All the greatest diversity of the most popular cam sites and international dating services has recently been in demand because of the opportunity to quickly meet someone who is in one city or vice versa at a great distance, that is in another country. is one of the most successful one night stand hook up resources, which many people find their soulmate(s) on by simply using, say, okcupid mobile site.

Both okcupid mobile (mobile format of the site and the app) and web version are a seemingly free, well-organized, but very annoying application that sends endless alerts even when nothing at all happens. Thus, what is special about this portal and how is it different from others? We learn further.

  • The dating site was created about 15 years ago, in 2004, and every year it gains more and more fans, not only in the United States, but throughout the world;
  • Currently the number of users is about 10 million;
  • OkCupid is a property of the company named Humor Rainbow, Inc.;
  • The creators and owners of the web site for dating and of the app are Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn;
  • Okcupid is not connected with Facebook, so no one can know where you work, who you are friends with, therefore he suggests looking for a lover by geolocation or using a questionnaire with difficult questions.

In spite of the fact that you can download the app for free, absolutely, you may have a question if is okcupid free? There are some features (referred to as basic, that is which are not included either in Basic A-List or Premium A-List), which are literally free; nevertheless, the most interesting ones (to be included either in Basic A-List or Premium A-List) are prepaid, and are impossible of being used if the payment has not been committed. Thus, here go all the basic functions that a free dating site has:

  • registration and profile creation;
  • partner search, setting search criteria;
  • the ability to quickly and easily contact the user of interest to you;
  • you can show your interest in other participants.

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When you become a member of the site, on, acquaintances take place according to a certain algorithm, and here you can find people who are right for you, thus, you’ll need to use the ok cupid browse function. So, what it all means and is comprised of?

  • Online registration includes passing a small psychological test;
  • Answering the question, the user chooses the answer and, if necessary, indicates how important it is for him/her;
  • If there are participants with a large percentage of matches, then you will automatically receive a notification.

OkCupidThus, it is possible to understand what psychological compatibility is with each participant. The form is created for free. There are applications for mobile phones, versions for iPhone and Android (the latest one 25.1.1. was released on February, 2019), so that the process of dating and communication was as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Is there anything new the website started for their users? Definitely yes! In order to stay modern and keep up to date, the web platform began to support different ties between people. See,

  • The dating site OkCupid presented an update aimed at supporting polyamors (those are the people who prefer building equal romantic relationships with several partners at once);
  • The new feature will allow a pair of users who have previously indicated in their profiles that they are “in a relationship”, “married” or “in an open relationship”, together looking for new partners on the site;
  • Since OkCupid has started testing a new feature, and now made it available to all users.

Why did they do it and what were the main motives of the introduction of the brand-new feature?

  • In compliance with the numerous OkCupid representatives, more and more visitors of the service are interested in other forms of relationships, and not just monogamy;
  • According to the company, 25% of OkCupid users are interested in group sex (or swingers experiences);
  • and 42% are ready to meet a person who is already in open or polyamorous relationships.

Specialized dating sites for polyamors had existed before, but OkCupid is the first well-known dating service that allows two users to search together for new partners. In 2014, OkCupid allowed users to indicate that they are in an open relationship, and last year the number of options in the “gender” column increased up to the index of 22. This fact has dramatically enlarged the okcupid search categories and improved the search results’ sensitivity.

OkCupidSo, it seems that the company takes much care about their users and tries to implement the newest features in order to stay in touch with the most innovative tendencies in the field of dating among the similar to okcupid dating sites.

Pricing Plans On Ok Cupid

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As HookupGeek has just mentioned, the app and the website are free of cost to visit, but there are some features which are of prepaid nature. However, there are still some nice free website features. Yeah, we’ve told you about some of them, but we’d want to recall you them and add up some newer. So, the free traits are comprised of,

  • Registration (that is the process of sing up) does not require any payment from the users, which means that initially you receive your okcupid profile for free;
  • You can search for and view the other users’ okcupid profiles;
  • You are eligible to write and receive unlimited okcupid messages from the other users of the service;
  • You use your okcupid sign in function for free;
  • You can get the free ok cupid tips;
  • Smartphone applications do not require money for downloading.

