About Sara Jay

Welcome back to HookupGeek Adult Blog! We are really happy to greet you here now, and moreover, we are filled with the incredible gladness to inform you on some more alluring live adult cam models and adult movies’ actresses (along with reviews on the best website for one night stand and sex dating sites)! Yeah, we will have never had our inspiration stopped! And, yes, what is more, we know we are taking your over by our blogposts on the most beauteous and alluring girls and women, whose career in the adult entertainment industry has always been prosperous, wealthy, and successful. At present, HookupGeek is going to narrate the biography of one of the most famous MILF-actresses, whose name has always caused much admiration. Well, yeah, we’re speaking about Sara Jay!

To be honest, we’ve received about a ton of the claims to write about this horny cutie, and – as you now can see it – we’re doing it exclusively for you, as always, in any case! So, be sure to get the highest satisfaction when reading about Sara Jay! By the way, don’t also forget to watch some of the movies and online webcam shows by this porn actress! We bet you will enjoy her to the greatest extent ever!

So, the process of describing this woman is not that easy, but for starters, you can limit yourself to a phrase of ‘a hell of a sexy woman’. Sara Jay got into the adult film industry about fifteen years ago, right back in 2001, which allowed her not only to win awards for her contribution to erotic art, but also to have an unreal great experience in satisfying her partners and in the rules of high-quality porn. video. You can verify this for yourself by looking at this beauty on the webcam platforms. She can appease both her mouth and her genitals with such incredible skill that any viewer can just get excited, and in the meantime she will bring the partner on the stage to orgasm using her sexy body, though not young, but time is insanely attractive. One has only to look closely at least at its huge buffers, and then look down at the magnificent figure and big bottom.

What HookupGeek has found out about this cutie and what is the general information about her?

  • The real name of this porn actress is Sara Jay;
  • The nicknames of the webcam model and porn actress are numerous are are comprised of the following, Sara Jay, Lina, Sara J, S. Jaye;
  • The date of birth of Sara Jay is November 14, 1977;
  • The age of this porn actress is 41 years old;
  • It is also known that the place of birth of this cutie is Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.;
  • Ethnicity of this girl is Caucasian;
  • Nationality of hers is American;
  • Sara Jay’s career start had happened in 2000.

Now on, we gotta go further, and we are about to discuss the body of the model and porn actress in order to give you more inspiration, when you watch the shows and movies with the participation of this cutie! So, see,

  • Sara Jay’s height is 5 ft 4 in (163 cm);
  • The Sara Jay’s weight is 140 lb (64 kg);
  • Breast size of Sara Jay is 36E (80E);
  • The figure of this beauty is 36E-25-34;
  • Her body type is average;
  • Sara Jay’s hair is blonde, however, the girl frequently experiments with the color and can be brunette;
  • The eyes color of Sara Jay is brown.

So, who is this cutie? What can you expect from her movies? That’s incredibly complicated to put it all right in order to laconically depict merely everything! In any case, Sara Jay is a famous American porn star who has starred in more than 240 films. Her work posted on more than a hundred porn sites.

What is known about her early years of her life? What was she like when she was some more than 18 years old? HookupGeek has found some nice and exclusive facts! Just carry on reading,

  • After receiving secondary education, she entered the University of Cincinnati, where she studied psychology and philosophy;
  • In order to pay for further studies in college, the future porn actress was forced to get a job in a strip club dancer;
  • There she had a tragic accident – she fell in one of the dances and suffered a concussion;
  • After such an injury, she could not continue working as a stripper and began searching for a new job.

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There are some more facts about childhood and adolescence of this cutie! Keep on being with us and read the information below,

  • Since her birth, Sara Jay grew up a tomboy girl – she wore boyish clothes, played active games;
  • At this age, she was shy of her body and loved to wear baggy outfits to hide from other people’s views;
  • Over time, when she went to college, she made a reassessment of her views and realized that she loves to demonstrate her forms;
  • After studying in high school, Sara chose to study philosophy at the University of Cincinnati as her main education;
  • But because of the remaining debts for college, she began to dance at the pole in nightclubs;
  • A funny fact that made her think about the progress in her extraordinary career – a head injury, not just received during the dance;
  • Sara decided she wanted to work in the adult film industry, and moved to Las Vegas in search of work.

What was the way to her porn career? How did she build her path? Why has she become successful?

