About Jerk Mate

Boom boom boom! Can you hear the sexy boobs hit each other and you’re watching them doing so? No? We guess (and, yes, we’re sure) you’d love to! Why do ask that? Just because we’ve prepared a detailed 2020 review of JerkMate, and we see that we have a ton of important things to share with you!


Did you fancy watching Asian cams as well as any other type of the live cam sex on one website? From now on, it’s possible!

You can fairly claim that there innumerable webcam sites that provide the same. For instance, CamSoda or the sites like CamFuze! But! But! But! JerkMate claims to be absolutely, 100% free webcam platform! Have you ever thought of such an offer?

In this review, we’re going to take you to the adventure called JerkMate, and we’ll show you everything we’ve found out! You’ll not believe your eyes, but we know the truth!

Let it be something like a spoiler, but we’ll say the following: there will be incredibly many details about the site, and you will go crazy after you find everything out! So many exclusive details and a lot of the most secret information are waiting for you! But do everything to carry on reading till the end! You’ll not regret reading the very this review by Hookupgeek!

What Is JerkMate?

Yes, the question is quite an interesting thing to think of, and here what we have! JerkMate is another live sex cam site that would be suitable for the numerous persons. Why so? As we know, the lovers of the hookups sites, yeah, are fond of the numerous fetishes and diverse sexual experiences.

Unfortunately, not all of them are possible to find and, what’s more, to get at once. The webcam sites streaming the live sex are a perfect alternative to your reality! That’s why you are to know that JerkMate is supposed to ensure the following experiences for you:

  • You can watch both straight men and women getting wild in front of the cam;
  • There are innumerable gay men loving getting undressed and performing some sexy actions;
  • The number of couples running their models’ accounts are also diverse;
  • Different ethnicities and races are presented on the platform;
  • cam to cam interaction is also possible at any time.

Well, it may seem that this quite an ideal place to jerk off, mate but is it so in reality?

(Don’t forget to read the review till the end to find out the real facts about JerkMate!)

We have some general information to show you, and we’re sure you do appreciate it!

Jerkmate is exclusively accessible in the following languages:

  • English;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • German;
  • Portuguese; and
  • French.

Whenever you log in, you can count for the immense number of the webcam categories, so that there will be constant diversity of the models to look at and have some intimate pleasure, you know. Hence, the categories being at your disposal are as follows:


  • Toy: if you prefer watching the models playing with toys;
  • Pornstar: if you like the adult movies’ actors/actresses performing some hot content;
  • Mature: for the lovers of mature persons being lustful and hot like on Cougared;
  • Male: for straight women who may also like fuck sites and hot athletic men going crazy in front of their cams;
  • Latina: for those who like Latina bodies getting hotter and hotter;
  • Fit: if you like fit and athletic persons, you’d definitely want to carry on watching the very this category;
  • Teen: if you don’t mind breaking the law, you can find the underaged models to watch;
  • Shaved: for those who hate any hair on the models’ bodies;
  • Redhead: if your fetish is someone’s red hair, you’d be happy to peep on the numerous redhead models;
  • Pregnant: if you prefer watching those who are pregnant at the moment of camming.


Do you think that’ all over? No way! The site possesses some more categories for your convenience and satisfaction!


  • Feet: for the lovers of foot fetish;
  • Facial: if you prefer watching how someone finishes on their partner’s face;
  • Ebony: if you like black dating, you’ll love Ebony category of cams on Jerkmate;
  • Dominant: if you ever tried either Alt.com or CollarSpace, you’ll want to see how someone dominates in front of the cam;
  • Cuckold: for those who likes watching the senior men getting naked;
  • Creampie: if you want to see the outcums of sex flowing out of the genitals;
  • Asian: for those who likes Asian guys and girls getting naked and the Asian dating, too;
  • Anal: if you like some unusual sex intercourses;
  • Tattoos: if your fetish is tattoos, you’ll find some lusty models tattooed;
  • Spanish: if you like ethnicity-based models with the residents of Spain;
  • Portuguese: if you like the residents of Portugal getting undressed;
  • Couple: for the searchers of swingers experiences like on FabSwingers;
  • Caucasian: if you prefer those who are referred to caucasian skin color;
  • Big cock: for the lovers of the big sizes when it comes to male genitals;
  • Big boobs: if the big boobs turn you on, you’ll love these models;
  • BDSM: for those who love bondage and pain to gain some pleasance and satisfaction;
  • BBW: for the big community of those who are members of BBWDesire, that’s the lovers of the big breasts.


