Will You Succeed With Your Dating on Pure?: A Pure Dating Review

Pure Dating is among the apps for dating, which possesses numerous features but have not that many members in their database (so, it’d be some complicated to have one night stand near me). What is it like? Why not that many people decide on subscribing with the services for dating? What kind of dating can you count for with Pure Dating app? All these questions are going to be reviewed in this current HookupGeek’s pure dating app review.

First off, we’d draw your attention to the fact that Pure Dating is not a classic dating and hookup service, so you will never guess what it is like until you try it by yourself. HookupGeek will surely give you an impression of what it is and what you should beware of, however, this is you who chooses!

What is Pure Dating and how to use pure dating app?

  • first off, Pure Dating is an application for an anonymous search for sexual partners;
  • the motto of the service is “Sex here and now.” Actually, that says it all;
  • Pure Dating was initially launched in October 2014;
  • Pure Dating services have been initially perceived as a key competitor of Tinder, du to the fact that it (debatably) assists their users in find casual sex relations and partners for this purposes in a quicker and more easier manner;
  • The thought about creating a web platform of Pure had started in 2012 and the task propelled on a genuinely restricted spending plan, pulling in more than 110,000 clients to have agreed to accept its holding up rundown before propelling in the U.S. on iOS in October 2014, and later in the Google Play Store in June 2015;
  • At present, the main five urban communities where Pure is most utilized (and in this manner you have the best odds of hookup achievement) are Los Angeles, Moscow, London, New York, and, finally, Mexico City;
  • The easygoing Pure Dating hookup application holds 4.7 out of 5 star rating in the Apple App Store dependent on 8,974 votes and a 3.9 out of 5 star rating out of 15,383 votes in the Google Play store, where it is positioned at the place of number 34 in the dating site class;
  • Unadulterated conveys new significance to the possibility of moment online hookups, and does as such proudly. The application isn’t intended for a particular statistic and doesn’t showcase any noteworthy coordinating calculation to get the data on the users.

Pure Dating gives all that you need, with the reward of a period motivating force, and nothing you don’t, to set up quick easygoing hookups. To truly assess this application, you must be straightforward with yourself: Are 100% no hidden obligations irregular and unknown sexual experiences what you’re truly searching for? Provided that this is true, Pure Dating is actually the ideal application to nourish your sexual craving.

Pure Dating Site
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So, how this dating platform online works?

  • you are to register;
  • registration takes place without mail, without a phone number and without social networks;
  • you are to publish a selfie, which acts as a proposal to pass the evening or night (morning or afternoonit does not matter), and wait for a response;
  • within an hour, the system searches for a potential partner within a radius of 50 kilometers (which corresponds to the “here and now” principle);
  • if no one responded to your application or was found, then the application (along with the correspondence history) is automatically deleted;
  • no names, nicknames and details are utilized, that is everything is anonymous;
  • just using your location, Pure Dating app finds people nearby, you can tap on any of them and suggest a meeting;
  • in order to negotiate and exchange phone numbers (or any other contacts), the application gives only an hour, after which the correspondence will disappear forever;
  • if you log it the application after some time, you need to upload the photo again, and the list of “those who are ready to meet right now” is updated again.

HookupGeek believes that this is a purely new approach to dating, and the partners can be easier found for the time is limited. So, it seems to be much interesting from the point of view of psychological basis, right?

There are also some details of using Pure Dating,

  • first of all, the offer was free, but even then there was a strict “ticket” system: each new user received several so-called “tickets”, which made it possible to post questionnaires on the site (the number was one per day);
  • if you want more tickets (or they sometimes called bids) you expected to release payment;
  • as of 2015, the application became fully paid (we will narrate everything about pricing in the next section);
  • only persons who have reached the age of 17 can take advantage.

Pure Dating is aimed to translate the idea of ​​a variety of sexual sensations and experiments, and the expensivesubscription is made only for men (girls use the app for free) to weed out the inadequate and mammy whistlers. How honest is it to charge a man for the opportunity to quickly find a partner for sex? Is it possible to call this “fee”, and the girls who installed the application“product”? This question was always quite complicated, since “diverse sex life” should be equally accessible for both men and women. But the “bias of accessibility” to the females was made for obvious reasons, and this is a separate topic for conversation.

