In the myriads of the numerous hookup, real one night stand sex, and adult dating sites, there are always the ones, which are credible and fruitful, whilst there are those which are aimed at scamming the users. Today, we are going to consider MegaFuckBook as one of the Fuckbook family of the hookup sites. What is this site like? Is megafuckbook a scam? Yep, HookupGeek is aware of all the answers. So, start reading to find out what is this all like and what you should expect?

Before we respond the question of whether the site of MegaFuckBook is credible or total scam, we would like to draw your attention to the general information on the web platform for the adult dating. So, this is what we have found out,

  • the geolocation of the website is attached to the address: CA (Canada), ON, Ontario, M5J Toronto;
  • the site was initially designed and run in 2012;
  • the website is assigned to the following address: Kirkland, WA, 98083, USA;
  • the registrant organization is Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.;
  • the phone number to get in touch with the site is +1-425-274-06-57;
  • the site is owned by Enom, Inc.;
  • the email addresses, which you can contact the site by are:,

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So, some of the reviewers point to the fact that the scam is presented on the site everywhere all over the platform. HookupGeek has found out that there are some proofs for the fact of scam, mainly,

  • While hunting on the site down young ladies we began getting video talk messages (see proof underneath) on our PC screen;
  • After some exploration it turned out to be very evident that these purported live web cam talks were in reality pre-recorded recordings that play again and again in a circle (thanks God you’d never have the same experience with the top adult webcam sites!);
  • When we tried to answer back to the young ladies sending us video talk messages we were met with a message expressing we expected to move up to impart to the young lady in the visit window;
  • These fake cam visits are appeared everyone who enrolls as a free part on the site;
  • Numerous individuals don’t really understand that the web cam video talks are phony, and many end up joining and paying for month to month membership.

MegaFuckBookThere are also some more tricks you have to expect from the web service, for instance, you will encounter counterfeit girls known as Love Stars, which are, in nature, the so-called online cupids.  So, what it is all about?

  • Each and every email we got was from Love Stars;
  • In the event that you take a gander at the proof beneath you will see a little logo is hovered in red LS, which is a contraction for Love Stars which calls their manufactured dating profiles;
  • This implies each and every email we got was totally phony and created by the dating site;
  • We have all the proof that the site really makes these phony Love Stars profiles;
  • The terms and conditions segment #10 plainly states precisely what Love Stars are and what their motivation is on the site;
  • Love Stars are simply a product framework that utilizes counterfeit video talk, fake messages and phony dating profiles as a major aspect of their Love Stars program.

What’s more, obviously any normal talk messages you got are additionally part of the notorious Love Stars program. You are not interfacing with a genuine individual, however with a PC a framework. In case if you do attempt to answer back to any messages you are met with an announcement expressing that you have to overhaul your enrollment to speak with different individuals (see proof underneath). That is the objective of this site, to fool you into overhauling. It is an all around considered, efficient trick that rips people off each and every day making the proprietors of this site a great many dollars each and every year.

Why Are There Different Fuckbooks

Before we disclose why there are so many different versions of FuckBook, it would be quite suitable to come across the comparison of the FuckBook alternatives. First off, it’d be nice to compare the functionality and tools available on different alternatives of the site,

Tools and Functionality InstantFuckBook FuckBook MegaFuckBook
My Profile
My Connections
Online Now
Score Board
xxx video
Live Cams
4 steps of registration

So, all the criteria are actually the same, but the sites’ data are different. You can easily check it by using one or all of the three sites exemplified, FuckBook, InstantFuckBook, and MegaFuckBook.

What about the pricing approaches? Are they different within these three sites? Let’s check it out,

  • FuckBook
    3 days trial $0.00
    30 days $29.95
    90 days $44.85
  • MegaFuckBook
    3 days trial $2.97
    30 days $29.95
    90 days $74.85
    180 days $119.70
  • InstantFuckBook
    30 days $39.95
    90 days $59.95
    Eternal membership $249.95

As it is evident, the pricing approaches are also different. So, the fact that there is no connection between these all websites is quite proven.


