Of course, there is no point in admitting the fact that the best sex webcam and online sex dating websites and real one night stand sites are only for the young persons, who search for the casual relations for one night stand format. In fact, there are specially designed web platforms, which are aimed at serving the needs of people of age who would like to date and build families regardless of their age. For sure, there are websites for dating women of age or having the most intricate and alluring experiences with the women whose age is over fourty already. But we are going to consider a web dating platform, which has been worked out for both men and women who are over their 50 years old age now. So, HookupGeek is going to consider the very this type of the dating site, and, as you could have already understood, we are going to narrate everything about OurTime.com dating platform online for your convenience!

So, before we start sharing our results of the investigation, we would love to provide you with some general data about the site per se, its address, its phone number to communicate any issues. Remember that the most intricate and important facts provided in the current HookupGeek review of OurTime dating are exclusive, and you will never be possible to find the same somewhere else on the web in any other OurTime reviews!

So, this is what HookupGeek has been successful to rediscover about the dating service under review,

  • The officially acclaimed geolocation of the website (OurTime.com) is the US (United States), TX, Texas, 75225 Dallas;
  • We have also detected that the date of its creation is 1998;
  • The website was initially registered and has been owned by People Media, Inc.;
  • The official address of the OurTime.com administration is P.O. Box 25458, Dallas, Texas, TX, 75225, US;
  • There several approach to dial the OurTime phone number. For the US, the OurTime phone numbers are +1-214-57-69-352 and +1-214-576-93-50, and if you are located in Europe, you can dial +44-020-32-06-22-20.

Thus, for now, HookupGeek can surely claim that the company owning the website as well as the website per se are legit, since they have been registered in a proper way, and all the contact details are in public access.

OurTime login
visit site
The next stage which we are going to touch upon is the functionality of the site, that is the features, which you receive when you insert the OurTime login and password. So, let’s see what you can do there,

  • the strangest thing which you will encounter with OurTime dating is that you are forced to upload the photos of yours (of course, you can skip the step by pushing the corresponding button);
  • so, to have successful experiences—as the website claims to—you’re supposed to upload at least one pic of yours (or you can have it imported from you Facebook profile);
  • you shouldn’t be worried about the import from Facebook, since this is quite a spread practice with the dating sites like Badoo or Jaumo or some more;
  • as soon as you’re registered and logged in, you will immediately be recommended up to 30 matches in compliance with the data you inserted when signing up;
  • in fact, the functions of the profile of yours is subdivided into two main sections: Inbox and Connections;
  • there are also some more functions, including the OurTime search tool, Events, Tokens, Matches, and Settings. We are going to consider each of the functions right away in order to demonstrate the way in which they work.

Thus, first off, let us have a look at the Inbox section. When you log in the OurTime dating platform, you will have to subsections within the Inbox section, namely,

  • Messages: this section includes the messages you could have sent as well as the ones, which have been sent to you; and
  • Gifts, which are similar to the messages, they are both sent and received (some more data about the Gifts will be told you in the next section of pricing).

The Connections section on the OurTime.com online dating platform consists of,

  • the Views subsection, which will help you see who attended the profile of yours;
  • the Favorites subsection will enlist all the profiles you liked;
  • the Flirts section will contain your subscriptions and the profiles who you flirted with; and
  • the Photo Likes section will let you see the profiles of users who liked your photo(s).

There are also some more sections, as we have already indicated it,

  • the Search section will let you see who watched your profile, you will be able to search for the users using the key words, you will have a chance to see who is online now, and, finally, you will be able to search for the users by inserting the exact filters like age, gender, and so on;
  • the option of the OurTime free search is available from the Basic account type (the other types of membership will be depicted in the Pricing section of this review);
  • the Matches section will be showing you who you were interested in when searching the proper match and, in addition to this, in this section, you will be given at least 30 matches a day based on your preferences;
  • within the Tokens section, you will be able to see how the tokens are used and what they can used for (like presenting the virtual gifts, for notifications, for promotion of your profile, and for emerging of the bigger number of matches a day);
  • in the Settings sections you will be eligible to manage all of your settings related to your profile, your tokens, membership, payment and any other stuff which can be connected with the work of the service; and, finally,
  • the (Live) Events subsection of the profile of yours will show you the number of events you participated (that is the history).