As you can see, the diversity of the categories on the JerkMate live sex cam platform is more than just adorable! We’re sure you’ll love to become a member of this site to have everlasting lust!

If you deem to have some issues recognizing the terms used, you can always address either our exclusive anti-research, Datingology, or sex terms article! We are sure you’ll find much more to learn!

When it comes to reviewing the adult websites—either adult dating platforms or best hookup apps or webcams—we always draw your attention to the legal stuff associated with the sites and they they are legally registered. JerkMate will not be an exception, and that’s what we got:

  • The official geo location of the site is US (United States), VA, Virginia, 20149 Ashburn;
  • The website was created back in 2017, and its updates happened in 2019;
  • The expiry date of the JerkMate site is 2020;
  • The address to which the site is assigned is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US;
  • The phone number you can use to access the site is +1-48-06-242-599.

Hence, it seems to be all legal and properly registered. What do you think?

Registration Process

You will never need to waste tons of time to run your profile on JerkMate, since there are only 4 steps to fulfil, and that’s it!

The steps are supposed to be as follows:

  • Indicate your email (but it is never to be confirmed, so you can use any);
  • Invent a nickname for you;
  • Make up a password to use; and
  • Fill out your payment details.


Of course, everything on the site is absolutely free, and no charges would be applied to you. In other words, you can watch the models performing for free of cost but if you want the models to do something specific or just give them tips, you’ll need to release the payment for these actions.

Nevertheless, if you’re going just to stare at the models showing online, you don’t obligatory have to sign up, as the main page would provide you some free offers, already.


Similarly to any other live sex cam website, the interaction is based on the following principles:

  • You pick up a category of cams you’d prefer to watch at the moment;
  • Then, you opt for a model to peep on;
  • You use the live instant chat to communicate with the model.

Thus, nothing extremely complicated and special there is. In addition to this, you can always have some cam to cam experiences with the models. Nevertheless, you’ll need to pay for it.

In any case, our task is now to check if there are really no charges!

(Await the special investigation by HookupGeek, since it’s going to be posted on this page right in the Security subsection!)

Believe, you’ll be surprised!


Each time when you sign up with Jerk Mate, you can see the statement that “Membership is 100% free, forever! A card on file simply gives you the power to turn up the heat when the mood strikes.” So, it means that only when you want to praise a model or ask them for a favor, you can release some money to make them do it!


There are two essential payment options at your disposal with JerMate:

  • PayPal; and
  • Credit/Debit card issued by any bank.

The site promises that no charges would be applied until you desire to tip the models.

So, it is possible to assume that all of the features on JerkMate are absolutely free of cost, and you can pay only in those cases if you want to see something special! The JerkMate models are known to be extremely skillful, you know!

But don’t hurry up, as we have some precious and important information to narrate!

Pros And Cons

Let’s briefly take a look at the comparison of the pros and cons you can unlock when using Jerk mate com!

We’re sure that for now you don’t have any clear idea on what JerkMate is and if it is a legit site to use. This section is called to ensure some clarity, and also, by the end of the review, we’ll release some important information being accompanied with the special tips! Yes, right after you read the text, you will have all possible data at your disposal to judge if the very this website suits you!

The following advantages can be discovered:

  • You can find innumerable categories to search the best cam models performing;
  • The functionality of the site allows you see the schedule when each particular model performs;
  • There is a nice opportunity to use the cam to cam format (that is jerkmate cam2cam);
  • The number and diversity of models is claimed by the site to be adorable and versatile;
  • The fact that you can use the site in different languages seems to be a sign of its credibility;
  • The filters of search ensure that you can choose only the models who you’d really like;
  • Different sexual orientation allowed on the site attract numerous users.

Of course, these benefits and advantages make force you to think that you may want to know how to become a webcam model. But don’t be in a hurry, since we’re not over, yet. We have some more shocking facts to single out!

You may wonder why we so often mention that we expect you to read on till the end. You know why? Just because we have the most unbelievable breaking news ever about JerkMate!

For now, it is turn to get back to our subsection, and we have a collection of the disadvantages. Yes, as you could notice, there may be some drawbacks of using the site, and HookupGeek is now ready to get them uncovered!


