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  • The platform serves two functions: a place to entertain and get entertained;
  • The website has been designed exclusively for the men;
  • Unbelievably great diversity and number of cam girls;
  • Super great and fast support group to assist you;
  • Easy payment methods and affordable prices for tokens;
  • Users can gain tokens for performing in front of their cameras; and
  • Ability to promote one’s account in order to save up funds for the tokens.

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Pricing plans

200 Tokens

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for $49.99 (~$0.09 per token)

900 Tokens

for $74.99 (~$0.08 per token)

MyFreeCams Review

myfreecams is among the most advanced platforms for online watching of the web cams. The choice of female models is magnificent, since it is based on the modern standards of beauty. It means that all the girls are well shaped and beauteous so that all those girls who you could never afford are for you now there to amuse you.

What you get when you register with the platform? So many things would become affordable for you,

  • horny girls, who know how to behave in front of their cams;
  • tons of profiles, which are not limited in using;
  • diversity of the types of cams;
  • different rooms and, thus, different rooms;
  • ability to chat with the models; and
  • ability to leave your feedback and preferences.

In addition to this, there is a plenty of additional tools and choices. For instance, let us have a look at the types of membership you can get when signing up with my


  • guest profile. It means that you can always just visit the main page and see some videos online. Of course, those will be accessed in a limited way, since you need to sign up to get the most of the webcams;
  • basic account. It gives you basic opportunities: you can see all the cams being available online; but you cannot watch those full size;
  • premium profile. This is the most advanced function for the users, since you can watch all the cams depending on the number of tokens purchased; you can send messages to all members of the website; you can receive emails on the newest updates; after becoming a premium user, you will start getting the so-called rewards, or reward points, which would give you a chance to earn free tokens;
  • platinum premium. You receive all the same features as you would obtain with the premium profile; but with the platinum one you can get more rewards, and, as a result, you get more free tokens.

How to get a premium profile and platinum premium account? Believe, it is so easy that you will not waste much time for this. Hence,

  • you need to register a basic account first;
  • then, you need to promote your profile to premium one by loading some investment to your basic account;
  • the more times you load your account, the more rewards are given and the more chances you get to be promoted to the platinum premium account to save up more money.

These three simple steps would allow you having unlimited and horny experiences with the hottest girls you ever saw!

As it was mentioned, the mfc cams will give you the chance to earn the funds and tokens. You are given $0.05 per each token which is being spent for your performance. Thus, the more performances you have a week, the more opportunities to earn you recieve. Also, you can always turn your funds into the tokens to watch other models’ performances.

The performances at the website are also of different types. Hence, you have a wide choice of opportunities to indulge yourself by watching those horny girls. So, the types of shows are as follows,

  • group performances. These would be shared with unlimited number of voyeurs and all the observers would have access to the models’ actions;
  • private shows. These are designed only for one user who orders it; nevertheless, the ordinary users can spy on the model being performing;
  • true private performances. These ones are elaborated in order to provide you with a chance to watch the performance by your individual choice and commands without giving someone an opportunity to spy on;

Along with this, each of the types of shows would provide you with a function of chatting with the model. What for? Just to share your impressions, desires and asking to commit your prefered actions. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t think it costs much – just rediscover the pricing policies below and you will see how reachable the pleasure is and how you can gratify yourself by using your imagination and those horny girls’ experiences.


Pricing Policies of the Website

You might be wondering on how costly these juicy functions can be, right? We will show you the tokens packages you are most welcome to purchase not to interrupt your interactive stay with the models. See the list of myfreecams token cost to see how to act and how many tokens it is better to buy,

Special Discounts
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  • 200 Tokens Package will go for $19.99 (with the approximate price of ~$0.10 per token);
  • 550 Tokens Package will cost just $49.99 (with the approximate price of ~$0.09 per token);
  • 900 Tokens Package would go for $74.99 (with the approximate price of ~$0.08 per token);
  • 3775 Tokens Package will cost just $299.99 (with the approximate price of less than $0.08 per token);
  • 7575 Tokens Package will go for $599.99 (with the approximate price of less than $0.08 per token).

Well, it is absolutely evident that the more tokens you purchase at once, the more chances to save up you have. For instance, what is the point in buying less and paying more? Of course, you recognize that the three last packages displayed would present the highest benefit for your wallet.

