About SCRUFF Gay Dating Site

Well, well, well! As you already see, HookupGeek is beginning the gay dating apps review where one left off, and it seems to be one of the top sex websites and also the best places to find a one night stand! So, we’re not only to review the straight and lesbian dating and hookup apps and hook up websites, as you see! We can do even more, since we’re guided with the utter tolerance to all people’s sexual preferences! So, this review is going to be dedicated to one of the most famous gay apps for dating named SCRUFF! We’re going to show you how it works, how to succeed with it, and its all the most secret details, which you will never find with any other SCRUFF review!

First of all, we would love to show you what SCRUFF means. HookupGeek can state that SCRUFF is

  • a dating and hookup app for gay men only;
  • you can use SCRUFF if you are a bisexual, a transexual, and/or a queer person;
  • along with the dating itself, you can join the different communities to find the friends who have either the same problems as you do or who are quite close to you;
  • the are groups and communities run for the HIV-positive users, so that they can date and hookup, as well.

So, what does SCRUFF mean? On the one hand, it is possible to state that SCRUFF is not a classical dating app. On the other hand, it is also somehow evident that the app can be perceived as a social network.

Let’s have some initial information about the dating website and app by SCRUFF in order to comprehend the essence of the services provided! Well, what HookupGeek has found out goes as follows,

  • the dating app for gay men was initially released in 2010;
  • the app is owned by Perry Street Software, Inc.;
  • the app was designed by Eric Silverberg and Johnny Skandros;
  • the SCRUFF app and website are available in more than 100 countries all over the world;
  • the overall number of users is even more than 15 million people;
  • both the website and app are available in 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Japanese, and Português.

SCRUFF datingHence, as for now, HookupGeek is happy to announce that it seems to be possible to have the most unbelievable experiences with the dating service of SCRUFF gay.

What do you need to know about the dating site of SCRUFF? Well, the following facts would go of use for you,

  • the website is not supposed to serve the function the same as the SCRUFF app;
  • you will not be able to get signed up or log out with the SCRUFF website;
  • the website is used for the purposes of familiarization about the service as such;
  • you can find out the responses to the questions related to the following categories, Change thumbnail size, Change display font (iOS), Update to the latest version of SCRUFF, Private Album, Recent album, Other Albums, SCRUFF Chat Features, Send location in chat, Send animated GIFs in chat, and the Official SCRUFF Guide;
  • there are some tools for those who’d want to get employed by the site;
  • there are the measures of security applied to the users.

Thus, in order to get down to dating and hookup the other gay men, you will need to download the app (more details about the app will be disclosed later on this current SCRUFF review by HookupGeek).


Similarly to the other dating apps and sites of credible character, SCRUFF presupposes you to pay for the services they provide. Thus, kind of tariffs should you be aware of with SCRUFF? There are two main types of membership with the dating app,

  • Free (Basic) SCRUFF profile (with the limited number features to use); and
  • SCRUFF Pro membership.

If the free profile is meant, it is more or less clear that it goes absolutely for free of price. So, we’d now pay attention to the paid one, and the pricing is as follows,

  • 1 Month of SCRUFF Pro membership will cost you just $14.99;
  • 3 Months of SCRUFF Pro membership will go for $13.33 per month, which in total makes $39.99 (billed as one payment); and
  • 12 Months of SCRUFF Pro membership will be priced at $10.00 that is totally $119.99 (billed as one payment).

Hence, the pricing is more or less affordable, and the longer duration of the membership will allow you having your money saved up. Nice, isn’t it?

Pros and Cons

So, inch by inch, we are supposed to set astir to the benefits and disadvantages of the SCRUFF gay dating app. We’d not want to spoil, but—he-he!—we have even too many pros to narrate, so we are going to indicate only the most important, serious, and evident ones, which would include the following,

  • the app stands for the most advanced levels of security, so you can never get any troubles of staying protected by SCRUFF;
  • you get get under way with SCRUFF by easily downloading the app for free;
  • the tools being built in the app are great and efficient (and we will explain it to you a bit later on in this review;
  • the number of profiles as well as their quality are great, so you will never be exposed to any boredom or loneliness;
  • the app is based on different types of search, so you could use them to find someone located nearest to you or by inserting the special search filters;
  • there are nice features to use as a free profile user;
  • the ‘Woof’ feature of SCRUFF app is unique;
  • support team of SCRUFF works in the most efficient manner, so you’ll have all your troubles resolved within shortly.

SCRUFF dating appWhat about the cons? Heh, thanks God, SCRUFF is amongst the dating apps, which do not (!!!) possess any drawbacks! So, consider it as a unique opportunity for the most successful pastime and dating in your life!