  • In 2000 – 2001, she prepares her professional portfolio in one of the photo studios and moves to Las Vegas, where she soon makes her debut in the porn industry;
  • Popularity did not come to her instantly, in spite of the fact that there were more than enough offers to shoot;
  • Sara Jay had to work and wait patiently, and, thus, she often changed her image, turning from a blonde into a brown-haired woman, and vice versa;
  • She built her career on a great desire, enthusiasm and enjoying sex, giving all the best in her shooting day;
  • At some point, finally, success and popularity began to come to her;
  • At the beginning of 2000, she began to look for ads on a set of pornographic actresses and offered herself;
  • Success came to Sara Jay in 2001, when she starred in the first video of hers;
  • Then everything went according to the plan she designed – Sara began to be noticed and invited to act in different genres of films for adults;
  • The sexual preferences of hers in those movies were comprised of heterosexual, lesbian, interracial, threesome porn, etc.;
  • In 2002, Jay starred the title role in the Great American Ass film.

What was next? How did her porn actress’ career develop? What was the result? What kind of difficulties did she encounter?

  • The newly born porn star in 2004 launched her own website;
  • In addition, she worked with video hosting sites such as Naughty America, Bang Bros Network, and Brazzers Network;
  • The most famous films (shot from 2004 to 2016) with Sara Jay are numerous.

Thus, it’s time to move to the filmography of the star, since it is more than great, as it is comprised of a plenty of the shots! So, the most popular Sara Jay videos are, as follows,

  • Big Boob Bangeroo 25 (2002)
  • Score Extra 10 (2003/2006)
  • A school of Hard Knockers 3 (2004)
  • 3 Hours Of Big Tit Fucking (2006)
  • XXXtreme Big Tit POV (2007)
  • Busty Machine Fuckers (2007)
  • Blackzilla Loves Boobs (2009)
  • MILFs Love Chocolate (2010)
  • Me and My BBW Girlfriend (2012)
  • MILF Vixens With Massive Tits (2013)
  • Big Titty Teachers (2016).

These movies are acclaimed to be the best of Sara Jay, and you will love them all. In addition to this, the horny nature of this girl is evident in each episode. So, be sure to find at least one of them in order to get the biggest satisfaction!

We have also found out some details on how the girl usually spends her free time,

  • She has two cats and four dogs;
  • In the near future, she is trying to buy your dream car, Bentley;
  • Of the alcoholic beverages, the star prefers Sauvignon Blanc wine;
  • She is a little keen on gardening and collects puzzles;
  • She has an unusual hobby: designing radio-controlled cars;
  • Her life is very diverse. Every day is different. Today she does housework, tomorrow she works at the computer, and the day after tomorrow she travels.

It goes without any doubt at all that the porn actress does is quite interesting. So, why not enjoy her and her videos and Sara Jay gif collections.

Interesting Facts From Sara Jay Bio

So, ready to have the most interesting facts about Sara Jay? Just believe us, they are much more than just interesting, since they are to provide you with the most secret details of Sara Jay’s personality and body! So, let’s start,

  • One of the unusual branches of Sara Jay’s activities was the work of an escort, usually for tourists. For such a pleasure, they paid Sara about $ 1,000 an hour;
  • Since 2008 she has been directing the filming of her own porn films. The most famous one is Sara Loves Black Cock;
  • Recognition of her abilities is proved by the fact that Sara twice won the Urban X Award award. The nomination, which Sara Jay won, was the Best Interracial Star (2009 and 2011);
  • In the same 2011, she was nominated for Miss FreeOnes, but only ranked eighth;
  • Sara Jay is the winner in various nominations in the competitions AVN, Exxxotica, Nightmoves, Booble, and Immoral Live;
  • From 2017, she occupies an honorable place in the AVN hall of fame;
  • When she turned 40, Sara had continued to be a sought-after professional, the cost of which according to various sources is approximately 500 thousand dollars.

What is known about her private life? Are there any secrets? Yep! No doubts, yeah! And HookupGeek is here to inform you on everything! So,

  • Sara Jay is now in search of a loved one, but in the past she was married;
  • In one of the interviews, she said that her marriage broke up due to the choice of her new career;
  • As usually happens, at first the husband was happy that he was married to a porn star, but later it became the cause of the divorce;
  • It is known that the porn actress has no children and, actually, she does not plan to have any, since they would prevent her from any success in porn industry.

Body. Sara Jay’s body and sexual preferences are also interesting. Ready to discover even more?

  • As mentioned above, Sara is known for her large forms – her options are 80E (36E)-63-88;
  • One glance is enough to understand that her breasts are not natural. It was increased to a huge size of 36E in 2001;
  • The next surgical intervention took place in February 2013. Sara was doing her breasts again, but this time it was remastered;
  • The list of her body modifications also includes tattoos: two on the back, two on the ankles and one on the thumb;
  • There is a piercing in Sara Jay’s passionate tongue;
  • The sexual preferences of this actress are difficult to determine, since there is almost nothing she had tested;
  • The genre she performs in is MILF;
  • The list of preferences is comprised (but not limited to, you know) of topless, bush, masturbation, vaginal, creampie, bondage, dildo, lesbian, full frontal, pink solo, softcore, blowjob, and bukkake;
  • Thus, Sara Jay is both in love with straight, bisexual, and homosexual relations;
  • The main thing this baby is in love with is interracial sex.