Well, for now, it is quite evident that the functionality of the site is much interesting and will not cause any irritation from the part of the users. To be honest, we would compare the OurTime.com functionality with the sites like CooMeet and/or SecretBenefits. However, OurTime is deprived of any irritating and unnecessary functions for the people, who are the target audience for the website.

Now on, we would love to draw your attention to the features of the website, which you can count for in order to find the perfect match of your choice,

  • the website supports diverse types and formats of relations, including straight and homosexual ones;
  • the age of the profiles’ owners exceeds 50 or sometimes even 55 years old;
  • you can pick up a partner in compliance with you expectations: if a person has children, in compliance with their marital status, their zodiac, and so on and so forth.

Hence, regardless of the fact that it’d be quite complicated to find someone young, you can really be sure to date the person of your age.

Prices Of OurTime Dating Service

That’s now time to take a glance at the approaches to the pricing tariffs, which you will need to know about to make your dating faster and more successful. Thus, OurTime applies two kinds of tariffs to pick up. The one of them is the monthly subscription tariffs, and the second one is the value of the tokens’ packages. So, first off, let’s see the types of membership you can opt for and then we’ll see the pricing. After that we will provide you with the pricing for tokens.

OurTime login
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Hence, when you sign up with the dating service, you will be able to choose between the following types of membership,

  • Basic;
  • Monthly;
  • Standard; and
  • Best Value Tariff.

Thus, what about the costs?

  • The cost of the Basic profile is equal to $0;
  • The cost of the Monthly membership with OurTime.com is $29.96, so this is just $7.49 a week;
  • The cost of the Standard membership is $90 for 6 months of its duration, that is $3.75 a week;
  • The price of the Best Value membership with OurTime is $107.76 or 6 months of its duration that is $4.49 a week.

Herein, we would love to pay attention to the difference between the two tariffs, Standard one and Best Value one, since they are both 6 months. The difference between them is that the later one is comprised of the membership and includes an initial package of the tokens for the faster promotion of your OurTime profile. In addition to this, the Best Value tariff will ensure the function of profile highlights that is you will be able to emerge in the first number of the search results of the other site members.

What is included in the paid membership with OurTime and how it is different from the Basic free account?

  • The search is more advanced and exhibits the maximum number of matches;
  • The messages are unlimited;
  • You will receive free email notifications about the activities on the website and in your profile;
  • You will have a chance to be listed number one in the search results of the other website users.

So, as for now, we can state that the OurTime cost is quite reasonable and fair, and it can be affordable to everyone. However, now we are supposed to see the way the Tokens work and why they are needed? But first off, let’s find out how much they cost, the packages of tokens! There are three main bundles of Tokens, which are at your disposal to opt for,

  • the 25 Tokens package of the OurTime dating platform will cost you  $0.99;
  • the 110 Token package would go for $3.99; and, finally,
  • the 280 Tokens package will be priced by $9.99.
Plan Cost
25 Tokens package $0.99
110 Token package $3.99
280 Tokens package $9.99

Hence, herein, the pricing is also nice. But what on Earth do you need the tokens?

  • you will be able to boost your profile;
  • you will be eligible to send the gifts to the other users (as a sign of your flirt actions);
  • you will be able to enlarge the number of matches a day.

Thus, when buying the Tokens, you will have some more opportunities for successful dating with OurTime.com

Pros and Cons

So, one of the tastiest sections of this current review is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages. We’ll commence informing you about the benefits and the most positive sides of the dating web platform,

  • there is a great functionality, which will never irritate you but will advance you to the easiest search process;
  • the site can be accessed either as a web version or as an app;
  • the pricing approaches used by OurTime.com are nice and they are affordable;
  • you can pay either on the monthly basis or purchase the half a year membership;
  • the site contains the millions of profiles, and you will always have a great choice of the users to date;
  • the site is designed for the people of age, so you will not need to take care that you will find someone who is out of this age.

