About SDC.com

What kind of adult sites would you need if you want something being different from the two partners in one bed only? Have you ever searched for the dating sites to mix both straight, bisexual, and homosexual dating opportunities at once? Have you ever wanted to have it all united with some fetish and BDSM practices? What are the best hookup sites to arrange all of these points in one place? Yes, this is SDC.com, an adult dating website for swinger experiments and affaires!

To begin with, SDC.com stands for ‘seek, discover, connect,’ and it means that you will be given a perfect chance to discover thousands of horny users (and also thousands of horny couples) needing the same: the best swinger experiences.

Remember, when we reviewed FabSwingers, we claimed that it was one of the best adult dating sites for swingers, and SDC com is another ideal opportunity with even more opportunities to hook up the kinkiest persons to have those mind-boggling sexual experiences!

As soon as you’re on the landing page of the site, you will see innumerable tools to start off with:

  • Group;
  • Sex;
  • Kink;
  • Health;
  • Erotic;
  • LGBTQ+;
  • Relationship;
  • Media;
  • Travel;
  • Extra.

SDC.comOf course, neither of these tabs are related to dating search but these are the categories of the blogs posted on the site to improve and develop you swinger skills. Yes, it means that even if you are a newcomer to swingers, you will have a nice beginning to get inspired with!

As a result, it is possible to assume that SDC. com is a magnificent social network-like platform to make all of your swinger dream come true:

  • There are no limits in sexual orientations;
  • You’ll come across no boundaries as for the sexual preferences of yours (even if you are not aware of some of them, yet);
  • It will be of no importance which fetish(es) you like, you’ll find everything!

So, when you sign up with SDC.com, you should always count for the fact that it’ll be impossible to be shy! So, get deprived of any shames and be more and more deliberated, and you will have a chance to succeed!

What Is SDC.com?

As mentioned, SDC com is a platform to use if you want to be engaged in swingers experiences. Of course, it is built more like a social network (yes, similarly to Fubar) but it possesses innumerable members being haunted by the same desire: to have threesomes and group sex experiences!


To make review concise and profound, we need to come across all details to understand if you would really be able to like the site or not.

The first advantage we would like to draw your attention to is the diversity of languages. The SDC.com dating site is available in 5 languages:

  • English;
  • Nederlands;
  • Español;
  • Deutsch;
  • Français; and
  • Italiano.

You can also have access to the fantastic blog devoted to the life of swingers and some tips on sexual nature. So, you’ll be able to read the blog posts about:

  • Zen and the Art of Swinging or How I Achieved Equilibrium;
  • Bisexual Male Apocalypse;
  • Sexual Fads: Trick or Trend?
  • Women Wanna Know: What is Tantra & Neo-Tantra?

And many other interesting and engaging articles to educate you about the sexual stuff and to extend your horizons!

You will also access to the following tools and functionality:


  • Mailbox: you’ll see your messages both sent and received, and you’ll be able to categorize them;
  • Messenger: you can chat with the other members of the site in the instant manner being different from the regular messaging;
  • Chatroom: have the most alluring chatrooms unlocked to participate in public chats and to easier find the partners for the successive swinger parties;
  • Groups: join one or several groups to discuss the preferences and novelties in swinger life to keep up-to-date;
  • Blogs: read the blogs to elicit the answers for the questions you might have or just to have more inspiration top share with your new partners in bed;
  • Who’s online: see the users going online to translate your communication to the instant chats (messenger);
  • Search: discover the users by imposing your filters and criteria, so that you will have the best impressions in your swinger sexual life;
  • Members: have access to the randomly generated list of users who you can like;
  • Viewed me: discover who watched your profile and make the first step to initiate your one night stand;
  • Speed dating: get engaged in good old speed dating being accessible online to find the swinger partners (and there are often the events run by SDC.com being absolutely offline);
  • Laidar: discover and pick up the persons who’d love to be laid right away;
  • Validations: validate the users who you have already encountered and maybe had something intricate;
  • Contacts: compose your own list of contacts not to have it in your mobile phone to keep your desires and partners in secret;
  • Contest: participate in contests run by SDC.com, and as you realize, all of them are related to sex of swingers, so it’s going to be hooooot;
  • Travel calendar: discover the sex tourism opportunities for swingers and make appointments who you would visit and who would visit you to energize your swinger experiences (that’s kind of similar to TNABoard and USASexGuide);
  • Video: enjoy the most unbelievable hot videos as if you were watching the live sex cams);
  • Parties: find out everything about the swinger parties in your location and join the most suitable for you;
  • Clubs and business: become a member of the clubs devoted to swingers or become a model/actor/actress participating in swinger videos for money)


Have you ever encountered such devotion to the culture of swingers on any other adult dating website? As we know, within the modern hookup culture, this is one of the most innovative sites to provide such great functionality!

