Perfect or Scamful: An InstaBang Review

Irrespectively to the other similar dating web platforms, InstaBang is generally acclaimed to be a truthful platform, which is able to provide the users with what they are seeking there. In addition to this, the features which are included in the tariff plans are more than exquisite so you will definitely fall in love with the website if you like just casual sex intercourses.

Having concerned different reviews of the website, HookupGeek found out that their majority are really positive, which cannot be said about the similar dating adult sites. In any case, due to the fact that you all have really asked (or even, guys, bagged) us to take a look at InstaBang, we have decided to do so, since it is really exciting if this particular web platform for dating sites adult dating and hookup can work miracles.

Therefore, what is InstaBang?

  • This particular web platform is known to provide the adult dating services, which are not aimed at the establishment of the serious relations. So, if you have been looking for the casual sex intercourses opportunities, that’s a quite right path to follow;
  • Dissimilarly from the other common  adult hookup sites aimed at looking for a one night stand, InstaBang provides numerous features which are not general for the dating sites. So, if you decide on purchasing one of the tariff plans of the website, you will fall in love with the outstanding features they provide;
  • InstaBang has been positioned itself as a Instagram-like platform for the casual and no strings attached website, which is called to go beyond the limits of the ordinary social networks and to deliver the most passionate and horny experiences to the subscribers;
  • InstaBang is aimed at providing the paid services, so it means that you can count for the most credible services which would approach you closer to the desired hot experiences in your adult private life.

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HookupGeek has also successfully mined some stats about this marvelous platform for adult hookup. Believe us, you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • the total number of the users is currently approaching the rate of 5 million, so you can freely count for the overall diversity of the system of profiles;
  • the average number of visits per day and night is more than 3 million times by different profiles;
  • the seriousness of this website is also determined by the fact that you can never use it if you have not been signed up and if you have not verified your email;
  • the number of the female profiles is 6.9 times bigger than the male ones;
  • the diversity of the profiles is also proved by the fact that you can easily  hookup people with no connection to the gender, that is the site supports straight, bisexual, and homosexual ties including swingers and couples;
  • the diversity of the homosexuals is equal to the diversity of the straight people on the site, so you will surely find something you have been in search of.

As you can see, the versatility of the services by InstaBang seem to be much surprising, so you have no limits in your choice of the partners – but remember that you it is all for those who do not search for the serious ties with the ones who are of their choice.

HookupGeek has also discovered some background information about the website. So, you will be somehow surprised. Thus, take a glance,

  • the company was initially started in 2015; however, the ideas on how to shape the site for adults had been planned long before, since the planning of the similar site has been a really great affair;
  • when the company was run initially, it did not gain much popularity because the people did not trust it;
  • however, after the proper promotion and ads, along with the connection and similarity with Instagram, InstaBang had started gaining newer and newer horizons, and the number of users was increasing;
  • initially, the company’s Terms of Use and Policies did not reflect the legislation. In the course of time, the company provided the legal background of their actions, and, as a result, caused much more trust from the part of their users;
  • This hot adult platform for hookup is known to be an affiliate of the famous live sex webcams site named as CamSoda, so if you have been a fan of this perfect platform for peeping on the beautiful ladies getting naked and hot, you’ll definitely get in love with the site of InstaBang, for it contains some of the features located on CamSoda, but here they are absolutely for free.

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What else should you know about the functionality of this dating and hookup platform? First of all, let us see the main features, which you get at your disposal regardless of the tariff you chose,

  • the process of sign up is easy and free for both men and women, so you can save up money, since the majority of the other hookup platforms can charge you for registration, especially, if you are a man;
  • the search engine, which is at your disposal as soon as you choose your tariff plan and as soon as the payment by you is released, will be a perfect tool to search the best match;
  • the profile fill in process does not take much time but provides the most concise information about you, and the search engine would better react to find your first;
  • after you signed up successfully, the only thing you are to do is to use the function of InstaBang sign in;
  • the nicest thing is that you can really enjoy the trial period, and by this understand if you like a particular hookup website or not that much;
  • you can also utilize not only the web version of the site but also its InstaBang app, which does not need any additional investment.

So, these features go well regardless of the pricing plan you choose. Enjoy! The additional features for the silver and gold membership will be provided in the next section for your convenience to better distinguish what goes much more enough for you.

Pricing Policies

Because of the fact that the functionality of the site is different depending on the status of your profile, you can count for the more developed functions if you choose gold membership tariff plan instead of the silver one. However, they both can give you so much. In addition, as we have already pointed to the fact, these two membership types both can give you similar features, which are not differentiated in regards of the status. However, there are some features, which are exclusive for gold membership only.

