What Is SexSearch?

We will start with some preliminary notes about the Sex Search adult dating website. First off, yeah, this is one of all adult dating sites which is attended by the persons, who are aimed at nothing else but at the fast one time casual relations. Secondly, in spite of the great popularity, even the regular users tend to claim that the site is pure scam, and you cannot find anything real. Thirdly, we will reveal a small secret: HookupGeek has also found some instances of scam on this one night stand online service, mainly because of the presence of the sexsearch com fake accounts. So, this will be one of the most paradoxical and weird reviews you have ever read on HookupGeek. So, move it!

What is SexSearch.Com? Yep, even this easy question may seem somehow complicated, as the site is well elaborated and well equipped with the most modern functions. However, the level and probability of scam irritate a bit when getting to the usage of this web platform for adults seeking the one night stand casual relations. So, how would HookupGeek characterize this website?

Sex Search

  • incredible diversity of the search (it means that you can find partners for one night stand instance of different orientations. That is, the site welcomes and tolerates all the ways of search, straight, homosexual, bisexual, and couples of different sexual preferences);
  • unbelievably easy registration process and wide variety of profiles approaching 3 million;
  • super easy payment release procedure;
  • nice and simple interface for easier navigation;
  • diversity of camsite-type webcams, galleries of hot pics, adult toys and games, stories and quizzes;
  • ability to use the chat in an unlimited manner.

Yep, these features may seem to be more than sweet and tasty. However, are they really working? We’ll sort it out a bit later in this current sexsearch review. Now on, it would be suitable to pay attention to the fact that you can use all these functions not for free. It assumes that you are expected to release payment in order to get access to the most desired accounts and functions.

So, what are the payment options and tariffs go at your disposal? There are predominantly two pricing plans, which you are about to choose from,

  • silver membership status; and
  • gold membership status.

Sex SearchThese two types of membership statuses are characterized by both the difference in pricing and the difference of functionality available to the member of a  particular level of the profiles upgrade. So, what is the prices for the silver profile?

  • the silver membership presupposes the trial period of three days, which costs $1.95;
  • one month period of getting subscribed to the silver membership would charge you $29.95;
  • three months of getting subscribed to the silver membership would charge you $59.95.

So, as you can see, if your prefer to save up your funds, you should better order the three months subscription and save about $40 in comparison to the cost of 1 month subscription. Is this that nice with the gold profiles?

  • there is no trial version prescribed to the gold membership;
  • one month period of getting subscribed to the gold membership would charge you $34.95; while
  • three months period of getting subscribed to the gold membership would charge you $69.95; and
  • twelve months period of getting subscribed to the gold membership would charge you $149.95.

So, the gold membership also provides you with the opportunity to save up by purchasing the bigger number of months at once by one transaction. For example, if you buy 3 months at once, you can save up to $60. But if you decide on going with an annual subscription, you can save up even more that $100. So, it seems it is worth of ordering the maximum number of months at once.

Sex Search
So, what the main difference between the silver and the gold membership status? Which of them is more beneficial?

  • the gold membership unlocks all the webcam shows for you, so that you can watch the horniest models performing online in front of their cams in order to indulge all your dreams;
  • the silver membership does not give you access to all the webcams, since only a couple of them can be unblocked;
  • the galleries, the toys, and the games (including the quizzes) are available only for the owners of the gold membership;
  • silver membership provides you with a chance to search and message the chosen people;
  • gold membership promotes your account to the extent that you will be exhibited in the first line of the other members’ search results, so it makes your chances to meet a necessary person for one night stand affair easier and more real.

What is in reality?  Do all these functions work properly? HookupGeek with this sexsearch com review would definitely reveal the secrets and would provide you with the response to the question. Just keep on reading us in order to get the truth!

Pros and Cons of the Search Sex Adult Website

Sex SearchWhat are the main advantages of the hook-up site? HookupGeek has collected them being based on the personal experiences and the other sexsearch reviews. So, see the list of the pros if you use the site,

  • great functionality and variety of the functions to delight adult leisure time;
  • the users do definitely receive the adult fun which they have been promised to;
  • numerous horny accounts of the well looking persons who are eager to test diverse experiences in their beds;
  • easy sexsearch login procedure;
  • ability to enable both global and usa sex search for one night stand partners;
  • access to the galleries, webcam shows, and quizzes.

