About Qeep Dating Site

Oh, how numerous the dating apps are in the 21st century and how diverse the one night stands websites and adult dating reviews are! Some of them seem to be quite similar, while the others are different and require some additional preparation. In this review, HookupGeek is going to examine the work and efficacy of Qeep dating apk and point to all of its most secret details, which you will never be able to read in any other review!

So, an important aspect in this case is what is Qeep app? And—you know what, man?—HookupGeek is aware of everything, and we will disclose this everything to you right away!

  • The initial purpose of the app is to provide the users with the ability to flirt and arrange romantic dates, however, also, the app can really ensure you that you can easily hook up;
  • You can use the feature of the Qeep chat flirt and get the most interesting experiences;
  • The Qeep chat app provides access to the resources of the mobile social network;
  • With its help, participants get acquainted, look for friends on the basis of common interests or favorite photos, they chat in the numerous chat rooms or private messages;
  • In addition, you can conduct photoblogs in Qeep, discuss and share photos, and play a variety of online games;
  • The Qeep application’s interface is comfortable, beautiful, there is a built-in keyboard with support for the numerous languages;
  • The Qeep apk and participation in the social network is completely free.

So, the only thing you need to do to step closer to this dating virtual world is to use the feature of Qeep app download either from the official website of the app or from the Google Play and/or App Store platforms. And that’s it, you’ll be almost there!

Before we start reviewing the details of the dating app, we would love spare some time to the website. Traditionally, we’d love to pay attention to the registration details of the site, so that we could be sure that it is real, indeed,

  • the developers of both the site and the dating app are K2 Interactive GmbH;
  • the site itself was created in 2005;
  • its expiry date is 2020;
  • the registration company is United-Domains AG;
  • you can get in touch with the site administration via the phone number: +49.8151368670;
  • both the website and Qeep apk are available in the following languages, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and Italian;
  • the beta version of the Qeep apk for iOS was launched in 2006;
  • the Android version of apk was run in 2011;
  • there are about 35 million people signed up with Qeep apk.

What is more, this present Qeep app review by HookupGeek is unique just because we are the first who will stop lying you and claiming that the app is free of cost! No way! There are some pricing tariffs! Scroll down to the Pricing section our review!Qeep net review


Yep, almost all of the Qeep apk reviews state that you will never have to pay for the usage of the service for dating. But we want to stop it all. Unfortunately, this is all lies! HookupGeek knows how much Qeep services cost, and how it is all built. Take a glance,

  • there is a free basic profile with numerous limited features;
  • the cost of the Qeep Plus membership a month is $10.99;
  • the three months package of the Qeep Plus dating would go for $21.99; and
  • the six months subscription to Qeep Plus will be priced at $62.99.

Along with this, Qeep functions on the basis of the in-app currency to get some more special features, including the following packages of credits to be purchased,

  • 300 Qeep credits package will cost you just $3.99;
  • 550 Qeep credits package will go for $5.99;
  • 2500 Qeep credits package is evaluated at $14.99; and, finally,
  • 8000 Qeep credits package is for $30.99.

So, what are you going to have right after the Qeep login in the Qeep Plus membership profile?

  • you’ll have absolutely (!) unlimited Qeep chatting opportunities;
  • the number of matches and photos to swipe will be endless;
  • the function of pinboard will let you instantly share your thoughts and impressions (which is quite similar to Twitter);
  • you will be served by the Support team firstly, so that you will be given a special priority to resolve your claims and issues;
  • your profile will be showed to the other members more and more often.

What about the credits of Qeep? What are they for?

  • for the credits, you will be able to purchase the virtual gifts and stickers to send them in the Qeep chat;
  • you will be able to promote your profile to have more views;
  • you will reserve a right to have the swipes unwinded.

Actually, the number of the credits you are to purchase totally depends on your intentions.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons section of this current review will shed light on the main benefits of the app if you decide on using it as well as the possible shortcomings to come across (and we do hope that you’ll never have any of them manifested). Traditionally, let’s start with the advantages of using Qeep apk,

  • you’ll encounter fast and easy signup process;
  • it would be possible to use the feature of Photoblogging (which is, by the way, quite unique amongst the other dating apps and hook up websites);
  •  as mentioned already, there is Twitter pinboard feature;
  • there are numerous icebreakers like sending the gifts to the users to pay them attention;
  • there is an entertaining purpose, so that you’ll play innumerable online games;
  • the number of profile is counted in millions, so there is a super great diversity;
  • the specially designed features to level your online security are magnificent.