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So, first off, let’s look at the pricing approaches of the two membership kinds and decide which of them would suit you better, and then we will show what features are exclusively assigned to the gold membership. Thus, the silver membership is characterized by the following prices, which are characterized by the two options,

  • monthly payment (if you prefer only 1 month of membership) is $24.95;
  • if you prefer an annual subscription (it means that you release the payment as 1 transaction), the payment is $99.95.

So, you can see that by ordering an annual membership of the silver status you can easily count for the save up! Why not try it, yeah? So, if you release only monthly payments, that is $24.95, the sum which you in total are charged for 12 months is $299.4. Nevertheless, if you decide on purchasing the 12 months package of silver membership, you will save up $200. That’s cool, isn’t that?

Now on, let’s move further, and we are looking at the gold membership on InstaBang. What is it like and what it costs?

  • there is an option of the trial version, and its cost is $1 per 2 days;
  • if you prefer paying monthly, the price for 1 month of the gold membership with InstaBang is $34.95;
  • the gold membership enables you to purchase the period of 18 months, and its price is $119.95 (in this case, it means that you commit your payment within 1 transaction).

The gold membership also lets you save up your funds. Thus, if you prefer paying each month, that is you are charged $34.95 monthly, you would pay $629.1 for the period of 18 months. Nonetheless, of you purchase the whole package for 18 months at once, you save up about $500. Isn’t it really nice?

The next thing is the difference between the silver and the gold membership packages. What do you get when you choose the gold one?

  • the gold package ensures that you emerge on the search results in the first place, so if a particular member is seeking a partner and you correspond you will occupy the first lines in the search result rating; however, with the silver one you cannot expect this feature to work;
  • the gold membership unlocks you an access for the webcam shows by the horniest models in the real time format, while the silver account does not support this function at all;
  • the access to the webcam shows by the hottest webcam models is available from the mobile devices and the apps installed only if you have the gold membership account;
  • you can impact the rating of the other members by giving them not like but its analogue, the mark of ‘hot’;
  • when you get this ‘hot’ mark your account is even more promoted and exhibited in the first lines of the search results of the other members if your membership is gold;
  • in general, only with the gold account you have all the features and functions of the site at your disposal, while the silver subscription gives you mainly limited access.

So, it is quite evident that the gold account is much better, especially when paying attention to the fact that the overall cost of the full package (not monthly payment is meant) is not much more expensive in gold membership. So, we are sure, you’ll make your proper choice based on your desires and abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now on, we’re to move forward to the tastiest section of this current HookupGeek’s review on InstaBang. Yep, this is Advantages and Disadvantages section. Here we will narrate you all the credible facts about the pros and cons of using this particular hookup web platform in order to let you make a proper choice. So, follow and share our reputable investigation!

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The first thing to be discussed is the advantages of InstaBang and its most positive features which are available to users regardless of the type of the membership.

  • the presence of the app to simplify the work of the users and the site’s accessibility is great, since it gives the users more security and ensures them that the service is legit and credible;
  • the free features which are not necessarily to be located on the hookup sites (such as web cam shows by the horny models) are another plus, and you can test it by purchasing the two days trial of the gold profile;
  • the process of sign up as well as the appealing design of the web platform make every user feel comfortable when signing up or in;
  • the diversity of the profiles as well as their number are another positive feature, since they give more and more opportunities to get the best results of your search;
  • the quality of tools (especially in the gold membership tariff plan) is perfect and is characterized by the great number of users, which is gradually being increased;
  • the site has clearly stated and identified Terms of Use and Policies which are aimed at providing all the necessary data on the way the services work and how they are delivered to the end user;
  • there are opportunities of the video chat, which would give you more impression of the person you liked. By the way, this feature is not that common with the other platforms for searching of hookup;
  • the members of the site have access to the galleries, which would also give you a hint on who is better to choose.

So, well, it seems nice to have these features singled out, as they are really truthful. However, we would not write this review if we have not found any cons. Yep, unfortunately, there are some. What are they and how they can or cannot spoil your impression about the services of hookup with InstaBang?

  • the limited opportunities with silver membership can negatively be perceived for there are some limitations, which actually influence the success of your search;
  • if you decide on releasing the payment on the monthly basis, the costs may seem to be quite expensive; however, there are constantly nice possibilities to have some money saved up with no problem;
  • there is a presence of the so-called online cupids on the site. The majority of the reviewers believe that this is improper and cannot be posted on the platform of this level. Nevertheless, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that online cupids perform a function of having the new members get acquainted with the services, since the online cupids are not available after a couple of days of active usage.

