About Men Chats

Yes, we have already reviewed so many nice hookup sites that are real and chats for adult dating so that you have some ideas on how they’re built up. Anyway, each particular adult dating brand is unique, and we have to approach it in the most unique manner, right? The same is to be said about MenChats, a gay dating platform for those who are not afraid of the experiments and can really have fun when communicating in the horny chat rooms with the homosexual and bisexual men for the one night stand sex. So, no girls can be found on the site, never!

Menchats.com is unique and absolutely free of cost chat uniting the gay persons from all over the world. Of course, because of being free, there are some drawbacks in its work but still, it can be of use for those who are looking for different experiences.

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When you are on the page of the dating service, you will easily see that the principles of its work are some different. In what way? Well, there are some traits that make the Menchats platform so fabulous, namely,

  • the service doesn’t require any registration (but still you can get signed up if you need to use different nicknames);
  • being absolutely free, Menchats will never ask you to provide any bank details to release payment (as some of the scam chat systems may do);
  • there are absolutely no limits in what you would be able to grab with the platform: casual sex, hookup, serious relations, virtual sex, and friendships are all possible;
  • to join the website, you don’t need to spend much time at all: just a couple of minutes.

So, what do you think of the platform for now after you were reading the introductory stuff? Would you like to use it? Or maybe you have already signed up with the site? Did you have any impressions? We are sure that you want to know more and more about the site, and we will generously share everything possible with you right away!

What Is MenChats.com?

So, what is the Menchats platform about? What is its mission and how the creators of the site see the final outcomes of your stay online with the site? When reviewing the gay chat in question, we clearly understood everything, and we are ready to share it with you now,

  • in spite of the fact that you don’t have to pay for the services, you are never exhibited any ads to irritate you;
  • the system of the site is built on the principle of the chat rooms you have to join to interact with the other users;
  • in case if you feel like you would carry on communication with someone, you can invite them to your private messages tab;
  • the website ensures that you can either chat with the other gay men or switch on your web camera to have some video chats (with no limits as for the contents).

As a result, you can really count for the most intricate experiences, as the texting is not that piquant as the video connection, right?

As a rule, along with checking the services by the platform for adult dating, we also pay attention to the registration. Thus, this is what we have found out about the MenChat gay dating platform with live sex features,

  • the official geolocation of the site is attributed to the following address, US (United States), CA, California, 90014 Los Angeles;
  • the site was created in 2003;
  • the expiry date of the platform is 2020;
  • the registrant of organization is See PrivacyGuardian.org;
  • the address to which the site is assigned to is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, 85016.

For now, it is evident that everything seems to be legally correct, and you can count for the legally and properly registered platform.

Registration Process

As mentioned above, the system is built in such a way that there are two main options to join the site, namely,

  • you can use it in the guest mode (that is with no registration at all); or
  • you can freely sign up.

In both cases, the only thing you have to do is to confirm you are at least 18 years old.

Now, well, let’s pay some more attention to the matter of the signup process. Let’s see what you have to do to get registered with Menchats and to be an eligible member of the gay community in question.

  • the first thing is to make up a nickname to be visible on the site for the other users (no real names are required, in any case);
  • secondly, you should indicate the city you are currently in to simplify the matchmaking process;
  • create a password and be a happy user of Menchats.com.

menschat sign up

So, you can see that it’ll not take much time, right? Maybe that’s why, we’d refer such approach to the advantages of the site. Nevertheless, we’d also need to take some extra attention to the security, as the easier signup process is, the more chances to get instances of scam or any other negative experiences. So, carry on reading to know everything!


We have already partially shed some light on the way the interaction takes place, but still we have some more interesting facts to touch upon.


Whenever you log in or sign up with MenChats, you will never see innumerable tabs or tools to use, as the minimalism of the site is another unique feature which makes it absolutely different from any other gay dating site. Therefore, you will come across the following features to use to interact with the other users, namely,

  • Room list, wherein you will easily pick up the chat rooms where you would like to participate in to have some horny communication;
  • Private tab would ensure that you can communicate with the other users of the site in private messages, that is your chat would not be visible for the audience;
  • Camera tab would let you have some video chat with the persons you like in the private form, as well, so that you can exchange some interesting adult experiences, you know.