Well, the following cons have been discovered about www Jerk mate com:

  • We have strong doubts about the credibility of the site and its models;
  • There are some issues related to the ‘free’ nature of the site;
  • The video shows that are listed on the main page seem to be just nothing else but the pre-recorded videos uploaded to the site;
  • The live support of the site is mainly not available;
  • The numerous categories can exhibit the same models (for instance, if you prefer watching the tattooed men or women, you will see the same models as if you picked up male cams or gay cams or even couples);
  • The registration process can seem some weird, since it requires you to fill in your bank card credentials, so that you will not be able to log in your profile until you provide these payment information.

To be honest, we could carry on the list of all drawbacks we noticed about the site. Nevertheless, we’d not do that because, first off, we don’t want to waste the space. Secondly, we’d love to hear some of your comments and thoughts in the feedback section.

So, just inform us on what you think about the site! If you used it or planned to, you can always tell us what you had experienced!

Quality Of Profiles

Yeah, here we’ll start off showing you not the most positive sides of the site. Why so? Well, the matter is that, as we already mentioned, we have many doubts as for the credibility of the site and its models.

When we first visited the main page, we were surprised that the site is soooo generous that it broadcasts the live sex cam video for free with no registration or something like that. Nonetheless, our positive impressions were destroyed soon…

So, let’s move further, and we’ll provide you with some proofs of the unfair policies and actions by the site.

The models’ profiles seem to be almost all fake, and the scheduled videos are nothing else but the pre-recorded shows. In other words, you will watch the same content whenever you log in with JerkMate. What does it mean? No new webcam shows can be watched at all.

Herein, you can ask why, then, on earth, they require the credit card details and propose to send tips to the models. Honestly, this is quite a reasonable question. You’d not believe but HookupGeek has the answer! So, look:

  • When you sign up, the attractive webcam models are demonstrated on the main page in compliance with what you would like to be watching;
  • You are asked to provide the payment options details and you’ll be charged immediately;
  • After this, you’ll not have access to the real online live streams by the models;
  • You will see the same webcam shows all the time.

For more details, just carry on reading till the end!

So, what can be said about the quality of the models’ profiles on JerkMate? Well…

  • No real models seem to be employed by the site;
  • When you try to chat to them, nothing else but the computer-based responses are received;
  • All the videos might have been taken from any other streaming platform for adults;
  • The profiles and credentials of the models are all fake.

Hence, it seems to be on eo fthe biggest drawbacks we have ever come across! Did you expect these facts to emerge? Did you count for such a situation? We don’t think so. Because of the innumerable visits of the site during the month, it may resemble an active platform with a bunch of the credible features. Nevertheless, in reality it is not so…

Here, we’d also love to mention that we’re terribly sorry for you if you at least once released any payment, as it was wasted, yay?

Quality Of Tools

If you think here we’ll single out anything positive… no way, unfortunately! To be honest, we always strive to release the positive reviews if a site for adults ensures the efficiency and credibility of the services promised. Nevertheless, it would be lies when it turns to JerkMate.

The following facts can be mentioned as for the quality of the tools:

  • The cam videos streamed seem to be of the best quality; however, if you ever watched the real cams for adults, you know that it’d be merely impossible;
  • The videos seem to be directed, and the models are cammed using the professional directors and cameras;
  • The promised cam to cam format of video interaction would not work at all, even if you release at least any payment.

In fact, we see no point in keeping on enlisting the negative sides of the platform’s quality of tools, as nothing positive would seem possible to be mentioned. Unfortunately.

As you know, if you’re our regular reader, we do our best to test and examine everything, to review the tiniest details, and so on. Why so? Just because we approach this process in the most professional manner. When it comes to the scam platforms, you know, we can’t stand such a situation, and we clearly indicate it all.


As promised, we are going to reveal all truth about jerkMate, and this kind of the truth is not going to be that pleasant, if you want to know.

Yes, when it comes to security of any adult website, it is paramount to know that everything is perfectly shaped, and no threads are expected to behold your online stay. JerkMate has not proven that it is so. In other words, there is no protected atmosphere with the site.

Why did we come up with such an assumption?

Let’s make up a list of ideas we’ve collected for you to prove everything and to be absolutely unbiased:

  • Because of the fact that we did not encounter any credible tools, we found that it’d be stupid to have this site recommended;
  • The sign up procedure doesn’t require much to mention but still, there is a point we’d not like to be;
  • When you sign up, you’re requested to fill out the special form of the payment options (while the site itself claims to be absolutely free of cost);
  • As soon as you indicate these bank details of yours, you are charged.

