About PinaLove

PinaLove is a nice adult dating service to get you ensured that you can get in touch with the Philippine users. As you can know, Philippine persons are not only just men and women in our regular understanding but also some transgender experiences. In other words, there is quite a great demand for transgender dating, and numerous men and women want to have sex with the transgenders. Philippine dating, or PinaLove, is the way to have it in the most successful manner!

Whenever you are with PinaLove adult dating website (or app) you can count for the most unexpected experiences. The men who turned into the women, and women who became men are quite an interesting thing to get engaged in! If you believe you tried everything in your adult dating casual sex affairs, just stop and think of this!

Well, if you tortured yourself with the question of what are the best hookup sites, you’ll not need to seek an answer, since, we have a perfect resolution! Yes, your solution is PinaLove! Yes, of course, you could use the famous TransGenderDate dating service, but it would not that passionate for you!

What Is PinaLove?

So, PinaLove is your way to get the most exquisite impressions in your dating and sexual life! it means that you can unlock easily the most hidden desires of yours, so you’ll get it all in the most passionate manner!

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Along with the fact that you can sign up with your Facebook profile, you can also join the platform up with your mobile phone, and you are not obligatory to originate from the Philippine islands!

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Gender Ratio And Member Structure

As for the gender ratings, we’d not want to provide any stats. You know why? Just because the majority of the users on PinaLove are transgenders, so it’d be quite complicated to provide any real stats. So, don’t trust any other websites that show you some stats as for the gender data, as no one can really know for sure who is a man and who is a woman.

As you know, we also test the legal data to be at your disposal to know for sure that all of the dating sites are credible. This is what HookupGeek found about PinaLove app and site:

  • The officially stated geo location of the site is assigned to the following parameters: US (United States), CA, California, 94043 Mountain View;
  • The site was created in 2010, and last updated in 2019;
  • The expiry date of their domain is 2028;
  • The address to which PinaLove website is assigned to is P.O. Box 0823-03411, Panama, Panama, PA;
  • The phone number used for the site’s registration is +507-83-65-503;
  • To obtain the assistance from the client support team of PinaLove, you’ll need to use the email at help@pinalove.com or via the contact form in Contact tab.

As it is evident, you can judge that all data of the legal nature is provided and is stored in the open access. As a result, it is one of the signs of the credible dating web platform. Nevertheless, we have to proceed with the other aspects of our review to find out if the site is really credible to be used and if it can bring you the expected outcomes.

Registration Process

The process of signing up with PinaLove dating website is shaped in the following way: you are supposed to accomplish three essential steps before you start successfully using the platform. In addition, after you have become the eligible member of the service (no matter if you released any payment for membership or not), you will have a chance to modify your data.

In any case, let’s gradually consider the main things to fill in the process of registration. The first step is to indicate the following information^

  • Make up a nickname (which will be your login);
  • Create a safe password, so that no one could hack it;
  • Type in your email address (but mind that it has to be valid, since you’ll need to overcome the validation process);
  • Choose your gender and who you would like to date (you can date not only men or women but also shemales);
  • Indicate your date of birth to prove you’re already 18 years old;
  • Show up your parameters of height and weight.

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The second step you’re to accomplish to sign up successfully is as follows:

  • Show the age of the partners you’d prefer dating and hooking up (yes, even cougar dating experiences can be expected as well as the dating opportunities for seniors);
  • Indicate the country of yours (in fact, the site automatically shows your geolocation in the course of sign-up but you can manually change it if it is different from what you are in or from what you want it to be);
  • Name the city you are in; and, certainly,
  • Confirm you are aware of the terms of conditions of the site.

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You will also need to fulfil the following information:

  • Create a headline for your profile (it has to be catchy, so that you would be able to attract as many users as possible);
  • Type in some description of yours, so that you’d be able to avoid any unnecessary questions in the chats;
  • Pick up the level of your education;
  • Indicate the level of your English (how fluent it is) and the level of your Tagalog ability;
  • Indicate if you would like to date someone who has children;
  • Write what about how you’d want to have children.

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That’s it! As soon as you spent about 5 minutes for signing up, you will be able to proceed to using the site! As we noticed, the matter of interaction on PinaLove is some different from the other sites, and it is marked with the atmosphere of the Islands! So, if you have been in need of the very this kind of atmosphere, you’d get it as fast as you just can imagine!


