Getting All The Things Right: A Jaumo Review

The creators of Jaumo offer to chat and make acquaintances in the social network they have created for those who are looking for one night stands. Ordinary social networks as a rule do not give such an opportunity to the full: there is no special search program in which the selection of the interlocutor is provided according to certain parameters / preferences.

With Jaumo, on the contrary, people are selected according to their interests and, thus, more freely, the dialogue is conducted. In most cases, business does not end with just one acquaintance and communication, but moves to a new level.

So, what the essence of Jaumo?

  • Of course, the search results are not limited to one person, and a photo gallery appears in front of the user, where the full result of the selected candidates is presented;
  • You can look at the pictures and select several people to communicate, according to their external data;
  • Following the link of the selected photo, you will find yourself in a profile: the profile design is attractive and visual;
  • You can read the entries on the wall, find out more about the person;
  • It’s not uncommon for contacts to be in a row, users leave their real data in order not to waste time and call;
  • Chat allows you sending an unlimited number of messages, the fee for using the service is not charged.

It’d be good to check out the pricing tariffs which jaumo app utilizes. So, let’s have a look,

  • the monthly subscription would cost you just (!) $9.99;
  • the three months subscription package would be priced by $24.99;
  • the annual subscription package goes for $59.99.

So, you may easily see that the adult date site gives you a nice chance to save up, and this is under condition that the pricing is the lowest in the industry. So, why not to have it tried out?Jaumo

What do you get as a part of the membership jaumo dating site?

First of all, you will get the free features, which include,

  • the jaumo create account procedure is free of cost;
  • the jaumo download app is also for free, so you’ll not spend any money;
  • the jaumo flirt chat is also free of cost.

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Along with these features, the paid membership will allow you

  • getting subscribed to the newsletter;
  • seeing all the stats of your profile;
  • getting to know the newest members joined the platform for adult dating;
  • unlimited search and messaging;
  • changing your user name;
  • raising the rating / status of your profile;
  • disable advertising;
  • disable message and view restrictions;
  • enabling stealth mode;
  • obtaining an ability to view guest profiles; and
  • obtaining an ability to cancel the last action.

So, is Jaumo worth of paying for it?

Yes, as we know all of our readers adore sex cam websites, but it’s just dating! The ability to post an unlimited number of likes and write as many messages as you want is important for those who are more focused on virtual communication, rather than on a real meeting. Sending out virtual gifts and bouquets, as acknowledged by users, practically does not affect the opinion of the candidate.

But there are features that can actually be very convenient when searching for candidates. One of the most popular additional services is the ability to undo the last action (for example, remove a like or return to the last viewed questionnaire).

Sometimes with free use, only a small part of all profiles is available. In this case, it will also be reasonable to pay extra to gain access to the complete database. It is curious that the same services often cost iOS users more than the owners of Android gadgets.

Pros And Cons On Jaumo

HookupGeek is going to move to the positive and negative features’ comparison, which you can encounter when using Jaumo. What advantages do you receive whenever you use the function of jaumo sign in,

  • The site was created in such a way as to get acquainted with those who are far from you, but you can also find out who of the interlocutors is nearby and invite you for a date;
  • Those who are registered in Jaumo are initially set to flirt: here you can only talk about love;
  • Fake pages are not created on the site: special authentication is used, accounts are checked for the presence of bots;
  • You can easily see the list of interlocutors: registration, adding friends, communicationthe interface allows you to not think but just act;
  • The process of registration is very easy. You can register both on the website and in the application. You can register using Facebook or using personal mail. The first method is faster, but the site requires a login / password from the page;
  • You will never encounter any jaumo fake accounts, for the platform tends to promote only the real ones.

HookupGeek, as you know, also pays attention to the drawbacks which you can come across when utilizing Jaumo. So, this is what we have found out,

  • there is a real lack of verification of photos;
  • it is overloaded with the advertisements which can spoil your device’s work (only the free of cost profile is meant);
  • the free functions tend to gradually become all paid;
  • there are some complaints as for the security (they’ll be discussed in detail in the next section).