In fact, if you’d argue that there are some web platforms being as nice as SDC.com, you can exemplify either FuckBook or some of the dating sites like FuckBook, but still they’re some different!


Along with this, you’ll be able to see the recommended profiles, and some of them are equipped with either the xxx photos or the same sexually explicit content video. Yes, it is impossible to get bored with the very this swinger dating site!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

Yes, it’s now turn to turn to the gender ratio and age categories being presented on SDC .com. Yes, HookupGeek is always aware of this information, as we always conduct the most extensive research into the composition of the dating sites and the best hookup apps that we come across to review!

Here, we’d love to point to some stats related to the website:

  • The overall number of users is 3M;
  • The number of users online a month in average is 14523;
  • Each week there are about 6K of new users to join the site;
  • The majority of the users are active, and only about 5% of the users are seldom active.

Can you see it now? With SDC.com, the only thing you’re going to be tired of is the diversity of the users! If you truly can stand it, you will be the god of the site, and your swinger sexual life would be fantastic!

Now on, let’s consider the age and gender proportions you will be able to encounter when you become an eligible user of SDC.com. Believe, you will find everything: from the young guys to the cougar dating offers, as well!

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 20%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 20%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 9%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 1%.

If the visuals are better for you, we’ve decided to exemplify the data in the format of a graph, so that you can assess it, as well!


What do you think of the stats provided? Yes, regardless of your age and gender, you can succeed! In any case, we have some more data for you to have a look at, so that you will see how diverse this all can get for you!

In this stats section, we’d pay attention to the sexual orientations preferences, and you will see which category you can join or even try anew!

  • The straight male users compose about 25%;
  • The straight female users presented in the number of 20%;
  • Bisexual men constitute 10%;
  • Bisexual women are also 10%;
  • Gay men being eager to have not only gay dating present 15%;
  • Lesbian women who’d love not only lesbian dating are 5%;
  • Cougar women to be engaged in cougar dating swingers are 5%;
  • Threesome supporters 5%;
  • Group sex fans are another 5%.


Herein, when we state that only 5% of the users are in search of threesomes or group sex, we mean that this is a share out of 100% of users in relation to the sexual orientation. In fact, all 100% of the users on SDC.com are eager to have group sex, as they came on the site for this.

Along with this, you would be able to invite the users of different races and ethnic background. So, for instance, if you prefer black dating or the sites to date the Asian users, you’ll still adore SDC.com!

We’d be eager to have a look at what you think about these data, and we’d strongly suggest you to leave your comments right after the FAQ section of this review. So, we’d be able to unite our experiences and impressions to work synergically!

As part of each of our reviews, we pay attention to the legal information being associated with the dating websites and apps we review. SDC.com is not going to be an exception, so we will examine if everything is legal and everything is properly registered.

It is what we have dug out about SDC:

  • The geo location of the site is US (United States), WA, Washington, 98108 Seattle;
  • The SDC site was initially established back in 1991;
  • It was last updated in 2018;
  • The expiry date of the site is 2022;
  • The registrar company for SDC.com is Amazon Registrar, Inc.;
  • The address to which SDC.com is assigned to is as follows: P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA, 98108-1226, US;
  • The owners of the site are SDC Media LLC and SDC Ventures LTD;
  • The address of SDC Media LLC is 2054 Kildaire Farm Road #428, Cary NC 27511, USA;
  • The address of SDC Ventures LTD is t’woud 45B, 3232LN Brielle;
  • You can use the following phone numbers to get in touch with the company: 866-417-9956 and 919-283-4414;
  • The email to contact the site is helpdesk@sdc.com.

It seems to be absolutely apparent that every legal detail is properly registered, and, thus, no issues can emerge whenever you cooperate with the site or when you decide on becoming its user! Yes, HookupGeek would refer this site to the nice ones, and the legal data being at your disposal is another strong advantage!

Registration Process

The first stage of registration process assumes that you have to provide the following details:

  • Indicate if you’re a couple, a male or a female or even a club or business;
  • Create your nickname to visible for all users;
  • Fill out the email of yours and get the message from the site;
  • Make up a password that would consist of 8 characters minimum;
  • Type in a promo code (if you have one);
  • Point out your city (where you are currently in); and
  • Fulfil the captcha.


As evident, the first step to SDC sign up, you will need just a couple of minutes, and that’s brilliant! By the way, don’t forget to confirm your email address (when the letter is in your email box).

At this level of signup process, you are supposed to indicate the following things. The first of them is your role in swingers practices:

  • Straight Male;
  • Bisexual Male;
  • Transgender.