Woohoo! Interesting, right? But we need to know what this interesting wrap hides from the point of view of the cons! Let’s see,

  • the photoblogs are frequently not available in case if they contain xxx photos (which is absolutely prohibited by the Terms of Service of Qeep);
  • the free features are actually not enough to have the successful experiences with the app (nevertheless, the exceptions exist).

Hence, for now it’s quite a nice app, as it seems. Let’s consider the aspects of Security to classify it weather it is a benefit or, oppositely, a shortcoming.


In compliance with the Qeep’s Terms and Conditions section,

  • the measures of “security of the personal data provided is extremely important to Qeep”;
  • Qeep and its administration will never load your email profiles with the ads and junk letters;
  • the app requires your nickname (login) only, so you will not have to communicate your real name or surname;
  • the payments for the services are secure, since you deal with the bank agent when paying (or with the Play Market or App Store), so no one from Qeep can ever know your payment details and your real name; and,
  • the app’s functioning undergoes all the legal regulations of the country where a particular user comes from.

Hence, it is possible to claim that Qeep is really a nice platform, where the security is just another advantage of the service. Don’t believe it? Just check it out by yourself!

Quality of Tools

After we have enumerated the special features of the app in short, it was initially evident that the tools are just one more cool benefit of the Qeep dating apk. Being a social network and a dating app at the same time, the application is called to provide the users with the best and most brilliant quality of the tools!

  • the diverse games, which you will receive at your disposal right after the signup process work cool, are really interesting and engaging, and, what is more, never lag;
  • the signup process as such is super fast and easy, so you will not have to waste your time to answer innumerable number of test questions;
  • the chat Qeep function is just a miracle, since it supports different texting approaches, ability to upload different types of the files, and, finally, you will be able to send the gifts and stickers;
  • the process of cancelling the app is easy;
  • the payment tool is great, for it takes place via the third party, so no one will recognize you and your real credentials.

Yay! The quality of tools of Qeep is really another advantages, which is, in reality, rather great and efficient!

About Qeep App

Now, we’d consider the core of the review—the essence of the app and its functionality in more details! So, let’s start off!

  • Qeep acts similarly to a regular social network, which would let you view the other users’ profiles, exchange messages (instantly), play games, ‘push’ people, and so on;
  • One of the main advantages of Qeep is that it can send mail through a service (the so-called “QMS” feature), which makes it cheaper than a regular SMS message (of course, it’s only for free if you have a data plan or use WiFi);
  • HookupGeek is also impressed with the speed with which you can get up and work with qeep.

So, what is Qeep? Oh my, that’s something easy and diverse at the same time, and—along with this—it is designed to fulfil all of your dating desires and expectations. So, how can you become a member with Qeep?

  • You just need to choose a username and password to get started;
  • Your profile information, photos and personal information can be typed in and uploaded at your leisure; and
  • you can start using the qeep network without it.

What about the app’s functionality?

  • The Qeep interface is beautifully laid-back from (if you forgive the catchy purple and green color scheme), and all the things you can do are displayed neatly on the main page;
  • There you can invite friends, view qeepers that are online, view photoblogs and read a great Twitter-like feature of the app;
  • the super numerous interesting games online will make you spend a plenty of time in the app.

What is so special about Qeep mobi app?

  • the so-called Photoblogs and pinboards are perhaps the two most interesting aspects of Qeep, since neither of the dating and hookup websites contain the same features;
  • the photoblog feature allows you to quickly upload an image that you just captured on your device’s camera or in a memory stored on your device and add some text to it;
  • your photoblog is known to be available to everyone else in the Qeep community;
  • the games will enchant you;
  • the innumerable users will always try to get in touch with you, since all of the Qeep members are aimed at romance and flirt, so you will not lack attention;
  • The Qeep pinboard feature is a Twitter-style feature that allows you to quickly write text that explains what you are doing, and your friends and other users can come and view it;
  • Another interesting feature (if somewhat childish) is qeep gifts, which are virtual gifts that you can send to a friend to brighten up your day (this is what the Qeep credits are needed for).

