About Ps Singles

The best real hookup sites and the best one night stand sites are known to be the web locations to assist you in the most necessary hookup and dating insights. It means that if you encountered any difficulties with finding someone if you’re HIV and/or AIDS positive single on the regular adult dating sites, you’d surely succeed with Positive Singles hookup and dating platform.

In fact, regardless of your sexual orientation, it is quite complicated to get a couple if you have at least one positive diagnosis related to the STD, right? The gay dating sites as well as the lesbian dating ones do not always have a Positive Singles search filter of STD, with the exception of SCRUFF and Adam4Adam. So, it may seem to be even shameful to confess. Therefore, HookupGeek has decided to touch upon the site, which would surely let you be yourself with no fails at all! Positive Singles.com is a great opportunity to live your life full of love, dating, romance, and of course, hookup!

The matter of getting acquainted and hooking up is always paramount, since it is undeniably shaped by the human nature. Yep, in this case watching the best adult cams sites would never provide you with the utter satisfaction! This is why, we’d suggest you a couple of ways to overcome any psychological problems and go in for adult dating, no matter if your intentions are based on one night stand desires or just most romantic dating to remember. So, what’s needed is the following,

  • try out several ways to get your satisfaction, like, say, sites like Tinder and find out if there are the partners to understand you;
  • you may also get some new insights on the hookup culture to see what the attitude toward the positive people is;
  • investigate some virtual adult experiences as, for instance, presented by the SnapChat nudes; and/or
  • stop for a moment and think of what you do really want to get at the end of your search.

If neither of these approaches have been successful, there is nothing else to do but to have Positive Singles dating site tested. So, we’ll briefly explain what it is like and what and who you’ll surely find there.

positive singles main

Briefly, Positive Singles provides us with a pretty nice impression, as the site tolerates so much stuff, which would be indeed inappropriate with even the horniest dating apps. The main thing is that you can never worry of what they can think of you, since,

  • The dating platform is equipped with the marvelous Positive Singles search tools to find a person suiting your diagnosis (whatever it may sound, the reality stays the reality);
  • You have to never have any troubles with the mentioned above confessions like how you could tell someone you’re positive;
  • You don’t even have to keep secrets or something like that.

You’d admit that psychologically, these components play a vital role in making you the happiest person ever!

Now, let’s consider the way the site functions, the stats it possesses, and the pros and cons it contains. Yeah, it’d be surely useful for you, as we stand for the best quality of the Positive Singles dating regardless of any biases!

What Is Positivesingles.com?

As mentioned, Positive Singles is

  • a place to be yourself, as it is a dating website for people with STDs;
  • a dating website to find the persons who are also STD infected;
  • a web space to make all of your dreams and intentions come true; and, finally,
  • a super platform to communicate, date and hookup your like-minded persons (based on the most diverse sexual preferences).

In any case, it’d quite irresponsible to stop here, since we have some more shed light on! Let’s, for example, take a glance on the tools and functionality of the dating platform to recognize if it is worth of our attention at all! So, this is what we have,

  • the tool of registration (and search, and Positive Singles login) provides the users with the easy-to-go sign up procedure;
  • you don’t waste much time to get in (as you could’ve wasted with EliteSingles, for example);
  • you have a wide diversity of the interaction tools on this positive dating platform, which are comprised of messaging, chat rooms, likes, favorites, and different lists of users;
  • being a member of Positive Singles mobile site, you’d obtain access to the sections of psychological support;
  • there is a great section of the Positive Singles Success Stories;
  • you will read some Dating Advice & Safety Tips to have the biggest success in your hookup;
  • the authors of the site also provide you with some valuable ideas located in the Herpes Dating Blog and HIV Dating Blog;
  • the separate sections of STD Dating Blog and HPV Dating Blog would also be handy for you.

Along with these features, you can also use the following ones,

  • upload your photos (this is optional, since this is the matter of your confidentiality);
  • take place in the Community section to be up-to-date with the brand new information on the STD and the people having it; and
  • communicate with the persons from the list of those who you might like.

This kind of functionality is—no doubts—adorable, and your joyful kimpressions, as a result, are granted!

Another point to be analyzed in this section is the Positive Singles app. Why?Just because there are some particularities when it comes up to utilizing the Positive Singles mobile version of the service. For instance,

  • first off, you have to know that the name of the app is different, and it is called Herpes Dating: 1.7M+ STD Positive Singles;
  • secondly, by enabling your geolocation on your mobile device, you can use the search based on the distance, as it was with Happn app;
  • thirdly, the interface of the Positive Singles mobile app is some different, but it does not cause any confusion especially from the point of view of the Positivesingles.com login;
  • with the www positive singles com app you can still look for the men, women, and couples.

positive singles app

Yes, we would recommend you using both the mobile version (the app) of the Positive Singles platform as well as the positive singles full site.