As already indicated, SCRUFF stands for the overwhelming security of its users both in free and paid modes. So, it means that you will be given so many opportunities to get protected in order not to get in any trouble when using SCRUFF. Well, SCRUFF claims to undergo the power of the following laws, acts, and legal regulations,

  • United States Federal Arbitration Act;
  • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods;
  • American Arbitration Association (AAA);
  • European Union Rights Act;
  • EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks;
  • Privacy Shield Principles by U.S. Department of Commerce;
  • European Data Protection Authorities (DPAs);
  • the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC); and
  • U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Acts.

As a consequence, you may understand that such a plenty of legal regulations and laws are determined by the fact that the app functions in more than 100 countries, so a resident of any particular country should have the rights to resolve the issues with SCRUFF in the legal way.

Also, in case of necessity, you’re welcome to contact the following institutions in order to have your rights protected and issues resolved,

  • Complaint Assistance Unit of the of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by mail at 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, CA 95834 (for California residents only);
  • the phone number of  Complaint Assistance Unit of the of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs is (916) 445-1254 or (800) 952-5210 (for California residents only);
  • Perry Street Software, Inc. located at 489 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10017;
  • SCRUFF Data Protection Office can be reached via the email: dataprotection@perrystreetsoftware.com;
  • SCRUFF Support Team cam reached via https://support.scruff.com.

So, shall you have any inquiries or troubles caused by SCRUFF dating app, you are always welcome to get in touch with one (or several) of institutions listed.

Thus, HookupGeek can clearly and fairly claim that SCRUFF’s security is at the highest level and is characterized by the most up-to-date technologies to ensure the safest stay online with the app!

Quality of Tools

At the beginning of this section, we’ve already told you that the quality of tools which you will come across with SCRUFF is really and truly cool! Why do we think so? We’ll let you know all the details and reasons for such opinion right away!

  • the unique feature of Woof is called to ensure the icebreaker function, so that you will not even drop the first message—in case if you do believe that you like someone, you just drop a Woof to them, and if there is feedback, you can start chatting with no obstacles at all;
  • the search engine built in the SCRUFF app is great, for you can seek people using either the search filters or their location to you;
  • the messages you get and send are instant, which is another advantage of the tools of SCRUFF;
  • you can fill out your profile fast and to the extent, which you believe to be the most appropriate;
  • you can also link your social network profiles to SCRUFF to built the link between your gay friends from the SCRUFF app with the ones on the social network.

Hence, you do have to really consider the tools as another great and brilliant advantage of using SCRUFF!

About SCRUFF App

Yep, some of the users tend to compare SCRUFF vs Grindr, since these are the two famous gay dating apps known all around the world! But we believe that there is no point in having those compared right here, for the users of both apps are really aware of the differences. Our focus here is on the SCRUFF dating for gay men!

SCRUFF hookupSo, what is app about by SCRUFF? What can you count for with the SCRUFF app?

  • you can search, get acquainted, date and hook up the users from about 100 countries of the world;
  • you can send and receive the instant messages (and you will also get the notifications to your mobile device instantly);
  • you can upload and delete the photos;
  • you will be given innumerable groups to participate in;
  • the app supports the HIV infected persons, so there are some communities created for them exclusively;
  • the app is equipped with the function of Match, so you will be able to use it similarly to Badoo, Jaumo and/or Bumble;
  • the app also ensures that you can choose the numerous trips to the hottest and the most interesting LGBTQ+ events;
  • what is more, you will be able to travel with SCRUFF and get in touch with the foreign users in the same city where you decided to travel to, which is quite a unique tool to use.

Thus, it goes without saying that the app is the hugest advantage!

To sign up with SCRUFF app, you will need to,

  • indicate your date of birth to make sure that you’re already 18 years old;
  • pick up a profile name (a nickname of yours);
  • upload at least one photo of yours;
  • verify your mobile device by enabling the app to send you an SMS.

So, just 4 easy steps, and you’re already a member of one of the most famous gay dating website! Yes, it’s easy, and this is evidently an advantage!SCRUFF site review

The free mode of the app ensures all the same features as the paid one, however, their difference is that you have the tools in an unlimited mode with the paid subscription of SCRUFF Pro.

What is more, HookupGeek has also found out that the SCRUFF gay dating app obtained some cool awards, which also prove the authority of the dating service! Just quickly take a look at scroll down to grab even more details about the app,

Year Award
2014 Time Out New York’s Best App Award
2018 the SCRUFF app is included in the Digital Trends’ list of “Best LGBT dating apps for Android and iOS”
“9 best dating sites and apps for gay men” by The Daily Dot
2019 “Best dating apps 2019” by TechRadar

There are even some more interesting facts about the SCRUFF gay dating and hookup app. Interested? You’ll go crazy when you read it, indeed!