In fact, that’s all being accessible for all users of the site. Hence, nothing would irritate you or focus your attention on something being not exactly related to the matter of communication.


In addition to this, we would like to mention that the number of participants of the site is great, and, hence, you will have so much diversity that you will not only satisfy your desires but also find some newer ones to accomplish.

menschat rooms

So, in order to interact, you can either drop messages in one of the chat rooms being publicly accessible or invite some (or be invited by someone) to the private chat to discuss everything possible directly in the private mode. Here, you will also be able to exchange some contacts to keep on communicating in messengers or in social networks (in any case, be sure to take care of your security).


When it comes to pricing, you should know one more time that you will never need to pay for any service of the site. THus, in case if you encounter a situation that someone sends you a message asking to release the payment for the service, you should report this profile, as it is scam.

The administration of the Menchats dating site do not ever asks you to pay for anything at all. The same can be said about any sort of donation to be performed. Hence, you can use the site as long as you wish having no need in paying for it.

In this subsection, we’d also like to make an emphasis on the fact that there is a way how the site is sustained. Yes, if the users do not pay for using it and if there are no ads to be exhibited, there should another way how the administration monetizes the activity of the platform, and it’s quite easy.

The thing is that there is an affiliate website called MenChats Live whereon the hottest boys are in the role of the webcam models to show their best in front of their webcams. In case, you are really into the webcamming, you can like the site, since it is really able to provide you with the most frivolous experiences ever! Yeah, those kinky guys go wild, and you can adore them by generating your own satisfaction out of watching their nude live performances.

Nevertheless, there are no free cams to watch, and you will have purchase the in-app currency, tokens, similarly to any other sex webcam site. Whatever your sex preferences are, you can have access to any webcam room of the affiliate to take a look at the most lustful and misbehaving guys you could dream of!

Free Features

As initially mentioned, all of the features presented on the platform are absolutely free of cost. So, be sure to collect this opportunity to have the most piquant communication you have always wanted to get into!

Pros And Cons

As you were gradually reading the text, you could have had some insights on the positive and negative features of the service. In fact, for now it may seem that there is nothing bad at all when it comes to the present gay dating service. In reality, we have discovered some ambiguous points to share with you, and we’ll do it very-very soon!

So, traditionally, we commence with the description of the pros you would love to use when signing up with the site, and MenChats is not an exception, you know. As a result, the following advantages are accessible for all users, literally,

  • you will never need to pay for the service, so it’s to be referred to the dating sites that don’t require any credit card;
  • you can feel as free and deliberated as it is only possible, since you can easily post your nude photos and videos, as if it is another ‘affiliate’ of SnapChat nudes;
  • there are so many users, so that you can always communicate with someone new;
  • you can use the video chat room to communicate with whoever you want, which is another proof that the profiles on the site are credible;
  • to join the site, you will not need to waste much time to respond innumerable questions and to fill your profile out;
  • you can always be sure about the safety of your personal data, as you don’t have to share any with the site.

What about the cons? As we mentioned, there are some, so you are expected to beware of them. Of course, we refer these points to the disadvantages, since we are very strict with the quality of security and service in general.

Therefore, the following kind of negative aspects are present,

  • there are not that many interactive tools (so that if you like having many tools being built in, you will not see them);
  • the guest mode doesn’t give you any guarantee on who you communicate with, so that it may result in some ruining of your security;
  • there are too many chats about sex and propositions to have it, so if you are not that fond of the approach, it may be some irritating;
  • when you join the site for the first time, you may think that there are no one to speak with, as not all of the users are that friendly.

Nonetheless, this list is not all over, as we have some more points to come across. namely,

  • one of the biggest cons is that you would hardly ever find any section related to the Terms of Use of the site or Privacy policies applied to the users;
  • there are no notes on the legality of the site, and no legal regulation governing the platform are provided;
  • it’d be quite complicated to get in touch with the support team (regardless of the fact that there is a special button);
  • if you use the feature of sign up (that is not the guest mode), you will never be able to delete your profile, as there is no special tool to manage your profile at all;
  • you will never see the tool of the search, as it is presented on the other adult dating services, as you can pick up only the persons who participate in the chat rooms.

