About Rachel Starr

Texas is known for its footballers, cowboys, barbecues and… of course, for their queen of the adult movies and adult xxx cams, whose name is Rachel Starr! The gorgeous girl from the US South turned into a screen legend, pulling her delicacies out of her Dallas home right back in 2007. Being known for stunning curves and a big juicy ass, the former stripper, has gone from princess porn to the stately mother. Becoming more sexy every year, Rachel Starr always pleases fans with her pranks, flirtatious charm and the embodiment of the famous saying of “Do not be kidding with Texas!” And we were all lucky because Miss Rachel Starr does not plan to slow down the pace of filming and her own fame!

So, HookupGeek along with reviewing the one night stand dating service has decided to pay some more attention to this cutie—not only because she is popular as hell, but also because there is not that much information on the web about this princess of hot movies. So, you have to admit that now on you’re going to witness the most exclusive facts to be narrated about the personality of Rachel Starr, a famous and talented porn actress, who is well-aware (and even more!) of how to enchant her viewers with the most unbelievable shots, videos, and short videos on the social networks.

Even after several AVN nominations and a busy schedule, glamorous Rachel Starr remains true to her roots and origin, as well. She did not even leave the state of Texas! Now, be ready to be informed that the directors fly to her for filming, as Rachel still lives near her hometown. So, just imagine the volume of her talent and the size of her skills! But even with her reactive lifestyle, Rachel Starr finds time to enjoy simple life pleasures. She has numerous hobbies (and we will consider them in more details in the Interesting Facts section of this current article). She likes to read books, study nature and keep fit with hot yoga. Being an active social person, she often treats friends with…—you’ll be now much surprised, so tighten your belt!—with sweet tea and home cooking. If you like this woman, you can invite her to a date to her laptop tonight for a sexual game with this wonderful beauty using the webcam sites, where she performs, as well!Rachel Starr GIF

Hell, we’re talking too much, and do not provide you with the hottest details which you might have wanted to know initially! So, as usually, let’s commence with the short general biographical data about this hot princess! So, enjoy the most exclusive facts, which HookupGeek was successful to discover,

  • The real name of the porn actress is Brandy Hargrove;
  • She is also also known due to her nicknames and pseudonyms like Rachell Starr, Rachel, Rachel Star, and Rachael Starr;
  • The date of birth of Rachel Starr is November 26, 1983;
  • The Rachel Starr age is age 35;
  • The place of birth of Rachel Starr is Burleson, Texas, U.S.;
  • It is possible to refer her ethnicity to both caucasian and Latina;
  • The nationality of this gorgeous Rachel Starr is American;
  • The years she has been active are 2007–present.

So, for now, we can say that these facts are just general, and can never give the most overwhelming and full information. HookupGeek is here, however, in order to show you even more and more and in order to inform you on the most secretive data! So, carry on getting in touch with us here and you’ll know more and more. Moving on, we will consider the body of this cutie and will single out the details, which you will never find anywhere on the web!

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So, look,

  • The most updated information on Rachel Starr measurements is as follows, 36D-25-36;
  • Rachel Starr bra/cup size is 36D (80D);
  • We also know that her boobs are enhanced, and, what is more, both of her nipples are pierced for more beauty and more exclusive impressions;
  • The height of Rachel Starr is 5 ft 4.25 in (that is 163 cm);
  • The weight of this magnificent cutie is 121 lb (that is 55 kg);
  • The waist’s size of this cutie is 25 in (that is 64 cm);
  • Because of the numerous sport gyms and yoga, her body type is athletic;
  • The eye color is brown/hazel;
  • Along with this, Rachel Starr possesses marvelous brunette hair being long and straight;
  • Rachel Starr underarm hair is always shaved;
  • Any pubic hair is shaved, as well;
  • There are some tattoos on the body of this marvelous cutie. For instance, there is a… teddy bear on left shoulder blade of Rachel Starr and an orchid flower on pubicarea;
  • As we mentioned, there are some piercings on the marvelous body of this porn actress, namely, on her navel, her left nipple, her right nipple, her tongue, and, yep, on her clit; and finally,
  • Rachel Starr has undergone operation to put her ass implants.

There is no point in rejecting the fact that the girl is more than serious as for her body, since she is aware that not only her natural charisma is a basis for her fame. What is more, being attractive is also quite a hard task to accomplish perfectly, and she has been successful in this aspect, as well!

We would also like to take a look at the nature of her performances (just in case if you have not watched them before or have watched just a couple of them).

