As we all know, HookupGeek is the most tolerant best adult sex sites, 1 night stand websites, and adult cam sites reviewer, so you can really count for the most credible and unbiased reviews composed exclusively by us. So, whenever you decide on reading a particular article by us, you will never see any biased attitude either to the website we are reviewing or to the users of the platform. In addition to this, we stand for the best satisfaction experiences ever, so no one would be deprived of an opportunity to get the best.

In this HookupGeek’s 2019 PinkCupid review, we are going to consider the lesbian dating website named PinkCupid. In fact, when we signed up with it, we clearly realized that the core audience of the site is quite friendly, and it makes nothing to find the best match! So, we are going to review the PinkCupid dating platform and find out if it is a real site or just another scam which is so numerous on the web now! So, be sure to read the review to the very end to be sure to understand that you possess now all the details and you have been warned about any special scam instances, if, of course, we  would find any!

So, let us inform you on the data related to the company, which sustains the website, so that you could now realize if there is any illegal action or not with this dating site. So, the exclusive details about the PinkCupid dating have been found by Hookupgeek, and they are as follows,

  • the website was established and is currently owned by Cupid Media Pty Ltd;
  • the official address of the company owning the site and site per se is PO Box, 9304 Gold Coast, MC QLD 9726, Australia;
  • the phone number of the company and the site is +61 7 5571 1181;
  • the official geolocation of the website is US (United States), MA, Massachusetts, 02142 Cambridge;
  • the site was created in 2005;
  • the expiry date of the site is 2020;
  • the website was designed and invented by Andrew Bolton;
  • the site was registered by, LLC;
  • the email, which you can use to drop messages to the company is

Hence, currently, we can really state that the website is officially registered and everything suits the current legislation. Nevertheless, the task of HookupGeek is to take a look at the other parameters of the website. So, just carry on staying with us, and you will find out even more and more!

Now on, let’s see some of the stats which can be related to the website for lesbian dating! Believe, there are some nice and interesting facts about the platform! See,

  • the approximate overall number of the users on the PinkCupid dating site is 800,000;
  • the number of users from the Pink Cupid USA is 294,500;
  • all of the users are situated worldwide, so you will be able to perform either global or local search (in compliance with your intentions and expectations);
  • in average, there is about 1600 logins a day;
  • the website is available in the following languages, English, Français, Deutsch, and Español;
  • whenever you insert the PinkCupid login, you will be able to see at least (!) 600 users online from your location;
  • being launched about 15 years ago, the Pink Cupid dating site has united the lesbian women from all over the world;
  • in other words, the men have no reason in being signed up with the service, since they will never find what they could have wanted.

In this PinkCupid com review, we would also love to pay attention to the profile, its settings, and overall functionality of the website in question,

  • in order to signup with the service, you need just to insert your first name (which can actually be a nickname), your age, your email, and make up a password);
  • you can link your Facebook profile with PinkCupid, similarly to OkCupid;
  • the function of the pink cupid search will enable you to search a girlfriend based on your country, state, and so on;
  • the website determines your geographic location and can automatically insert the filters of your PinkCupid search and provide some matches, as you could have seen it with USASexGuide and CooMeet;
  • there are different tools, which you would need to use in order to have the most successful communication with the girls from this platform.

So, let’s consider each of the tabs in a separate manner so that you would have a clear vision of how the website is built and what you have to do with it. First off, we would love to state that the functionality and the tools of the PinkCupid dating resemble to a certain extent such dating platforms as Badoo and InstaBang, however, they are all different from the point of view of the target audience. Secondly, the tools which you will use when being a member of PinkCupid are as follows,

  • you will be able to see how many people go online and have access to the information in their profiles (this can be both globally (like PinkCupid USA) and locally (a particular city should be chosen));
  • the who’s online section will ensure that you have simplicity in finding a person to chat with;
  • the section of matches will provide you about 50 profiles at once, which do match your profile, and who you could start flirting or chatting with;
  • the features listed above are the signs of the simplified search, which is built in the site for your convenience, and it really works.

What about the system of messages? What is it like?

  • in order to be able to message anyone from the dating platform, you have to upload at least one photo of yours;
  • the unlimited messages are provided only within the Gold and Platinum membership packages;
  • the Messages tab is subdivided into Received messages, Sent Messages, Favorites, and Trash;
  • there is also a filtering tab, which will help you manage your chats.

There is also an interesting feature, which is known to be named as Activity, wherein you will be able,

  • to see all your dating stats;
  • notice who liked you and who you liked;
  • who is interested in you;
  • who is going to flirt with you;
  • who viewed your profile;
  • whose profiles were viewed by you;
  • who you are interested in.