Then, you are expected to pick up what you are looking for on the site. Hence, you will need to choose at least one point from the list below:

  • Full Swap Couple;
  • Full Swap Couple, Same Room;
  • Soft Swap Couple, Touching or Oral;
  • Soft Swap Couple, Girl on Girl Only;
  • Soft Swap Couple, Same Room;
  • Bisexual Couple;
  • Bisexual Female;
  • Straight Female;
  • Bisexual Male;
  • Straight Male;
  • Couple (2 females);
  • Transgender.

After that, you are expected to pick up the languages you speak to simplify the contact with the other members.


The next step presupposes that you have to fill out the following:

  • Headline of your profile to be as catchy as possible;
  • Short description of who you are and what you are seeking;
  • Your expectations.

SDCFinally for this section, you’re in need to detalize your expectations, including the physical parameters and desires as for having sex. So, the following stuff is to be indicated:

  • Eyes and hair color, height, weight, body type, cultural background; smoking, piercing, tattoos, swinger experience, and hair length;
  • Body hair (Arms, Bikini, Buns, Tummy, Legs, Everywhere, Chest, Treasure, Arm Pits, Shave, Smooth);
  • Sexual comfort level (With Condoms, Body contact, Erotic Massage, Kissing & Romance, Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex Giving, Anal Sex Receiving, Polyamory);
  • What you like? (Active Involvement, Passive Watching Only, One on One, Threesomes, Group Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism);
  • Fetish and BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Candle wax, Cyber Sex, Dual Penetration, Erotic Email or Pictures, Fetish, Various Phone Sex, Porn Role Playing, Rubber & Latex, S & M, Toys Play, Underwear, Video, Water Sports, Web Cams, XXX Anything Goes).

So, the unbearably limitless diversity is waiting for you with SDC.com!!!

Nevertheless, would it be an advantage to undergo such long registration process? On the one hand, we guess, it is ok, since we had examples of the longer sign up. On the other hand, it is much time-consuming, so we’d surely consider it as a tiny con…


Interaction is quite an easy aspect of the site, and we will shortly consider it to understand if it is interesting, comfortable, and of course, effective. With SDC.com, to interact successfully you can pick up several ways, including:

  • You can use regular search engine located in the right hand menu bar;
  • You can use the recommendations by the site that are loaded whenever when you SDC login;
  • You can also see the newcomers to the site and pick up someone from the list to initiate communication;
  • You can see the list of the randomly generated users to opt for users who you like.

Therefore, you might have already noticed that the site gives you many opportunities, and you would hardly ever fail!

After you chose the way you’d initiate your chatting, you just contact the persons either via the messages in the mailbox or via the messenger to have the instant chat. If you are contacted before you wrote a message, you are most welcome to respond and arrange everything!

You can also participate in the parties in the special tab on the site, so there is actually one more way to get everything managed! Yes, no boredom ever!


When we were discussing all of the features, you might be thinking that this service would be extremely expensive. In reality, the pricing is nice, and we’d also refer it to the advantages of the site. Of course, if you prefer some more expensive dating web platforms, you can always use the wealthy dating opportunities and offers.

There are 5 essential paid membership types to pick up from:

  • 1 month membership would cost you $29.95;
  • 3 months membership will be priced at $19.98 a month;
  • 6 months membership is for $16.66 per month;
  • 12 months membership would go for $12.50 a month;
  • Lifelong membership would make you release the payment at $250.00.

SDCAs you can notice, the longer membership period is chosen, the more percentage of savings you receive! Of course, it’s evident that the most beneficial way is to choose the lifelong membership, since you will pay once and can have those alluring like hell impressions till the end of your life! Fabulous, right?

Now, let’s briefly consider the payment options you can pick up to release the payment. By the way, pay special attention to the payment options and systems to get ensured that all of the payments are really secure, and you will have no scam instances. These are the ones being at your disposal with SDC.com:

  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • iDeal;
  • Maestro;
  • GiroPay;
  • Sofort;
  • PaysafeCard;
  • Bank Wire Transfer;
  • Cash.

SDCHence, all that is related to pricing and payment with SDC.com is actually a big advantage to award the site, and we are sure that nothing bad would be encountered. Nevertheless, we should proceed with the other sections to detect everything!

Free Features

Unfortunately, there are not that many features to be absolutely for free. Yes, it is possible to refer them to the trial period of the site, since if you don’t release any payment within 7 days, your profile will be automatically cancelled, and you’ll need to sign up again.

So, the following are the free traits on SDC com:

  • Contact other members;
  • Update or change your profile;
  • Webcam chat room;
  • Validate members.

Yep, not that much… unfortunately. Not the best advantage, you know.