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We will now narrate about what she likes and what she does in front of the cam with her partners, so that you can start (already) feeling some satisfaction,

  • What Rachel Starr loves to have shown is as follows, topless,  full frontal, bush, and pink;
  • When Rachel Starr is engaged in the solo performances, she prefers mainly masturbation and some nice and intricate games with her numerous types of dildo;
  • Rachel Starr does not stand against any lesbian experiences, and she likes having it either softcore or with the usage of a dildo;
  • If the bisexual movies are being shot, she likes blowjob, vaginal, anal, creampie; and, what is more,
  • Frequently, Rachel Starr is eager to be engaged in some special things like, say, usage of bondage for the xxx BDSM episodes, so you will be glad to watch her other sides of her talents.

Thus, HookupGeek believes that you will certainly fall in love with this cutie, even if you have never had a chance to peep on her sweet adult videos. What is more, this is not the end of the article, and you are expected to find out even more about this horny girl, who is in love with the sexual pleasures to be cammed! So, don’t miss your chance to get the biggest portion of information being absolutely exclusive and secret, that is the information, which has never been disclosed before by anyone!

Interesting Facts

Yeah, there are some more yami-yami facts to tell you about this famous, kinky, and gorgeous lady, who made her career because of the magnificence of her cool body and magnitude of her talent and skills. First off, Rachel Starr herself considers herself hot just at least because she was born in Texas, a famous southern state of the USA! But along with this, she is known to have gained her main popularity thanks to her big booty.

So, what are the most piquant and interesting facts, which HookupGeek would love to locate in this section?

  • HookupGeek has found out that she had her first sex with a girl at the age of 13;
  • Rachel Starr had her first sex with a boy only a week before her 15th birthday; so both sex experiences were quite early;
  • The girl began acting in the xxx adults movies, when she was 23 years old, in 2007;
  • Her stunning looks and sex appeal attracted the attention of one of the porn studio agents named Jack Venice. She was offered to take part in a casting, in which the girl created a sensation with her absolute looseness, gorgeous body and desire to have sex in front of the camera;
  • Rachel immediately got into high-budget projects. For her first year in the porn business, the actress starred in only one film;
  • What is more, HookupGeek has discovered that as early as the next year—in 2008—Rachel appeared in more than… fifty films (no kidding!);
  • Her career has rapidly gone up. The number of offers to shoot had grown, and along with it, the army of innumerable fans of the actress has been increased;
  • The giants of the porn industry like Evil Angel and Jules Jordan Video, Naughty American and Brazzers are working with the actress with pleasure—for both of the parties.

Well, there is no doubt that the hearts of her fans will always be chained to her, since the girl is aware of how to be successful and how to gain the popularity of the highest tops in the industry of adult entertainment and hot movies. However, this is not all over again, and HookupGeek has some more nice facts to narrate. This time, we’re going to consider the hobbies and passions which Rachel Starr possesses—and be sure you will be surprised and even shocked! So, this is what HookupGeek’s professional reviewers found out about this horny queen of the adult hot movies,

  • The girl prefers and leads an active lifestyle, enjoys various sports, loves to swim and ride a bike;
  • Rachel loves to spend her free time with friends, having fun at all kinds of festivals and parties;
  • Rachel Starr loves kids, and when her friends visit her with their kids, the porn star loves playing with them;
  • Journalists often ask the actress the question, what is the secret of her success and popularity. The answer of Rachel Starr is always the same. The porn actress has a strong conviction that a person needs to love what they do, then everything will turn out and success will come by itself with no hard work or additional attempts;
  • According to the girl, sex is her main hobby and favorite work at the same time. And most of all she likes to have sex just under the sight of the camera.

HookupGeek would not have ever claimed its professionalism, if we could not find out even more and more about Rachel Starr as well as about other hot porn actresses, which are adored by the numerous people all over the world. So, as for Rachel Starr, we also know that,

  • Rachel Starr loves rock music exclusively and primarily such bands as Trapt, Breaking Benjamin, and Tool;
  • As for the films, the porn actress loves and mostly prefers comedies and everything that makes her laugh;
  • Thus, the list of her favorite movies is comprised of, for example, Wedding Crashers and Super Troopers, Old School;
  • Nevertheless, porn actress’ most favorite film is A Beautiful Mind starred by Russell Crowe;
  • Rachel Starr adores painting, but has never been dealing with it as an artist.

So, the personality of this porn actress is more than just interesting—Rachel Starr is a versatile person. So, when you watch her kinky videos, don’t forget that her talents would have never been that perfect if the girl had not been engaged in some nice hobbies, which let her have a rest.

In the view of the facts narrated, HookupGeek would be absolutely glad to provide you with the rating of the best movies to watch, where Rachel Starr starred. So, be sure that each of the movies will marvel you to the greatest extent and will provide you with literally unbearable satisfaction!

