The world of web dating for adults seems to be everlasting, since there are incredibly a big deal of websites to provide these services (the majority of them have already been reviewed by HookupGeek in our hot dating sites and one night website section). Also, there are some nice adult cam shows websites which can serve not only for peeping on the horny models but also for the dating purposes, as well. But not all of them are that great and can provide you with what you were initially seeking.

The Lonely Wife Hookups web platform for adult dating (do not get it mashed up with lonely house wife hookups) has been created in order to assist the adults in their search for an adult partner. Herein, the site seems to be attractive and easy to use. However, how great it is in reality and can we refer lonelywifehookups scam, these are nice and significant questions.Lonely Wife Hookups

So, first off, let’s see the data about the website and its domain, since it is an important aspect to proof if the site is official  or not. HookupGeek has found out that,

  • the lonelywifehookups adult dating site has operated since 2008, and it means that its age is already some more than 10 years old;
  • the company, which registered the website is Moniker Online Services LLC.;
  • the registration expiration date of lonelywifehookups hookup is 2019-07-23;
  • the address of the site’s registration is: 2320 NE 9th St, Second Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304, USA;
  • the site’s administration phone number is +1-800-688-63-11;
  • the site’s administration fax number is +1-954-585-91-86;
  • all the issues to be resolved can be communicated via;
  • the geo location of the site is San Francisco, CA, 94107, USA.

Thus, for now HookupGeek can easily conclude that the site operates officially and all the issues and complaints can really be resolved via the phone numbers provided.

Now, let’s unlock the way, in which you can get signed up with the website. HookupGeek will provide you with the detailed instructions now,

  • first and foremost, you are supposed to indicate your gender and choose who would like to date – men or women;Lonely Wife Hookups
  • secondly, you are to indicate your age (herein, the truth of the data is not of importance, the main thing is to confirm that you are over 18 y.o.);Lonely Wife Hookups
  • thirdly, you are expected to indicate your place of residence, which is limited to the country, state, and city. It will assist you in enabling the local search. However, you can change the location in your settings, Lonely Wife Hookups
  • the next step is to insert your email and have it confirmed (herein, we strongly encourage you to make up a new email, which you do not use for work to ensure your security and protection of the personal data you share),Lonely Wife Hookups
  • what is more, you have to invent a user name and a password to ensure that only you can access your profile. By the way, the nickname of yours will be displayed for all the users of the website. Also, you are expected to confirm that you agree with the Terms of Use, Policies, and the so-called E NUNCIO PROGRAM, which we will depict in the Quality of Profiles section;Lonely Wife Hookups
  • and, yep, you’re in now! So, you can enjoy all the features, which are elaborated by the site.

So, it’d be much logic to analyze the key features, which you will encounter when you sign in,

  • the first thing you are expected to do is to fill in your profile and upload a nice quality photo of yours in order to be more appealing;
  • in your profile setting you’ll be able to modify your profile, change everything you need, and, finally, log out when you have done everything;
  • the My Activity thread will give you a chance to read the News Feed, the stats on your profiles’ views, the messages sent and received, date and friend requests;
  • the Members thread will give you some more interesting and useful functions, which are comprised of Local Matches, Who’s On Cam, Who’s Online Now, Hottest Members, New Members, and My Friends;
  • the Support thread will give you access to Customer lonelywifehookups support, Privacy Policy, GDPR Compliance, and Terms & Conditions.

Lonely Wife Hookups

What are the key tools, which you receive at your disposal, when you get signed up with the service of Lonely Wife Hookups? Let’s see it together,

  • you get access to the hottest and horniest lonelywifehookups live webcams, which you choose to peep on in consistency with your needs and preferences;
  • you can use the function of search (both global, and local, for instance lonely wife hookups Chicago);
  • also, when enabling the search, you can count for the special features to hook up for, including 1-on-1 Dating, Online Friends, Swingers, Alternative Activities, Fetishes, and Other Activity;
  • the tools of messages will ensure that you are timely notified about the messages sent to you;
  • the calendar of dates arranged will help you not to waste time and manage your time properly.