Yep, the Qeep app is a real advantage, however, HookupGeek would love make a warning about this service: not all photobloggers on the site use it for innocently posting photos of their pets or the magnificent landscapes they have just seen. Sometimes, the users upload the sexually-explicit content, which is forbidden by the terms of use of Qeep, and the moderators delete this type of the content.

What about the games? Which games are provided by Qeep for its users?

  • Battleships;
  • Quadrix (to be another equivalent of the Connect Four online game);
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (the Qeep version of the game is much different from the original classical one);
  • Crazy 8’s; and
  • FlipChip (an alternative version of the famous Reversi game).

What are the main features of the Qeep games?

  • they are all strategic type;
  • they are turn-based and interactive;
  • the Qeep games are sometimes alternatives to the known classical ones.

Hence, if you’re tired of flirting and dating, you can always amuse yourself with the nicely designed games. Yay! That’s one more advantage of the app!

Qeep is a very well implemented social network for mobile phones. However, like most social networks, it usually attracts a certain person. And as a result, your enjoyment depends on who you are. qeep is very similar, that it is aimed at teenagers or young people, preferably with an open mind!

How To Delete Qeep Dating Account

Wow! That’s going to be another advantage of the Qeep app! Deleting the profile—if, of course, you at least once want it to—is super easy! So, what you’re supposed to do is as follows,

  • first of all, just have yourself logged in the app (if you’ve not already);
  • secondly, find the Settings section of Qeep apk;
  • thirdly, when tapping Settings tab, find the Profile Status line;
  • fourthly, tap it and choose Delete profile line.

Yep, that’s it. After you’ve confirmed your cancellation, you’re not a user of Qeep anymore, but we can hardly believe you’ll be able to, lol!

Quality of Profiles

Qeep.netWe’re moving on, and that’s the Quality of Profiles section, wherein we—again, no intrigue is expected—will show you one more advantage of the Qeep flirting and dating app. Grab it now,

  • you will never-never-never and never again find any scamful or fake profiles, since they’d be rather useless;
  • the number of profiles of Qeep is so big that you will never stop searching for the more perfect candidate for dating;
  • the profiles of the users are here of less importance than the pictures and photos, since the swipe format of the app is aimed at exhibiting the pics;
  • you can visit the photoblog section to have more opportunities for searching the users based on their uploaded photos and pictures;
  • all the additionally needed information can easily be found via the chats.

In any case, the only thing which we would like to inform you about is that before counting for any horny or romantic/dating experiences with a particular user be sure to elicit if the user has the same intentions, for the app is designed not only for dating but for friendship, as well.

Final Thoughts

Hell, after those all innumerable and enchanting advantages of the Qeep dating and flirt app, we have nothing to do but to suggest you using the app, since you will be able to locate all of your universe in this cool app. What is more, when using it, that becomes extremely evident that the developers put their soul in this masterpiece. So, don’t waste any minute, and have your new experiences right away with Qeep, which is a brand-new and unique approach to linking the people into one cool community! By the way, don’t forget some attention to our sex live cams reviews!

FAQ about Qeep

Of course, you can. What is more, in order to sign up again, you will not need to change your email or phone number. As soon as you have deleted your profile, all the data about you have also disappear until you resign up.

The Qeep credits do not have any expiry date. It means that in case if you have not succeeded to spend all the credits by the end of your Qeep Plus membership, the credits will be left until you desire to use them again. So, for instance, if you purchased 550 credits, you can be using them through all the year, say.

Unfortunately, the Terms of Use by Qeep do not presuppose such a feature. In case if you decide on stopping using the app, you just don’t log in; however, the payment per Qeep Plus period is not stopped till it ends up.

In case if you believe you don’t want to use Qeep anymore, you can request the refund within 14 days. The procedure is quite easy: Qeep per se does not process any payments, since this is the task of either App Store or Play Market. So, you just enter your App Store or Play Market profile and send the request to refund your money for this app.

Officially, the terms of use of Qeep do not tolerate any sexually explicit content and sexually evident actions. Thus, the platform is initially not for escort or any kinky and adult-like experiences.