(See the picture below).

jerkmate payment

As you may see, there is no further alternative to proceed with your sign up process until you provide a credit card number having at least any money on the account. Then, you can continue using the site.

BUT! You are showed the videos being totally pre-recorded (or even maybe stolen from the other streaming websites for adults). We believe that it’s not the approach you expected to gain.

What’s more, the number of such videos is not that big, so you’ll hardly have any diversity to watch the same. Even if you constantly push the button of the random cam, you’ll have actually all the same models’ faces.

Does it seem to be so passionate? Does it seem to be so appealing? We are sure that nope.

Unfortunately, it will not make much sense for you, and you’d better pick up any other live sex cam, so that you could experience those genuine and exquisite impressions!

How To Delete Profile

If you succeeded to sign up and inserted your payment details and were charged for nothing, you’d immediately want to delete your profile (regardless of how complicated it could be). In addition, in this section, we’ll provide you with some important tips to follow to avoid any other scam related to the very this video site.

So, to delete your profile, you will need to:

  • Log in your profile (in case if you’re logged out);
  • Find the settings tab and tap it;
  • Find the deactivation button and tap it, as well;
  • Confirm that you truly want to get rid of this profile;
  • Re-insert your password.

In fact, that’s it. However, there may be a difference: the account is not deleted from the first time. Yes, you’ll need to try it one more time. Of course, it may be a kind of an error but it works the same with the other users, too.

Now, it’s the turn of the tips to be enlisted for your security and comfort:

  • Even if you have deleted your profile successfully, it doesn’t mean that you card cannot be charged again and again (and, God, again!) by the site as if you were using it;
  • Go visit either your mobile app for banking to block this payments or visit your bank office to manage the issue;
  • If you used PayPal as a payment method, you should also block this kind of payments or get in touch with the support team to obtain additional assistance;
  • Next time, when the site claims to be absolutely free, it cannot be ask you for the credit card details;
  • Even if you’re supposed to use the site for free but want to tip someone, you can purchase the credits/coins/tokens, an in-app currency, and you’re given all information about the costs.

As for the JerkMate webcam site, they do not announce any costs but fiercely rob you, as it seems. Hence, in purposes of your own security and protection of your bank details and account, just be sure not to get on with all this stuff.

What’s more, we strongly advise you reading the reviews of the sites. HookupGeek.com possesses a fabulous collection of the reviews that can be of use for you! Besides, you always will have an access to our users’ feedback as for their experiences of using a particular site.

Final Thoughts

Well, no intrigue is expected, as you would guess it. We’ll never recommend you using JerkMate, since the positive features it has are not enough. Also, the shortcomings are too harsh and they are too numerous. Yes, this is kind of a bad news for today.

JerkMate might have been one of the most appealing and loved webcam platform. Being visited by about 57M users a year, it might have brought the most lustful impressions to the users. The models would be able to cooperate with the site and generate the greatest rates of income. But, unfortunately, it is not that case…

As we already mentioned, we hoped the site would be characterized with the positive feedback from our side. In reality, it’s not like that… The number of the drawbacks is prevailing, and we are sorry to claim that.

Finally, the only thing we could advise in this case is to try another webcam site. Yes, we have a lot of the reviews about them, and you will be able to pick up the most incredible options! We bet you’d like them all. Besides, we posted some cool alternatives in our blog. Yes, you’ll be desperately happy, no doubts at all!

Shall you still have any questions as for the work of JerkMate or about something we failed to mention in this JerkMate review, you can either consult our FAQ section or read the feedback from our users or ask the questions in the feedback section. We’re sure, you’ll have all of your questions easily responded.

FAQ about JerkMate

Unfortunately, no. The site doesn’t possess any tool to get one. What’s more the client support is not responsive.

We’d not say so. Because of the numerous drawbacks and issues with payments, we’d not refer JerkMate to the legit sites.

Yes, it will be charged in any case. The auto currency exchange would take place.

No. The site doesn’t seem to employ the models. Also, if it is possible, you’d have risks as for being paid for your services.

It seems that these are models employed by some other webcam sites. Their videos are just uploaded to JerkMate, and that’s it. We doubt that it’s legal.