Jasmine Callipygian Info

Along with reviewing the numerous one night stand dating websites, sex dating sites, HookupGeek is carrying on finding out more about the best and the horniest camsites models and porn actresses, whose talents are more than perfect, so that they can drive their viewers crazy. Today, we are going to touch upon one of the most beautiful and amazing, passionate and alluring webcam model, whose name is Jasmine Callipygian. Yeah, as you have been asking us to, we have digged out so many secret information, and you will feel a new level of indulgence! Just keep on reading us and you will see how gorgeous and appealing Jasmine Callipygian can be!

As a rule, HookupGeek starts off the general facts about the porn actresses, so this time is not an exception. Yep, this is what we have discovered about Jasmine Callipygian,

  • The real name of this webcam model is Jasmine Callipygian, so she does not use any nicknames, which means that she is as open as possible to her viewers;
  • Jasmine Callipygian’s country of origin is the United States;
  • She was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently she lives there, as well;
  • Jasmine Callipygian’s ethnicity is Caucasian, so she is alluring and cute to the extent which you can only count for;
  • The beginning of the career by this porn model started not that long time ago, namely in 2017, when she was just 19 years old;
  • Jasmine Callipygian age is 21 years old, so you can imagine that this young cutie can work her magic perfectly to indulge all the viewers and get the most number of the positive feedbacks ever!

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Now on, let’s move to the physical data and parameters of the porn actress. It will help us better understand what she can bring to you and how hot these experiences can become. So, this is what we have discovered,

  • the color of her hair is black;
  • Jasmine Callipygian’s eye color is hazel;
  • the height of this cutie is 165 cm (5 feet and 5 inches);
  • the weight of this porn actress is 45 kg;
  • the breasts size is 34B;
  • the piercing on her body is located on her navel;
  • sexual preferences are only straight.

Therefore, you can just see how gorgeous she is and how hot she can be when she is being shot with the numerous cameras, yeah?

HookupGeek has also found out why Jasmine Callipygian decided on moving to porn industry and why Jasmine Callipygian sex videos are that cool and appealing. So, we are generously sharing this information with our readers, in an exclusive way!

  • the only motif which drew this porn actress to get engaged in the adult industry was the desire to deliver satisfaction to many people at once;
  • having watched some horny videos by the other porn actors and porn actresses, Jasmine Callipygian wanted to feel the same;
  • she was not afraid of the long shooting process and tiredom;
  • she was aware of the beauty of her body, and she has always been popular among men, so the choice of the industry to work in was easy;
  • the directors, who worked with Jasmine Callipygian, state that she was initially frivolous and deliberated, so she did not require much attempts to be done to make her move in any special manner;
  • the only film company which attracts the actress is New Sensations, and Jasmine Callipygian cooperates only with them;
  • when she cooperated with such actors and actresses as Jennifer Jacobs, Dolly Leigh and also Chad White, Jasmine Callipygian clearly understood that porn industry is her personal way;
  • at the moment, she took part in the most famous of her movies, Schoolgirls Like It Hard # 4; however, you can easily find numerous webcam shows by this horny cutie!

So, the story of this marvelous and hot cutie is quite interesting, thus, you will have much more intricate sensations when watching her videos. Therefore, be sure to watch her online streams and you will love her forever!

Interesting Facts

Well, regardless of the fact that there is not that much information about Jasmine Callipygian, HookupGeek is again going to surprise you by the most unbelievable facts about her! So, before you start reading further, just get ready for it, since we will also tell you why she does not like the same sex experiences much.

Hence, what are the interesting facts about this cutie?

  • Jasmine Callipygian had her first sex when she was sixteen, and she loved it much;
  • after the first sexual experience, the young lady decided that she is in love with this process, so she carried on doing it as often as possible;
  • the first successful sexual experience of this porn actress also served as a prerequisite for the future career choice;
  • Jasmine Callipygian does not now plan to have children, for she she has a strong conviction that she has many things to do in porn industry, so children would ruin everything she is passionate about and everything she is in love with;
  • after having her first experience, Jasmine Callipygian was extremely passionate about hardcore format of sexual intercourse;
  • the scenes in the Schoolgirls Like It Hard # 4 movie where this porn actress was shot, are characterized by the hardest experiences, so if you love watching such an approach, you’ll love the way she moves riding another hot guy;
  • when Jasmine Callipygian performs on her own, that is all alone, she is aimed at providing the viewers with the most open experiences, so you will be able to look inside her, whatever it means.

So, can you imagine that? Her hottest performances in front of the webcam are no less passionate than the professionally shot debut, Schoolgirls Like It Hard # 4. Thus, as soon as you are ready to watch her hardcore experiences, you will be eager to carry on watching her solo shows, even if they are somehow short.