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Finally, the most significant and the most complicated tab is the Settings section, in which,

  • you will be able to select the language, which is easier for you;
  • you would be able to edit and insert your profile settings (email, phone number, preferences, and so on);
  • you will set your desires as for the notifications;
  • you will need to insert your payment details to upgrade your membership;
  • you will be able to get in touch with the support and/or read the FAQ section;
  • you will have a chance to have your PinkCupid delete account.

Hence, as for the diversity of the PinkCupid functionality, we can really state that it is nice and not disturbing. On the one hand, it would let you be focused on the essence of the search, while on the other hand, it will give you an opportunity to customize your profile. Great, isn’t it?

In this Pink Cupid review, HookupGeek would love to pay attention to the types of preferences you can have with the dating site. With the PinkCupid dating, right after you Pink Cupid com login, you can count for the following types of relations, which you are supposed to indicate either in your profile or when communicating with the users,

  • Penpal: you will be able to find people just to have correspondence with, and here the global search will be of use;
  • Friendship: you will be able to both chat and have friendly ties in the real after your first meet;
  • Casual Relationship: this type of ties includes the ability of the partners to have not serious sexual (that is casual sexual) ties with no further responsibility;
  • Romance / Dating: the kind of the relations, which can hypothetically lead to the family creation and romantic passtime together;
  • Marriage:  it means that you can look for your love, and you will surely find it!

Regardless of the type of relations, you are to communicate what you intend to do in correspondence in order to omit and/or prevent any unpleasant situations.

Thus, the opinion of HookupGeek as for the website in general and its functionality—if you want to know, lol,—is that we are happy that there is such a functional and useful website. In reality, we are truly glad to review it, since—for now—we are sure that it is good! But let’s check everything out with the uttermost precision so that no details would be omitted.

Prices Of PinkCupid Dating Service

In order to give you all the information about the pricing approaches by PinkCupid, we would like to inform you first on the types of the profiles, which can be possible, since they determine the diversity of the users’ possibilities. Thus, when you sign up with Pink Cupid, you can count for the 3 options to pick up,

  • Basic free profile;
  • Gold membership; and
  • Platinum membership.

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Let’s get everything touched upon in order to understand not only the pricing, but also the comparison and difference between the membership statuses. So, we will begin with the Basic profile,

  • the basic profile can be obtained as soon as you signed up with Pink Cupid;
  • the Basic profile costs $0;
  • with basic profile, you will have basic matching function, you will be able to send interest, and communicate with paying members.

Of course, as you can realize it, these features are not enough, and thus, the website proposes you to opt for either the Gold membership or the Platinum membership. Let’s analyze the prices of the Gold membership first and look at the features which you will have at your disposal,

  • 1 Month of the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating would cost you 24.98 USD a month;
  • 3 Months of the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating would cost you 16.66 USD a month (in total, it is going to be just 49.99 USD)
  • 12 Months of the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating would cost you 8.33 USD a month (which is in total just 99.98 USD).

Herein, you have some opportunities to save up, namely,

  • when buying the 3 months period of the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating, you save up to 33% in comparison to the monthly pack;
  • when purchasing the 12 months period of the of the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating, you have an opportunity to save up to 67% in comparison to the monthly payment.

So, what do you get if you prefer choosing the Gold membership with Pink Cupid dating? HookGeek has enlisted everything here for your convenience,

  • you have all the features of the Basic profile (basic matching function, you will be able to send interest, and communicate with paying members);
  • you will be able to communicate with all members of the Pink Cupid dating platform;
  • you will be eligible to utilize the live chat with the Pink Cupid instant messenger;
  • you will be given an opportunity to send and receive messages;
  • you will be exposed to no ads at all (dissimilarly from the basic profile status); and
  • you will be capable of hiding your profile and browse the Pink Cupid search absolutely anonymously.

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These features are nice, right? But there are even nicer ones, which can be received with the Platinum membership of the Pink Cupid dating site. So, what is the price for the Pink Cupid Platinum membership?

  • The 1 Month period of the Pink Cupid Platinum membership status will go just for 29.98 USD;
  • The 3 Months period of the Pink Cupid Platinum membership status will cost you just 20.00 USD a month, which is in total for three months is 59.99 USD; and
  • The 12 Months period of the Pink Cupid Platinum membership status will be priced at 10.00 USD a month, that is just 119.98 USD for the annual subscription.