Gradually, we would love to move forward and point to some stats to be related to the work of the site and to the quality of dating you’re supposed to be given to when you sign up with the platform! Yes, we have to do it similarly to FirstMet or FlirtBuddies to be sure that everything is covered properly and no no understatement is left. So, let’s proceed with the next section to discover even more!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

Yep, we know that you’re all ears in love with our innovation to visually depict the digits related to a particular dating site (and as we’ve found it, your favorite in this case is WhatsYourPrice hookup spot). Let’s shortly come across the gender and member structure, which you would have on Positive Singles, so that you would know that it is quite a nice trip to accomplish.

As the official website states, the following digits can be exhibited,

  • 1,732,100+ Registered Members
  • 2,550,000+ Monthly Conversations
  • 20,000+ Monthly Blog Posts
  • 60,000+ Success Stories
  • Positive Singles ensure that it is 50 times easier to find love if using their web services;
  • The site is known to be “Confidential Herpes & STD Dating and Support Community Since 2001”.

To be honest, we believe that this is quite an impressive approach, since regardless of the 21st century, there are not that many organizations which would assisted the STD positives in search of their private life and partners. In other words, there is still not enough tolerance. In any case, we’re here to defend all persons and assist them to the extent we can do it within this industry!

Anyway, we have some even more interesting data, so just take a look,

  • the number of users going online on the daily basis is about 50K;
  • the countries, which the site is mostly visited from is the US, Canada, Thailand, and Australia;
  • the proportion of females on the site is 60%, while the men comprise only 40%;
  • the average age of the users is between 30 y.o. and 32 y.o.; however, (un)fortunately, this average age index is decreasing.

Now on, we’d want to draw your attention to the proportion of males and females in compliance with the age. The data we have discovered are as follows,

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 12%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 15%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 1%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 2%.

PositiveSingles chart

Well, let’s briefly analyze the opportunities you can have in compliance with the gender and age ratio,

  • you can really hook up and date the younger generation, who you’d surely encounter on sites like Shagle, Flirt.com or Easysex.com;
  • in case if you are LGBTQ+ related, the same results would be appropriate for the apps and sites like Compatible Partners, Bumble, and Taimi if gay specifics is considered; or, in case of lesbian girls, PinkSofa, PinkCupid, and HER;
  • in case of searching the cougar dating experiences, you’d better address the sites like DateACougar or Cougared, since the percentage of the users of this category is not that great with Positive Singles;
  • you’d also hardly ever count for the sugar moms and sugar daddies experiences like if you used SecretBenefits or Pure dating app.

Therefore, in general, we can state that Positive Singles are able to ensure you with the most unbelievable experiences being deprived of any prejudices, so neither of the platforms we touched upon would have never been able to assist you to the same extent.

As you know, another aspect we usually investigate is the legal data being connected to the dating site. Positive Singles is not going to be an exception. So, just take a look at what we have to be sure that the site functions legally and underwent all legal procedures of registration,

  • the geo location of the site is claimed to be as follows, US (United States), TX, Texas, 75270 Dallas;
  • the official date of creation of the Positive Singles dating site is 2001;
  • the registry expiry date is 2023;
  • the company that registered the site and owns all rights is Moniker Online Services LLC;
  • the postal address to send all claims at is SuccessfulMatch / PositiveSingles.com 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6 Canada;
  • the address of the site registration is 2320 NE 9th St, Second Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304, US;
  • the phone number of the registration company is +1-800-688-6311;
  • the fax to send the claims to is +1-954-58-59-186; and
  • the email to access the site and its administration is mediapress@positivesingles.com

As we can see, even the most trusted and much reputable apps and sites for dating like OkCupid and Badoo do not have so much information at the public disposal. So, we believe, we’d refer these data to the Positive Singles advantages. Anyway, we’d consider the pros of the site in more details in the section of pros and cons.

Registration Process

In order to get signed up with the service, there is nothing much to do, as you can guess, since the dating sites tend to be more and more user-friendly to ensure the comfort of search. Thus, to become an eligible user of the site, you’d need to fill out the following form, including,

  • your gender;
  • your sexual preferences (who you’re seeking a man or a woman, or even a couple);
  • indicate the age for your search (the minimal age is 18 y.o.);
  • determine the disease you have (HSV-1, HSV-2, herpes, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.);
  • choose the country you are currently living in;
  • choose the state or province of your residence.