As mentioned, interaction is built in such a way that you have diverse tools to have interaction and to take it over. This is why we should inform you about it in the most detailed manner:

  • You can use the Mail tab to see the messages you sent and received, as well as the messages that you have not read, yet;
  • You can also monitor the activities related to your profile: you’ll be able to assess who watched your profile, who favorited you, you’ll save the photos of the other members who you liked;
  • You will be able to see the list of the profiles that you liked and that were interested in you;
  • You’ll also make some notes about the profiles to get back to them later on.

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Along with this, you can sort your messages and search the users who you communicated with to swiftly get in touch with them again.

Now, let’s consider the payment for the membership, so that you could judge if these services are ok with the payment required, right?


before we single out all of the paid and free features of the PinaLove dating site, we would love to draw your attention to some particularities of the payment procedure.

First off, let’s consider how much dough you are supposed to release to become a premium member. Thus, the following tariffs are applied:

  • 1 month is for $24.95;
  • 3 months would cost you $49.95 (and you’ll save up to 33%):
  • 6 months will be priced at $69.95 (with the savings of 53%);
  • 12 months will have the price at $119.95 (wherein each month would cost you just ridiculous $9.99 a month).

Herein, the first particularity is that all tariffs except the one month membership are billed as one bill. As for each of the tariffs, they can be auto renewed after their expiry, so if you don’t want it to happen, you just have to change your payment settings in the Settings tab.

There are some more particularities to consider to be aware of the payment procedures and their safety for the users. So, let’s see what HookupGeek has found out:

  • 2Checkout.com Inc. is an authorized retailer of PinaLove.com 256-bit AES security, that is safely processed transactions;
  • 30 day and 90 day subscriptions automatically renew for your convenience. If you do not want to renew you can cancel at any time online and remain a premium member for the remainder of the term you paid for;
  • PinaLove offer a two week full refund policy on all our of subscriptions;
  • The site believes that they are confident that being a premium member is so much better than a free member that you will be satisfied with your upgrade.

pinalove pricing

Finally for this subsection, you can use the following payment options:

  • You can use PayPal (which means that we refer this offer to the dating websites that accept PayPal as a payment option);
  • You can also use your Visa and/or MasterCard cards issued by any banks;
  • You can also use Discover as a payment option.

Hence, it is apparent that the administration of the site takes much care of the users, so that you can always feel comfortable! Thus, we’d indeed refer pricing policies of PinaLove to the biggest advantages! What do you think of this?

In any case, we should carry on, and we’d love to share some free features with you.

Free Features

The selection of the free options to be used in the free mode are as follows:

  • You can browse the users using the search tools;
  • You can see the daily recommendations for you to get acquainted;
  • You can obtain the support from the client support team;
  • You are able to modify your profile.

In fact, there are not that many features to be free of price, so that if you want to send and receive messages, you should choose the membership duration and have it paid off.

Therefore, let’s consider the features being paid. We’re sure they’re more effective!

PinaLove will ensure that you have the following features at your disposal as soon as you release the payment:

  • Unlimited messaging: Send messages and post comments with no limits!
  • Advanced search: Search by newest members, height, weight, children, and more!
  • Control your privacy: Offline mode, can hide profile to non-members, more.
  • Receive more messages: Your profile and messages can be listed above free members.
  • More information: See who read your messages and viewed your profile recently.
  • Access to lists: Searchable lists of who is interested in you or marked you favorite and more.

So, how do you like these features? We’re sure you’ll love them as soon as you start utilizing them! Don’t forget to share your opinion with us, so that our readers could be able to see your experience and pick up if they want to use the site! yes, we want everything to be clear and fair!

Keep in mind that Pinalove is one of the sites for adult dating that support refund policies. This is what the website says about it, “PinaLove is free to use but additional features can be unlocked by upgrading to premium. You are not obligated to upgrade and can use the site as a free member. However upgrading will take your Philippine Dating experience to the next level! PinaLove operates a 14 day refund policy. If after upgrading your profile you are not satisfied with premium for some reason then you may contact us to receive a refund. This only applies to members upgrading for the first time and excludes in-app purchases in the PinaLove app.”

You know what? We believe that the refund policies is another great advantage to admire! So, let’s take a look at the other advantages we found. Also, we’ll consider some cons. They’ll all let us see if we can recommend this web dating platform to you!