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So, why are there so many similar titles of the websites? In fact, there are some reasons, which can explain it,

  • because of the highly promoted rate of the FuckBook, the similar titles are used to get the same level of popularity. In other words, the similar titles are called to ‘steal’ the users from FuckBook;
  • FuckBook was initially designed in such a way that the title resembles the name of the Facebook site, which is more than popular nowadays;
  • both FuckBook and similar websites, in fact, utilize the similar titles to Facebook in order to be more and more popular and easy to remember;
  • the exception is InstantFuckBook, which unites not only the name of Facebook but also the title of Instagram.

So, due to these reasons, the similar names of the sites emerge. However, in reality, these sites have nothing in common either from the point of view of the owners and date of establishment or from the point of view of the functionality. In any case, we are supposed to go further to find out more about MegaFuckBook and detect the scam or credibility of the site. Nevertheless, scam is more prevailing.

Pricing Approaches

In fact, we have already communicated the megafuckbook index pricing approaches. Nevertheless, we have to give it some more attempt in order to explain in more details,

  • the trial period of the site is $2.97, and it is comprised of 3 days;
  • the period of 30 days is evaluated as $29.95;
  • the duration of membership for 90 days would go for $74.85;
  • the membership of 180 days would be priced as $119.70.

So, the pricing is not that big, so we can refer it to the affordable one. In any case, we have to claim that by paying this money you should expect the following,

  • numerous fake accounts can be accessed as well as the Love Stars’ profiles, which will not result in any effective outcomes;
  • the hidden fees can emerged;
  • the site will carry on charging you even after you have quitted the membership;
  • the bank card of yours will be charged automatically even if you don’t want to carry on cooperating with them.

Definitely, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it’s absolutely your choice, however, we are warning you to make a proper decision.MegaFuckBook

Pros And Cons

Dissimilarly from the other reviews, we would love to pay attention to the cons first off. So, what kind of cons are you to expect when you use the site? The first one is the presence of the computer software-sent messages.

  • Some moments right after in the wake of making your free record and dating profile, you begin getting visit and email messages from female individuals from;
  • Be cautious on the grounds that there is a trick to these messages;
  • While you can see a photo, a name and the headline of the individual sending you messages – you can’t open or peruse them;
  • This is the means by which blackmails cash from its clients and approaches them for cash to have the option to impart on the site;
  • Since you definitely realize ladies’ profiles are phony, you can believe us when we state similar profiles are utilized to send you talk messages.

What is more, you will have to be exposed to paying for membership upgrades even if you have quitted the period of your membership, as we mentioned it before. So, what you should expect here? Look,

  • It’s really not unreasonably simple to recognize created dating profiles and deceitful messages in the event that you are unexperienced at distinguishing this sort of fakes, which clarifies the quantity of individuals who get ripped off;
  • draws you into overhauling you fundamental enrollment to a paid participation in a fairly inconspicuous manner;
  • One thing is without a doubt, a web based dating website would not experience such huge numbers of trick in the event that it wasn’t advantageous;
  • Remember that these are not one-time memberships and your participation will be naturally reestablished again and again until you drop your paid enrollment.

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This is simply one more grown-up dating place where an administration that appears to be authentic does not convey what it guarantees. may appear the Facebook of sex, when by and by it is the trick of the century. I didn’t perceive any huge astonishments and revelations separated from the great sham techniques, for example, created profiles, PC produced messages, all supported up by exceptionally poor online audits.