So, surely, that is only the matter of your choice if you want to use the site and app or not. However, HookupGeek is much worried about the quality of the services, especially, because of the security measures. So, be careful when you utilize this service.Jaumo


When it comes to Jaumo and its security, HookupGeek has investigated numerous complaints about the way the data of the users are protected. So, what can we have you informed on?

  • The lion share of complaints from affected users of the deating services are related to blackmail and extortion under the threat of publishing defamatory information;
  • Jaumo’s service administrators, as a rule, do not control the dialogues and do not identify users, so it is the user who must exercise the utmost vigilance, and, above all, regarding the choice of interlocutor and information that can be disseminated;
  • There have been some hackers attacks which harmed the regular users of Jaumo.

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So, what you are supposed to do to protect yourself? Get HookupGeek’s hints on this matter,

  • You should remember that by posting data on a dating site you will, in effect, publish it for everyone. Therefore, filling out the questionnaire, publish only the data that you are not ashamed to share with everyone;
  • The same rule applies to photos: one of your images is not the best quality enough to find your profile in social networks (of course, if you have this profile), pictures from public events, all other images that you managed to get to earlier;
  • Try to use only authorized platforms for jaumo app download function (such as iTunes or Google Play);
  • Social vectors of attacks remain the main ones, however, one should not neglect simple rules of digital hygiene, for example, it is better not to use free Wi-Fi-points in public places, a safer option would be to use mobile Internet.

As a matter of fact, HookupGeek is disappointed about the way Jaumo functions, since there are numerous nice features and cool advantages, however, when it comes to the cons and security, Jaumo does not provide the expected level of protection, unfortunately.

Sum Up On Jaumo App Review

The JAUMO Flirt Chat’s mobile application is a popular application for online dating. It allows you to filter user profiles by a large number of parameters and evaluate them by “swipes.” It is possible to view profiles without registration. There is integration with social networks, the ability to cancel the last action and a map with the approximate location of users. There is also implemented chat with any user. The security level of the application is high. The mobile application regularly receives updates, demonstrates stable operation. Jaumo allows you meeting, communicating, making a date, but over time, due to the fact that the service has become increasingly in demand, the creators have limited some features and offer to buy them. That is why users have a not very good impression of the service.

So, you might want to know the final verdict HookupGeek and we are ready to have it announced. So, in the view of the numerous pros and cons, HookupGeek is not going either to recommend the platform or reject it. We believe that each user can judge it by themselves. In any case, the only thing we would bring to you is that you should watch your security with Jaumo.

FAQ about Jaumo

As the Terms of Use by jaumo claim, the profiles listed on the website (the ones you can see as soon as you utilize the search engine) are real, as they undergo the special procedure of verification. What is more, the administration of the website as well as the support team constantly monitor the activities of the users, so that it is much easier to investigate if a certain profile performs any scamful actions or not.

Unfortunately, Jaumo functions only as an app. When you visit the website, you are going to encounter only the business card of the app with the possible pros of the service. In addition to this, the site contains many aspects on how to secure yourself when using any online dating service.

Well, the service by Jaumo is comprised of the following aspects of safety for the users. The first is detection, and it is comprised of the fact that the system scans for unusual activity, like messages to many users. The second aspect is encryption, which means that the encrypted data transmission and the highest security standards. The third one is monitoring, and it is based on the fact that Jaumo’s 24/7 support team reacts quickly to every suspicious activity. Fourthly, there are the so-called reports. It means that you can send the abuse reports, and they are processed within minutes. Finally, there is a special verification. Jaumo promotes user verification via a selfie picture to confirm it is you on the app.

Fortunately, if you don’t speak English, you can use Jaumo in the following languages, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Italian, Spanish, and French. The list of languages is planned to be extended in the course of time.

jamo itself has elaborated numerous tips. For instance, do never give personal information to people you don’t know. This includes your home address, where you work, your phone number, instant messenger details, credit card number, bank information, social security number, any password or passport. We will never ask you for any of this information in an e-mail, message or support ticket. On Jaumo, your dating safety is very important: you stay anonymous until you have established a reasonable level of trust with your flirt contact.