So, we are not going to have any intrigue, and we will start off the most valuable data about this adult online dating and find a girl for one night stand website, concerning its establishment and some history,

  • the PinkSofa dating service was run by Liz James and it was aimed to unite the lesbians of Australia;
  • the officially acclaimed geolocation of the website is AU (Australia), 02, New South Wales, 1001 Sydney;
  • the company which owns all the rights to the website is Lizard Media headed by Liz James;
  • initially, the service was created in 1999; however, the final version of the website was registered back in 2002;
  • the expiry date of the website is 2020;
  • the website is registered with the following address: 24 Albert St, Semaphore, SA, 5019 Australia;
  • the PinkSofa contact phone number is +61-408-086-798;

Pink Sofa

The next step is to consider some of the stats related to the PinkSofa dating,

  • currently, the overall number of users is 600,000 worldwide;
  • the number of users from the US is about 100K;
  • the Australian and New Zealand users comprise 400K;
  • the website, on average, has about 5K new users on the monthly basis;
  • the number of the unique visits to the website is about 19K;
  • the countries where the service gained the biggest interest are Australia, the US, and the UK;
  • the average age of the users is 30 years old.

Pink Sofa

Next, let’s consider the functionality of the website, which you are going to experience right after you sign in for the first time. We’ll consider the key tools now,

  • the process of registration will require you to insert the data about your username, your password, your email address, and promotion code if you have one;
  • the search tool is quite unique and versatile

Pink Sofa

  • you will be able to enable the local or global search, quick search and advanced search, seeing new members, search on the basis of the username;
  • the community tab will let you chat with all the users based on your preferences and topics, which you like, so we can refer this tab to the social network feature similar to Fubar or CooMeet;
  • similarly to EliteSingles and Jaumo, for instance, you will be able to edit your profile and insert all the data you believe necessary;
  • the people tab will ensure that you can see the list of your friends along with the users who you would love to save and who you have blocked.

Thus, the functionality of the website is quite laconic, and, from the first glance, it may resemble HookupGirfriends. In reality, it is not that the same.

Prices Of PinkSofa Service

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The pricing approach by PinkSofa is another point to consider, since we have to be sure that the website is affordable and does not have any hidden fees. So, this is what we have found out,

  • the basic profile is free of cost, but you will not have any opportunities to at least drop a message to anyone;
  • the premium profile will surely unlock all the possibilities and functions of the website for you.

What about the pricing? Honestly, the pricing is probably the easiest one,

  • if you prefer 1 month membership, you will need to pay just $30;
  • the 3 months of the premium status would go for $60;
  • the 6 months of the premium subscription would cost you $90; and
  • the annual subscription will be priced at $120.

Herein, please mind that the price in US dollar is for the US residents only. If you are from the UK or from Australia, you will have to pay in the national currency. However, also, please take into consideration that for the New Zealand citizens there is no option of 6 months membership.

Pros and Cons

The section of pros and cons for the PinkSofa lesbian dating will definitely let us see how good or… how bad the service is! So, take a look at the benefits, first of all,

  • there are no fake profiles in the database, for the website utilizes 12-hours approval of your signup;
  • because of its quite a long history—about 20 years—there are numerous profiles, and there is no need in generating online cupids;
  • being a pioneer of the lesbian dating, there are cool and quite high PinkSofa rates on the web among the similar dating sites;
  • there are so many positive PinkSofa reviews;
  • the exquisite design and laconic functions will not annoy you and will let you stay focused on the essence of your search;
  • PinkSofa is actually merely the only website which has its own Code of Ethics;
  • the diversity of the kinds of the relations is supported: starting with the casual ties and up to the most serious insights.

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Now, HookupGeek would love to pay attention to the drawbacks of the service,

  • one of the most prominent drawbacks is that there is no app (neither for Android nor for iOs);
  • the process of sign may seem quite time-consuming, for the users will have to insert the answers to about 30 questions;
  • it would be quite nice if the website could provide its users with the cam show options, which have recently become an integrated part of the dating sites.

In any case, the credibility of the website does not cause any doubts, and it will surely lead you to the desired impressions and results.


Woohoo, we have partially considered the aspects of security, but still we would love to draw your attention to the facts about PinkSofa,

  • because of the 12 hours of the profile approvals, the probability of the fake profiles or scam disappear to the maximum extent;
  • the Code of Ethics of the PinkSofa dating site will control every action by the users, so you can really count for the legal and most friendly experiences;
  • the website also supports the transparency of payments, so you will never undergo any hidden fees;
  • the payment is released in such a way that you do not directly communicate your payment details to the website.

So, is PinkSofa legitimate? Well, it is, and even more than you could have ever thought of!

Quality of Tools

In this section we would love to pay the main attention to the search tool, since it is among the best which we have ever seen. Because of the fact that it is available in different modes (simple and advanced, local and global), we believe that no one will fail when searching for the partner for the serious or casual relations. In addition to this, by utilizing the tool of search you can save people who you liked in order to get in touch with the in the nearest time. Thus, the website has reduced any chances of yours to lose!

How To Delete PinkSofa Account

The process of deleting your profile is quite easy, and, actually, it seems to be the easiest among the other dating websites!

Pink Sofa

So, in order to have your profile deactivated you just need to,

  • press the Settings tab in the upper toolbar of the website;
  • in the pop-up window find the tab Remove Profile; and
  • just press REMOVE PROFILE button, and that is it!

Easy as never before, as we say at HookupGeek, right?

Quality of Profiles

As we have previously mentioned, the special approval system will forever resolve the issues of the fake accounts. Thus, you will never get exposed to any scam or blackmailing. In addition, you can entrust everything to the profiles of the website, since they have been linked to the Facebook accounts, so you can truly know that the profiles belong to real people only. Thus, there is no point in having any doubts. We would award even more than five stars to this approach!

Final Thoughts

Actually, in comparison to some not that trustworthy dating websites and apps, PinkSofa is something extremely transparent and absolutely credible! We would not even want to suggest you using the special dating quotes and phrases, since with PinkSofa you will surely achieve what you have been registered for! HookupGeek has nothing to do except to suggest all of our users to sign up and try the PinkSofa dating out!


FAQ about PinkSofa

In case if your profile has been blocked that is has not been approved of, you are welcome to sign up again. But this time please make sure that everything was properly filled out. In addition to this, if you believe that your profile was not approved of by mistake, you can contact the support team in order to explain everything and get the result shortly.

The situations of the similar type are to be better considered with the support team. As we know, the refund does not take place if the website provided you with all of the services promised. In addition, you can always explain your situation in order to convince them to have your money back to you.

Of course, no one could guarantee you that you will successfully date someone, since this is quite a personal question, and everything depends on you. The aim of the website is to provide you with the numerous choices of the profiles who might be interested in you and who you might find nice.

Due to the fact that the website supports only the registration of the lesbians, you may have your profile blocked. However, if you admit that you do really want to have the same sex experiences, of course, you have no obstacles on your way to sign up.

This is quite a private issue. In fact, the website of PinkSofa does not support any escort or financially related ties. However, you can clearly indicate what you are looking for in your profile, and communicate it whenever you get in touch with any user.