Sex Search
However, these all advantages can be easily ruined by the drawbacks, which are, unfortunately, numerous. So, take a look,

  • there are super many fake accounts, which have been run by the company itself (and this is clearly stated in the terms of use) in order to create an illusion of the choice diversity;
  • the fake accounts of the model-like persons do not correspond to reality (which is also clearly stated in the terms of use);
  • there are merely no sexsearch com free features (even the trial version of the services is paid and it does not unlock the access to all the promised features);
  • there are hidden fees and uncontrolled payments even if you decided on cancelling your membership with the site (it means that after you stopped your membership, the site will be still charging you for the services, so you will have to resolve this problem with your bank or via the court);
  • the terms of use of the website do not hide the fact that there are numerous employees who communicate with the users in order to make it all seem real;
  • the profiles located on this website are duplicated from the similar affiliate websites for one night stand affairs;
  • there is no security of the personal data, since the policies do not even mention this fact;
  • no real dates can be arranged since there are almost no real people to be presented on the site;
  • the so-called free webcams located on the site do not work at all or work extremely rarely, so don’t even count for watching any performances promised.

It would be extremely useless to carry on the list of the cons, for it will occupy to much space. So, you can see that the only advantage is  the easy sexsearch com login; however, what is the point of using this function if you still do not get what you have been expecting. Of course, this is the opinion by HookupGeek, and it can be opposite your own. In any case, if you decide on using the website mentioned, please kindly take care of your security, for you can undergo scam which would deprive you of a particular sum of money on your bank account.


Sex Search
In fact, usually, HookupGeek pays attention not only to the security but also to the quality of tools and profiles. In case of Sex Search, it is merely unnecessary, for no good quality can be granted, and, as a result, no fruitful outcomes would be given to  you for your money.

As for the security, because of the hidden fees and uncontrolled payments which are committed with no of your permission, HookupGeek cannot really guarantee that you will have at least the minimal rate of security. So, think twice before getting signed up and providing your banking details to this particular website.

Sum Up: Is SexSearch a Scam?

It was one of the saddest reviews HookupGeek has ever done, since we have not even expected this site to disappoint us by the overall scam. So, does sexsearch work? Both: yes and no. It works as a site, which promises much and delivers nothing. It does not work, for it will never give you the sexual experiences in real life, and the most horrible thing is that the creators of the web platform perceive it in the policies. So, HookupGeek cannot recommend you dealing with this site, for neither of the promised features can be turned to come true in real life.

The Terms of Use of SexSearch state that the website functions under the following legal regulations, 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement, The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2701-2710, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. 1030 and The California Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, Cal. Penal Code. In addition, the main page of the site contains a disclaimer that “This website contains explicit pictures, videos, stories, images, or sounds You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. If you are under 18, or if it is forbidden to view this content in your community, you must leave this site.” Hence, we can assume that the work of SexSearch is absolutely legal, and when you sign up and log in, you can count for the most legally regulated processes.

In case of any issues or error or complaints, be advised to have three alternatives to get in touch with easysex.com administration and support team. The first is via the physical address, which is Kamparri Trading Ltd. 42 Dositheou Street, Strovolos, Nicoisa 2028 Cyprus. The second option is via the email support@sexsearch.com. Thirdly, you can always use the contact form in your profile or on the signup page to get in touch with the support team. The responses are the fastest if you pick one of the last alternatives.

Fortunately, for all sexsearch users, yes, there are a ton of the features to enjoy when using the premium account by sex search. For instance, Forum, Videos, Cams, Celebrity, Date Stories, Games, Toy, Advice Communities, Sites, and Quizzes. So, along with chatting you can surely have much more pleasure and fun when using the features enumerated.

When you attend the tab of Quizzes you can have some more fun. In fact, all the quizzes are designed with the only purpose, that is to provide you with more entertainment and let you know yourself better. The majority of the quizzes are the sex-related ones, so you will find out in detail what you prefer in sex and what kind of a partner you are advised to search for.

Within this tab by SexSearch.com you can have access to the following innumerable adult fun features including Best Celeb Sex Sites, Celebrity Blogs, Adult movies star Reddits, Premium adult movie star Sites, Celebrity Adult movie Sites, Celebrity adult movie Tapes, Free adult movie Site, Gay adult movies star Sites, Adult movies star Instagram Accounts. So, you will never get exhausted by the work of the site along with the hookup services provided!