Pricing Policies

Having reviewed the key features and the most important information about Pure Dating, we are about, as usual, to analyze the pricing approach by the service provider. So, dissimilarly from the other dating web platforms, the pricing tariffs by Pure Dating are much different from the ordinary ones. Intrigued? See the things you are expected to pay for,

Pure Dating Site
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  • the Pure Hookup App Membership package would cost $39.99;
  • the Monthly Membership package would go for $29.99;
  • the Pure Membership package would go for $14.99 (please mind that this payment is charged on the weekly basis);
  • the Pure Local Hook Up App Membership package would cost $14.99;
  • the Pure Singles Chat Subscription package would go for $19.99;
  • the Pure Hookup App Pass package’s cost is just $38.99
  • the Pure Date Hook Up Membership package would be priced by $4.99;
  • the King of the Hill package would cost $1.99;
  • the Pure Hookups Membership package would go for $4.99;
  • the Pure Membership package’s price is just $29.99 (please mind that this payment is charged on the weekly basis).

Each of the features mentioned would provide you with a particular set of options, and it all depends on the intentions and purposes you are to follow and fulfil. So, it is the matter of your choice, absolutely.

Pros And Cons Of The Pure Dating App

So, having paid for the membership, what advantages do you receive and how they are balanced with the cons which can befall you usage?

  • When registering with the Pure Dating, which is a sexual partner search application, you are just expected to upload your photo;
  • It will show profiles of nearby men and women interested in sexual intimacy without commitment;
  • Initially it was assumed that the user must buy a “ticket”” for $9.99, allowing you to place your profile in the application for 24 hours;
  • Newcomers were given seven such “tickets” as a gift. After the paid time, the questionnaire and correspondence with other members of the community disappears;
  • So, it seems to be quite fast and productive for those who are in search of real meetings but not the chats in the virtual space;
  • The application for spontaneous dating offers to immediately go offline;
  • There is no need to make a profile, upload information and a bunch of photos. One shot is enough;
  • There is exactly an hour for correspondence, and in the course of this time, you can exchange additional photos, discuss the details and arrange a meeting;
  • Pure Dating app has a nice interface, but not many users have registered with it, yet. This is even good, because finding a particular person is not difficult if s/he left the chat or your application expired, and you did not have time to complete the conversation.

So, these advantages seem to be really working and, what is more important, they are much different from the other similar apps and web platforms where people tend to hook up or date.

What about the cons? Are there any negative features which can really keep you away from the dating service mentioned?

  • even if you prefer the free trial/use of Pure Dating app, you are supposed to provide the banking details, in any case, including your credit card information to be located;
  • the pro of time limits can turn into the con, since it definitely results in a smaller number of the really active users at the same period of time;
  • The app does not provide mere opportunity or way to exhibit your personality, since single selfie of your choice is needed, and it’d be enough to hook up.

Of course, the enumerated cons are not that dramatically harsh, but still they may be improper for some potential users, since the approach of time limits is too ambiguous. So, HookupGeek would not surely point to the fact that you either have to or, oppositely, should not get in touch with this app. We believe that everything should be tried out in order to find the best match. Our task is here to shed light on the pros and cons and help you understand if you like a particular app or not. In any case, the final choice is also made by you, and this is the most precious opportunity!


Pure Dating Site
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In compliance with the numerous regular users’ feedbacks and pure dating app reviews, it is evident that there are no issues regarding the security. It is because,

  • no private data is required to get an opportunity to chat and date;
  • the banking details required are protected by the bank agent which is engaged in charging;
  • the system does not store any of your data after an hour expired; so, you may not worry about the safety of the files you share.

In general, because of the unusual system of getting ‘signed up’ the security of the users is greatly shaped, and would not cause any issues ever. This is quite a pleasant fact to review.

Herein, we would make an emphasis on some details,

  • be sure not to communicate your personal data in chats in order not to have it disclosed by the other members;
  • follow the policies of the service and do not pretend to be rude to the other users;
  • try to get the most out of the opportunities developed, and we are sure, you’ll have your desired success!

Quality Of Tools

The tools elaborated by Pure Dating designers are quite specific, and, in such a way, they require additional attention. What can HookupGeek tell you about the tools and their quality in regards to the Pure Dating app?