So, we recommend that you read further to reveal reality identified with displayed here in this survey and choose in the event that it can ever work for you. So, there are some more tricks it uses,

  • This grown-up dating site tricks its clients by making a phony dynamic dating condition utilizing virtual profiles;
  • calls its fake young ladies Love Stars and has made them with the errand to draw in clients, begin and proceed with discussions, and make the site far more convincing and fascinating than it really it;
  • All clients must concur on speaking with the created profiles;
  • There is no chance to get around it in such a case that you need to join the site, you should click ‘yes’ to begin utilizing the site;
  • Be exceptionally careful that you don’t finish up visiting with an affection star imagining that it will finish in a genuine hookup for sex, and really winding up overhauling the enrollment to no end.

What about the pros? Well, you may not believe it, but there are some pros! Really! Take a glance,

  • the interactive tools included into the site are more than marvelous;
  • the site looks great as well as the design;
  • the Terms of Use are comprised of numerous legal regulations;
  • the number of profiles is super great.

MegaFuckBookHowever, you should be much careful about the pros. In any case, try to avoid the usage of this service in order to prevent yourself from being fooled up.

Is MegaFuckBook Safe?

Well, it’d be quite unfair to claim that the site of MegaFuckBook is absolutely genuine and absolutely deprived of scam. As we have already told you, there have been much bad about the website, and these experiences seem to more negative than positive. So, we have to prove either the site absolutely safe or not. Well, to be honest, HookupGeek actually does not have any reasons to claim it is a credible service, since,

  • regardless of the fact that the site claims it functions under authority of the law 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement, there is nothing to go in consistency with it;
  • before using this particular website, be sure to fully read the Terms of Use from the pop-up window. Here, we are providing an excerpt of the Terms of Use, which do not (!!!) guarantee any security to you,
  • in case if you have any issues to be resolved, you can contact the administration using the following address: Tralox Overseas Limited Stavrou, 54, Flat/Office 101 Strovolos, 2035, Nicosia, Cyprus; however, no one will ever respond to your claims.

So, we believe that the site is definitely deprived of any security. Also, don’t even count for the protection of the private data of yours, since we have found nothing about this aspect.

Quality Of Tools

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The site is well-equipped by the numerous features of interactive nature, so it would be more than suitable to discuss how the tools work and what their quality is. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about the quality of tools,

  • As soon as you have registered, you can see the following features. The first is My Profile section. There, you can modify and update your profile settings by the means of this section;
  • My Connections presupposes the whole list of friends you have had.
  • You can enable or disable the notifications. It means that you are eligible to see instant messages, emails and friends requests with the help of this  section;
  • When you utilize the Mailbox section, you are eligible to have sent and have received the numerous emails (however, as we told you before, be sure to distinguish between the computer-based messages and the ones sent to you by real people);
  • You can see the members of the website who go Online Now;
  • By utilizing the ScoreBoard located in your profile, you can see who has the highest score (that is the most popular rate) on the site to make your search easier;
  • The diversity of the XXX Videos section is called to provide the users with the ability to watch the horniest and the hottest movies with the participation of the most famous porn actresses;
  • Live Cams also go at your disposal, so you will be able to peep on the horniest live webcam shows by the kinkiest models;
  • Search is able to assist you in search for people being in compliance with the numerous factors comprising location, marital status, gender, age, body type and race.

So, it is evident that the tools serve as one of the proofs that the site is credible. However, as both our own experience and the other megafuckbook reviews claim that no credibility has been detected at all. So, regardless of the great quality of the interactive tools for the users, MegaFuckBook is not that great from the point of view of the presence of the scam.

Now on, let’s look at the registration process tool. How is it built? How much time is it called to take to sign up?

  • First of all, you have to agree with the statement below on the security of the other members
  • As soon as you have agreed with the statement, you are to accomplish 4 easy steps to get in. The first stage is to pick up a name or a nickname, which is further displayed in your profile;
  • Then you are to make up a password to avoid the strangers to unlock your profile,
  • Then you are to insert an email of yours; however, we fairly insist on your using of the email, which you have created for the purpose of dating and hook up. So, don’t use the real email of yours which is utilized for your family or business affairs
  • The fourth step is to provide your date of birth. In fact, here you are not expected to allocate your real date of birth, since the main thing in this case it to prove you are over your 18.