What about the cons?

  • there are some online cupids (but they are not numerous and they serve a function of getting the users acquainted with the service and the way the communication takes place);
  • the Basic profile does not provide much.

So, you can see that the number of advantages is quite prevailing, and it seems to be a nice sign! But it’s not our final verdict, since we have so much to investigate about OurTime.com.


Being one of the most decisive aspects of the positive feedback and advantage, security is to pay attention to the way the personal data of the users are protected. Along with this, it is important to understand that site works on the legal basis. Hence, this is what we have in our OurTime review about the security of the dating platform,

  • the site functions in compliance with the most legal bases;
  • the policies and terms of use regulate the activities of both the users and the site per se;
  • in case of any policy issues or in case of your rights violation you can easily contact the support team which functions day and night;
  • you can utilize VPN in order to hide your real location, however, don’t forget to properly insert the zip code for the search, since the site is oriented for the US citizens only;
  • for more details, feel free to read our FAQ section of this review, so that you could have more ideas about the security.

As for now, HookupGeek is quite satisfied with the security measures, since they are of the regular basis, which is similar to any other authorized and properly built dating site online.

Quality of Tools

The quality of tools aspect has partially been concerned in the first section of the current review. However, we would love to have them quantify now for you to better understand if they work efficiently.

  • the search engine works properly only if you purchase the membership. In other words, unless you have the Basic profile, the results of your search will be quite limited;
  • the matching system works great in case if upgraded with the help of the Tokens. If you have the Basic profile only, you will not be exposed to too many matches a day;
  • in order to have the best search function as well as the most outstanding matching ones, you are strongly advised to commit the payment (since it is not that great, as you could see);
  • the messaging system is quite easy, and it will not take much time to get it all;
  • the gifts section will surely impress you, for it can serve as a perfect way to break the ice, so to say, if you are not sure how you could have started you conversation with a person you liked, but—again, as we told you—you’ll need to buy the Tokens bundles.

HookupGeek believes that the tools, which are inbuilt in the website of OurTime.com are nice only with the conditions of the paid membership and bought Tokens. if you have just Basic profile, you may really consider it to be just a demo version of the site with no real experiences to be gained. However, in general, it is quite a nice quality of the tools.

About OurTime App For Dating

As we have also already told you, OurTime has a well-designed and properly built app, which can simplify your search of the perfect match—especially, if you got accustomed to the mobile devices.

OurTime login
visit site
The OurTime app is characterized by the following characteristics,

  • it was designed by People Media, Inc.;
  • it is available for the users of both iOs and Android;
  • the size of the file is 93 MB;
  • the latest version of the app is 11.0;
  • the age limitation is the user has to be at least 17 years old (but because of the specificity of the app, you should be preferably more than at least 50 years old).

So, the OurTime app will surely accomplish all of your desires as for the fastest search for the perfect couple! The app is accompanied with the same tools and functions as the website per se,

  • you can utilize the search in the same way opting for the same numerous filters;
  • the gifts can be also bought and sent via the app version;
  • you can always commit the payment using the application of OurTime;
  • you can sign up with the app;
  • you can also get your profile deleted via the app as well (and we will show you who to do it in the next section).

Hence, the quality of tools with the app version of the OurTime platform is no less great than the ones, which you can use via the web version. Hence, you can use either both or at least one of them, since the app is used absolutely for free!

How To Cancel OurTime Membership

In case if you got tired of this dating service and/or if you want to pick up some similar dating sites but cancel the membership with OurTime, you should do the following,

  • you are supposed to log in your profile (if you are not logged in);
  • then you are to find the OurTime settings section;
  • in the Settings section, please, pick up the line of Account Status;
  • in this subsection you are expected to push the Remove My Profile link;
  • finally, you have to confirm that you do really want to have it deleted;
  • yes, here you are, your profile is forever inactive, and all of the data you shared as well as all the chats will be deleted forever.

Hence, you can see that the in order to cancel OurTime membership, you don’t need to waste much time. In any case, if you have any issues to accomplish this purpose, you’re most welcome to contact the support group of the site, and they will assist you for sure.

