About Jada Fire

It is now time to come across with the wildest and the most passionate Afro-American porn actress and webcam model for the adult xxx platforms. Yep, you’re right. This time HookupGeek is going to show you some nice facts about alluring and kinky, beauteous and amorous Jada Fire! So, be patient and get the most unbelievably exclusive information about this hot cutie! It is because HookupGeek has found incredible information, which has never been posted before by any website!

So, what have we found out about the general information on this hottie cutie? Take a look!

  • The Afro-American porn star, Jada Fire, was named as Tenisha Roberta Myles at birth;
  • You can find her performing using the nicknames of Fire Jada, Jada Fire, Jada Fine, Jada Fires, Jade;
  • The most passionate and hottest porn actress Jada Fire was born on September 1, 1976. So, her zodiac sign is Virgo;
  • The place of her birth was a well known city of Los Angeles (California, USA);
  • She made her debut in the adult industry in 1998, when she was 22 years old;
  • The active career however had started since 2016, after which she disappeared from the audience’s sight;
  • In total, Jada Fire’s filmography is comprised of 750 roles.

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Now, you will see the most exquisite and rare information, which only HookupGeek could find! We are going to tell you about the early years of the famous webcam model and porn actress! You will never be able to find this data elsewhere, since it has been uniquely and exclusively provided to HookupGeek! So,

  • In the early years, she spent a lot of time on the street, owned slang and she used to scare her men with her brutal behavior;
  • Regardless of the debut in the xxx adult industry, Jada Fire did not get sick with star fever and categorically suppressed the squandering at an early stage;
  • A favorite pet of the celebrity was her fat cat. However, she did not spend much time with her pet because the lion’s share of free time had been spent in the gym to work out;
  • Jada Fire often corresponds with fans on social networks, where she constantly published candid photos from her personal life and from the filming processes of her movies;
  • Before the appearance in pornography, a sweet-hearted heartbreaker provided phone sex services;
  • A little earlier she used to work at the famous companies like KFC and Taco Bell;
  • For a very long time, Jada Fire remained the only African American actress who played squirting in films with her participation;
  • However, she does not want to talk about the secrets of a splashing orgasm, so that her colleagues in the workshop will not get into her because of the revelation of the secrets of the industry.

What about her physical parameters?

  • Being an Afro-American girl, she is a brown-eyed brunette;
  • HookupGeek was also successful to discover her impressive forms, which are 92-61-92 cm;
  • A pornstar Jada Fire has a silicone bust of the fifth size;
  • The height of this marvelous and passionate woman is 152 cm;
  • Jada Fire’s weight is just 52 kg;
  • She is known to have very small feet;
  • The girl adorned the body with tattoos and piercings.

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So, what about her career and media appearances within the framework of the industry? This is what HookupGeek has found,

  • Jada Fire has always been known to collaborate with different studios. (The most famous ones are Baby Doll Pictures, Devil’s Films, Black Market XXX, Digital Playground, 1st Strike, 3rd Degree, 4 Play, Abigail Productions, Acid Rain, Afrocentric, Anarchy Films, Bad Seed, Black Ice, Darkside, Black Label Pictures,  Bluebird Films, Brazzers, Candy Shop, Cherry Boxxx, Demolition). That is why it is possible to find extremely numerous xvideos by Jada Fire;
  • The rumors about her leaving the business was about for a long time, especially after investing the money earned in other industries;
  • The net income of the actress in 2014 was about $100 thousand, but experts claim that the economical beauty was set aside much more due to the ability to judiciously spend the money earned.

What can be added in this case? Because of the numerous years of experience and inexhaustible fantasy, Jada Fire will never make you feel bored since she is aware of how to diversify… the diversity! In addition to this, she is so great in different roles, wherein the presence and the gender of the partner are secondary. The main thing is to work on the masterpiece, which would be admired by the viewers!

Interesting Facts

In this section HookupGeek is going to share some nice data about the actress. However, herein, we are going to narrate about the preferences of the star and her awards. In addition, we’ll disclose some exclusive details of her private life. So, we’re sure you’re already interested! So, keep on reading, and you will know who you love so much and you have to love this babe even more!