  1. Big Breast Nurses 6 (2011)
  2. RK Prime (TV Series) (in episodes: I Saw Your Mom Suck Dick, 2018, and Baking With Bae, 2017);
  3. Milf Hunter (TV Series) (in episodes: Customer Satisfaction, 2018, and Milf Catches The Hunters (2018);
  4. Big Tits at Work 12 (2011)
  5. Evalutionary (2009)
  6. Bachelor Party: Sex Festival! 8 (2008)
  7. Big Slippery White Butts 3 (2007)
  8. Suit Coat (2006)
  9. They’re Out of the Business (2011)
  10. Big Tits in Sports 6  (2010)
  11. Real Wife Stories 9 (2010)
  12. North Pole # 73 (2010)
  13. Pornstars Like It Big (TV Series) (in episodes: Chastity Chase, 2018);
  14. 2017-2018 Sneaky Sex (TV Series) (in episodes: Sneaky Spinning 2018 and Gym and Pussy Juice, 2017)
  15. Panty Pops 4 (2011)
  16. Real Wife Stories 6 (2010)
  17. Big Tits at School 11 (2010)
  18. Neighbor Affair 10 (2010)
  19. Busty Anal Beauties (2011)
  20. Naughty Athletics 7 (2009)

So, these top 20 movies are known to bring great popularity to this porn actress, and you will definitely admire them. Thus, just get everything from watching the hottest scenes by Rachel Starr in order to satisfy your thirst for the highest indulgence!

As you may see, the rating of the movies would be impossible, if we didn’t have any data about the nominations and awards of this marvelous actress of the porn videos. That is why, we have to move on and provide you with the information about the awards and nominations which Rachel Starr has had!

Year Name of the award Nominee/Award Nomination
2009 AVN Awards Nominee Best Group Sex Scene in Rachel’s Choice (2008)
2011 Nominee Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/G/B)in Rachel Starr Is Bad Ass (2010)
2014 Nominee Best POV Sex Scene in Tanlines 3 (2013)
2015 Nominee Best Three-Way Sex Scene:in  G / B / B, Stacked Hardbodies (2013)
Nominee Fan Award: Hottest Ass
Nominee Fan Award: Social Media Star
2017 Nominee Best Three-Way Sex Scene in B / B / G, Flesh Hunter 13 (2016)
2013 Sex Awards Nominee Porn’s Best Body
2014 Nominee Most Heroic Ass (Best Anal)
2014 XBIZ Awards Nominee Best Scene in Non-Feature Release, Ass Worship 14 (2013)

So, you can see that regardless of the fact that all the awards the porn actress was nominated to have not given the real awards to the girl, but it does not mean in any case that the talents of this lady are not that outstanding, as you might have guessed.

In any case, we have some more data to share with in this article devoted to the passionate and magic Rachel Starr! Yep, we’re also going to show you some of the stats connected to the porn star and her social netowrk profiles, where you could get in touch with her to follow her most recent news (including the ones, which are related to the newest videos with the participation of this cutie!). So, let’s have a look at these data, as well,

  • Net worth of Rachel Starr is currently known to be $2 million as of 2019;
  • The girl has more than 5 million fans all over the world;
  • The overall number of views of her videos has already exceeded the rate of 10 million;
  • The Instagram account of Rachel Starr is comprised of 5 million followers;
  • The Twitter profile of the porn star is followed by approximately 300K people.

So, the fans of this cutie are a real army, which will always be happy to follow the star and get the newest news about her, since she has numerous interesting facts in her life. What is more, if you get bored or if you miss this actress, you will be glad to see her newest photos, which emerge in her social networks profiles. So, be sure that you will never get dull with no pics of this gorgeous porn princess, you can find a plenty of them by following her social network accounts.

Why Is She So Unique?

In compliance to a famous producer of porn movies in the USA, this beauty of Rachel Starr made him say that her ass can make good money in adult movies. And we must admit that he was absolutely right in this matter, because Rachel showed her beauty to the whole world and made a very cool career in the erotic business. Instead of going to college in due time, cutie Starr immediately after the age of majority tried herself as a dancer, flashing her body while still dressed in front of the numerous excited men.

However, in a short time this seemed to her a little, so she went to Louisiana, where she had already begun to strip herself on the stage of a strip bar owned by the famous Hustler company. The girl there so strongly showed herself that quickly enough she was noticed by one producer who decided to help the beauty to enter the world of the hottest porn arena. Right back, in February 2007, the lady showed everyone what she was worth of it! It is worth noting that her breasts helped her quickly express herself. Why? Er, just because she had previously increased them to a very impressive size. So, it goes absolutely without doubts that it mastered her sexuality and attractiveness even more, although in addition to her boobs her whole body is very attractive for men’s and… women’s eyes.

During her career, beauty Rachel Starr managed to achieve enough serious heights in the world of porn videos. Just a year after her entry into the profession, she was filmed in the benefit film, where all the scenes were exclusively with her participation. The next such project was in 2010. And it is worth noting that for both of these pictures the beauty was invited to the AVN Award red carpet as a nominee, however, the Oscar in the erotic sphere could not be obtained, but this is not very frustrating cutie.