  • the system of search can be fairly referred to the hands-free one, since the app and the smart system does everything on their own, and you don’t even have to participate and manually insert the data;
  • the fact that the system is made on the principle of timer, you will not waste your time in vain, and will not spend it being more than necessary online;
  • the geolocation is perfectly determined by using your smartphone’s gps, so you can always expect the best and the most accurate results of your search;
  • the chat system is equipped in such a way that it is smart and minimalistic so that nothing would interrupt your communication with a further partner.

Therefore, it seems to be more than evident that the whenever you use the Pure Dating app, you can easily count for the best and the most rapid system, which is equipped by the most outstanding and contemporary tools of the best quality just to let you get what you have come for. Isn’t it good, right?

Quality Of Profiles

When it comes to Pure Dating, you can never truly understand what the profiles listed there are like and what they can bring you, since it is all based on the anonymity principle. However, HookupGeek has nothing impossible to encounter, so we will share our impressions and opinions with you in regards of the quality of the Pure Dating profiles. So,

  • the diversity of the profiles causes any doubts for the profile per se is impossible to create in its regular meaning of the word;
  • the people you have as recommended are always surprising since they are suggested by the smart system of the app based on geo location;
  • the credibility of the photos uploaded by the users also rises no doubts, for in case of real meeting, it will be evident;
  • the profiles are not equipped with any super detailed information, so that you will not need to waste tons of time to have them read out.

So, you can see that when choosing Pure Dating you can have extremely greatly shaped freedom and you would never be worried about the safety, since there are no reasons for being afraid of having your data disclosed, as you do not actually share any.

Sum Up On The Pure Dating Site

HookupGeek has to admit that the Pure Dating app is amongst the most unpredictable ones, which provide the unusual approach to dating. Of course, there are some nice advantages of using this particular service, for the creators of the app have thought much of the users and reduced any shortcomings possible. What is more, the experience of the similar platforms of the best adult affair sites and hookup online has been analyzed by the designers of Pure Dating, and they implemented these brand-new features in order to suit all the requirements of users and current time.

HookupGeek has investigated this app and believes that it is not either great or awful, it is just specific. If you like the specific, or even special, things to be engaged in, you’ll surely be fond of the app. Nevertheless, if you tend to support the classic or old school approaches to dating online, you will not like the app.

Paying attention to the drawbacks, which HookupGeek has found and to the advantages, it is evident that no bad experience is possible. However, there are some nice perspectives for the app development, and we are sure that the creators will follow the proper path to gain more users and make their idea even more appealing and versatile! Finally, also check out what we have about the adult cam chat offers!

FAQ about Pure Dating App

In fact, all the profiles you find when using Pure can be divided into two categories: real and the icebreaker-based ones (this is clearly stated in the Terms of use of the site). The icebreaker-based profiles are known to be absolutely optional. It means that you can pick up if you want to use them with the purpose of getting more acquainted with the way the website functions. Otherwise, you are exposed to the credible profiles only. For more details, feel free to go through the Terms of use of Pure Dating App or get in touch with the support team to have all of your questions answered.

Under any circumstances, if you have any troubles and/or questions on how the site works, you’re most welcome to get in touch with the support team of the site. They will surely assist you in resolving any troubles or questions emerged.

As a matter of fact, the Pure dating service has not been exclusively designed for the users located in the USA. However, it is not available for all the countries in the world. It means that some of the countries do not participate in the program, and thus do not have any chances to sign up. However, the list of the countries is gradually evolving, and once all the countries would be eligible for registering.

Because of the monthly-based payment procedure, there is no limitation in the number of users you can get across. What is more, you are eligible to send an unlimited number messages as well as to receive the same unlimited number of messages and lead the unlimited number of the chats at any time when you want to. Thus, when you subscribe for the membership with Pure dating, you will probably have the best range of the unlimited opportunities from the point of view of the search and communication with the hot cuties whose profiles are located on the Pure dating app.

Because of the innumerable number of the anti-scam filters as well as due to the constant monitoring of the Pure dating app service’s employees, there is no chance to encounter any scam at all. In case if you have identified the scam (no matter of how merely impossible it can be), you are most welcome to get in touch with the support team.