  • SCRUFF has a close interaction with International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA);
  • SCRUFF’s developers created a unique and cool trivia game for the users of the apk called Hosting;
  • Hosting ensures that you can earn money with the app by correctly responding the gay-themed questions for the cash award;
  • The rules for the Hosting game are somehow different from country to country, so make sure to follow the rules of the game in your country of residence;
  • There is a specially designed online shop of the branded clothes and accessories with the logo of and under the authorship of SCRUFF (where the price range starts at just $15.49;
  • The SCRUFF shop provides clothes for the women as well (and if the design is considered, it is more and more obvious that the lesbian girls would perfectly buy the items).

SCRUFF gay siteHence, the SCRUFF app is a small universe, where you can share some ideas, impressions, pics, create your style, and be yourself!

How To Delete SCRUFF Account

No, the most useless (!!!) part of the SCRUFF’s review comes! How you can delete your SCRUFF app profile. Let’s see,

  • you first of all log in your SCRUFF app;
  • you press the three-lined icon in the left hand upper corner of the app;
  • choose the Setting tab and tap it;
  • tap the Profile Editor section and scroll down to the very end of the page;
  • choose either disable profile or delete profile functions (depends on what you are aimed at);
  • finally, go confirm your action and delete your app from the mobile device of yours.

Here you are… You’re not a SCRUFF user anymore, and we are sure that you will be regretting and missing it!

Quality of Profiles

Well, after we have singled out all these multitudinous advantages already, you will be surprised but we are leaving no stone unturned with the pros! That’s a really f— great news, isn’t that? So, the quality of profile is either great! This is what we think of the profiles and what we have figured out,

  • you will never find any nude or sexual explicit photos of the users in public access (mind that you’re not prohibited to share the ones in the private messages);
  • the users’ profiles are also equipped with the function of uploading and sending videos;
  • the profiles of SCRUFF are designed in such a way that they do contain all the important information needed for the first-glance acquaintance (physical parameters, age, and preferences);
  • HookupGeek has not detected any fake profiles (in fact they are not needed at all, for the database of SCRUFF is, as mentioned, even more than 15 million users);
  • you will never encounter any online cupids, which would make up another illusion of the successful communication;
  • the users of SCRUFF are mostly friendly and do not hesitate to make the first step to communicating with you.

So, these super-duper features of the profiles are impossible not to create the best impression ever!SCRUFF site

Final Thoughts

So, dear gentlemen, you are now witnessing the landmark event! Which, you may ask? He-he, this is the first review by HookupGeek to award 100% hookup rate! We even will not explain it in more details, for there is no point in re-narrating all the pluses we have indicated! Thus, yay-yay, you’ll be the happiest person ever when you start using SCRUFF! That’s the most unbelievable dating service ever, which does not contain any drawbacks, scam, and fake! Love it, enjoy it, and don’t even thank us for sharing, lol! Finally, brighten your time with some gay sex cam show sites!


The essence of the game is that you cannot play it whenever you want to, since this is a contest-based game for the award of real money! So, any contest is known to be shaped by the time framework. In 2019, the contest period is May 1st, 2019 at 7:00 PM ET and ends on December 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET. You can take part in it after reading out all the rules listed both in the app and on the official website and by gaming only in the meantime.

Fortunately for you, SCRUFF supports all the most possible dating opportunities and types, so, yes, you are allowed to get in touch with couples registered as well as with th groups.

You go online with the SCRUFF shop and act in the regular way as if you are on any other online shop. You pick up an item or a set of items to buy and release the payment using your bank card. The company provides the delivery worldwide. For more details, be advised to contact the SCRUFF online shop’s support tea.

First of all, this is merely impossible to share your content on the web, since the app does not allow the users copy or download the materials sent via the messages. Secondly, in case of any error or issue related to your suspicions, you can contact SCRUFF support team. Thirdly, the site, as we mentioned, functions under the power of Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Fourthly and finally, in case of severe violations, you can get in touch with the special department of SCRUFF at Agent for Notice of Copyright Claims SCRUFF Support, 489 5th Ave New York, NY 10017. However, we are sure you’ll never have any issues.

In compliance with the Terms of Use of the SCRUFF app, “while you may voluntarily provide us with sensitive information about yourself such as your... health details and whether part of the POZ (HIV positive) community (for example, in creating or updating your profile), there is no requirement to do so.” In addition, the website does not disclose any data of yours in general. Thus, you may be absolutely sure that the users will know about your HIV status only if you allow them doing so.