Well, about every gay person has undergone a coming out, so OutPersonals will serve a nice place to search for the like-minded persons, since it is one of the nicest sexy dating websites. What is more, HookupGeek is going to disclose all the most hidden details and manner of how the site functions and how you can utilize it to bring the most unbelievably gorgeous results!

Before we start informing you on how you can be engaged in dating and hookup with www outpersonals com, we would love to shortly shed light on the way the site was created and registered on the web, so that we’ll know for sure if it is a legit platform or not. Hence, this is what we have found about the registration of the website on the web,

  • the site is owned by Various Inc.;
  • www outpersonals com was created back in 1996;
  • the company’s address is 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008 (For USA and Canada users);
  • in the EU, the site is owned by Ventnor Enterprise Limited;
  • the UE users can contact the site by using the address, Suite 2, Second Floor 145 High Street, Colchester Essex C01 1PG;
  • you can use the phone at 888-575-8383 (US toll free), 0800 098 8311 (UK toll-free), 1800 954 607 (AU toll-free) or 408-702-1033 (worldwide).

outpersonals start page


All of my lgbt friends were found on OutPersonals. Some guys are regular for sex with me. Proven: it’s effective!

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko

In order to sign up with OutPersonals, you will need to,

  • specify your intentions (if you’re single, couple, or group);
  • indicate who you are seeking;
  • point your date of birth (to ensure you’re 18+ years old);
  • locate your country and city;
  • type in your email;
  • make up your username and password;
  • type in your introductory title; and
  • tell anything you would like about yourself.

That’s all, and you’re a member of this gay community for dating and hookup.

Let’s quickly have a look at the functionality and the features of the website,

  • My Stuff section is comprised of the following subsections, My Profile, Edit Profile, Add/Manage Photos, Add/Manage Videos, Add A Blog Post, My Account, Cupid Preferences, Privacy Preferences, My Friend, Network, Friend Requests, Friends Friends’ Albums, My Top Fans, Top Fan Of, My Favorite Photos, My Favorite Videos, Webcam Followers, Followed Broadcasters, My Hotlist Flirts, I Sent Profiles, I Viewed, Gifts & Tips Sent, Hotlisted Me, Flirted With Me, Viewed Me, Gifts & Tips Received;
  • My search section is comprised of Who’s Online, Who’s On IM, New Matches, Members Near Me, VIP Members, Hot Or Not, Advanced Search, Kink Search, Browse;
  • Live Action tab (as a part of top cam girl sites) will let you use the following features including Live Models, Live Member Webcams, Top Broadcasters, Adult Chat Rooms, Instant Messenger;
  • Community section is known to include Blogs, Groups, Magazine, Bling;
  • Messages tab will provide you with the different types of the messages.

Let’s see the types of the messages you will encounter. This is important, for if you don’t realize what the messages are for, you’ll have quite significant problems in communicating with someone on the site. Thus, the messages tab is equipped with the following types of messages you will be either receive or send,

  • All Messages: Contains all of your conversations and messages;
  • Active Conversations: Conversations including a message sent to you from someone else;
  • Important: Conversations from members that match your Cupid preferences, Friends, in your Hotlist, or VIP members;
  • Others: Messages from members that are not in the Important category;
  • Pending Conversations: Members who have not replied to your message yet.

What is more, you will be able to categorize your messages in compliance with the following classes,

  • Important;
  • Cupid Matches;
  • Ambassador;
  • Friends;
  • Hotlist;
  • Flowers / Gifts;
  • VIP Gold Members; and
  • Others.

Thus, be sure to make it all clear to understand what kinds of messages you have and what can be wrong with them. Finally, we’d love to mention that the functionality of the site is quite nice and resembles the versatile Fubar.


outpersonals com

There are the following payment methods to use with OUtPersonals,

  • Credit Card;
  • Electronic Check (ACH);
  • Credit Card by Mail/Fax; and
  • Check/Money Order.

Along with the membership with dating site, you will have to pay additionally for the webcam shows by the members of the site. This is the list of the pricing for the Gold membership tariff for the videos by the live models of the site,

  • 12 months (+6 months FREE) (18 months total) will cost you $6.95 a month and will be billed at $125.10;
  • 3 months (+1 month FREE) (4 months total) will go for $12.95 per month to be billed at $51.80; and
  • 1 month will be billed at $29.96.