That’s it. The search in this case is united with the sign up procedure. However, you’ll also be asked to ensure the following details,

  • your nickname (you create it on your own);
  • your email (to be valid to verify your profile); and
  • your age (mainly to ensure you’re over 18 y.o.).


In such a way, you’re going to be an eligible member of the site and will be given all the possible features at your disposal to hook up freely with no limits. Nevertheless, the absolute freedom of search is only for the paid members. These data will be provided a bit later in details.

Now on, let’s move on to find out the way the interaction is shaped and who you can successfully date and hook up when going online with Positive Singles.


When you’ve signed successfully, you’ll have access to your own profile immediately, and it would contain the following data,

  • basic information on your preferences and your own personal data which you wanted to share publicly;
  • horizons to discover as for the other members of the site;
  • managing your list of the users you liked or blocked;
  • participation in the community (which is a mega-super-great tool to have some psychological support); and
  • live chat.

positive singles_profile

Of course, to start hooking up or dating, you’d need to accomplish the so-called quick search. Yeah, you can already know that it is quite similar to the one located on sites like Fuckbook or on the sites for married people.

Your profile will also give you access to the messages and all activities related to your actions on the site, including,

  • diversity of the messages sent and received;
  • the list of users who liked you;
  • the list of users who liked your photo(s);
  • the members who winked you; and
  • the members who added you to their list of favorites.

In addition to this, the interaction is double fortified by the special chat rooms to take part in for more communication.

positive singles_chatrooms

When participating in the chat rooms, you can opt for the persons to chat with or for the topics to be engaged in. Yeah, as we’ve seen it, there is much fun to experience! What it means? Oh, nothing else but the fact that you’d never get bored with the pastimes on Positive Singles.

In other words, you have the same approach to communication as on Chatib or Fubar, whereon you can both chat and send private messages. Nonetheless, the specifics presented on Positive Singles makes the very this website (and, by the way, app) something extremely special and unique!

After the thorough examination of the interaction process, you’d possibly like to know what the price of Positive Singles is, and we’re ready to have it all announced!


As you might’ve already understood, Positive Singles is the site, which is both for free and for payment. In other words, it can really ensure you with the diversity of free and paid tools to use. In fact, we have not observed any great difference between the modes but we’re sure that if one uses the site for a long time, they’d be obvious.

So, what the pricing on Positive Singles is like?

  • 1 month membership would cost you just $29.95, which is just $1 a day;
  • 3 months membership is for $59.95, wherein the monthly membership is $19.95, and it ensures you the 50% saving;
  • 6 months would go for $95.95, and the cost per month is $15.95, which supposes 60% Positive Singles discount.

positive singles_price

Herein, you should bear in mind the following particularities of the payment procedure with HSV Positive Singles, namely,

  • the 3 months and 6 months memberships are impossible to be billed having each month separately, so it means that you’d need to pay either $59.95 or $95.95 respectively as one payment;
  • the currency of releasing the payment is US dollar, but you can choose any other currency possible from your country if you’re not a US resident;
  • the payment method available is the bank card (either credit card or a debit card, which is up to you);
  • the ability to save up money would act for a particular period, which means that the tariffs may vary.

Now on, it’d be really suitable to touch upon the free and paid features to be accessible for you.

Free Features

As soon as you got signed up—similarly to any other hookup platform like WellHello or xPickup—you obtain numerous features for free. So, basically, you’ll have

  • the free Positive Singles sign up procedure
  • basic search tools (with no advanced filters);
  • ability to upload the photos;
  • ability to like the photos of the other members;
  • limited functionality (with the exception of the educational materials on STDs and psychological support);
  • free of cost updating of your app (either as Positive Singles Android app or the one for iOs);
  • basic messaging tools;
  • access to the STD chat room; and
  • support team’s assistance as for the functionality of the site.

As we have some experience in this field, we can fairly ensure you that such a perfect number of the free features is not accessible from the majority of the other similar dating and even webcam sites!

It is also significant to take a look at the fact that the free of cost functionality is not limited from the point of view of the time. So, it means that if your paid membership has expired, you can always use the free mode to have success, even if it seems to be somehow limited.