Along with the free features at your disposal, there is a paid subscription, which has a number of advantages. In general, the prepaid version of the services is comprised of,

  • you ability to change your name or nickname;
  • the numerous advanced options to find a partner;
  • invisible ability to okcupid browse;
  • your ability to see when your message is read;
  • the location of the questionnaire in the TOP – on the 1st page of search results.

However, these are not all the features you gain, since there are two predominant pricing approaches, which are suggested for the users. The first is known to be titled as “Basic A-List” and the second is “Premium A-List”. So, what are they comprised of and what are their main differences? Finally, the most important issue is how much they cost for you?

So, pricing! The “Basic A-List” is characterized by the following cost approach,

  • you are charged no more than $19.95 per a month of the so-called Basic A-List profile
  • you are charged no more than $14.95 per a month of the so-called Basic A-List profile (in total, you are expected to pay $44.85 for 3 months of using the Basic A-List profile);
  • you are charged no more than $9.95 per a month of the so-called Basic A-List profile (in total, you are expected to pay $59.7 for 6 months of using the Basic A-List profile).

OkCupidHerein, you should consider the following facts,

  • if you choose paying for 3 months or 6 months of using the Basic A-List profile, there should be 1 bank transaction accordingly; otherwise, you will be charged by calculating the period with the cost of 1 month, that is $19.95;
  • if you choose either 3 months of using the Basic A-List profile or 6 months of using the Basic A-List profile, you can save up you money;
  • you save up to $15 if you pay for three months of using the Basic A-List profile with one transaction;
  • you save up to $60 if you purchase the 6 months period of using the Basic A-List profile.

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So, you can see that the loyalty of the users is highly appreciated by OkCupid, and you can have some of your funds saved up without losing any functionality of the services at all. You should agree that it is more than just nice and kind of them!

What about the features which are included in the Basic A-Level package? (Here, we consider the features, which are not impacted by the duration of the usage period),

  • everytime when you are eager to purchase the Basic A-List package with OkCupid, you will be absolutely deprived of any possible ad experiences, which means that you will never be exposed to viewing any ads;
  • each time when you are planning to purchase the Basic A-List package with OkCupid, you can have a chance to change/modify your username one time per month in order to sustain diversity;
  • everytime when you are planning to buy the Basic A-List package with OkCupid, you are eligible to be given more search options (as a rule, they tend to include such ones as body type and attractiveness of the person);
  • everytime when you are planning to purchase the Basic A-List package with OkCupid, you can see the fullest that is the most concise list of everyone who has already liked your pics or your profile;
  • everytime when you are about to purchase the Basic A-List package with OkCupid, you can visit profiles invisibly, that is absolutely incognito, as well as  see your visitors’ list (that is the list of those who visited your profile and saw your photos) at the same time;
  • each time when you buy Basic A-List, you get a huge volume for your mailbox, which can definitely provide you with opportunity to store 5,000 messages;
  • you can check if the messages you have sent have been viewed by your recipient yet or not; and finally,
  • you are eligible to utilize more message filter options.

Great! Now on, let’s move to the Premium A-List, its functions and costs.

Because of the better functions, the Premium A-List has some augmented pricing approaches, namely,

  • you are charged exactly $34.90 per month;
  • you are charged exactly $29.90 per month of using Premium A-List (in total, you are supposed to release payment of $89.7 for 3 months of Premium A-List package); and
  • you are charged exactly $24.90 per month of using Premium A-List ((in total, you are supposed to release payment of $149.6 for 6 months of Premium A-List package).

Herein, there are some save-up opportunities designed by OkCupid for your convenience,

  • you still have the same list of the free features;
  • if you purchase 3 months of the Premium A-List package period instead of paying it monthly, you save up $15; and
  • if you order 6 months of the Premium A-List package period instead of paying it monthly, you save up $59.8.