What made her famous? What factors impacted the path she followed? Thus, what key steps of her popularity advanced her to the highest tops?

  • In 2004, the actress ran her personal official website, and the number of fans, as a result, grew fast;
  • In 2007, she herself shot the full-length film, Sara Jay Loves Black Cock, becoming its producer and director, and it heated even more interest to her popularity;
  • In 2008, she became the girl of the month in Booble magazine;
  • In 2009, the actress won the first place in one of the nominations at the award of the Urban X Awards;
  • In 2011, the actress was inducted into the “Hall of Fame” of the Urban X Awards.

So, that is more than evident that the woman has done that much to achieve what she was initially aimed at. Thus, whenever you decide on watching Sara Jay xxx movies, you can easily and fairly count for the most professional and talented approach to the work she is responsible for!

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In fact, it is easy to understand that the majority of the events, which took place in Sara’s life are linked by the only one intention, which is to bring joy to her viewers and fans. Because of this fact Sara Jay is aimed at providing her fans with even more surprising plots. As for her body, she is always perfect, since she takes much care of it. It is mainly because she is aware of the fact that her body is her secret of popularity both among the straight men and lesbian/bisexual women. She is number one on the list of the most alluring and piquant girls, who has mastered her brilliance and talent through all these years.

What is more, it is necessary to say that the mastering of her talents would be absolutely impossible without her constant desire to be active and evolve her skills. It means that the regardless of what you like when it comes to watching porn videos, you will surely find it when you are watching this cutie’s shows and movies, for her field of expertise is more than just great, but extremely everlasting and eternal. We are sure you will love this babe in any case. Just watch at least one of the videos she took part in, and you will understand what we mean. Finally, after you have read the next section of our research, you will clearly see that the magnificence of this hot and passionate lady has no limits, so be deliberate enough in order to grab the highest intensity of the most alluring experiences and practices of your adult preferences!

Why Is She So Special?

Sara Jay can be easily classified as one of the most recognizable MILF actresses who, desperately but quite successfully, has been trying to dominate the porn world for fourteen years now. Even though she was a gorgeous blonde with exotically beautiful and teasing eyes, Sara didn’t always strive to be part of porn. She was a tomboy girl who hid her insanely sexy body under baggy clothes and, probably, because of this, she was not popular among boys. But that was during the school years of life. When she went to college, she realized that she liked to put her body on the show, so during the day she was a student of the psychological department, and at night a girl dancing a striptease in men’s clubs. And if it seemed to you that she abandoned her studies, then you are mistaken. Sara Jay was successful in both areas, and received a degree in psychology. And since striptease was part time during the school week, she decided it was time for something more. Sara made the decision to try herself in the adult industry and moved to live in Las Vegas. I Subsequently, everything went according to her plans, and she began to try herself in various genres, acting with both men and women, in triple and interracial porn. Today, in addition to filming adult films, Sara Jay sometimes makes an escort with her girlfriend and porn actress Ava Divine in Las Vegas.

We decided to remind you some of the key facts of her biography intentionally, for they served as a firm ground for the development of the porn actress’ uniqueness. So, why is Sara Jay extremely popular with her fans?

  • For example, her Facebook page has approximately one million eight hundred thousand fans that you can join;
  • The situation with her followers on Sara Jay Twitter is a little different, she has almost half a million subscribers, whom she constantly tries to make happy by posting news with her nude photos;
  • There numerous followers on Sara Jay Instagram profile, so you can also follow her in order to get the breaking news every day about this horny beauty;
  • Her films and Sara Jay pics on the xvideo website were viewed more than 780 million times, while her profile was visited by more than twenty million curious visitors and fans;
  • Some more facts about this cutie can be found using the Sara Jay wiki page and Sara Jay snapchat.

What else proves the fame and talent of this porn actress? Numerous awards, for instance? Or, say, number of films she took part in? Let’s see it some more,

  • Sara Jay is the double winner of the Urbane Award X: which she won for the first time in 2009 in the Best Interracial Star category, and the second one took place in 2011;
  • In the same year, she was nominated for the Miss Dramatized Show at FreeOnes 2011, where she was ranked eighth;
  • Sara has appeared in more than 240 pornographic films, and her films can be found on more than thirty porn sites;
  • Sara has achieved popularity due to her curvaceous form, big ass and breasts;
  • Her breasts are not natural, but this does not prevent her from doing miracles, which are clearly expressed in the film Mommy Got Boobs;
  • Sara has two tattoos on both ankles, two on the back and one on the right thumb.