Quality of Profiles

When investigating the quality of tools we could not but also researched the quality of the profiles, for we needed to understand how credible the website is and how it can really and effectively make a great contribution to the fruitfulness of the search by you. So, what we have discovered is as follows,

  • regardless of the fact that there are the online cupids, that is the computer-based profiles of bots, you will surely encounter the real persons;
  • the percentage of the online cupids is about 1% per a state of the US;
  • the profiles are properly filled out and contain the real pics of the users;
  • the communication with the users is mostly friendly, so that you will not have any irritation.

In general, we can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the quality of the profiles, which are listed on the web platform of OurTime.

Final Thoughts

We’ve been through the OurTime dating website for the adults whose age is already over 50 years, and we have a lot to say and we have our verdict accomplished already. The only thing left is to let you know it. So, after we have communicated with the users in the system, got in touch with the support group, and tested all the tools possible, we have a strong conviction that we could suggest you using OurTime, since the website is nicely composed and does not provide any negative experiences. It means that we have not come across any fraud and scam. We are sure that you will fall in love with the site, if it suits your age expectations and peculiarities. Of course, as always, this is your choice if you like it or not, but HookupGeek has been really marveled by the website and its costs.

In case if you want to have some more alluring and intricate impressions or you want to get some nice horny experiences, you are most welcome to read the HookupGeek’s reviews about the webcam sites and models’ biographies we are generously sharing with you! In case if you have some questions, you can really find them in the final section of our review called FAQ, so that you will have all the information about the site!

Good luck in your search and be sure to become a regular reader of HookupGeek, and you will have the best impressions.

FAQ about OurTime

When you are aimed at the fastest results of the search and the immediate dates, you are strongly encouraged to invest in both membership cost and tokens, since they both will provide you with the best search results. What is more, if you send the gifts or promote your profile, it will be a nice and credible sign for your partner that you have the most serious intentions. What is more, it will make an emphasis on the financially favorably situation of yours, which will indicate that you are in search of relations, but not of money.

The OurTime platform can process your payments only if they are released via one of the following payment methods,

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Discover; and
  • American Express.
No other options like PayPal or Skrill can be available until you have a debit card (again, Visa or MasterCard) of these online payment systems. Shall you have any additional questions on how to proceed with the payment, you are welcome to get in touch with the support group.

Yes, the Basic free profile is available with OurTime dating service, but it is characterized with a great number of limitations. So, if you prefer using the basic free profile only (with no further payments for membership and/or tokens packages), you can count for,

  • about 30 matches a day (but the majority of them would be just the site-powered bots to get you acquainted with the site and the way it works);
  • you can use the search, but it will not ever disclose you numerous options to pick up from;
  • the number of message will be some limited, and you will hardly ever receive the messages from the real people.

We would like to make an emphasis one more time on the fact that the Basic profile format is just a demo version of what you can have for money. So, you can actually do nothing for real with the basic profile. So, if you really want to succeed with the OurTime dating service, you should better pay it for. Also, the pricing—as we have also told you already—is quite affordable in comparison to the other dating sites.

Well, to be honest, the official terms of use of the OurTime dating claim that they have no responsibility for the actions you commit on the website, and “you understand that the Company makes no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with individuals you meet through the Service.” And, you have to admit it, this is quite a fair approach, for the company is not a dating agency but a dating site. In addition to this, if the guarantees are meant, OurTime does not bear any guarantees as for your security in case if you disclose your personal details and payment information to the third parties. So, be careful with communicating this type of information in order to prevent your safety from being broken.

In compliance with the terms of use and privacy policies of the OurTime website, you are supposed to be either a US or Canada citizen. That means that you have to live in either the USA or Canada at least in order to be able to locate your zip code and be able to meet persons in real. However, the terms of use do not forbid the users from the other countries to use the service. In any case, the site can be inaccessible from the other countries, so you can use VPN to switch to US or Canada IP. Thus, you would better use the website only if you are either from the US or Canada or if you at least live in one of these two countries (even on the temporary basis).