1. The current Terms of Use and Cookies Policies exclusively designed by the HookupGeek Ltd.’s management use the analytics cookies. These, in turn, are elaborated in order to collect the data needed for the Google Analytics proper functioning.
  2. The principles of private data non-disclosure.
    2.1. The HookupGeek Ltd. is obliged to keep their users’ any personal data in secret;
    2.2. No privacy information (including email addresses, IP address, bank card/account details, and other privacy items) you insert is ever disclosed to the third parties;
    2.3. No information received from the cookies (including email addresses, IP address, names, and other privacy items) is disclosed to the third parties;
    2.4. This fundament of the Terms and Use is impossible to be modified by the HookupGeek Ltd.’ management unless the current law and regulations permit that.
    2.5. The HookupGeek Ltd. management is exclusively responsible for all the information stored and accounts for any hypothetical situations to take place;
    2.6. The HookupGeek Ltd. management is the one to be accused of the non-following of the presented policies;
    2.7. The HookupGeek Ltd. management is not directly responsible for the personal information, which is voluntarily shared by the users of the website and/or application;
    2.8. Both the website and application are absolutely safe to use and undergo the policies of anonymous usage.
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