This all she has done in order to be more alluring and prefered by her viewers and fans, since her initial purpose has been to get more and more fame by providing her viewers with the most unbelievable pleasure.

Her devotion to the profession she chose is proved by some more facts. Interested? have a look, please,

  • Sara says that working in the porn industry is a dream job for people who cannot live without sex, such as she;
  • Among her fans, she is better known as the porn actress who starred in the most interracial porn;
  • If you want to see her best films, then you can watch them on her personal web site.

The bigger rate of her devotion to the profession is determined by the harm to her private life. What is more, there are some more facts which prove her uniquness and fame,

  • The actress was officially married, but her career ultimately prevailed over the family and destroyed this marriage;
  • She regularly goes in for sports;
  • In her schedule running and exercises with weights in the gym are an inseparable part.

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The results of her fame and uniqueness manifest themselves in the following results of her work,

  • Sara Jay achieved great success in the porn business and was able to put together a decent fortune;
  • Now she owns two mansions: in Oregon, and in Miami;
  • She does not leave the business, and her tour schedule is scheduled for many months in advance;
  • She does not want to stop and she likes to be in the atmosphere that brought her popularity and money;
  • Being an experienced actress, she understands that her career can not be eternal, and she knows what she will do in the future;
  • Possessing strong managerial and organizational skills, she will try her hand at management;
  • To date, she is one of the most recognizable models of porn business;
  • It is possible that in the future, Jay will be able to achieve popularity in some other area. Her abilities and ambitions can bring her to any peaks.

The uniqueness of this porn actress is also determined by the fact that she is in love with everything she does in front of her sex cams. It is mainly because the porn actress in question is an adorable girl, whose talents are more than marvelous. What is more, there are some more factors to serve as a proof to her uniqueness and Sara Jay videos’ appeal. Want to know more? Carry on reading us again,

  • the uniqueness of the scripts of the movies is one of the prerequisites;
  • Sara Jay frequently is a co-author of the scripts, so that she performs almost everything, which she has initially composed;
  • having a director’s experience, the actress is well-aware of how to look like and how to move when being cammed;
  • the talent of this girl is not initially based on the other famous porn actresses’ experiences, since the girl has always been aimed at her own unique path and style in order to attract the major number of fans all over the world;
  • the work on her body is constant, and, regardless of being an experienced actress already, she is in a perfect shape, since she makes everything possible to keep fit;
  • it is also known that the brilliant Sara Jay is not actualy going to quit what’s been started, and she is full of numerous plans on how to make everything come true to gain even more popularity.

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So, there are too many details about her private life and career, which we have just disclosed to our readers exclusively. We are sure you have enjoyed them. What is more, you have definitely already fallen in love with this MILF cutie, who is aware of how to deliver the highest intensity of the satisfaction to all of her fans all over the globe. If you know any other porn actress, who’d be that devoted and talented, just drop us a message. However, we have a strong conviction that you will be much complicated to pick up any other similar example! Feel the challenge?

Final Thoughts

Sara Jay being a winner of the Urban X Award, adult film actress, stripper and director, is an incredibly great. Being known for her passion for shooting with Afro-American men, and her huge bottom and big breasts have dominated the porn world for 19 long years! Sara Jay has already hit the fifth dozen, but she is a purposeful woman and does not think to stop working in the porn industry. During her career, Sara was involved in filming more than 240 films and 30 sites. In almost all interviews, she says that she loves her job and, of course, sex! Her motto, which she utilizes in life and when working is “You will never see that I do something that I do not like!” Can you feel the degree of freedom? Maybe, that’s why you can easily find numerous Sara Jay gifs and Sara Jay fan forums and websites.

In addition to this, because of the hugest diversity of the skills Sara Jay possesses, her fans go crazy everytime when she performs and releases a new movie or an episode. Even if she keeps silence for the very long period of time, she can be easily admired when watching the videos, which she formerly shot. So, you can never get bored. In addition to this, she is an active user of the social networks, so that her fans can constantly get in touch with her and her news. So, you will never miss her – she is absolutely all the time right next to you!

Finally, as every article by HookupGeek finishes, we would love to suggest you an idea: if you want us to shed light on any webcam model or porn actress’ biography and preferences, you are always most welcome to send us a message to determine who exactly you would wish us to write about. And be sure, we will accomplish it all within a short period of time. Yep, your gratification is even closer than you expect when HookupGeek is close to you! By the way, very soon, we are going to release even more exciting articles, so keep tuned and you will see how you can easily unlock your indulgence!