Kakeyxxx Info

Along with reviewing the numerous one night hook up app offers, sex dating sites, HookupGeek is carrying on to surprise you with the biographies of the famous porn actresses, and, as a result, we would love to warn you that this article is devoted to the ex-porn actress, which is of course a pity to both her fans and porn industry in general! So, you’ll probably feel our sorrow for not having her new films released, since she decided to quit this business forever.

In any case, we want to say that we do remember her, and have found some useful information, which would surely stimulate your interest to the movies, where Kakeyxxx starred! So, take a look at the date we collected,

  • The real name of Kakeyxxx is Tiara Welch;
  • The other nicknames and names, which the girl used in order to perform in adult movies are as follows, KakeyXXX, Tiara Welch, or Cakey Welch, Kakey, and Kakey xxx;
  • The date of birth of this porn actress is September 24, 1981;
  • Her astrological sign is Libra;
  • Kakey xxx was born in New York and has lived in that city, as well;
  • Her nationality is American;
  • The ethnicity of Kakey xxx is ebony;
  • The start of her career took place in 2010, and it was over in 2014, but still you can watch her shows on the webcam adult platforms like CamSoda;
  • She used to cooperate with such well-known in porn industry studios as Black Ice, Dipsexxx, Evasive Angles, Exquisite, Black Magic Pictures, West Coast Productions, and Score.

Now, let’s take a look at the physical parameters of this porn actress. Is there anything she can marvel us with? We bet, the answer is positive!

  • the height of this porn actress is 5 ft 1 in (that is 1.55 m);
  • Kakey xxx has weight of 130 lb (or 59 kg);
  • her measurements are as follows, 34DD-25-42;
  • her hair color is blond;
  • but her eyes are brown/hazel;
  • being a passionate lover of tattoos, she has some on her finger, forearm, shoulder and both boobs;
  • by the way, her boobs are fake;
  • Kakeyxxx has her navel and both nipples with piercing to feel more impressions;
  • the porn actress is well-known for her big size of the ass.

Thus, if you are in love with the ebony ladies who have dyed their hair blond, you will surely find out this cutie immensely attractive to suit your tastes.

In any case, we would love to move to the next section, where you will be informed about the most Interesting facts about this porn actress to adore the movies with her participation to the greatest extent!

Interesting Facts

First off, let’s start with the sexual preferences of the cutie, and then, we’ll show you which contribution she made to the porn industry in general. So, be sure you are ready!

  • the first thing the porn actress has always been famous for is her ass, since it is frequently claimed to extremely appetizing, since it resembles a bubble;
  • the other things, which the porn lady was in love with to do are interracial sexual experiences, creampies, blowjobs, facials, swallowing, and vaginal sex;
  • the girl tried some same sex experiences, but the highest pleasure for her to be with the men (irrespectively of their ethnicity and all);
  • Kakeyxxx also loves being dated by the celebrities, and one of her ex-boyfriends is Drake, a famous rapper and another one, who is also her ex-b is a French rapper named Montana.

So, the fame of the ex-porn star caused her meetings with those outstanding and world known performers. However, for now, it is known that the porn actress has no one to be next to her, since she is not ready now for any relations at all.

HookupGeek would also love to share a rating of the best movies and videos where Kakeyxxx starred, so that you can pick up the best options to admire the talent by the very this porn actress! So, take a look at the following,

  1. Revenge Of The Pornstars 2 [Dipsexxx] (2010)
  2. Freak of the Week 1 [Black Magic Pictures] (2011)
  3. Cum In Me Baby 2 [West Coast Productions] (2011)
  4. Big Butt Avengers [Evasive Angles] (2014)
  5. Art of Fucking 3 [Exquisite] (2012)
  6. Amateur Creampie Confessions [Black Ice] (2011)
  7. Black Amateur Tryouts 2 [Black Ice] (2011)
  8. Booty Talk 92 [West Coast Productions] (2011)
  9. Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys 17 [Evasive Angles] (2012)
  10. Pinky’s Boobs and Booty [Exquisite] (2011)
  11. Thunder Tail [Score] (2011)
  12. Official Boyz N the Hood Parody [Black Ice] (2011)
  13. Official 106 and Park Parody [Black Ice] (2011)

So, if you have never watched any of Kakeyxxx movies, you’d admire her in any case! We do suggest you having them watched, since you will find something which you have never seen before in any of the porn movies!

Why Is Kakeyxxx So Special?

Honestly, regardless of the fact that Kakeyxxx is now referred to as an ex-porn star and she is also known to quit this business, one can fairly state that she is impossible to forget. Why? Just because she is so special! Why is she so special and unique? That is easy,

  • she has been shot in numerous movies using different types of sex to act up;
  • the porn actress was well-known also because of her connection with the famous rappers;
  • the talent of the porn actress is difficult to underestimate, since she was ready to do everything to show her gratification;
  • the numerous fans of this porn actress are all over the world, and they have been watching her videos in order not to forget her, that is why she has so innumerable views of her movies and videos.

So, no one knows for sure, maybe, Kakeyxxx will once marvel her fans and she will release another perfect movie to remind her viewers how perfect she is still. So, follow us to get informed about her and to be the first to find out the most intricate details, which will be soon posting in this article!

Final Thoughts

We wished Kakeyxxx had been an acting porn actress, since she has so much to surprise and she possesses so much to keep you watching her magnifying videos. So, you have to admit that it’d be quite complicated to find someone, who would have the same short porn actress career and who could be the same famous! IN addition, even being a former adult actress, Kakeyxxx carries on perfomring her live shows on the webcam platforms! So, she’s really cooooool!