If you subscribe for the live webcam shows, what kind of features will you be granted,

  • Full-size Photos;
  • Full Premium;
  • Search;
  • Full access to hot member videos & live cams;
  • Full Unlimited email capability;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • Send emails;
  • Search for guys nearby;
  • View Profiles;
  • Browse profiles.

You can also order the Standard Contact membership for adult webcams, and the pricing will be some lower, namely,

  • 12 months would go for $ 8.95 a month to be billed at $107.40 (so, you’ll save up 58%);
  • 3 months package presupposes the payment of $11.97 a month to be billed at $35.90 (and you’ll save up 40%); and
  • 1 month  of membership will be just $ 19.95/month. billed at $19.95.

The features included in the Standard contact tariff are as follows,

  • Search for guys nearby;
  • View Profiles; and
  • Browse profiles.

Hence, you can always have much to choose from with OutPersonals!

Pros and Cons

We’re sure now that you’re all ears interested in what are the positive and negative sides of this marvelous website, since the functionality of the site is quite formidable, yay! We bet, you’d want to know more about the cons, since it may seem that there are none.

In any case, we will traditionally embark on the pros of www outpersonals,

  • as we have partially and speedily take a glance at the security, we refer it to the advantage (and in one of the subsections, you will find out why we think so);
  • the quality of tools at your disposal with www outpersonals is quite impressive, and you will be able to date and hookup those hottest guys;
  • you can easily sign up and delete your gay outpersonals profile;
  • the functionality of the website is just a work of magic;
  • along with dating, you’ll be given access to the live cams by the hottest webcam models registered with this website;
  • you will be able to utilize the application by gay outpersonals dating service;
  • there are numerous blogs to read to gain some more experience;
  • the website is available in 10 languages, so you’ll have no real problem to navigate it;
  • along with the intricate pastime with the website, you’ll be able to earn money by becoming a webcam model (yay, www outpersonals com supports the function of broadcasting);
  • the work of support group is incredible and immediate;
  • the types of messages will let you sort everything out in order not to get confused with the innumerable letters to be received from the other www outpersonals com members.

Hooray, we believe that this list of benefits is comprised of the most serious and important ones, however, it is not, of course, limited to them. You’re always welcome to add it up by leaving your feedbacks and reviews in the Review section of the www outpersonals com review given.

What about the cons? Will you find any?

  • the functionality of the website may seem somehow complicated when logging in for the first time;
  • there is no Android OutPersonals app;
  • the paid webcams (that is the fact that they are to be paid for additionally) cause the users’ disappointment.

In fact, we could not have any other chance to single out even some more drawbacks, for the site seems to be great and credible. However, we’re not all over with this review, and we can tell you some more details. Who knows, maybe some of them would not seem to be that sweet.


As you know, HookupGeek is obsessed with the matters of security of the dating and hookup sites. What is more, when we review the LGBTQ+ dating opportunities, we pay even two or three times more concerns about the security, since regardless of the tolerance growing, there are instance of the discrimination of this category of population. Hence, we have found out the following about www outpersonals com.

The site functions on the grounds of the authority of the following laws and legal regulations,

  • 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • regulations promulgated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ;
  • section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (to prevent any aggression and terrorism);
  • Communications Decency Act of 1996 (47 U.S.C section 230, et seq.);
  • California Civil Code Section 1542; and
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

As a matter of fact, that seems quite adorable that there are a plenty of laws to regulate the actions on the website. Thus, this is a read plus of the web platform for gay dating.

But! We have some facts in favor of advantageous nature of www outpersonals com! You can always get in touch with the company’s representatives in order to discuss the issues related to the security with OutPersons,

  • Ventnor Enterprise Limited Suite 2, Second Floor 145 High Street, Colchester Essex CO1 1PG 1-408-702-1033 (toll free US & Canada – 888-575-8383);
  • Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. 85 Torquay Rd. Redland Bay QLD 4165 Australia 1-800-954-607 (AU toll-free);
  • Various, Inc. 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008 Attn. Copyright Agent Email: copyrightagent@friendfindernetwork.com; and
  • Sinric Processing Pte Ltd. 531A Upper Cross St. #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531 408-702-1033 (worldwide).