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Yep, you’re right, that’s more than gorgeous! Nevertheless, let’s unlock the features you get if you go Premium A-List package,

  • On the daily basis, you obtain a chance of the free ok cupid profile boost (it assumes that the system tends to place you at the top of the search results of the matches (ok cupid a list) page including the service of the so-called quick-match);
  • The same function is also enabled within the Premium A-List package even under the conditions when OkCupid deems busy;
  • With the Premium A-List package, you can easily see other people’s answers to the okcupid questions (in the test) before you have provided your own answer(s);
  • In case if you pick up the Premium A-List package, your messages are not simply sent but they emerge at the top of everyone’s mailbox who you have got in touch with; and, finally,
  • If you prefer having this Premium A-List package, your profile will be able to find and be seen by more active and attractive partners and matches generated by the exclusive okcupid profile search.

So, as you can see the A-List packages are someway different, and you are the only person to decide which of them suits you better. In this case, HookupGeek, of course, would suggest the Premium A-List package, for it can give you much more chances for the successful dating and/or okcupid hookup. In any case, we should move to the pros and cons of the website and app. Interesting, what they are like?OkCupid

Pros And Cons

Dissimilarly from the other similar websites and apps (such okcupid vs tinder), the OkCupid web platform is… over equipped by the numerous advantages. You cannot really imagine how they are numerous. So, let’s have it all sorted out.

The most evident and general pros you are likely to first come across with okcupid are comprised of the following,

  • you use it with no chance to get exposed to the advertising, which would irritate you;
  • it requires detailed profile information for more  sensitive results to be obtained;
  • it shows who visited your profile;
  • you can remain invisible and watch someone’s account incognito;
  • it allows you to evaluate daily found pairs;
  • it has a compatibility score to show your success;
  • it is available both on PC and in the form of the app; and
  • it accurately shows the percentage of response to the ok cupid questions.

There are however, even more advantages, which you would surely fall in love with! Some of them are purely of psychological character, and would let you evaluate the real candidates to match you. So, see,

  • the are only normal users who do not write bad things and vulgarity will not insult the others. So, it means that the communication on the site (and app) is polite and unobtrusive. Compared to other services, there are interesting people here for friendship and meetings, aimed at discussing common interests;
  • there are numerous considered items in the questionnaire. It means that when you do not know what to write about yourself, you are afraid of something and/or shy, then leading questions will help determine the answer;
  • the test helps to find people who are psychologically compatible with you. This shows the percentage of compatibility. You can independently choose which questions to answer and rate the importance of a particular question;
  • There are the search criteria considered to be of a large number. You can specify the location, age, appearance, character, preferences, and many other aspects.

OkCupidHookupGeek has also distinguished some ‘technical’ advantages which are loved by the regular users of the dating service in question. They are comprised of the following,

  • The interface of both website and app is simple and convenient;
  • The blog has interesting articles about the studies conducted on dating, there are news of the portal;
  • There is an extensive search customization options from location to personal habits, appearance and character traits;
  • All this is in a user-friendly and intuitive interface, everything works well and quickly, I have never had any problems;
  • They have perfect moderation. It presupposes that the moderation there is active. Although, it seems, the matter is not even moderation. (From HookupGeek’s personal experience: from whatever country the men/women write, the okcupid first message has always been polite, correct, and positive. Yes, there were such girls/guys and women who would be nothing special, and their messages, for sure, were sent to pretty girls/guys in batches without even looking at the questionnaire. But they did not cause rejection – just read, forgot, and then went further. There is a feeling that people have at least some self-esteem (since writing obscenities in a personal to an unfamiliar girl/guy is, in our opinion, primarily the absence of self-esteem);
  • There is a well-thought-out list of fields and questions in the questionnaire – even if you have absolutely nothing to write about yourself, or you are just shy and nothing comes to mind – there you will write at least something about yourself that will help you know better before the stage correspondence;
  • The platform gives each user an ability to search for people on psychological compatibility. The hookup site provides a questionnaire with several thousand (oh my God!) questions on completely different areas and sides of character. Moreover, you optionally answer for yourself and indicate how important a certain answer from a partner is to you. In the course of filling in the answers, a psychological portrait is made up – how much is one or another quality of character expressed in you. Based on the results, you can search for people by the percentage of compatibility with you (and watch psychological portraits of other people too).