When analyzing the cost of the tokens’ packages, please take into consideration that you will get the wider range of opportunities. In other words, the more tokens bought, the more tokens given absolutely for free in the form of reward. Hence, you’re most welcome to turn your pastime with the platform into the unbelievable and voluptuous one. Advantages and Disadvantages

In case you have never used the webcams services before, you will definitely have a clear vision on how they are engaging, especially when it comes to MyFreeCams. Now on, let us have a look at the advantages, which the platform gives,

  • The platform serves two functions: a place to entertain and get entertained;
  • The website has been designed exclusively for the men;
  • Unbelievably great diversity and number of cam girls;
  • Super great and fast support group to assist you;
  • Easy payment methods and affordable prices for tokens;
  • Users can gain tokens for performing in front of their cameras; and
  • Ability to promote one’s account in order to save up funds for the tokens.

Are there any shortcomings, which would spoil your impression? Obviously, no. There are just some tiny negative features, which would be good to get improved,

  • the main page is overloaded by the profiles being advertised;
  • the search tool is located at the bottom of the page so that you will need to scroll down much;
  • there is no mobile device app to use, but the website goes fine with the myfreewebcams mobile version of the platform (using a browser of your choice).

These drawbacks are not so significant to pay attention to. They will not create any inconvenience to you. In addition to this, the management of the platform makes constant changes to get the work and functionality of the portal more and more user-friendly.

MyFreeCams Mobile Version of the Site

In case if you as a user of the marvelous MyFreeCams want to have it accessed from your mobile device — either your smartphone or your tablet — you will be happy to utilize the mobile version of the MyFreeCams website. So, the key features of the mobile version are comprised of,

  • all the functionality available from the web version is available via the mobile format;
  • the horny girls’ profiles are all accessible from the mobile version;
  • the cams work in the same way as if you utilized the PC version;
  • the mobile version can assist you in registration process and payment release procedure.

The only drawback of the mobile version is that you will encounter the lesser size of the screen so the video broadcast framework would be lesser in size. However, it does not much spoil your impression, so you can easily access and utilize the mobile format of the site by simply enabling the browser of your choice on your mobile.

So, why is it cool to use the mobile version?

  • in case if you live a country which is not supposed to use the MyFreeCams website, you can easily switch your VPN on in order to hide your real location in order to access the site;
  • if you live not alone and do not want the other people to find out about your sexual preferences, hence, if you use your home computer, this all can be revealed, so mobile version i better to use in this case;
  • your mobile device is always with you so regardless of your location you can have your desired adult experiences by watching the cam performances by the hottest cuties ever.

So, you may realize that by trying out the mobile version of MyFreeCams, you have the same appealing experiences with the site as if you used the PC version.

MyFreeCams Mobile App

Along with the mobile version of the MyFreeCams website, you can easily have the site accessed via the mobile app. Herein, the thing is that the 2014 version of the app named is not available any more, since the functionality of the app was not that promising. By the year of 2018, the developers had worked out only a beta version of the app, so that you can have access to the app freely by simply downloading it.

MFC mobile

So, what to expect from the app of the beta version, which is only available? See the list of traits,

  • The MyFreeCams mobile functionality is being improved; however, for now, the app allows you watching the webcams but the speed of the stream can ne slowed down;
  • The beta version of the MyFreeCams mobile app is available currently only for the iPhone products, which utilize the iOs platform;
  • The developers are currently working on improving the app quality to ensure the access to the site in the most comfortable way;
  • The usage of the app is absolutely free of price and you are not expected to pay additionally for the use of the app.

Therefore, the key drawbacks of the MyFreeCams mobile app are as follows,

  • no app for Android users is available;
  • the iOs app requires some elaborations to ensure its proper functioning.

Hence, the design of the app as well as its work are mainly positive needing just some tiny improvements. So, in the nearest future, you will be able to access it with no obstacles at all!

Is myfreecams a Scam: Security of Personal Data

The measures on the users’ security and their privacy information safety are well designed and protected in order to ensure the safe stay with the website. In addition to this, the platform guarantees that no third parties would ever have access to the account of yours or to your banking details. Thus, you may feel absolutely safe when applying the search tools and watching the models’ performances.