You can wonder like what’s the purpose of paying for the site if the free of price functionality is so adorably great. What is more, the pricing could’ve really been somehow lower. Anyway, we have some suggestions for why you’d better pay for. For instance,

  • the limitations of the free mode would make you waste much time to generate the utter list of matches;
  • the number of the profiles to be viewed by you would not be limited at all;
  • you’ll be absolutely deprived of any ads, which are possible with the free mode;
  • you’d have faster assistance by support team as the paid members are of more privilege and are served first.

In any case, we’re not going to force you to make any decision, as it is always and forever up to you! Anyway, be sure that you grab the most valuable results only!

Having discussed all of general information, we’re now ready to come across the analysis of the site and its services. It means that we’re now happy to distribute our insights as for the positive and negative features. Ready to carry on? Hoping that yes! There’s much interesting information to touch upon right away!

Pros And Cons

Well, surely, we’ve already posted much data about Positive Singles, and you’ve definitely made up your own conclusions. In any case, they’d not be full without some more precise analysis. Traditionally, we’d need to have a look at the advantages and the most valuable sides of the site. As for Positive Singles, they’re as follows,

  • there is quite a convenient PS dating app to use;
  • the functionality of the app is adorable as it is the same as the Positive Singles desktop version;
  • the number of the users is great (and sometimes you can come across the users who have no STD diagnosis);
  • along with the dating and hookup features, the platform provides the psychological support and gives a plenty of the pieces of advice on lifestyle, safety, and STDs;
  • you can easily navigate the site as its interface is user-friendly;
  • the range of the free features is so big that you can abuse it to the fullest extent;
  • the dating approach is divided into several aspects, so you can date the persons with the same STDs that you have.

Do you think that’s all? Do you believe that there are no other valuable points to have benefits from? He-he, we have some even more for you!

  • when you use the site, you can participate in the communities, so that you can provide your psychological assistance or be in need of it;
  • you can be a member of the chat rooms, so that it’d be an additional source of finding a couple for you;
  • you’ll have the absolute diversity of the sexual preferences;
  • you’d be possible to use the constant discounts to purchase the membership (up to 60%); and
  • you’ll be given the greatest approach to dating wherein everyone is who they really are.

Woohoo! Honestly, we want to believe you’re still here and you have not gone mad because of these innumerable pros!

How about the negative sides of the service? Do you believe they are presented? In any case, it would absolutely wrong not to find the cons, right? What do you think?

So, as for the disadvantages, this is what HookupGeek has discovered,

  • the pricing for the service is quite unreasonable, as the diversity of the free mode features contributes enough to the dating process;
  • the paid mode doesn’t make much sense, as it would still be lacking the features to amaze the users.

In any case, these are the only cons for now. Yep, they’re even not the type of cons you may consider seriously, right? Anyway, we’d love to shed light on even more aspects to refer them either to the advantages or to the shortcomings of the Positive Singles website.

Quality Of Profiles

PositiveSinglesAs you know, the quality of profiles is that kind of aspect which we always analyze, as it is able to provide us with some additional information. Thus, if you remember, we’ve already showed some data about the users, who you can count for encountering. Anyway, we’d love to move on and check up if there is any scam or any Positive Singles fake profiles. Let’s see it!

After we’ve communicated with about a dozen of the users both in messages and in the chat room, we’ve come up with the following ideas as for the quality of profiles, namely,

  • no fake profiles have been evident, as the responses of the users did not resemble the computer-based ones;
  • the profile photos of the users have not been presented to the greatest extent, and it is actually obvious why (for the purpose of confidentiality);
  • the information listed in the profiles is, as a rule, credible and diverse (if it doesn’t violate the confidentiality principles);
  • the users are mostly active and responsive.

Therefore, one can really see that no scam is awaiting, so it is possible to try the platform to use it properly and find love or the most joyful hookup!

Quality Of Tools

When analyzing the quality of the tools being presented on Positive Singles dating site, one can surely be aware of the following characteristics, like,

  • they’re all easy to use;
  • they’re effective;
  • the free mode of using the site ensures the awesome quality of the tools;
  • the tools that are not directly related to the dating and hookup process are also great.

To be honest, we’d want to draw your special attention to the following ideas we found with the site,

  • it’s super great the administration of the site puts so much effort to ensure the safety of dating and lifestyle of the users;
  • the blog ideas posted on the site and exceptional, indeed, as they can really serve as a great hint;
  • the billing procedure is easy, and it ensures the refund conditions;
  • to obtain the refund it is necessary to get in touch with the support team to discuss all the conditions or read them in the terms of use section.

As a result, we have a strong conviction that the tools provided would serve the most positive function in your search. By the way, to check out if this information is truthful, you don’t even have to really pay for your membership: just arrange your trial period!