So, the process of registration will take you up to 3 minutes. After you have done it all, please kindly check your email, and confirm your email address. After that you will have to release the payment by choosing the preferred membership package. However, you should keep in mind that the uncontrolled and hidden fees can happen to your bank account.MegaFuckBook

Quality Of Profiles

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Quality of profiles is going to be one of the most complicated issues to discuss in the current review, for the profiles of credible nature, which are not fake ones, are merely not actually presented. What is more, the presence of the Love Stars is a direct proof that there is no real girl, who’d be presented on the website. So, just don’t waste your time and get the best experiences with any other credible source, which, by the way, HookupGeek has at its disposal. So, read the other more credible reviews by HookupGeek, and pick up something which would be worth of your attention!

Final Thoughts

After everything we have just depicted, we doubt that you will use the site, for the presence of the scam is evident and it will not result in any fruitful outcomes. In other words, you hardly ever find anyone who’d be eager to date you, since the fake accounts are the only ones, which you’d come across when trying to find hookups . In addition to this, you will be exposed to the so-called Love stars, which are computer-based profiles. So, we’re not sure it is possible you will fall in love with any of the opportunities mentioned. So, make your choice properly and be aware of the possible scam. In addition, we cannot even tolerate the presence of the hidden fees, which are charged until you don’t change the bank card and/or until you contact your bank to forbid payments to the site’s credentials. So, be sure to have everything double checked before you decide on using the platform for the so-called hookup and/or dating. We’re unfortunately sure you can never have the positive and successful results…

FAQ about MegaFuckbook

In compliance with the Terms of Use which have been elaborated by MegaFuckBook, no one can provide you with such guarantees. This is what the Terms of Use claim, “Megafuckbook does not guarantee, at any time, either their paid or free membership holders, that the website will be fully operational all the time. Members may face periodic service interruptions or lost data. Please note that the Website and Services are an entertainment service. All profiles are provided for the entertainment of our members and our users. You are not guaranteed that you will find a date or that you will meet any of our members in person or that any given person or profile manifested on the Website or Services is available or interested in dating or communicating with you or anyone else. You also understand and acknowledge that some users and members may provide inaccurate information, messages, and profile data and you agree that Megafuckbook shall not be liable to you in any manner for the same.”

In compliance with the Terms of Use and the nature of the MegaFuckBook site for hookup and dating online, you’re supposed to have only the straight relations. It means that a man can look for a woman only, while a woman can seek a man only. By the way, the site does not have any feature of looking for couples. However, you can always get in touch with the innumerable users, and create the groups to organize some swinger experiences.

In compliance with any reasonable thinking and your own security, MegaFuckBook strongly discourages you to share any private information when communicating with the other members of a particular adult dating or hookup websites. It means that you are not to provide any bank details, as it would violate your personal data security. What is more, if someone requires you to send your bank details, this is the first sign of financial fraud, which is illegal. Thus, be sure to direct your complaints to the support team. So, if you do really take care of your security, you should never communicate any of your private details to the persons who you don’t know. This is the real way to secure your stay online with any website including MegaFuckBook.

As a matter of fact, if you analyze the pricing range of the service, you can see that in comparison to 1 month membership, when you opt for a 3 months period of premium membership, you save up to about 40%, while when you pick up 6 months, you are likely to save up to 60%. So, there is actually no need in any discount. This money would be much better to be spent for the evening with a horny girl from the MegaFuckBook site of your choice.

According to the Terms of Use developed by MegaFuckBook, the profiles listed on the website (the ones you can see as soon as you utilize the search engine) are real, as they undergo the special procedure of verification. What is more, the administration of the website as well as the support team constantly monitor the activities of the users, so that it is much easier to investigate if a certain profile performs any scamful actions or not.