In case if you get the necessity to become a model, your rights are also reserved and protected. It means that the video broadcast you perform is to be paid in compliance with the agreement you agree up on when deciding on being a model. Hence, there is no point in worrying about the violation of your rights or laws. Everything is legal when it comes to the processes on the website.

Quality of Tools

Despite the fact that the search tools are located beneath the numerous profiles and cam shows being advertised, they would provide you with the super numerous qualities of search. Thus, the search engine being built in the website is based on the following filters,

  • you can choose whose rooms are to be showed first (your friends’, your favorites, or the newest ones);
  • you can also follow the website’s recommendation and pick up one of the model’s performances;
  • there is also a filter in compliance with the models’ origin (the region of search including the ethnicities and nationalities);
  • you can sort the models by their nickname, activity on the website, number of views, and so on; and
  • you can also sort out the number of models per a show (including the gender).

Hence, you can see that you are provided with the numerous searching opportunities to find the best match for you to pass the time with in front of your PCs, right? Why not test it right now? It’s oh so nice and horny, believe!


Quality of Profiles

Even if you prefer choosing the guest version of the website, you will see that the cams provided belong to the most beauteous girls you have ever met. It means that the quality of profiles is more than incredible and unthought-of! The only difference you can see is the girls’ origin. In any case, regardless of this aspect, the girls are all sporty and appealing so that you will definitely indulge your desires and obtain the most voluptuous practices without even leaving your home. Sounds gorgeous, doesn’t it?

When examining the platform we had to visit diverse rooms, and what we have found? Yep, everything is perfect, namely,

  • all the models correspond to the depiction in their profiles;
  • all the models do what the participants of the room propose them to;
  • all the models are friendly and produce that alluring impression;
  • all the shows which we saw were filled with the passion and amorous intentions.

Hence, we can fairly and reputably recommend the platform, since it is built by following the principle of indulging the users. So, don’t waste any minute and get signed up, for each moment is unique with the MyFreeCams websites.


Having investigated the platform of MyFreeCams, we can state that you will get the most alluring experience as soon as you register. The thousands of the hottest horny girls are awaiting and you can become the most gratified person ever because the phantasy of the female performers is insensatiable. You will never meet anything similar regardless of your previous experience of using such services. So, schedule your time properly and wisely since you will see how unbearably pleasant it is to go online with the website mentioned.

So, let us look again at what is the most pleasant about MyFreeCams?

  • first and foremost, you will receive a chance to have the most pleasant pastime in front of your PC by admiring the divine beauty of the girls;
  • secondly, you will get a chance to become a model and earn real money;
  • thirdly, you will not have to spend much money to purchase a needed tokens package;
  • you will be supported by the support team;
  • you will have a plenty of search engine tools at your disposal to indulge your most undercover desires; and
  • finally, you will be given a chance to feel like a king since the girls do what you want in front of their cams.

What is more, each video is shot in the best quality and is accompanied by the sound. The latter one can be switched off in case you want to. Hence, paying reasonably, you obtain the whole choice, which would be called to lead you to the pleasure. Feel it, and you will never forget it. You have never seen anything that adorable and horny – these girls do know how to marvel your mind and how to show and prove that magic really exists and works, yes. So, it is so close, just take it now and use wisely!

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MyFreeCams customers reviews

Anonymous #1

What a marvelous review. Found it by mistake and could not stop reading! I have visited the website you reviewed and it was so surprising to see so many cuties at the same time in the same place. Magic, yeah, real magic! How they do that?

Anonymous #2

My first acquaintance with myfeecam took place last year. I was that bored that was surfing the web in search of something unpredictable or unexpected. I also broke up with my girlfriend, so I needed some relief. This website gave me what I needed. Regardless of using it as a guest, I obtained some tranquility and fun at the same time. Two days later, I got signed up to always stay tuned! Perfect, guys! Jeez, it is a miracle! If I had known about it before, I’d not have sought a girlfriend for me. What is the use of her if she just does you know what to your brain!

Anonymous #3

Loving it with all my soul! Perfect cam service. I suggested it to my sister, and she became a model. No worries, no, I have never watched her performing!

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