It may seem unbelievable but the numerous best cam models sites, horny dating sites and hookup apps just one night stands, which HookupGeek has already come across, can really be referred to the credible websites. However, our task here is to get you acquainted with the diverse websites, both credible and scamful, in order to provide you a real choice and in order to prevent you from any harm. The case of MegaHookup is quite interesting, on the hand, while, on the other hand, it is as similar as possible to the other alternatives, which have the same structure and approach.

So, let’s discuss what the site is like and what is its authority?

  • the geolocation of the website is attached to the following address: US (United States), CA, California, 93010 Camarillo;
  • it is known that the initial date of the site creation is 2014-06-04;
  • the registration has been completed by eNom, LLC;
  • the owner of the site is eNom, LLC;
  • the address of registration of the site can be perceived as dual, as the first address is Stasinou, 1 Mitsi Building 1, 1st floor, Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia Cyprus 1060, and the address for the EU registration is 10 The Green, Consett, CO Durham DH8 5BG United Kingdom;
  • there are two phone numbers which you can dial in order to get in touch with the company: 877-597-3436 and 866-716-6804;
  • the email, which you can use to drop the messages is ;
  • in order to use the function of MegaHookup unsubscribe or if you want to delete MegaHookup account you can use either the contact form on the site or utilize the services by .

These data are necessary, but they do not depict all the essence of the site. Now on, we would love to show you how the process of sign up is built in order to simplify your registration process. So, take a look now,

  • first and foremost, when you open the home page of the site you will see that you need to confirm that you are at least 18, since the platform contains explicit contents;
  • the second step is to indicate the name or nickname of yours, which will be then displayed to the other members of the platform;megahookup 2nd step
  • the third step is to make up a credible and safe password;
  • the fourth step is to check your email, which you have to insert and confirm when you get the letter to it; and, finally,
  • the fifth step is to indicate your date of birth, which is another proof that you are at least 18 years old (however, as we all understand it, it is not the proof at all).
  • what is more, the site forces you to provide your mobile phone number and profile headline;megahookup 6th step
  • after that you are supposed to narrate something about yourself (of course, as this is a hookup site, you are expected to tell about your preferences in sexual aspect).megahookup 7th step

In such a way, the registration takes place. After you have all these steps completed, you will be requested to provide your banking details in order to be charged for the usage of the services (The pricing and the hidden aspects of this process will be told you in the next section). Finally, you will see the following,

megahookup 8th step

So, we have to come across the main features and overall functionality of the site. Well, here, we are to discuss the main characteristics and features of the web platform, which are comprised of the following,

  • The section of ‘My Profile’ has been created in order to let you fill in and edit your private data, add and delete the photos and videos which you had uploaded before, and finally, you will be able to manage the other account settings;
  • The section of ‘My Connections’ will ensure that you are eligible to observe who you successfully added to the list of your friends (that is favorites or connections);
  • The section of ‘Notifications’ has been designed in such a way that you are informed on any activities to be related to your profile. The number of notifications is, as a rule, comprised of instant message requests, emails and your page viewers;
  • The section of ‘Mailbox’ is to serve the function of reading the inbox emails;
  • The section of ‘Who’s Online Now’ will assist you in picking up the persons who are going online at the same moment when you are also online;
  • The unique feature of ‘ScoreBoard’ section will let you know the scores of the other members of the site, that is it means that you will know who of your interlocutors is the most popular and who is not;
  • The section of the ‘XXX Videos’ has been provided to you in order to let you watch the most alluring and hottest porn movies ever (however, this section is of additional payment, which we will communicate some time later on);
  • The section of ‘Live Cams’ will give you a chance to observe the professional and amateur webcam models’ shows (however, this section is of additional payment, which we will communicate some time later on); and, finally,
  • The function of ‘Search’ is going to deliver the necessary tool of search, which you can utilize in order to pick up the most suitable person for your hookup purposes. herein, the search goes in consistency with the following criteria and filters: the age, location, country and zip code.

MegaHookupSo, you may easily see that as soon as you sign up with the platform, it will take it easy to entertain you to the greatest extent possible. However, in compliance with the numerous other MegaHookup reviews and our personal experiences of becoming a member of the site, it is quite complicated to get all those tools to work properly. Why? Carry on being with us here, and you will understand, since we are going to reveal the most secret and truthful facts about the website.

