Because of the numerous members and high popularity rate of www localhookup com the website has already occupied the honorable place on the global market of the adult hookup and of the best sites for one night stands. What can you expect from you it? Is it possible to bring you the desired outcomes? Well, we have to detect everything and we will inform on everything in detail!

Localhookup is a public site, so anyone visiting it can see your profile. If you need complete anonymity, this site is not for you! Since there is no way to hide your images on Localhookup, anyone can see you. You can usually upload a series of images into your profile. Localhookup offers the option of adding personal photos and defining access to them only for specific participants. Each top adult web site offers an alarm button that allows you to immediately redirect the user to another site. This feature is not available on Localhookup.

LocalHookupYep, this is the general data on www localhookup; however, we’d love to pay some more attention to the site and to the information it is characterized by. So, we’ll regularly start with the stats and some data about the organization,

  • the company owning the site is named as Nautell Capital Ltd (you might have read some of our reviews about the sites owned by this company, and for now, you can easily be ready with some preliminary conclusions about the site);
  • the year of the site creation is 2003;
  • the address of the company is 1 Mitsi Building 1, 1st floor, Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia Cyprus 1060;
  • you can easily contact the administration of the site by sending them messages via one of the e-mails: or;
  • the phone numbers which are currently available to get in touch with the company are: 877-597-3436 and +357-22674949.

LocalHookup Login
So, this was the general information on the company, and you can see that the site is properly registered and the contact details are in public access. However, HookupGeek’s professionalism is not about to believe it all at once. We had to double check everything in order to understand if localhookup is fake or not. So, carry on reading us here to get the truth!

What are the main functions, which you can expect from the site?

  • first off, before you start registering with the site, you have to confirm that you will never disclose the data about the other members;
  • you will have access to the inbox, search, and stats of your profile;
  • you can also subscribe to the website’s newsletter;
  • under the conditions of the additional payment, you get the video section unlocked, and thus, you can watch all the horny videos.

What about the process of registration? How long would it take? Let’s see,

  • first of all, you have to indicate your date of birth (sure, you don’t have to locate your real date of birth, just make sure that you’re over 18 years old);
  • After that, you’re supposed to make up a username and a password, which you are not expected to communicate to the third parties,
  • Finally, you will need to insert your email (herein, we’re suggesting you not to use your email which is attached to your work affairs);
  • Don’t forget you have to follow the link in your email, which was sent to your inbox.

LocalHookupSo, the process of registration would not take you much time, just about a couple of minutes, which is, of course, a nice advantages. However, we’re still not sure that you can go that advantageous with the site. After you have completed your sign up procedure, you can use the function of localhookup login and use the site in the purposes you are to accomplish. Oh, if it were that easy…

Pricing Tariffs

LocalHookup Login
So, what it will cost you if you decide to become a member of the site, you will need to know the pricing which you are expected to pay off for the usage of the services of adult dating and hookup. So, the pricing tariffs are quite easy to understand, and you will easily cope with it,

  • the gold membership will cost you just $49.95;
  • VIP membership will charge you by $39.61; and
  • VIP membership will charge you by $28.87.

So, let’s have it all sorted out in order to understand the differences between the Gold membership package and the VIP packages, as well.

So, the Gold membership presupposes,

  • you can use all the functionality of the site;
  • you can have an unlimited access to the profiles on the website;
  • you can write and receive messages any time and in any number;
  • you can upload the photos of yours and you can save the photos of the people you liked.

However, how is VIP package different? As you may have noticed, there are two VIP packages priced in a different way. So,

  • The $39.61 VIP membership package presupposes your access to the platform, where you will be able to watch the hottest and the kinkiest videos of explicit character;
  • The $28.87 VIP membership package presupposes your access to the platform, where you will be able to watch the hottest and the kinkiest videos of explicit character.

LocalHookupHerein, we would love to draw your attention to the fact that regardless of the tariff you are to choose, you should not ever expect the credibility of the profiles and services, as well. So, when committing your payment to this site, you should better read the Terms of Use and Policies in order to understand that the site does not refute that the fake profiles are the only ones, which are located on the site. Hence, be reasonable in making your decisions, and you will not be fooled up by platform for the adult dating.

So, everything here depends on the matter of your preferences, and you can easily choose one of the options. However, herein, you have to know that once you have provided you bank details, your card will be charged automatically each month even when you have quitted your membership. So, you will need to visit your bank and change the bank details or install the forbidence to payments charged by this site. It’s not that convenient, right?

Pros and Cons

What about the positive and negative sides of the service? Are there any? What are the possible shortcomings of using the site? Can we consider localhookup com scam? We’ll show it to you exclusively right away!

LocalHookup Login
So, what are the pros of the service and how this localhookup works?

  • the number of the interactive tools is nice, but they require additional payment;
  • you can drop unlimited number of messages;
  • you can save up the profiles of the persons, who you found interesting.

These are actually all the pros. However, the cons are much more numerous and diverse, unfortunately. Just take a glance,

  • you can hardly ever find a real person to communicate with, for the profiles are based on the computer-automated messages;
  • there are also the so-called Love Stars, which are bots in their nature;
  • the support team, which is called to work all around the clock does not work at all, or it seems like that;
  • the payments you commit are uncontrolled. It means that the company will charge your bank card in order to automatically update your profile even if you have already cancelled your membership, so if you want to know how to cancel localhookup membership you should better avoid getting signed up;
  • the number of spam letters is incredibly great to both your email and your inbox on the site.