So, it is more than just obvious that the lonelywifehookups hook up web platform for adult dating is more or less nice, and, possibly, it can deliver you what you have been searching for.

In any case, HookupGeek has to cover the pricing approach by this website in this current lonelywifehookups review.

Pricing Tariffs

So, what prices are you to expect from the service? What is included in the price? These questions are important, for they give you a clear idea what you are going to pay for. The pricing tariff of lonelywifehookups hookup web platform is more than just easy, since it is comprised of only one point,

  • the monthly subscription to the site would cost you just $50;
  • no additional fees are to be paid off.

Lonely Wife Hookups

What is included in the services, which you are supposed to pay for?

  • the free period of using the site in the trial mode is 3 days, and it really (!!) costs nothing;
  • when you pay for the service, you gain access to the webcams with the numerous lonelywifehookups nude performers;
  • you can send unlimited number of messages;
  • you can read unlimited number of messages;
  • you can arrange unlimited number of dates;
  • you are eligible to use all the functions and features, which we have described in the previous section.

Lonely Wife Hookups Login
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So, because of the fact that your bank card is not requested right after registration and because you have so many nice features included in the overall cost, we consider lonelywifehookups a good service from the point of view of pricing. However, what are the other points of view? Are there any obvious drawbacks which would spoil your impression? Let’s analyze them in the next next section of Pros and Cons!

Pros and Cons

The current review for lonelywifehookups by HookupGeek is impossible without the comparison of pros and cons. What is more, we need to know them all in order to decide if we should consider lonelywifehookups scam or we can entrust this adult dating web platform our personal data. So, traditionally, we will commence from the advantages, which you will find when using the site,

  • as we have already told you, the price of the services is affordable, and is comprised of different truly nice features, which go actually for free of cost;
  • the design of the website is minimalist, so that it will not disturb you or irritate you with the numerous functions;
  • the number of profiles is big, so you will come across really great diversity of sexual preferences;
  • the search on the site supports different sexual preferences, namely, straight, bisexual, gay, and lesbian. So, if you want to have some experiments, you’ll love the results of the search;
  • you can subscribe to receive the notifications every time you have any activity in your profile (say, someone sent you a friend request or dropped you a message);
  • you can count for the confidentiality, since the terms of use support this approach (we’ll show you more about this in the Security section of this current HookupGeek’s review);
  • you have real dates with real people and can manage them in the dates manager on the site.

lonelywifehookupsThus, for now, HookupGeek would fairly consider lonelywifehookups a good service. But, in any case, we need to take a look at the cons, which can disenchant you. So, the the shortcomings of the lonelywifehookups adult dating platform are as follows,

  • due to the fact that the site was initially created for men who are looking for women, the diversity of the gay and lesbian profiles is much lower than the one of the straight preferences;
  • due to the fact that the site was initially created for men who are looking for women, the diversity of the gay and lesbian webcams is much lower than the one of the straight preferences;
  • sometimes you can encounter the fake profiles, which are the Online Cupids, which are aimed to amuse you, however, still, they are just bots powered by  the website;
  • the number and quality of the live webcams is not regulated by the site and may vary from time to time and from user to user.

Certainly, there are some negative points about the work of the site; however, they are not that complicated and they would never spoil your overall impression of the functionality of the website. Thus, is lonelywifehookups reliable? Actually, for now, we believe, that it is.


As we promised, in this section we are to consider the security of yours and protection of the private data you share.

  • the site operates on the principle that the members – all, with no exception – are to be over 18 y.o.;Lonely Wife Hookups
  • the legal basis of the site is supported by the following legal regulations and laws: The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S. § 2701-2710, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. 1030 and The California Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, Cal. Penal Code;Lonely Wife Hookups
  • the laws and legal regulations listed above are called to protect both the side of the website, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the rights of the users;
  • the laws and legal regulations listed above are aimed at protecting all the copyright rights by both the website and the user(s);
  • the website claims to be legal and stands for the non-disclosure of any personal data you share or of any activities you commit when being logged in.