This is the concise and uttermost composed list of the shortcomings, which you are about to encounter. Herein, we’d love to bring your attention to the fact that in comparison to the advantages, these cons are not even evident and would not seriously harm you or spoil your impression about InstaBang. Believe us, it would be quite complicated to find a site which would be as good as InstaBang.

Security: How Is InstaBang Safe?

One of the aspects, which HookupGeek addresses when reviewing the passionate and hot adult platforms for adult dating and hookup is the matter of security, that is how your stay online with this website is protected. So, if you wanted to know is InstaBang legit, we can give you some responses! Here is what we have found,

  • Regardless of the fact that the Privacy Policies of the site were updated on May, 2018, they are still legit;
  • The site functions on the basis of the most current legislation, and the core law which regulates the activities on the site is 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • The site clearly regulates the address and the phone number of the organization in case if you need to personally encounter them (by the way, their address is 705 Washington Ave 2nd Floor, Miami Beach, FL. 33139);
  • The Terms of Use clearly guarantee that neither of the private data you share with the site will be disclosed under any conditions to the third parties, so you may freely navigate the platform and do the things in order to achieve your purpose(s).

So, is InstaBang safe? HookupGeek reputably claims that no illegal actions have been registered in the course of the site’s examination by our professionals. So, you can safely use the service and be sure that you will never be harmed.

Quality of Profiles

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In order to make our final decision on the credibility of the web platform for hookup, of course, we have to analyze the quality of the profiles, which are located on the site. So, does InstaBang work? Namely this question we are to investigate in this section!

So, what have we re-discovered about the profiles on the InstaBang web platform?

  • the profiles of the persons in compliance with different search inquiries seem to be truthful and active, so you can never count for the InstaBang scam or fake profiles, which would send you only automated messages and who you would never be able to arrange a date for hookup and casual ties;
  • the presence of online cupids, as it has been mentioned, is timely until it is evident that a person clearly recognizes the way in which this site functions;
  • due to the presence of the video chat, you can easily see and communicate with a person without doubting that the person on the other side of the screen is fake or unreal.

Well, is InstaBang real? HookupGeek has a strong conviction that the response to this question is no doubts positive. Of course, you are always welcome to have it all tried out in order to ensure yourself as well.

Quality of Tools

As we previously mentioned, the main tools which pay attention to are comprised of registration, search, chat, and payment tools. So, what about the same ones located on the InstaBang hookup website?

  • the search tool provides the most sensitive results (their quality is even better in case if you choose the gold membership profile);
  • the process of sign up is easy and requires only 5 simple steps to commit (including your age, nickname, email address and its verification);
  • the payment procedure is executed not by the site per se but by the partner bank, so neither of your payment data can be used by the site;
  • the chat tool is equipped by the easy navigation, so that it would not slow down the work of the device you use and will shortly bring you to the desired success;
  • the app functions perfectly, and its most recent version is currently 3.01., so you can see that the designers constantly work on the app to make more perfect for your convenience.

Thus, the quality of tools goes with no additional questions. HookupGeek does like those, and recommends them to use by everyone who is in search of the ideal tools and navigation.

Sum up on the InstaBang Website

So, it’s time to make up some conclusions and final thoughts on what InstaBang is and if it is worth of being recommended by the honorable and reputably HookupGeek adult sites reviewer. Of course, within the view of the cons found, there is nothing else to do but to suggest you being a member of InstaBang, for the platform can really give you credibility and protection, so that you will surely find the desired hookup experiences regardless of your age and sexual preferences.

FAQ about InstaBang

As soon as your profile was deleted, neither your photos nor your chats can be restored as they have been deleted from the InstaBang database forever. The only thing you can do is to run a new profile and order the membership anew. So, be advised to think twice before you get it deleted. In addition, when running your profile anew, you can always use the same email, as it was already deleted from the website database.

Yes, InstaBang is equipped with the video chat function. To access it and use it to the fullest extent, you should tap the Video Chat button on the toolbar. You should see a list of available chat rooms. Then, go click on the room you would like to enter and then click the Join Selected Room button. You can see other people in the chat room by clicking on their name in the room list. You can also create your own video chat room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room button. takes extreme measures to prevent Internet scammers from signing on to this site. However, sometimes, these people still make it into the site. Should someone ever ask you to send them money, BEWARE, there’s a good chance they are a scammer.

Yes, just remember to be smart, don’t ever reveal any personal identifiable information unless you are comfortable with the person you are talking to. For first dates always meet in a public place. Use your best judgement before meeting someone in person.

The hotter you are, the more you use Instabang! It’s that simple. Hotness is the specially designed scale, which is determined by how often you use search tools, update photos, and message other members. If you haven't used Instabang for some time, your hotness factor decreases, causing you to show up last in the search results. So upload a new photo, search members, and raise the heat.