InstantHookups Review

Because of the high demand for the grown up best one night stand apps, the competitors make numerous trials to prove that instanthookups is fraud or consider instanthookups scam; however, in reality, it is not. For now, the service has already recorded 27 million successful dates and meetings – we bet that this number is more than everyone ever expected. In addition to this, all the instanthookups website reviews make a highlight on the idea that only here you would be able to realize all of your dreams: from ordinary meetings and dates up to arm candy proposals.

Safety and Legitimateness of InstantHookups


Each of the instahookups reviews posted in the Internet point to the idea that they refer instanthookups legit and determine a fact that all the numerous hook up dating site adult dating source participants select what they have been seeking. If you are inquiring yourself “Is instanthooks legitimate?” “instanthookups scam or safe?” or “Is instanthookups safe?” – have no doubts that the answer is positive!

Pricing at InstantHookups

When circumnavigating the web, you might have also wanted to get informed whether you possess a chance to use instanthookups without credit card. Unfortunately, no – but you may always contact the support team to find out some more ways how to get the most positive sides of using the website. In addition to this, after the first tending to attend to the online platform or when reading the instanthookups. com reviews, you would never refer the instanthookups fake because of the platform’s reputation and the way it approaches the clients. So, if you still have a question “Is instanthookups legit?” be patient that you’d get all your sexual needs satisfied.

However, the prices are perfect:

Special Discounts

  • 1 month is just $39.95
  • 3 months are for $34.95

Pros and Cons

  • Instanthookups bestows you an extended range of devices to pick up the best suitable partner for the most lustful needs and desires;
  • Either the computer-based version or instanthookups app present a same choice range choice and are both easy-to-use;
  • In general, all the highly reputable reviews classify Instanthookups safe, for the place claims the safety of the clients’ personal pieces of data as well as the truthful and real profiles of the other users;
  • The format of search is different from the traditional hook up websites: you would be capable of searching there both men and women. It means that your adult meetings would be built in the following formats: ‘a man – a woman,’ ‘a man – a man,’ ‘a woman – a woman.’ In addition, even more complex bonds can be established.

When using the service, you’ll have a vast majority of opportunities to gratify all the amorous and alluring affairs. One of the most fruitful and nicely built advantages of the online place is that its users can have the whole range of the additional entertaining carnal ways. For instance, the users may utilize the best sex cams, videos of come-hither nature, and forums for even more benefits of the concupiscent interaction. So, if you still bear a question “Is instanthookups a scam?” or “Is instanthookups real?” leave all the biases behind and proceed with the new experiences – and do trust the reviews instahookups undergoes.
Security of your personal data is referred to as one of the most important articles of the website’s policies.


Being utterly customer-friendly, instanthookups does not ever share the personal information and your correspondence in messages with the third parties. Also, the hook up website does not frame your choice of which information is to be provided – so that you can decided it on your own which data you could or could not share. What is more, the searching engines would not display your data in case if someone would request it. Hence, you may be sense the absolute safety all over the process of circumnavigating the web space.



  • The procedure of being registered with InstantHookups is currently limited for males;
  • There is no live support via the phone


Due to the credibility of its position, the service is among the best adult meeting services, which would lead you to the most expressive and the most diverse experiences you might have ever dreamed of! Stop wasting your forces for any other similar source – you’d not ever find anything better than the instanthookups! At the end, because of the strict security policies, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your profile, its information and distribution of the information to the third parties – no one would see your data with no your allowing. So, do make yourself more and more deliberate and dip in the surprising and unexpected world of the pleasant and passionate events with instanthoookups.

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FAQ about InstantHookups

As you may know, HookupGeek has numerous criteria to evaluate a particular website for adult dating a hookup. In case, if these criteria are not met in an adequate manner, we cannot award the highest points for the hookup rate. What is more, the instances of scam, which we found when testing the site were too frequent, so we have no right to deceit our readers by unreal ratings. Therefore, we have decided on giving the very this hookup rate. However, we do not state that this is our final verdict. You can really check it out on your own and show the opposite results, and we will be more than grateful if you prove we are wrong!

As you can know now, no other site can have the feature of refund only because of the user’s dissatisfaction. Hence, unfortunately, similarly to all the other numerous dating and hookup sites, you are not (and cannot be) eligible to have any refund on your request, since in compliance with the Terms of Use of the site, the refund is possible only in case if the web platform does not provide you with the proper functioning of the services. In all the other cases, you cannot receive any refund if you decide on quitting the site (no matter what kind of reason(s) you tend to have).

No guarantees can be given to any user. In fact, this is quite a reasonable approach, as the website cannot guarantee any results of your search. Everything is actually up to you: this is you who chooses the users to talk to and meet. This is you who have a right to quit the site. This is you who can not respond to a particular person, and, thus, lose the chance to have the most successful hookup.

No, you cannot do it directly in your profile; however, you are not prohibited to share your instagram profile link to your interlocutors.

The only payment option is presented, and it is your bank card only. No other functions like PayPal, Skrill, or cryptocurrency is possible.