Pricing Tariffs

The distinctive feature of MegaHookup com is that the site has an easy pricing approach, but it is, anyway, burdened by the hidden fees. If you are interested if is MegaHookup free, you should not even expect any free features, except registration. However, by signing up for free, you will waste much more than you were expected to pay initially. So, let’s see,

  • Gold Membership will cost you $49.95, which is some bigger than just an average price in the market;
  • the free profile does not exist;
  • the trial period is not provided under any conditions.

So, what about the hidden fees? Oh, that’s the most interesting aspect. Why? Look, along with the membership fee, which is charged on a monthly basis, you will be charged for two more features, namely,

  • you will have to pay additional $39.61 for a monthly subscription to webcam service provided by
  • you will have to pay additional $28.87 for a monthly subscription to the hottest xxx videos provided by the service of

What is the trick, you may ask! And, yep, we know the answer: after you provide your payment details, you will be charged not the amount of $49.95 (as per the monthly fee for the Gold Membership package). In addition to this, the card of yours will be charged at sum of $39.61 + $28.87 along with $49.95. So, in total, you will have to pay $118.43. You may again ask ‘so what?’ The thing is that you are not provided with any choice in this case as well as you are never given a chance to be informed about the additional fees. So, if your balance is less than $118.43, you will not be able to commit your payment. What is more, it might seem that is all ok with it, but the quality of the two additional services is not that promising (and we will discuss it in the Quality of Tools section of this current HookupGeek’s MegaHookup review). By this, we will prove that nothing except the scam can be expected from the website in question and under review.

What else do we have to communicate about the pricing policies of the website? Well, there is still something to share with you, and – this is just another proof of scamful actions – you will not like much. When you get signed up and, then, signed in, you will be exposed to the following,

megahookup 9th step

Yep, it says you can use the service 100% free of cost. However, is this possible at all? Maybe, it is MegaHookup free account? No way, guys! After you click on the yellow running head, you will be directed to the home page of as it is depicted right away below,

megahookup 10th step

Why do they need it? Oh, that’s really evident and easy,

  • as you see that you have to register again, you will need to insert the bank card again;
  • but the bank card number which you have already inserted is already in their database, and, what is more, it has already been charged at the amount of $118.43 instead of $49.95;
  • you will need to provide another card, since the sign up process requests it;
  • and, you know what? you will be charged again.

So, this is another instance of the free trap you will get in if you believe the site. In such a way, they are going to charge two of your bank cards on the constant basis until you contact the bank you use and forbid the processing payments to this website. Nice, right? What a cool trick to utilize!


After we have already analyzed the general data and pricing approaches by the MegaHookup web platform as well as the advantages and drawbacks of the site, we have to move forward to disclose some information about the security. So, what kind of protection can you count for when you sign up and/or MegaHookup login? HookupGeek has investigated it all and is ready to share it with you,

  • as the Terms of Use claim, the site totally undergoes the legal regulations by the law of 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • the financial and other disputes, which can arise between the User and the website or between the two or more users undergo the California Civil Code Section 1542, which says: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.” (However, this is applied to the California residents only);
  • the Terms of Use of the website clearly indicate that when you get signed up with the platform, you can count for the entertaining purposes only, and the majority of the profiles located are nothing else but the Love Stars (which are, in fact, the computer-based bot programs for communication),

megahookup 11 step

  • because of the legal regulations by California law, the money which you release and process via your bank account will never be back to you, since you acknowledge this fact when signing up, as per the Terms of Usemegahookup 12 step
  • finally, the matter of the uncontrolled payments, which your bank account will be charged for, is another prerequisite to make everything possible to omit this service.

As a result, HookupGeek can fairly point to the fact that the fact that MegaHookup is engaged in partial deceit of the users, we cannot guarantee you overall safety. In spite of the fact that the laws communicated in the Terms of Use exist, they cannot provide enough protection in this case, since the Terms of Use clearly state that absolutely no real 18+ dates can be arranged, and you should agree with this as soon as you register. So, the money which you have released to the site will not be able to get back to you. Just think, if you really like such a situation!

Quality of Tools

As we have already discussed the numerous drawbacks of the site, we would still need to point to the fact that the quality of the tools, which you are expected to use is not that perfect. Why? Just analyze the following data now,

  • because of the numerous scamful examples, which we have already provided, the tools are extremely ineffective;
  • the search engine could have been the best among the other platforms, however, because of the lack of the real profiles, it will never satisfy your desires;
  • the webcam section as well as the xxx videos section will never work perfectly, since they are never updated;
  • the webcam section is nothing else but the collection of the pre-recorded webcam models’ shows, which are not changing in the course of time, so you will watch the same shows all the time;
  • the xxx videos section will not provide you with the greatest diversity of the movies;
  • the xxx videos section is the collection of the old-fashioned and bad quality videos, which are never updated, so it’d be much more pleasant to search for the free platforms to watch the desired xxx movies;
  • the messaging system is designed in a super great manner, but it will not work perfect, for you will never be able to receive the letter and messages from the real persons – only bots and computer-generated messages from robots.