We’ll possibly start with the awards, which the cutie had been gaining all the time when working in the hot adult industry! So,

  • In 2005, the ANV nominated Jada Fire along with partners in the movie starred by Katya Cassin, Rio Mariah and Mark Davis for the AVN Award for Best Scene of Group Sex;
  • In 2006, Jada Fire won the nomination of the Performer of the Year Award;
  • In 2007, she began her cooperation with Lighthouse Talent Agency, and this is the main factor that helped her win all the awards of that year;
  • In 2007, Jada Fire won the nomination of the “Best Anal Singer” at the AVN Award Award;
  • In 2007, finally, she received an award from critics of porn, which she shared on the AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene in the movie “Manhunters”. That same year, she won the Porn World Award in the Ass of the Year nomination.
  • In 2008, Jada Fire played two very important roles in her porn career. She was awarded the AVN Award for Best Injection Row for the Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman movie;
  • The same year, she also got a role in… a political porn movie about satire titled Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? produced by Hustler;
  • The year of 2009 brought Jada Fire several more important victories, such as the AVN Award win in the nomination for the Best Double Penetration in the Lex Steele XXX 10 movie, and also the Best Female Scene of Group Sex in the Squirt Gangbang # 3 movie;
  • In 2009, she confirmed her title of the “Best Anal Singer” to the Urban X Award;
  • Since 2010, Jada Fire has successfully become a part of the Urban X and XRCO Hall of Fame;
  • Only in 2011, Jada Fire was honored to bring in the AVN Hall of Fame;

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With a huge number of very important victories, Jada Fire is recognized as the only most successful Afro-American porn star who

  • can squirt too intense;
  • also has huge 36DD breasts;
  • is best known for her extremely big nipples;
  • is on the right track to get into the porn industry’s Hall of Fame.

Now on, we’d move to the private life and other interesting facts about Jada Fire, since there is a plenty of them, and they will surely intricate you whenever you watch this hot passionate and ample beauty! So, some interesting facts are comprised of the following,

  • At the moment, in 2019, the overall wealth and net worth of the famous Jada Fire porn actress and webcam model is estimated at the rate, which exceeds the number of $200 thousand. In comparison with the year 2014, it has doubled!;
  • Nowadays, it is known that Jada Fire is a former American pornographic actress. It merely means that her performances are not related to the movie industry. She has switched to the free cams shows;
  • The first girl, who Jada Fire was dating with was the former porn actress from India (you see, how great it is to use adult dating services?). Of course, this acquaintance was that fruitful! Their acquaintance helped Jada Fire sign a contract with the legendary TT-Boy company, which had quickly found some work froJada in the role of the sexy mulatto.

Jada Fire claims that she has never been overexcited on the sets in porn; she just looked at every scene as the next step in making her way to popularity. She always had a big breast size, but she augmented it even more so that her oversized nipples looked more attractive. Also, before the porn career Jada Fire had never had anal sex, but she knew that in order to become popular, she would have to start giving it up on a regular basis. Being extremely devoted to her job, she did everything possible to become the biggest and the most famous star ever!

What is more, we’d love to share the rating of her best movies just in case if you want to see her more and more! So, this is our HookupGeek’s rating of the hottest and the most promising videos by Jada Fire!

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  1. Club Head (2008)
  2. Moniques Been Blackmaled (2008)
  3. Fallen (2008)
  4. Who’s Nailin’ Paylin (2008)
  5. Black Ass Master 2 (2009)
  6. Private Gold 107: Cheating Hollywood Wives (2009)
  7. 9to5: Days in Porn (2008)
  8. Coming Home (2007)
  9. Love Life (2007)
  10. Bakers Dozen 8 (2006)
  11. Face Invaders (2006)
  12. Sweet Cheeks 7 (2006)
  13. Evilution 2 (2006)
  14. White Mans Revenge (2006)
  15. Jam Packed Assholes (2006)
  16. Deviant Behavior (2006)
  17. Big Cocks in Her Little Box 3 (2006)
  18. Flowers Squirt Shower 4 (2006)
  19. Shut Up & Fuck Me White Boy (2006)
  20. Black and White in Color (2006)
  21. Sprung a Leak (2006)
  22. Hellfire Sex 4 (2006)
  23. Big Wet Asses 8 (2006)
  24. 3 Wishes (2006)
  25. A Pornstar Is Born (2012)