Hence, in order to understand if lonelywifehookups safe enough, we had to go through the Terms of Use of the site, which clearly explain all the essence of the work. In addition to this, they shape the approach to the user’s security. As a result, we are about to believe this all. Also, bearing in mind our personal experience of utilizing lonelywifehookups adult dating, we can also respond the question “is lonely wife hookups a real site?”, and our answer is going to be positive for now.

Quality of Tools

Well, we’ve been talking about the diversity and functionality of the tools in the About Lonely Wife Hookups section. In this one, we are to disclose the insights as for the quality you are about to expect. So, the main issue to be discussed here is how well the tools are and how perfect they can work.

  • as the present HookupGeek’s lonelywifehookups review points to, the quality of tools is great;
  • all the tools (search, messaging, webcams) work well;
  • the tool to contact the support team is well-designed and is effective.

Therefore, we have no doubts that in the future, even these good tools would be improved and would bring the users even more joy and fun. The only suggestion we would love to single out is that the number of the webcam shows could have been more diverse. In any case, it does not represent a critical problem to worry about.

Quality of Profiles

As we promised, this section is going to be devoted mainly to the so-called E NUNCIO PROGRAM run by the website. So, what it is and how it is related to the quality of profiles?

  • the most negative thing in this case, as we have already made an emphasis on, is that there are some “virtual profiles that do not correspond to actual members,” as it is indicated clearly in the E NUNCIO PROGRAM / ONLINE REGENT section of the website;Lonely Wife Hookups
  • however, you can easily unsubscribe from this program and get communication with the real people only;
  • in general, when communicating with the other users, we did not encounter any of the fake profiles, since the communication did not resemble the bot-based one;
  • also, we have been successful to arrange some dates, and the persons who we met with were the same at the photos located in their profiles.

Hence, the quality of profiles can be actually referred to as positive.

Final Thoughts

lonelywifehookupsIn this section we have to provide you with our professional verdict, and we’re ready to do so. Well, in spite of the fact that the decision was quite complicated for us, since there are some ambiguous moments, we are ready to announce that HookupGeek suggest using lonelywifehookups hook up website, for it is able to provide you with the most positive results.

In addition to this, as you may know, HookupGeek is the experienced reviewer, and we have so many reviews to marvel you. However, we would also like to draw your attention that you can make your communication even more exciting by using the sexual quotes prepared exclusively by HookupGeek. They will make even more appealing!

FAQ about Lonely Wife Hookups

As soon as you have your prepaid membership, you will have some cool features, like, for instance, Hottest Members, New Members, My friends, and so on. Each of the sections will help you sort the users, who you would like to chat or not. Also, you may block each user you are not to communicate. However, the coolest feature is the scheduling of the dates. It means that you can insert the dates into a specially designed calendar, so that you will always remember who you are going to date and when. The notifications about the dates tend to appear beforehand to remind you about it all. In such a way, the Lonely Wife Hookups system tracks the activity of yours and gives pieces of advices.

As the Terms of Use developed by Lonely Wife Hookups inform the users, the profiles located on the website (the ones you can see as soon as you utilize the search engine) are real, as they undergo the special procedure of verification. In addition to this, the administration of the website as well as the support team constantly monitor the activities of the users, so that it is much easier to investigate if a certain profile performs any scamful actions or not.

In fact, the specifics of the website is that you should count for the swingers experiences along with the regular hookup. The title of the website also shapes some category of users, that is the wives, so you can always hook up someone’s wife.

Fortunately for all of the users of Lonely Wife Hookups, there numerous supplementary tools to entertain the users. these tools are comprised of forum, numerous videos, cam sources, community, stories, sex clubs, sexual knowledge, and toys. Thus, you can always have adult fun even in case if you are bored of the hookup process.

When you sign up with Lonely Wife Hookups, the search tools ensure that you can search for straight users, homosexual users, bisexual users, and couples. So, all the possible diversity can be easily unlocked whenever you are online with Lonely Wife Hookups!