Again, similarly to the Gold membership status with Pink Cupid, you will have a perfect chance to save up your funds. Just have a look,

  • when ordering the 3 months period of the Platinum membership with Pink Cupid dating, you save up to 33% in comparison to the monthly pack;
  • in case if you buy the annual period of the of the Platinum membership with Pink Cupid dating, you have an opportunity to save up to 67% in comparison to the monthly payment.

Great and magnificent! This loyalty programs are nice, really!

What do you get when you go in for the Platinum membership with Pink Cupid?

  • you have all the features assigned with the Basic profile (basic matching function, you will be able to send interest, and communicate with paying members);
  • you have all the features of the Gold membership status (communication with all members, the live chat and instant messenger, sending and receiving messages, no ads at all, and hiding your profile and anonymous mode);
  • what is more, you will be eligible to rank above other members;
  • you will be able to double your profile space;
  • you will get access to the VIP profile highlighting in order to attract more and more attention to you;
  • you will obtain the function of the exclusive search features;
  • your search will undergo the special advanced matching algorithms; and, finally,
  • you will be able to have your messages translated into your language.

Of course, the Platinum membership unlocks the new horizons for you. What is more, HookupGeek believes that no similar dating website can have the same exquisite features! By the way, you can breathe life in your messages by utilizing the special and unique dating phrases, so you will be on the top of the world, indeed!

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The last thing we are going to consider in this section is the payment methods, which you will receive at your disposal right after getting signed up,

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • PayPal.

Hence, you will have no troubles with processing any of your payments!

In any case, we have to move to the Pros and Cons section in order to have them compared to make our final verdict solid and unbiased! Carry on and take a look!

Pros and Cons

So, the main advantages and benefits of the website are as follows,

  • there are tons of the most positive Pink Cupid reviews on the web;
  • the functionality of the website is cool, especially if you upgrade your profile status;
  • the number of profiles available on the website is great, so you will surely find someone special for you;
  • the website suggests and supports diverse types of relations;
  • the payment system is quite flexible and much affordable;
  • ability to have live video conferences in the instant messages;
  • ability to import photos from Facebook;
  • there is a perfect ability to have the messages translated instantly;
  • the PinkCupid mobile version of the site is the same as the web version;
  • nicely designed app with the whole functionality of the website.

Thus, you can see that the pros of the Pink Cupid dating website are quite numerous, and they will surely make a great contribution to your dating experiences in search of the cutest girlfriend ever! So, say no to loneliness and dive in the world of romance and cool moments with the persons who you would love to ask out!

How about the cons? Are there any? Unfortunately, HookupGeek has been able to detect some,

  • the messages are possible for the Gold and Platinum members only;
  • lack of the functions for the free mode (Basic profile);
  • the PinkCupid app—in compliance with the official website—can be accessed only from the Android platform;
  • in the Basic profile the pop-up ads can be some annoying.

Actually, these are all of the disadvantages of the website, and thus, you will be happy to use it in order to find the best experiences and arrange your private life! So, we believe that you will want to have tested it out!


Every time, when it comes to the security issues, HookupGeek is aimed at providing the most precious insights, since the matter of security in adult dating is of the greatest (!) significance!

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So, as for the Pink Cupid, this is what we been able to detect about their measures of security,

  • because of the fact that you can link your profile to Facebook, we believe in the credibility of the site—it means that it would be quite complicated to generate the fake profiles;
  • the website ensures the overall anonymity to the extent which you would love to sustain;
  • there is a special section on the website, which provides the numerous pieces of advice to make your online and offline dating absolutely secure;
  • the terms of use of the site contain a special paragraph about the security, which says that in case if you have had any issues related to the security with Pink Cupid, you can contact Matthew Joseph, using the address: Zahradníčkova, 1220/20A, Prague 15000, Czech Republic or the company, which PinkCupid cooperates with in terms of security: VeraSafe Ireland Ltd, whose address is: Unit 3D North Point House, North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road, Cork T23AT2P, Ireland.

HookupGeek is ready now to announce that the absolute security can be provided by the PinkCupid dating service, since there is no similar dating option like it, which would contain a special department connected to and being responsible for the security. Hence, we cannot but have to make an emphasis on the fact that regardless of everything, when you chat or date with the PinkCupid dating, you will be really protected! Cool!

Quality of Tools

In the first section of the current review by HookupGeek, we have already described the essence of the tools presented on the dating site. In this section, we would love to pay special attention to their quality, that is to the efficiency they possess in order to make contribution to your successful results of being a member with Pink Cupid! So, this is what we have to say,

  • if the Gold and Premium membership is taken into account, the tools work efficiently;
  • the search provides the most sensitive results and will not expose you to the profiles, which do not suit at least one of the filters you used;
  • the messages are instant, and they are equipped with the live video calls;
  • the quality of the video is determined by the mobile devices you use to utilize the video function;
  • the website is quite speedy, and you will not have to wait for the pages to load;
  • the payment procedure is secure and works perfectly;
  • the process of sign up is also fast, so you will need to spend at least 2 minutes.