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Which are the official movies she took part in?

  • Extra Curricular (2017)
  • Schoolgirls Like It Hard 4 (2018)
  • Small Chicks Like Big Dick 4 (2019)
  • Take Me (II) (2018).

All these movies are saturated with the numerous passionate moments, which undercover so much satisfaction! If you thought you had watched hardcore adult movies, believe us, you had not ever! Just watch the performances by this horny and frivolous girl to unlock all of your desires forever!

Now, the tastiest part of the article goes, wherein HookupGeek is going to disclose all the most secret details on why Jasmine Callipygian is not that fond of the same sex experiences. In other words, we are going to take a glance at the details of why she does not like being in bed with the girls. So, see it right away,

  • only bisexual sexual experiences are possible with Jasmine Callipygian, since not only women but also the men take part in the movie;
  • Jasmine Callipygian is so badly in love with big sizes of the male genitals, so no women could have gratify her needs;
  • the usage of the toys in this case does not bring Jasmine Callipygian the same experiences as she has with the real men;
  • in general, the porn actress states that the females do not suit her expectations, so she prefers the men who are able to be rude and hard in bed.

Hence, as a rule, the girl is loved by men only, and she causes admiration only, since she is aimed at the most unbelievable impressions, and she is ready do everything to gratify both herself and her partner(s). This is why she even agrees on having fisting or similar harsh experiences. Intrigued? The only thing you are expected to do is to take a look at the end of the article and watch her movies or online shows available all over the web and on her own website.

Why Is She Special?

After we have covered all the facts – both general and the most interesting ones – it is now possible to clearly understand why is Jasmine Callipygian so unique and loved that much regardless of the small number of the official videos with her participation. So, what exactly touches her fans and they are not tired of waiting for the new masterpieces with this cutie’s participation?

In fact, there are several reasons, which distinguish Jasmine Callipygian from the majority of the other porn actresses, namely,

  • devotion to the most unbelievable experiments to appeal more and more viewers;
  • ability to perform the roles with the highest quality and talent, which can only be possible;
  • desire to cooperate with the best and the most professional actresses and actors in order to provide the perfect end product;
  • clear vision of the future endeavors which will bring her more and more fame;
  • admiration by the mere process of having adult fan with all those hardcore men being together with her in bed.

All these reasons why Jasmine Callipygian is so loved would not have been able to comprise the full list, if the following facts had not been provided,

  • all of the fans can contact Jasmine Callipygian using her official Twitter account, where you can follow the actress to stay posted about all the possible news, and you can also drop her a message;
  • you can also use the Instagram tags to follow the most recent photos of this cutie;
  • the actress also has a profile on Instagram, where she posts the most erotic and beauteous pics ever, so that if you are missing her videos, you can easily find some new posts by her using her Instagram profile;
  • because of being so close to the fans of hers, Jasmine Callipygian became one of the most desired girls in the industry and carries on acting in the same way.

So, if you really like this actress, you should definitely contact her, for she is quite friendly, and there are many instances when she responded to her fans. So, you can also become one of them! No kidding!

Well, are there any reasons which would prove her uniqueness? Is there any need in even some more details? We believe, not, since the talent of this actress is more than perfect and of top quality, so that you will not need any additional reasons to have thought of. Just find her videos and solo performances on the web, and you will see what she looks like inside. She is beautiful not only if her appearances are meant, if you know.

Final Thoughts

Every time when we start this Final Thoughts section, it is always a feeling of sorrow, since the process of writing about these horny cuties is so interesting! What is more, when we prepared the materials about Jasmine Callipygian, we did not even expect that this young lady can be that marvelous and interesting. In fact, we expected her videos to be quite immature; however, in reality, it turned out to be in an opposite manner. Regardless of the idea that she is quite young, she can perform perfect when being cammed.

Additional attention is to be paid to the solo shows by Jasmine Callipygian. They are so appealing, horny, and passionate that you feel like you stand next to this babe and admire her in real life. You will definitely feel this. Just find it on the web and you will carry on your search, for the most unbelievable things, which she does, can be easily found everywhere absolutely for free.

So, we have completed this research on Jasmine Callipygian and we can fairly claim that the girl is among the most passionate and promising actresses, who you will fall in love with. In any case, if you know a porn actress or a porn star or a webcam model, who HookupGeek has not written yet, but you would wish to read a review by us including the most secret details, we would be happy to see you having sent your message to us. Believe us, we’ll do our best to have covered everything about an actress of your choice. You know, we are here to ruin all the limits and boundaries, which could prevent you from having some perfect satisfaction. So, feel free to contact us and we will unlock the most secret details about any actress of the adult movies.