About RealDiamondDoll

Accompanying the sex dating sites, yeah, where to one night stand, HookupGeek is carrying on investigating the life and interesting particularities of the most alluring and passionate models of webcam business for adults. We are sure that you will love reading about Real Diamond Doll, for she is ready to be engaged in the most intricate and dangerous experiments in order to get the viewers excited about what she does. So, you can easily count for the most unbelievable results of the cam shows by Real Diamond Doll, a model from CamSoda, and HookupGeek is here to let you discover her deeper in details.

The only similarity Real Diamond Doll has in comparison with the other webcam models is that information on this cutie is quite seldom, and the facts which HookupGeek has found out about her are unique and exclusive, just believe. You will never be able to find out anything else about her somewhere on the web.

So, let’s get the quick research on Real Diamond Doll in order to know her background and some facts about her life,

  • Diamond Doll Real Name is Isabel Black;
  • The only occupation Real Diamond Doll has is being adult webcam model;
  • Real Diamond Doll was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
  • HookupGeek has found out exclusive details about her age: Real Diamond Doll is 26 years old;
  • She speaks English only, so there will be no obstacles in communicating with her;
  • Real Diamond Doll smokes more or less frequently, the same can be said about the alcohol consumption;
  • Real Diamond Doll is proud of her job and tries to make it as perfect as possible.

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Now, we would love to show you how she is piquant and what she looks like. So,

  • The eye color of Real Diamond Doll is brown;
  • Real Diamond Doll is frequently in love with dying her hair blonde, however, in most cases Real Diamond Doll’s hair color is black;
  • HookupGeek can exclusively share with you the data on the Real Diamond Doll’s height, so her height is 167 cm, which is 5 feet and 6 inches;
  • Real Diamond Doll’s weight is 93 kg, which is 205 lbs;
  • The most interesting is the data on Real Diamond Doll’s measurements, and they are as follows, 36DDD-34-58;
  • Real Diamond Doll does not have any fake boobs, so her beauty is really natural;
  • Real Diamond Doll does not have any tattoos and piercing, as well, so admire her.

So, there are no reasons not to get in love with her, especially when you prefer BBW and similar pleasures.

Interesting Facts about Real Diamond Doll

Now it’s time to pay attention to the interesting facts about Real Diamond Doll, and you will be surely interested, trust us!

  • Real Diamond Doll is in love with sexual pleasure, and she sees no difference as for the gender, so she is bisexual, and gets equal pleasure when being with both men and women;
  • Real Diamond Doll is fond of having sexual intercourse with transgenders, so some of her webcam live shows are devoted to this theme;
  • Real Diamond Doll is not ashamed of having big forms, for she is aware of the fact that each men would be fond of her BBW intentions and shapes;
  • even when getting the sexual intercourse, Real Diamond Doll does not put off all of her clothes, since she hates being absolutely naked in front of the cam, so don’t even ask her to, she will never undress totally;
  • Real Diamond Doll is sure that she has collected all the men all over the world who adore BBW.

So, she has some secrets which she is not about to disclose; however, in any case, her 30+k followers (on CamSoda only) adore her and visit her video chat rooms. So, you just can imagine how hot she gets! Why not test it by yourself?

Why Is She So Special?

Due to the fact that she is fond of different things to do, she is loved. Her BBW shapes are another tool she successfully uses to appeal both men and women to peep on her as soon frequently as possible. In addition, she has some interesting approaches to camming process,

  • she undresses, but she leaves at least something on in order to have some secret (however, it is possible to assume that some psychological issues stand behind it);
  • Real Diamond Doll does not allow any anal penetration for she finds it improper;
  • Real Diamond Doll devotes much time to thinking on the scripts of the sex live cam shows.

In any case, in spite of the fact that there are some interesting ‘don’ts’ Real Diamond Doll possesses, the fans of this cutie are numerous and always wait for her to start another webcam performance live. So, be among her fans and you will notice that she is loved so much by them!

Final Thoughts

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BBW is currently gaining much fame all over the lovers of the webcam shows, so the BBW models emerge frequently. However, not all of them can provide you with what you want. This is not the case of Real Diamond Doll. This girl is always eager to bring indulgence to the viewers of hers, however, she never crosses the line of her limitations that is the things which she does not like to do. So, don’t force Real Diamond Doll to commit anything which does not fall within the field of her preferences and expertise. What’s more, you should always feel free to drop HookupGeek a message with the questions about Real Diamond Doll, and we will do everything impossible to rediscover it all exclusively for you. Finally, you can always use HookupGeek to send us any suggestions about the models of webcam performances you would like to find out more and more. So, keep on reading us, and you will find some more and more interesting facts about the girls you love peeping on, and believe us, you will have so much data at your disposal, even the most secret ones! HookupGeek is always here to serve you the role of the best assistant in the world of indulgence and pleasure!