Well, unfortunately the list of the drawbacks is quite big, don’t you think so? In any case, as you know we always give the fullest freedom to decide if they are too crucial for you.

In fact, paradoxically, in spite of all these cons, all the users are real. In other words, you will never see any fake profiles. In addition to this, there are no profiles that would distribute the irritating spam and ads (at least, we have not encountered any at all).

Quality Of Profiles

Let’s have some information on the quality of profiles you would come across when chatting in the rooms. The following points have been received in the course of the review, namely,

  • because of the video chat feature, you can always check up if the user who you are communicating with is real or not;
  • regardless of the fact that not all profiles are with the photos, you can always have it sent by the user upon your request;
  • the chat rooms are always full of the users, so there will be problem to have someone to communicate with.

To be honest, we would award the highest mark to the quality of profiles, as they’re really nice.

Quality Of Tools

We have touched upon the quality of tools to a particular extent, and you might have already made some conclusions. In any case, our mission is to deliver all possible features we have found out about Menchats.com. Thus, the following can be said,

  • there are not that many tools but the presented ones are more or less nice and enough to ensure the good quality of communication;
  • if there had been the search tool, the success of the users would have been of the higher rate;
  • there are no ads that would constantly irritate you, so that you can freely use the service;
  • the quality of the video chats is nice if the cameras of the users are of some good quality; otherwise, you will have some difficulties in seeing a nice picture (however, that can be attributed to any video service);
  • when messaging the other users, you can freely send the pics of yours (with no censorship at all).

Yeah, you can guess now that we have the most positive impressions out of reviewing the tools and their quality being accessible for all eligible users of Menchats.com.


Oh, well. The matter of security makes us worry the most, as we have not found any Terms of Use and Privacy policies. In addition to this, we had no chance to get in touch with the support team of the platform. Hence, the only thing we can state here is that you should always be as attentive as possible, since no one can guarantee that you will have the most protected stay online with MenChats. In any case, you can always decide for yourself if you can trust the service or not.

How To Delete Profile

Yep, we’ve already mentioned that there is no chance to delete the profile of yours. In all similar cases, we would advise you getting in touch with the support team, however, as the support team is quite complicated to be accessed, there is nothing to do if you are eager to cancel your membership with MenChats.com.

The only recommendation we can single out in this case is that you should never indicate any real or personal information about yourself when joining the site, as you will never be able to delete your profile. Also, we would strongly suggest you enable your VPN app or extension to get more protection. Finally, we’d also say that you should have your geolocation feature turned off.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, this is probably one of the most ambiguous reviews we have ever accomplished for HookupGeek, as there are both so many cool and fabulous features being accompanied by some unpleasant ones. Our verdict is not that easy to be made, as we have both positive and negative impressions but there is no exact attitude about MenChats.com.

Yes, it goes without saying that the credibility of the profiles is the most decisive factor to follow and to be guided by, but the security of the site is absolutely not presented. Thus, we would recommend you using the site only in case if you are ready to follow the safety tips we have singled out in the previous sections of the current review.

In any case, we are always happy to see your feedback on each of our reviews, since this is one of the tools of motivation. In addition to this, all of the feedbacks are helpful for our users, so that we can know the trustworthy insights on the activities of each dating offer we come across. Hence, do always feel free to leave your feedback right after our FAQ section.

Finally, if you believe that not all questions have been touched upon in the text of the review, you can easily have them responded in the FAQ section that is located right below.

FAQ about MenChats

Yes, you can. However, don’t forget to inform your partner(s) on your background and intentions not to cause any misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, the site does not provide any paid features at all. The only paid stuff is the webcams provided by the affiliate partner of the Menchats.com site. So, just enjoy what you have for free or carry on reading our reviews to know even more!

There is no such a feature, so to attract more users to the chats just be active in the chat rooms and don’t be afraid to initiate a chat.

There are absolutely no limits as for this, so feel free to chat with as many men as you wish to.

There are no restrictions as for the quality and format of the photos. You can use your ordinary photos along with your own nudes.