MegaHookupHence, you may fairly judge that the quality of tools after you megahookup sign in is somehow ambiguous, since, on the one hand, they are nicely created, but on the other hand, they do not result in fruitful outcomes. What is more, if you are aimed to use the feature of MegaHookup delete account, you will encounter certain difficulties. It is not the easiest task to quit the membership. So, if you are aimed at deleting MegaHookup account you will also have to contact your bank in order to abandon the transactions to this website; otherwise they will keep on charging your card even if you don’t ever use their services. So, is Mega Hookup a legit site? We’d not say that, so just have enough opportunities not to be trapped by them, and avoid this web platform!

Quality of Profiles

Frankly speaking, well, we are not sure we can enumerate any positive features as for the quality of the profiles, which you will encounter. In any case, we will give you insights onto the character of the account which are listed on the website. After all we have already mentioned, that’s really the matter of your choice if you want to get the following experiences, which we, personally, have (great!) doubts about,

  • the presence of the Love Stars has been proved by our review and by the Terms of Use by the website;
  • the presence of the real profiles has not been discovered;
  • the persons, who are ‘online’ are just the bots, which will not have any real communication with you;
  • regardless of the ton of profiles, neither of them can be referred to as fake.

MegaHookupSo, if you wanted to get the megahookup real profiles, you’d better go visit any other alternative adult dating website in order to have much more pleasant experiences. Yep, HookupGeek has so many nice reviews at our disposal, so that you will surely pick up something to suit your expectations. In any case, we have to move on to conclude the review. So, be ready to read to the final thoughts by HookupGeek with the sum-up of the review. Believe, we can give you the real verdict!

Final Thoughts

MegaHookup Login
After disclosing all of these phony data about the site by HookupGeek, you have to know that we do not force you to either choose the site or not, but we are just pointing to the pros and cons which will accompany your stay online with After the examination, which we have provided to you and shared the results, you can generally see that the presence of the numerous negative aspects does not positively contribute to the development of the proper adult dating experiences of yours.

The most awful fact, which has confused us, is the presence of the scam in profiles and scam in payment procedure. However, what is more, it is incredibly awful that the law which they utilize to govern their activities supports such a position of things. In any case, you will have to understand that the scam which is all over the place will just spoil any hope of yours to find a credible hookup dating site. However, as we have already stated it, you can always address HookupGeek’s previous reviews in order to pick up the better or even the best alternatives to this awful MegaHookup com. Believe we can always stand next to you in your choice of the most alluring web platforms, so that you can entrust us your online stay and horny experiences and their choice. HookupGeek is always here to assist you. So, stay in touch with us, and we will constantly surprise you with the newer reviews of the most alluring locations on the web to find the desired adult dating sites ever!

FAQ about MegaHookup

According to the Terms of Use developed by MegaHookup, the profiles listed on the website (the ones you can see as soon as you utilize the search engine) are real, as they undergo the special procedure of verification. What is more, the administration of the website as well as the support team constantly monitor the activities of the users, so that it is much easier to investigate if a certain profile performs any scamful actions or not.

As the Terms of Use by MegaHookup state that the site for hookup and dating is in fact for the entertainment purposes only, so it can be said to function absolutely on the legal basis, and provides the services, which do not violate any current legislation.

There are mainly several ways to get in touch with the administration of the website. The first way is to visit their office (if it is comfortable for you or send them a letter via the post office): Nautell Capital Limited 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, Office 107 1087 Nicosia CYPRUS. You can use their email for the swifter correspondence Thirdly, you can contact them via the phone number: at 18443180095 (however, do mind that in order to successfully phone you will need to use of the providers like, for instance, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Boost, Virgin Mobile USA & Metro PCS.

Unfortunately, the function of the video chat is not presented on MegaHookup, since this feature would be more often built in the apps and webcam sites. However, still, you can utilize the regular message system as soon as possible in any volume of your choice.

If your purpose is to get acquainted with someone from the USA but you’re not a resident of this country, you actually can use the dating service. However, to fulfil this purpose, you’re expected to run a VPN app or extension in order to access the site. (A small hint: if you’re not in the USA, don’t forget to inform your interlocutors about it in order to avoid any confusion).