Pros And Cons

As you know, we traditionally come across all points related to the sites for adult dating and live sex cams: all of the benefits as well as all of the shortcomings and negative experiences will always be disclosed in the fairest manner! PinaLove is not going to be an exception, so you can really enjoy the critical approach we apply to provide you with the most credible and profound review!

So, the pros would commence this section. Let’s consider the benefits that you have with the PinaLove dating web platform:

  • The diversity of the features is not much big but extremely effective;
  • There different payment options;
  • You can partially utilize the free mode of using;
  • There are numerous sexual preferences options to pick up;
  • The support team works efficiently and in the fastest manner;
  • You can count for the most unbearable satisfaction as the most unusual sexual preferences can be found on PinaLove;
  • Pricing approaches are much affordable, so that you can try everything out on your own.

In short, these benefits are great, and you would surely love them.

What about the shortcomings that you can experience? Are there any threats you’d come across with PinaLove? HookupGeek has discovered the following ones:

  • The free mode is not equipped with the numerous features, so that you won’t discover anything at all;
  • The users cannot contact you if you have no paid membership.

So, you can judge it on your own, if you believe that these are harsh cons. We’re always interested in your opinion, so don’t hesitate to address all of your questions in the comments section right after this text.

Quality Of Profiles

As we got in touch with the other users, we found that they are all friendly in their majority. What is more, we have some more impressions:

  • The users are responsive and they provide the answers within the nearest time;
  • The majority of the users are active, and you’ll hardly ever encounter any inactive profiles;
  • The profiles of the other users are fully filled out, so all information can be evident;
  • There is a lion share of the users who refer themselves to shemales, so if you wanted some exotic, you’ll grab it once.

Yes, the quality of profiles on PinaLove is another advantage to admire! if not, just try to prove it, lol!

Quality Of Tools

As mentioned before, the tools presented on the website are minimalistic but they are indeed enough to fulfil all of your purposes. In addition, you can easily use them to the extent you need in case if you have your paid membership. Therefore, you’ll encounter no obstacles on your way to the most successful and interesting communication!


If you were reading the review attentively, you should’ve noticed that we’ve mentioned some interesting particularities as for the security measures. What’s more, we on our side tend to be as precise as possible as for the protection with each particular website for dating for adults.

As for PinaLove, we’ve noticed that the security is at the highest level, since,

  • You can always leave the fields that you don’t want to fill in with the really sensitive data;
  • You can always report a user who uses something that contradicts the terms of use;
  • The payment process is established in such a way that it does not send any details to the website, as it all saved by the third party agent bank.

As it seems to be apparent, you will never have any issues related to the security of yours with PinaLove. Hence, we’d also refer the security aspect to the advantages of this particular dating service online!

How To Delete Profile

In fact, there are two ways to delete your profile on PinaLove: the first is to close your profile, while the second is to delete it. You may wonder what’s the difference. We’ll narrate it: if you close your profile it means that you can have it restored within a particular time. if you delete your profile on PinaLove you’ll have no possibilities to get back to it. In other words, everything would be vanished forever!

In order to close your PinaLove account, you’re supposed to do the following:

  • Closing your account will make your profile seem like it has been deleted but retain all the information about the account so you can come back later and use it again;
  • While your account is closed nobody can see your profile or reply to any messages you have sent;
  • You are not visible in search and it is as if your account has been deleted.

To close your profile, you should do the following: just visit the Settings tab and pick up the line of closing your account. If you do really want to absolutely get rid of your profile, you should delete it.

To delete your PinaLove account, you would need to pick up the special tab in your Settings and confirm your action. Deleting your account is permanent and it is not possible to restore a deleted account.

Final Thoughts

Yes, PinaLove is a dating website that welcomes the users with the special and unique desires, you know. And, yes, PinaLove is able to provide you with all the necessary staff you’d need! So, we recommend you using the very this website if you need some exotic relations with the Philippine users or Philippine shemales! Yes, they’re truly magnificent!

In case if you have some questions you can either address out FAQ section or leave your comments right after the text of this review. We’ll provide you with the answer shortly!

FAQ about PinaLove

You can use both: an and the web format, everything depends on your tastes. In addition, you can use both.

There is no way. You can either use your free membership or the paid account.

The thing is that who you recognize it. In fact, it doesn’t mean you’re gay but it means you have freedom and you have strength to experiment!

In the majority of the cases, you can see it in the users’ profiles. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask this question in each particular user.

We believe, yes. In any case you have 14 days to request a refund.