The only negative aspect of the security principles is that the company claims not to bear any additional responsibility for all of your private date. This is clearly communicated in the terms of use, “because we cannot control the activities of such Resources, we cannot accept responsibility for any use of your personal information by such third parties, and we cannot guarantee that they will adhere to the same privacy and security practices as us.” Well, on the one hand, this part of the terms of use may seem quite vulnerable. On the other hand, however, it’ll definitely force you to pay much more attention to the way you approach your online security by yourself. Thus, HookupGeek refers the security of www outpersonals com to the marvelous advantage ever!

Quality of Tools

As we have already mentioned, there are even more than just a plenty of the tools to use. Also, we’ve already told you that we cannot but refer the tools to the marvelous advantages of the www outpersonals com dating platform. Herein, we would be eager to disclose why we guess so,

  • the marvelous messaging system will surely let you communicate with the people in such a way that you’ll never get disappointed or confused;
  • the instant messaging is also quite nice, for you can communicate in the real time format;
  • the quality of the webcam live shows is also perfect, for you can always have numerous webcam rooms open whenever you are online with www outpersonals com;
  • when you decide on becoming a webcam model, you’ll find that not only fun can be encountered but also the great opportunity to make much cash;
  • in order to log out or even delete your profile, you’ll not need to waste tons of time, since it’ll take you just another couple of minutes.

You should admit that the quality of tools located with www outpersonals com is adorable and effective, yay? Why not force them to work by signing up?

How To Delete OutPersonals Dating Account

As we’ve just mentioned, the process of cancelling your OutPersonals profile is quite easy, so you’ll need to do the following in order to quit your membership,

  • sign in with your credentials;
  • in the right hand upper corner see the nickname of yours and tap it;
  • in the popup window, choose My Account;
  • scroll down to the page bottom (the section of Manage Account);
  • opt for Close Account from the list of actions;
  • after that scroll down the new  page opened and you will see the line “Please Delete My Account”;
  • Tap the line of Please Delete My Account and re-enter your password;
  • after you’ve completed these steps, you’ll get an email notification that your profile was cancelled forever.

When quitting your membership with OutPersonals, be aware of the fact that all your messages, chats, data, photos, and videos will disappear forever, as well.

Quality of Profiles

Another strong side of the gay dating named OutPersonals is the quality of the profile, which you will encounter when utilizing the site. We consider the quality of the OutPersonals profiles great, since

  • the profiles of the men located on the website are nicely built and filled out, so that you’ll have all the most needed information about the user instantly;
  • there are no fake profiles;
  • there no profiles run by the site’s employees;
  • the thousands of the users go online each minute, so you’ll have a chance to communicate every time when you need it.

These facts cannot be shortcomings, agree!

Final Thoughts

Just imagine how nice and horny or how passionate and romantic your private life can get if you are a member of OutPersonals gay dating and hookup platform. After all the facts we have indicated and all the features we’ve come across, this would be a real crime not to suggest you using this hook up site. It is mainly because you will do really feel home with OUtPersonals and will surely get the most intricate and kinky experiences. The hottest impressions are waiting for you, so just sign up and you’ll double check how right HookupGeek is!

FAQ about OutPersonals

In compliance with all the common sense and terms of use of the site, of course, no real guarantees can be made, since the site cannot be responsible for the quality of communication of the millions of the users. The terms of use clearly regulate this issues and state that the site “cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results from use of the services. without limiting the foregoing, we do not warrant that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free.”

This maybe because you did not quit your membership. In other words, the website supports the auto renewal of your membership (until you change the settings in My Profile). This is proved by the terms of use, “in order to provide continuous service, we automatically renew all paid subscriptions for the Services on the day such subscriptions expire... renewals shall be (i) for a period equivalent to the period of your initial subscription... and (ii) ...at the price of the same or comparable Services then in effect. In addition, we sometimes offer special promotions that have renewal periods of different duration than the original subscription term. We… communicate renewal periods to you upon confirmation of your subscription and in the body of any special promotions that have renewal periods...”

If you agree on communicating with gay people with the purpose of friendship or romance, you are of course welcome to join the website.

Everything depends on the activity of yours and your viewers. In order to make as much money as possible, be sure to provide the quality shows. For more details, you’d read the HookupGeek section on how to become a successful webcam model.

The site in no way supports this feature, so you should not worry about having your videos shared on the web.