NaughtyDate Review

How often do you think of the way you are about to get what you need on the horny websites and live sex camera platforms? We’re sure, you have always dreamed of getting some naughty experiences, right? So, they are present with NaughtyDate site. Nonetheless, how safe it is and how it is efficient? We’ll discover it all with this current www NaughtyDate com review!
In case if you want just NaughtyDate sign in function, it will be possible only if you have already registered and are over your 18 years old. In addition, you’re supposed to

  • insert your email (we strongly recommend you not to use the one, which is your officialjust make another one);
  • insert your zip code;
  • indicate your age (date of birth); and
  • communicate your gender (and gender preferences).

After this, you are given a basic and free profile, which has only limited functions to display to you. In case you like those, you are about to have the payment method chosen and the payment per se completed. So, there you are! You are given access to everything!
So, what features do you receive as soon as the pay has been accomplished? Read it,

  • before you purchase at least one month membership, you can try it out by using the trial version;
  • within the framework of the trial version, you can send no more than 5 messages (however, some users claim that these are sent nowhere);
  • after the 5 messages have been sent, you are kindly asked to commit payment;
  • then you can message any user of your choice;
  • you obtain access to the search engine and use it inserting the parameters you need to find;
  • the site is comprised of numerous profiles, so what you need is to choose who you’d wish to date;
  • after communicating in messages and agreeing on the details, you are arranging the date.

As a matter of fact, the essence of the service is referred to the no strings attached format of ties, so, as you can definitely understand, you will not plan to grab the long-term relations with anyone. So, each person, who has been signed up, is aware of the fact that no serious relations are possible.
How about the payment and the cost of the services?

Special Discounts

  • trial period of three days is possible, wherein each day’s cost is $0.99;
  • 1 month membership would cost $27.99;
  • 3 months premium membership would easily go for $45.99; and
  • 6 months membership costs $73.99.

So, the pricing plans are more or less moderate; however, there is a small trick they play with when they announce the price. As a rule, they show you that if you choose 1 month membership, you should pay just $0.91 a day. Agree, it is not that much, however, in reality, it will still be no less than $27.99. So, you should be careful about the prices to pay for.

Advantages and Shortcomings

In any case, the most important aspect is to understand how this price corresponds to the initial expectations of the users. So, first off, we would draw your attention to the benefits and advantages you could gain.

  • you will encounter innumerable NaughtyDate com profiles to communicate with;
  • the design of the web platform is nice and engaging;
  • the work of the site is easy and will not cause any difficulties;
  • the support team functions properly and responds almost immediately to all the users’ inquiries;
  • the trial version is enabled so you will be able to test the site before commiting the payment.

Either fortunately or unfortunately, but the list of advantages is over. So, we are moving forward to the cons, which can spoil your opinion and the ones, which should constitute your point of view about the character of the site.

  • there is no NaughtyDate app (even there is no NaughtyDate Android app), so there is no need to have searched for the NaughtyDate app download;
  • some of the NaughtyDate reviews refer the platform to the NaughtyDate scam site, since there are some negative features;
  • the prevailing number of profiles is either inactive or staff based ones;
  • there is a wide range of fake accounts by the users who prefer to get signed up for the trial version only;
  • some of the profiles can serve as a spam sender to your messages;
  • the Terms of Use of the site (this section is easily found beneath the pages) do not restrict making the fake profiles;
  • the security of the data of your personal character is not granted to be at the proper level.

So, you can see that there are some disadvantages which are not that serious; whilst some of them are more than even dangerous. Hence, is NaughtyDate a scam? So, you can judge it by yourself if you should or should not be engaged in the cooperation with the site.

Security: Is NaughtyDate a Real Site?

Due to the fact that we have already discussed the cons of the site, we have some real doubts about the security, credibility, and reality of the services they provide. So, out task now is to analyze the security measures to the fullest extent

  • the site and its activities are all based on the most contemporary regulations of the legal nature and undergo all the necessary laws and regulations;
  • the Terms of Use do not even try to hide the fact that the fake accounts can be encountered;
  • the users can never be guaranteed that their personal data are not transmitted to the third parties, for the site does not protect this type of information to the necessary extent.

Of course, it is up to you to decide you refer NaughtyDate a scam or not; nevertheless, we have to ask you to be responsible. Because of these features as well as because of the shortcomings, which we have discovered, we should provide you with some of the hints on how to get protected whenever you get signed in with the site,

  • do not use any emails of yours, which you usually utilize for your work or personal purposes, for it is highly recommended to have created the fake email to get more security;
  • avoid communicating your phone number to the third parties;
  • do not ever show your bank account details and passwords;
  • avoid sending your private character photos to the persons, who you are not sure about;
  • the administration of the site would never ask you to provide any of the data listed above;
  • the administration of thesite bears no responsibility about the fact that you indicated some or all the date of your personal character.

So, it is absolutely your choice to trust or not the site; however, be sure to protect yourself whenever you get in.


Regardless of the fact that there is no NaughtyDate app reviews, for there is no app at all, we could judge some points about the work of the site per se. So, you could read the negative features which we have mentioned and make your own conclusion. Whatever decision you are about to come up with, we strongly suggest you to monitor the bank card transaction (not to be charged over the amount promised) and avoid the spread of your personal data in order not to have it used in an illegal manner.

FAQ about NaughtyDate

No, you cannot do it directly in your profile; however, you are not prohibited to share your instagram profile link to your interlocutors.

The only payment option is presented, and it is your bank card only. No other functions like PayPal, Skrill, or cryptocurrency is possible.

In compliance with the Terms of Use and the nature of the NaughtyDate site for hookup and dating online, you’re supposed to have only the straight relations. It means that a man can look for a woman only, while a woman can seek a man only. By the way, the site does not have any feature of looking for couples.

Luckily, the signup process is absolutely free of cost for both men and women.

Unfortunately, similarly to all the other numerous dating and hookup sites, you are not (and cannot be) eligible to have any refund on your request, since in compliance with the Terms of Use of the site, the refund is possible only in case if the web platform does not provide you with the proper functioning of the services. In all the other cases, you cannot receive any refund if you decide on quitting the site (no matter what kind of reason(s) you tend to have).