As of 2015, the number of her films has already exceeded two hundred and she does not intend to stop, but will continue to please her many admirers with impeccable intimate work. The lady treats her fans with particular trepidation, she spends a lot of time communicating with them, answering even the most intimate questions, because for her, her audience means a lot. And she regularly also makes them happy with news from her life, constant photo reports and just thoughts about everything on her twitter.

Beautiful Rachel Starr has been among the top hundred erotic actresses for a very long time, according to Internet users’ opinions. And she was already a very long time in the top but in 2015 the lady relaxed a bit and began to act less often than at the peak of her career, which also had a little impact on her current popularity. However, the woman does not want to stop at what has achieved at all, since she really likes her depraved work. As a result, she is ready to continue experimenting with her body in new movies in order to please not only her fans, but herself as well. It is because every shooting for her is a real holiday, which she receives an incredible amount of pleasant intimate sensations, regardless of the sex of her partner and which of her holes is used for the camming process this time.

So, these are the main reasons, why HookupGeek believes this cutie will be always unique to all of her fans, namely,

  • the girl is not against any experiments regardless of her partner’s/partners’ gender;
  • the diversity of the sex toys, which Rachel Starr uses to play solo is great, and you will love everything she does;
  • the girl is not that crazy about the awards but about the impressions of her fans, which she wants them to experience, when watching her;
  • the porn actress plans to run her own porn studio to cam the best porn videos with the participation of the younger generation and with her own, as well;
  • the diversity of movies, which Rachel Starr has played in, is a perfect method to pass one’s time feeling the unbearable and inexhaustible indulgence;
  • the versatility of the hobbies, which the lady has, will also be interesting, since the actress likes participating in script writing process, so this is not eventual that she loves reading;
  • being extremely proficient in the job, which she performs, so, she is going to release a couple of books to share her memoirs and experiences with the persons, who are interested in her biography and her talents.

HookupGeek can also carry on the list of the features, which characterize Rachel Starr as one of the unique porn actress of the contemporary time. So, rediscover some more interesting facts about this kinky princess,

  • Insanely hot chick, Rachel Starr, has been year after year delighting her fans of films for adults with her unsurpassed talent, creating charming and rich sexual pictures;
  • Rachel Starr has been removed since 2007, but she has been a slut all her life, so she always dreamed of getting into the porn industry and expressing herself in full;
  • Rachel Starr never complained about her body, she has long legs, big attractive boobs and an amazing charm, which allows her to amaze viewers again and again;
  • Rachel Starr has more than once become an Oscar nominee for porn, and this already says a lot;
  • The lady managed to play in more than two hundred luxury films and does not intend to stop in her career for many more years, which can not fail to please her fans.

HookupGeek believes that there is no need to carry on the text about the reasons to her uniqueness and marvelous talent, which are so bad adored by the fans of hers all around the globe!

Final Thoughts

Within the numerous porn actress rating, the figure of Rachel Starr stands like one of the weirdest and—along with this—the most talented and open lady. Yep, she can well suit both the young roles as well as the MILF ones. What is more, the talent and courage of the porn actress will have all the boundaries swept off, since the girl is not afraid of experiments. The nearest experiments, which Rachel Starr is going to take part in, are related to bdsm and hardcore experiences in front of the cam. So, if you are fond of this type of pleasure to watch, and if you have always been eager to have this kinky girl participate in the similar episodes and scenes, you will totally admire the new plots of Rachel Starr’s movies. By the way, the actress is going to work on the clothes she is performing in, and so, you will have a chance to see Rachel Starr in new images!

HookupGeek could, of course, claim that all the numerous webcam models and porn actresses, who we have already written about, are not that cool, but it was also be unfair. Literally all of them are perfect! The figure of Rachel Starr is another person to know about in order to have a better chance to evaluate how gorgeous she is and how talented she gets when being hot in front of the numerous video cams of her directors.

Finally, HookupGeek wants to point to the fact that we have numerous new posts to be released in the nearest future. What is more, we’re going to boost some nice projects, so you will always be informed on the most innovative and most credible ways to receive the needed portion of satisfaction. Yeah, as usual, HookupGeek will keep you posted in order to ensure that you have so much to do when you need some hot inspiration and indulgence of your most hidden needs, and the article about Rachel Starr is a nice proof to exemplify! So, don’t forget to read out our other articles and reviews and follow Rachel Starr in the social networks in order to constantly be informed on all the news of this cutie, and you will surely never regret!

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So, thanks a lot for being with us and for being eager to discover more and more exclusive information about the coolest porn actresses and webcam models. You have to admit that you have never seen anything similar to our project on the reviews and articles related to the adult industry and adult fun. And don’t forget to consider the sex dating sites for your bigger satisfaction!