not that many differences, since the app is just a iHookup mobile-based version;
  • The functionality of the app will let you sign up and log out, release the payment for the membership, send and receive messages and delete your profile;
  • You can use the iHookup search function in the same manner;
  • The app by iHookup is supposed to serve all the same features of the website and is accessible from any Android mobile device;
  • The design of the app is almost the same as of the website, which is quite simple.

In fact, the app seems to be trustworthy enough. But it does not mean that you will not have any drawbacks at all. So, just scroll down to find even more.

How To Delete iHookup Dating Account

Yep, we have told you that you will encounter that extreme easiness to get out of the membership that is to iHookup delete account. So, in order to have your iHookup profile deleted totally, you are supposed to complete the following,

  • Be sure to sign on your profile and find the settings tab;
  • In the settings tab, you are supposed to tap the profile status;
  • Scroll down a bit and find the line of deactivating your account;
  • Then you have to confirm your action by re-typing your password.

That is over for now! By the way, don’t forget to iHookup unsubscribe from the emails received from iHookup!

Quality of Profiles

The quality of profiles was partially mentioned in this review, and we were not that sure if this can be another advantage. Well, HookupGeek has found out the following,

  • The numerous fake profiles will disappoint you, since the real members of the iHookup dating service are not that numerous;
  • The company runs the online cupids to make the illusion of the everlasting communication;
  • As soon as you signed up, you will start receiving the messages, and this happens even before you have verified your email. This seems quite weird, indeed.

Thus, whatever happens, we are strongly disappointed about the quality of profiles. As you may know, HookupGeek stands for the most credible dating services and credible profiles only. Therefore, you should think twice if you want to encounter all those fake profiles sending spam and bot-based profiles.

Final Thoughts

As you could have already understood, the review you have been reading is aimed at determining the best and the worst features of the iHookup dating platform. What is more, we always do our best to provide the most trustworthy data about each of the dating opportunities. Hence, have also come up with the verdict of ours about iHookup!

Well, of course, we are trying to be maximally critical, when approaching the websites for dating. But still we do want to stay positive as hell and because if this we are expecting the best and high quality services. Was it possible with iHookup? As per our verdict, we are not sure that iHookup is worth of being paid off for the fakes presented. You would be able to easily find some more alternatives whereon there would have been less scam and more efficacy of usage.

Is iHookup a scam? Partially, yes. So, yep, it is partial iHookup scams. Therefore, HookupGeek would rather proposed you trying some more credible opportunities for dating instead of opting for the scamful ones. However, you are the only person to test it to define it for yourself if you would be eager to stay a member of online casual dating iHookup. By the way, don’t forget to check out the reviews on adult sex websites!


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FAQ about iHookup

Unfortunately, almost no dating sites ensure this feature. In case if you do not want to use the service, you can easily delete your profile. In case if you want to carry on using the site again, you will be able to create a profile with iHookup again.

Because of the fact that iHookup is not a financial institution or company, no one can process any transactions between the members of the platform.

In order to accomplish the payment for the iHookup dating services, you will need to use your bank card only. Hence, be sure to have your bank account loaded with money. This is no matter which bank services you use.

In compliance with the rules of the dating industry, you are given no guarantee that you will succeed in your dating intentions. Why? On the one hand, the website claims to be aimed at entertainment only. On the other hand, this is only you who can control the communication procedure. Thus, no guarantees can be afforded by iHookup dating website.

iHookup does not provide any opportunities for the refund, since the services promised are constantly provided. What is more, you are always welcome to contact the support team to single out the exact reasons to have refund. Thus, maybe there will be some exceptions.