No point there is in determining anything else about the work of the website tools. You will be loving them to the greatest extent, just trust!

About PinkCupid App For Dating

As have previously told you, there is a perfectly designed pink cupid app—of course you can utilize the PinkCupid com mobile version—but the app is gorgeous. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have it installed to iOs system, but, as we believe, this feature will soon be available.

So, what can we say about the app by Pink Cupid?

  • the functionality of the website in its best form has been transmitted to the application;
  • the PinkCupid apk serves the same function and is suitable for any mobile device;
  • the app works fast and does not slow down the work of your mobile device;
  • with the PinkCupid apk, you can sign up, sign in, cancel your profile, and edit the settings of the profile of yours.

In other words, you can do everything you want to with the app—similarly to the website. So, just download it, install it and—there you go—it is all yours with all of its magnificence!

How To Delete PinkCupid Account

Similarly to the other dating websites—like Uberhorny or SecretBenefits—you can easily have your PinkCupid profile cancelled. That’s quite easy to do, so just take a look at the following steps which you are to take,

  • you are to press your settings tab;
  • then you choose My Profile settings;
  • in this tab you just find and press Deactivate my profile;
  • within a couple of seconds, everything will be over.

However, kindly bear in mind that as soon as you deactivate your profile, you will never be able to have it restored. It means that all the data, all the chats, and all the photos will be forever deleted. So, be reasonable, in this case.

Quality of Profiles

The main thing which HookupGeek would love to say about the PinkCupid quality of profiles is that you will never find any fake profiles. In addition to this, because of the fact that there have been innumerable accounts registered, you will not encounter any online cupids. Thus, you can expect the best quality of the profiles, that is all of them are real and belong to real people only.

Final Thoughts

So, we have had it over now! PinkCupid is now in our collection, and as you could have guessed, it will be ranked as one of the best dating websites, since it provides the users with the numerous positive experiences. As for HookupGeek, when reviewing the website and the app, we have not detected any scam or fraud. In addition to this, we have been glad to review such a gorgeous platform with a number of unique and exquisite features! So, our official verdict is that we do suggest each of our readers using the PinkCupid dating platform, since it will definitely give you the most unbelievable outcomes!

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What is more, you have to feel always welcome with HookupGeek, and we have some nice suggestions to brighten your leisure time. When dating someone, you could want to have some more experiences on how to look more and more appealing, so we invite you to read our lesbian models’ biographies, like the bio of Mandy Kay or the facts about Brennah Black. Believe, you will like it, as well!

Finally, don’t hesitate to leave your success stories and PinkCupid reviews—we will be quite grateful and thankful for your feedback whatever it is! Hence, thanks for staying with us and reading us! We will achieve your pleasure together!

FAQ about PinkCupid

The website does not give you any guarantees, and you must admit it, it would be impossible to give you any, since the matter of correspondence and chats as well as your private offline dates is the chance-based approach. Thus, everything depends on you. The only thing which we could advise you is don’t give up the search if it was unsuccessful first. The site contains too many profiles to stay alone, you know!

Because of the specifics of this dating niche, you will be eligible to arrange your settings in such a way that you can decide yourself you can watch your pictures. Thus, you don’t have to worry about being detected.

In this case, the main thing is that you have to be signed up. The ways in which you can use the website are not important. You can use both the app and the website (both web-based and mobile format), or you can come up with utilizing only the web format of the PinkCupid dating service or only the app. Everything depends on your preferences and convenience. Remember that the app is the same as the website from the point of view of the functionality, so you will have the same functions when using the app.

If you are not based in the US, you will have a chance to pay in any other currency (depending on your location and country). The site automatically converts the currency of the USD to any other of your choice. What is more, the payment methods can vary, so that if neither of the payment methods is suitable for you, you will be proposed some of your local ones. Thus, you will easily proceed with the payment and will have your dates arranged shortly!

In order to make friends with someone or at least to start communicating, you will need at least 5 minutes. Then, all the ties you would have on the website are totally dependent on the intentions of yours. If you read the success stories on the PinkCupid website, you will see that some of the members were enough to spend a couple of days online to find their true love. So, everything is really up to you. In any case, we believe you will succeed, since there is no other option, you know!