So, decide yourself if you are ready to undergo such ‘nice’ experiences. We, however, do not think they require your attention and money. Thus, be careful if you still want to use the site and their services. We will also disclose some more facts, which will shock you if you want to know.


The matter of security is a nice aspect in this case, for the security on this site is just another illusion. Why? We’ll explain it right now,

  • the Terms of Use section of the site do not guarantee any protection of your private details and photos;
  • the policies of the site clearly indicate the fact that the site has been designed for the fun and entertainment purposes, and they have no responsibility for the outcomes of your dating and hookup process;
  • the law, which regulates the activities by this site does not really correspond to the nature of the contents;
  • the access to the video resources, which are included in the VIP membership package, is frequently declined, since the sites do not have that much diversity of the adult movies.

So, we bet you have the same ideas and conclusions about the site as we have, since the legit nature of the platform cannot be proved. Therefore, please be reasonable when making a particular decision about this website, since there is a real scam alert about this web platform for the adult dating and hookup.

Quality of Tools

Regardless of the fact that the website is well equipped with the numerous tools, which seem to be suitable, it does not make it possible to refer these tools to the good quality. In any case, the tools, which are built in the platform are as follows,

  • search. This tools is initially to help you generate the best suitable profiles in compliance with the filters you inserted to search; however, as you have already understood, the profiles generated are fake;
  • messaging. This section is well designed, as well, however, you can never expect any real person to get in touch with, since only bot-based messages will drop in your inbox;
  • registration. In spite of the fact that the registration process will take you only a couple of minutes, you should be aware of the fact that it deprives you from the security, since no one can check if you are really 18 years old, as well as the other users.

LocalHookupSo, don’t even try to believe that there are any interesting and top quality tools, since they are based on the work of the fake accounts.

Quality of Profiles

Yep, the fake accounts and Love Stars’ accounts are merely the only ones, which will behold your way on the site. The investigation by HookupGeek has discovered that,

  • neither of the female profiles are real, since all of them are of model appearance, which is merely doubtful;
  • the male profiles if real they are inactive, for the men cannot hook up a real woman there;
  • as it’s been already mentioned, the bot-based and automated messages can be received only, so no good quality of communication can be granted.

Thus, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that you should never use the website, for it will only disappoint you. So, just get the better alternatives. By the way, HookupGeek has already reviewed about a tone of the sites, which can surprise you in a more positive way. Thus, just get to read some other reviews!

Final Thoughts

LocalHookup Login
Thanks God, it’s the end of the review, and we can make our verdict. Well, as you have already figured it out, we cannot suggest using this site to anyone, for it is filled with absolute deceit and scam. The actions taken by the administration of the site can be fairly classified as fraudulent. Therefore, we would never want you to utilize the site. What is more, if you still insert the search of the phrase of ‘localhookup for sex in my area’ you can never expect the real dates and persons to hook up. As a result, you’d better pick up another site to read a review about, since HookupGeek has so many alternative web platforms for hookup to suggest you using. Just make a proper choice and you will never regret being with us! Don’t waste either your time or money, and you will be successful with some other dating opportunities. Hence, you can achieve what you have been aimed at with the other more positive and fruitful platforms! By the way, you can slow it all down, and visit our webcam live sex sites reviews by us!

FAQ about LocalHookup

In fact, we do our best to complete the most credible reviews. However, we are also humans, and this means that we could also be erroneous. Thus, we do suggest to make your opinion up being based on your own experiences. Our task is to provide you with the experience of ours. Therefore, it is possible to have success.

In case if the Support team does not respond fast, you can contact the website administration using the following ways. The first is their physical address (which is clearly located in the Terms of use of Local Hookup): Nautell Capital Limited 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, Office 107 1087 Nicosia CYPRUS. Secondly, you can use one or two of the official email addresses: and Thirdly, you can access the website via the phone number, which is 18443180095. To make the contact via the phone easier, be advised to use one of the cell connection providers listed, erizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Boost, Virgin Mobile USA & Metro PCS.

Regardless of what all the other online dating and hookup services can have within the trial period, the trial period of Local Hookup is comprised of all the possible functions available in the paid mode regardless of the duration of the subscription period you are about to choose. So, when you decide on having a trial period checked out, you can really count for all the widest range of features to be available with Local Hookup.

The legit nature of the Local Hookup dating service is proven, firstly, by the Terms of Use and, secondly, by the list of the laws and legal regulations provided within the Terms of Use of Local Hookup. As a result, you can really count for the lost legit approach to how you use the service and how it is provided to you exclusively.

Well, the service by Local Hookup is comprised of the following aspects of safety for the users. The first is detection, and it is comprised of the fact that the system scans for unusual activity, like messages to many users. The second aspect is encryption, which means that the encrypted data transmission and the highest security standards. The third one is monitoring, and it is based on the fact that Local Hookup day and night support team reacts quickly to every suspicious activity. Fourthly, there are the so-called reports. It means that you can send the abuse reports, and they are processed within minutes. Finally, there is a special verification. The Local Hookup website promotes user verification via a selfie picture to confirm it is you on the app.