All these movies have been recommended by the most popular xxx video platforms as the ones, which each viewer is to watch. In addition to this, these 25 movies represent the most outstanding roles Jada Fire had played. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the present situation of Jada Fire is more directed to perform the role of the webcam model. Of course, due to the fact that she was about to leave the industry, you can evaluate that her shows are a real magic and pure exclusive for the true fans of her creative works! So, be amongst those who follow her and who is aware of the latest news she shares in her social network profiles!

Why Is Jada Fire CamSoda So Special?

After all these data have been provided, it may seem that it is evident why Jada Fire is that popular and special. However, we would like to deliver some more arguments why this cute girl is so delicious and why people love her through all the years of her career. So, HookupGeek discloses all the most hidden facts why Jada Fire is that special and unique!

So, what makes Jada Fire nude shows so popular and loved amongst the diversity of the models and porn actresses?

  • The first particularity of Jada Fire is that she possesses very big bottom with giant nipples on her breasts;
  • Jada Fire is one of the most skilled anal penetrators, whose talents are impossible not to notice;
  • Jada Fire is in love with such genres as threesomes, being spoiled with lesbians (yep, you can easily find numerous Jada Fire lesbian episodes), she tried interracial porn, hard blowjob, squirting, hardcore solo and so on.

So, you see now? She is a kind who can marvel you even if you have thought you have seen everything in your life. So, she is afraid of nothing and she will definitely surprise by the lack of compromise and agreement to do what she wants to. Have you dreamed of this? We bet you have never seen something more extravagant and exclusive! Yep, this cutie Camsoda Jada Fire can work her magic all over the men and women and gratify both her own and other’s needs and the most passionate desires.

Known for her big breasts, Jada Fire understood that she had to work hard to become more than another big-titted girl in porn industry as well as in the industry of the webcam modeling. She also does not want to be known as a great Afro-American skinned porn star. Oppositely, Jada wants to be a famous porn star regardless of skin color. However, she is the only dark-skinned porn star capable of jet orgasm (at the time of her career in porn 1998-2014), and this is a serious difference that is worth noting.

As it has been mentioned, Jada Fire is a supporter of the social networks, and she adores communicating with her fans. So, you can easily find Jada Fire Instagram official web page to send her the warmest direct messages. Also, if you decide on subscribing to her account, you will always be informed on all the news about this gorgeous girl. By the way, in case if you want to have a quick glance at the actress in Instagram, you can use the hashtag of #jadafire.

Along with the Instagram profile, there is also Jada Fire Twitter wherein you can contact the actress and express your honor to her talent. Similarly to Instagram, you can always get in touch with the webcam model and follow her news in the news feed. So, there are different ways to get her closer – just do it easily, and you’ll see that no star fever is hers!

Finally, you can also follow the page at SnapChat by Jada Fire and you will definitely be even more surprised for the reason that the girl sometimes uploads so many exclusive content that you will be marveled by the diversity of her preferences!

Summing Up

So, we have singled out all the possible information we could find about this hot Jada Fire. Of course, we wish she’d continued her porn star career in order to surprise her fans. However, the choice of this actress was to invest in the other industries, so that her wealth could be even bigger. In any case, we can always follow her in the social networks, for she is an active user and get in touch with her to wish her all the best.

After the information reviewed in this article, we have come up with the understanding that the porn industry possesses numerous talents, whose laborious and passionate approach works magic over the fans of the stars. In addition to this, we have a nice set of her movies and episodes with her participation, so we will always be with her in the virtual space, wherein she is an unarguable queen of titillation and passion.

One of the particularities she possesses is that she is ready to do everything in order to attract the fans and succeed in the industry she has chosen to work in. So, our task is to get closer to her and follow her life in order to keep tuned about what new happens to her. We are sure, she’ll definitely marvel us all, and we will see some enormously gorgeous performances by this cute girl!

Also, be sure to have a look at our reviews on the sites for one night stand to find similar cuties!