BUT! Hopefully, there are so many features to be for money, namely:

  • Contact other members;
  • Update or change your profile;
  • Webcam chat room;
  • Validate members;
  • Speed Dating See all profiles / pictures;
  • Add yourself to party guest list;
  • Join SDC communities;
  • Use the Instant Messenger;
  • Add travel plans to the Travel calendar;
  • Use the Invitation program;
  • Add yourself to the photo spotlight;
  • Add yourself to the video spotlight;
  • Add your photo to the SDC login page;
  • Post in the Swingers blogs;
  • Offer your service to other members;
  • Voyeur Cam;
  • Add a second profile location;
  • Post Parties (after approval);
  • Contest participation;
  • Travel Alert.

We are sure that you will fall in love with all this diversity of the stuff being at your disposal after the membership purchase!

Pros And Cons

The following advantages of the site can be shaped in the following manner:

  • There is a nice app to use and being accessible for both iOs and Android platforms;
  • The diversity of the members as well as the diversity of the tools is fabulous, and they are all efficient;
  • There are many payment options, and each of them is secure and supports the secure payments;
  • The social network type of the site ensures that you will constantly have the nicest entertainment;
  • There are magnificent filters to use to enable your search, so you will definitely enrich you sexual life.

Oh yes, these are the most brilliant points as for the web platform we are currently reviewing! What about the cons? Would you add up anything?

HookupGeek has discovered some, and they’re as follows:

  • When you sign up, it may take you about 10 minutes to spend, and it’s quite much;
  • The free mode doesn’t ensure that you can have many features to test the service.

In fact, that’s all we can single out about the cons. Let’s then have a more precise look at some other aspects of pros and cons: quality of tools and profiles as well as security.

Quality Of Profiles

Along with the profile of yours, all other profiles are also in majority of cases nicely built and filled out well. What does it mean? The only thing: you can count for the diversity and profoundness! What else? Take a look at some more aspects:

  • All profiles are credible;
  • No scam or fake profiles have been discovered;
  • There is special validation top prove that each profile is real;
  • If a member is inactive, their profiles are deleted automatically.

Yes, we recommend the profiles quality and truly refer them to the main advantages of the site. What about the quality of tools? Scroll down a bit!

Quality Of Tools

As we already mentioned, there are the nicest search and interaction tools, and we have completely described them in The Interaction section. So, there is nothing special to add up except that we are sure that with such diverse tools there can be no bad quality. What’s more, the efficacy of the tools is adorable! We’ve checked out everything, and we have a strong conviction that you will have no problems. Only success in your adult dating is granted!


After we examined the site and its Terms of use, we have concluded that the process of the User Data meet a high standard for security. In addition to this, SDC.com guarantees the absolute non-disclosure of information, so that you will be able to stay as anonymous as possible when you use the service by the site. Yes, it is another significant benefit you’d have after you become an eligible member of the site!

How To Delete Profile

To delete your SDC.com profile, you’ll need just to spend about a couple of minutes. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • Login your SDC profile;
  • In the right hand upper corner tap the Setting tap;
  • Scroll down a bit the new page opened to find the tab of General settings;
  • Press Delete Account button;
  • Indicate the reason why you are leaving the site (not necessary to be truthful here).

That’s it! Nothing complicated, right?

Herein, you should bear in mind that whenever you decide to deactivate your profile, there are some points to consider, including:

  • You will not be ever possible to restore your profile;
  • If you have your paid membership, no refund can be expected (even if it is a lifelong membership package);
  • All of your data will be automatically deleted from the site database.

Hence, think twice before you do that. Otherwise, you will need to undergo that long process of registration again in case if you would again need to become a member of the site!

Final Thoughts

We believe that it has been one of our most saturated and profound reviews of a dating site, since there have been much information to review and narrate. Why so? Just maybe because the site is over equipped with the innumerable tools and features to admire!

The comparison of the pros and cons as well as the review of the general data related to the website by SDC.com makes us to make a complicated decision properly. On the one hand, there are steeping things to love about SDC, whilst on the other hand, there are some unpleasant moments like the lack of the free features.

What to do in this case? We’re sure that you have the same question now! In any case, we have our verdict done: we suggest the site to use, since it possesses innumerable benefits to share with each user. In addition to this, there are evident entertaining tools! Finally, the paramount thing that influenced our decision is that the site is really efficient! What else is needed?

FAQ about SDC

Yes, of course! The site contains no restrictions at all, so that you can do whatever you want to! Believe, it’ll be your best experience!

On the one hand, you can always try something new or you can just participate with the partners who are of the opposite sex with you. So, no bisexual or homosexual intercourse would happen.

Absolutely, no. To contact the users and participate in all groups, chatrooms and events, you need to be with the paid membership.

Unfortunately, no. Nonetheless, you have innumerable other options to release the payment. Address our Pricing section for more details.

Absolutely yes! You have to do so via the contact form on the site to get in touch with the support team. It’ll be easy.