It seems that HookupGeek has never written so many advantages in terms of the same platform for hookup and any adult online dating site. However, yep, guys, this is real true. We’re sure, you have also experienced the same positive features and pros!

However, okcupid has some drawbacks, which can partially spoil your impression about the dating service at all.

  • We are again recalling HookupGeek’s personal experience on OkCupid, and we state that this app is overloaded by Indians, Turks, Arabs, Egyptians and other residents of Eastern countries. (Of course, no racism is meant). However, if you’re in search of local dating or foreign (the Americans, Canadians, and British are here considered), you can come across some difficulties;
  • Not all search functions and site services are available for free, and paid services are not always that useful; and the he most interesting services are not free;
  • The site is exclusively in English. Although, of course, if you want to meet only those people who speak your language (for instance, Turks, Arabs, Egyptians and other residents of Eastern countries), there it is possible (although the fields in the questionnaire, personal data and the questionnaire are still described in English). However, it’d be great if the site was available in different languages;
  • you cannot delete okcupid account by yourself, but you have to address the support team, which is quite time-consuming;
  • One of the drawbacks of the app/site is referred to the way, in which the administration (owners) tend to conduct their policies (here, HookupGeek means some of the recent scandals about the fact that OkCupid does not even hide that they make experiments on… humans!). Interested? Read about it in our Security section to find out even more and more!


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Yep, as we just told you, the OKCupid dating site and app conducted experiments on the human beings. Of course, no biology or vivisection is meant. OkCupid’s owners did some experiments on their users in the virtual format. How it happened and what was it like?

  • The experts ‘hid’ photos or texts in the profiles of visitors to the service, and also changed the indicators of their compatibility;
  • One of the most popular American dating sites, OKCupid, published the results of three experiments conducted on unsuspecting users;
  • A total of OKCupid experts conducted three tests;
  • As part of the first experiment, the site darkened photos of user profiles, during the second test it hid the profile text to find out how this will affect the personality assessment. In the third case, some users were told that they were suitable for a person more or less than they actually were;
  • After the experiment was over, OKCupid sent emails to the test subject containing the actual compatibility indicators.

The researchers found that if users were informed that their compatibility (the coefficient calculated by the website automatically) was higher than it actually is, they were more likely to send messages to each other. These tests have also demonstrated how easily a site can manipulate users without their knowledge.

In particular, when all the photos disappeared from the site for one day, users started more meaningful conversations, exchanged more contacts and more often responded to the first message. However, when the photographs returned, many of these conversations broke off abruptly.

OkCupidThe relationship of users with the service lies primarily in the plane of efficiency: if a particular person finds interesting contacts with OKCupid, he will continue to use it. Moreover, the report on the experiment may even attract additional users, he said: thanks to the fact that the results of the experiments were made public, they understand more clearly what their potential partners are paying attention to. So, in this regard, HookupGeek fairly claims that,

  • such ‘experiments’ are improper from the sociological and ethical points of view, since the sample has not been informed beforehand;
  • because of the fact that the services of OkCupid are not for free, the users do not ever have to be exposed to any experiments of any character without their direct consent;
  • thus, due to the fact that the data collected was published, there is a quite great threat of having the other personal data disclosed.

Because of this, it’s quite complicated to consider the safety measures by the OkCupid web platform in terms of their users. So, HookupGeek is quite surprised that the dating service with that plenty of pros could be able to have it all ruined at once by conducting these experiments.

Let’s move further as for the security measures on OkCupid. The dating sites have always been of great interest to hackers. In order to extract valuable user information, cybercriminals either hack into site databases, as happened in the case of Ashley Madison, for example, or try to enter through the login and password field picked up or obtained as a result of past leaks.

In relation to OkCupid users, the attackers seem to have resorted to the second option. HookupGeek has found out that some unknown people changed the password and thereby denied access to the account on the site. Moreover, they tied it to a different email address so that the victim could not change the password again. At the same time, OkCupid did not even send the victim a request to confirm the change of e-mail. In response to the user’s complaint, the OkCupid support team responded that they could not provide them with account information not associated with his email. As a result, the attackers began to send the victim abusive messages to the phone number taken from the correspondence on the site.

