Dating Terms, Sexual Words, and Sex terms Explained: A Glossary By HookupGeek

You’ve been an active user of the top hookup websites, and have always been interested in what those mother-f*cking-damn-bloody acronyms and terms mean? You’ve want to have much diversity in your sexual practices but have no idea on what the hell they are called like? You chatted with the cutie from one of the best hookup apps and got no sex terms they used to use? You want to play some most mind-boggling sex games with the users of the dating for one night stand sites, but you’re always confused what for Pete’s sake they stand for? This glossary by HookupGeek will let you know everything—and even more!

What is the HookupGeek’s Sexual Words Glossary like? Wow, you’d know so much about the fuck sites, dating terms, hookup slang, and sex terminology! But exactly, we’re going to shed light on the following,

  • we give you manifold even more than the Urban Dictionary sex terms provide;
  • if you need to sound more and more alluring, we give you those awesome dirty sex terms;
  • along with the most frequently used items of the sexual words list, we are listing the slang sex terms, so that you’ll be most up-to-date;
  • if you want to know some gay and/or lesbian list of sexual words, you’d have it quite soon in this article; and
  • if you have not been enough with the sex quotes, we’d give you even more with this list of these horny and dirty sexual words.

We’re sure you’re not able to wait anymore, so that we’d gradually start in narrating the horniest and the most passionate different sex terms! Btw, don’t think we’re going to be as dull as nerds to get you bored with the academic-like approach. No way! We’re going to be the same vulgar and frivolous as you might’ve read it in our Datingology project!

So, just get much time and be sure to be ready to perceive the most diverse and alluring terms you have to know to be a successful user of the adult dating sites and apps and webcam sites!

Yeah, HookupGeek has always positioned itself as tolerant and we have no other opinion, since we do support and respect all possible manifestations of love, sexuality, dating, and hookup! (Just in case, you do still remember our triumph trip over the Manchester, NH, hookup spots including the gay and lesbian ones!).

Thus, we’d propose you taking a look at some of the gay dating and gay sex terms to know and use, if you do really ache for the omnipresent titillation ever! Just unlock some of them, and you’ll forget about any confusion you might have had!

Funny Sex Terms

Yep, when it comes to sex and adult hookup experiences, no one has to be as serious as hell, you know, so some of the funny sex terms would be much appropriate! This is especially important if you do really want to make her fountain! Or if you are just eager to sound brutal somehow or just to be as inventive as possible when hooking up, you’d need these funny sexual words!sex terms

By the way, we got a nice story to briefly narrate! It had happened when we visited the Burlington hookup spots, and one of the guests of the bar approached our Jessica Walker—our genius dating expert—to ask her out. God, he’d tried to be flirting with her but the attempts had been just marvelously ridiculous because that guy’d made everything possible to talk to her in such a manner as if he were one of the Established Men users and could propose her everything she just could have ever dreamed of! In reality, he weren’t that wealthy and steep. When he got that his semi-horny semi-stupid tricks do not work at all, he’d stepped aside for a moment and when being back he decided he could ask all of us out to have some threesome experiences as we’d been the users of WellHello or Hinge, you know. Anyway, both Jessica and Ann Henley were grateful he hadn’t referred us to the DateACougar and Milfaholic cuties, you know, if the age is considered.

In any case, we’d have to turn back to the funny sex words, and we’re ready to disclose some here, while the majority is available in the glossary below.

Word Definition
Minivan The act of putting 2 of your fingers inside her pussy and your feast right up to her butt. It’s called like minivan just due to the reason that there are two in front and five located in the back, you know.

As we know, many girls from SecretBenefits and SnapSext are fond of it, so try to check it out

Suicide Wank The term means that you masturbate and when you’re going to finish it all, one of your parents (or both) step in your room (or the place where you were doing that stuff).

We’d suggest you watching the male cams only

Chili con queso Honeybucket blumpkin If you wanted to know some Spanish sex words, here is one of them. Chili con queso Honeybucket blumpkin means that you put your head in the honey bucket from anyone who’s wearing a sombrero with some queso dip inside and with some chips outside.

Not sure but try to seek some nice persons on or Chatib, since as we know there are some extravagant users eager to have the most risqué experiences

Manchurian Handshake The act of masturbation into her pussy after not satisfying act of anal penetration.

You’d surely find those who’d love to watch it on CamSoda or CamPlace. But if want someone to participate, you’d surely find somebody on or Shagle

Chicago Snowstorm To be going to cum on to her abdomen but instead of this standing in her back and having some fun you just release your load on to her back. Yep, it may resemble some snowstorms to happen in Chicago.

To experience this kind of pleasure, you’d possibly need to use something like Uberhorny or SoNaughty, so that you’d have no limits in your satisfaction and hookup!

Well, you’d definitely find these terms funny, right? Anyway, we’d provide you with even more and more of the similar ones right after the text in our marvelous glossary of the sex terms! So, just slowly scroll down to get everything! (Hope, you’re getting hornier and hotter with every term you read about!).

Weird Sex Terms

The modern hookup culture is indeed saturated with the constantly coined sex words, so that it may seem a bit confusing. However, as you have already noticed, in our horny anti-research on Datingology, we have ruined all possible obstacles on your way to the grandest  gratification. So, you’ll never go astray in the myriads of the weird sex terms you have never  understood before!

Now, we’d suggest you having a look at the weird sex words, which may seem both funny and serious, inventive and out of the blue, and, of course, some weird! We’re sure you’ll go nuts because of the metaphors and diversity of the terms! Just unlock them right away, and you’ll see how kinky it all will go!

Word Definition
Pearl Necklace The act of having ejaculated on or all around your partner’s neck to have it resemble the necklace made of some pearl.

Of course, we don’t know for sure but a couple of our readers—you know we’re very amicable—said they had had the same experience when both used iHookup (and we hope that they are not acquainted, as it would be much confusing but overjoyed!)

CBT  No, don’t even try to link this acronym to cognitive behavioral therapy, since it stands for “cock and balls torture,” and it is indeed preferred by the lovers of some exquisitely painful impressions when dating and hooking up.

Yep, this type of sexual pleasure is mostly experienced either by the straight and bisexual men from CollarSpace or by the gay men who seek the same on SCRUFF or Adam4Adam

Impact Play In fact, there is not that much weird in definition, as the term typifies any impact made over one’s body with the purpose of the sexual titillation. However, you can know that there are too many weird thing to do to cause satisfaction when dating and hooking up, right?

No matter which dating website you’d prefer—either BlackCrush or Flirt Buddies—you’ll be able to get enrolled in the most alluring and lustful instances

Pegging The act of anal penetration, in the course of which a woman is wearing a strap-on dildo, and a man is a recipient.

We’d be happy to know about your experiences if you have ever had any, since we’re not difficult to think of any examples

Queening In fact, it’s not much related to any monarchies but to the process of riding or sitting on someone’s face.

Yep, when watching the shows by RealDiamondDoll, our respectful Adam Evans literally confessed he likes it and is ready to always be under, you know

We’re sure that whatever dating options you’re interested in—dating for seniors or for married persons, you will win, since you’re equipped with the most necessary stuff to experiment! Nonetheless, we’re sure you want even more, and we’re here to let you know everything!