The aspect of security is extremely necessary to touch upon, as it would ensure how your information is stored safely and how your personal data are never disclosed to any third parties. Well, as for the security, we’ve managed to find the following,

  • the administration of the site will never disclose your personal data;
  • the only exception can be made if the court decision is taken into account (this is what they say about the cases, “[they] may access and disclose your information to respond to subpoenas, judicial processes, or government requests and investigations, or regarding an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by law, or otherwise as required by law. [They] may disclose your information to protect the security of [their] Service including [their] servers, network systems, and databases. [They] also may disclose your information as necessary, if [they]] believe that there has been a violation of [their] Agreement, any other legal document or contract related to [the] Service, or the rights of any third-party”);
  • from your side, you have to maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password;
  • you’re expected to ensure that all information used in connection with the site’s Service is accurate and current; and
  • you have to admit that no activity you conduct through your Account, whether by you or someone else violates the law.

Thus, the safety measures are quite reasonable and seem to be legal. In other words, the safety can be indeed ensured, as the site functions in compliance with the current law. In addition, for your own security, don’t forget to use the function of the positive singles log out.

Besides, the terms of use of the web service claim that the Positive Singles dating platform is shaped by the following legal regulations, including,

  • Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”);
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG);
  • Federal Arbitration Act;
  • JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures;
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

In case of the international issues emerged, the international law is to be applied.

How To Delete Positive Singles Profile

If you have understood that Positive Singles is not the place wherein you’d be able to find what you have been seeking, you’d need to know how to delete your profile. Or maybe you just want to have a break in your dating search, and thus, you’d want to quit using Positive Singles. Anyway, the procedure of how to unsubscribe from Positive Singles is as follows,

  • you have to use positivesingles com login your profile;
  • go to visit your settings tab;
  • scroll down up to the status of your profile;
  • pick up the deactivation button;
  • press it and confirm your action;
  • wait for the email to be in your inbox as for the fact that your profile has been disabled.

As usual, we have to warn you that as soon as you decide on deactivating your profile, you need to keep in mind that there will be no option to have it restored. In addition, you should be ready to solve the financial issues in case if they are present,

  • the refund in case of your own desire of cancellation can be made only within 3 business days after you signed up and released the payment;
  • if the cancellation took place later than three days, you’d not have a chance to have your funds refunded;
  • the other cases of refund and reasons to cancel the membership are to be discussed with the support team in each private case.

Therefore, before deleting your profile be sure to communicate it all with the customer support representatives via the Contact Us button. So, this is how you delete positive singles account. Easy, right?

Final Thoughts

Yes, we’ve gradually approaching the end of the review, and we are ready to share our insights with you. Along with this, we’d be eager to know what you think of the Positive Singles offer and this current review, so don’t ever hesitate to leave your feedback right after the review.

As we first approached the dating site reviewed, we’ve understood that this was going to be quite a complex—and along with this—quite a complicated review, since the topic is quite sensitive. In any case, if you’re too touchy and we’ve offended you, do forgive us. Anyway, we did not mean to and we’re very tolerant to any manifestation of the human nature and human desires, as this is our specifics.

As for the overall impressions, Positive Singles is a perfect place—yep, indeed a perfect place—for the persons seeking for the ones, who’d be like them. In other words, if you’re STD positive, this is not the fatal end of your life. Oppositely, you have so many ways to go to: hook up, date, have romance, and build a new family. Yes, everything is really possible with Positive Singles!

After examining the functionality of the site (as well as of the app), we’ve totally comprehended that it is a super great location to find a person to be with (maybe forever). There will be never be any prejudices, any biases or any angsts as for who you are and what your diagnosis is. You’ll have everything you’ve been aching for with Positive Singles. No kidding!

FAQ about PositiveSingles

In fact, there is no difference, since the Positive Singles review incorporates all the same features presented on the other branches of the site. So, regardless of your STD, you can have the same functionality of the service.

The Positive Singles ensure that you can date in the affiliate programs of the site, which are absolutely the same, and which are comprised of the following positive dating sites like Herpes, HPV, HIV, or another STD.

You can always push the Contact Us section in the bottom of the site and have your complaints released.

Be advised to address the support team or use the Forget My Password button.

To do this from your mobile device, you’d need to enable your geolocation function. The computer based version of the site will make it automatically, and, thus, you’ll not need any additional actions. Anyway, in case if you need to use the location which is not next to you, you can manually insert the location.