Therefore, HookupGeek is quite disappointed about the situation of security on the website. So, if you prefer using the app or website, be sure not to disclose your data and use all the possible security measures (such as VPN) in order to protect yourself from the similar cases.

Quality Of Tools

Before we were preparing this article, we came across some of the ok cupid reviews, and almost each of them tends to compare the tinder vs okcupid. In fact. regardless of the idea that they function in the same industry, they’re quite different! It is mainly because they have differently equipped tools!

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So what HookupGeek can tell you about the quality of tools on OkCupid?

  • the more upgraded your profile is, the more sensitive search results you have;
  • there is a function of okcupid visitors to track the activities on your profile;
  • there is unique tool of okcupid contact list, which can be entered every time you need;
  • the process of ok cupid sign in is quite easy however requires you then fill out numerous questionnaires;
  • the process of ok cupid login is also easy (however, HookupGeek would suggest them to make it more complicated for more security);
  • the chat system is easy and does not load your device.

So, the tools are great, and they provide the fruitful results for the regular users. However, kindly mind that these tools would not seem that perfect if you use just free profile.

Quality Of Profiles

Dissimilarly from the other similar dating apps and web platforms, the profiles on OkCupid tend to be all credible, for the popularity of the dating service in question is great. So, what you should expect from the quality of okcupid profiles?

  • the quality of the pics is nice, and thus you can judge that the results of your search would be great;
  • the psychological tests and questions also give you an impression of a person you communicate with;
  • the chats are equipped in such a way that you can always stay in touch with the interlocutors, so you will always be able to arrange all the dates properly.

Dissimilarly from the security issues of the app and site, the quality of tools and profiles surprises us in a perfect way, so be sure to analyze everything you have read, and you will clearly understand if you really need this app/site.

Sum Up On The Okcupid Review

So, it was one of the ambiguous reviews HookupGeek has ever conducted, since the app of OkCupid has both surprised us positively and negatively. What can we say to sum it all up? Honestly, we are sure that OkCupid will definitely improve the essence of the security measures and will never behave unethically to their users, who invest in the services.

In any case, HookupGeek recommends the platform for dating since the number of advantages is extremely great (which we have never recorded in terms of the other similar web platforms). So, be sure to be as precautious as possible in order to keep yourself safe. Also, follow HookupGeek to stay informed about all the possible similar opportunities or to find out more about this site! We’re always here to assist you every time you need!

FAQ about OkCupid

OkCupid introduced that big number of questions in order to guarantee that you will really find a person, who coincides with you not only from the point of view of your appearance but also from the point of your spiritual sphere and outlook. In such a way, OkCupid ensures the biggest number of the matches. In addition to this, everything you respond in the registration questions will be used for the matching process. Thus, be responsible when answering all the questions.

Christian Singles is the special division of OkCupid, which supports the dates among the people, who are religious and want to date only religious people. Thus, if you are a Christian, you can always join that part of the site to get all the other users deprived, as they would not suit your expectations.

Along with the casual and regular dates, OkCupid proposes its users to look for the so-called Liberal dating. It means that in this section of the OkCupid dating service, each user is eligible to look for the people based not on their appearance but on their level of intellectual development. This is what the OkCupid site states, “instead of showing just a photo and a sentence, we give you the space to share what makes you unique — from your political views to the 6 things you can’t live without.” Thus, you can have all your expectations come true!

There are two main ways to cancel your OkCupid membership. The first is via your app. For this you should tap My Account Settings tab and choose the Account Status. After you press the Deactivation button, you will have all the data deleted. The second way is via the external services like Apple ID and Google Play. In addition, if you encounter any errors and/or issues, you can contact the support team at

In fact, there are many ways to get in touch with the service administration. Again, the first way is the email via the support team: Secondly, you can use one of the physical addresses to contact OkCupid: OkCupid, Attn: Cancellations, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA. The Company’s business is conducted, in part, at 555 W. 18th St., New York, New York 10011, Terms Inquiries, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA, and/or Consumer Information Division, 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N112 Sacramento, CA 95834, or by telephone at (800) 952-5210.