About Shagle

In fact, when you just dive into the virtual world of the adult dating and best real hookup sites, you can go astray, for it is much complicated for the newcomers. Nonetheless, since you know now about HookupGeek or if you’re our beloved regular reader, you are aware of the fact that dating and hookup is as easy as never before!

This Shagle review will uncover all of the secrets related to the hookup site, since our mission is to ensure that all of you have the best impressions out of your dating experiences with adultdating sites. Yes, in the diversity of the one night stand search sites, it can seem to be easy enough to get lost. If you remember about our trips to Chicago hookup spots, Los Angeles hookup bars or Dallas dark rooms, and other cities of the USA, you will know for sure that when we’re with you, you’d never have to worry about the success of your hookup!

What Is Shagle Chat?

First off, let’s get it all sorted what Shagle is and how it is to be used to gain the most magnificent experiences in your hookup! As a matter of fact, Shagle (and the Shagle App including Shagle Android app) claims to be a free video chat to meet and to hook up the strangers. The philosophy of Shagle is that they believe that by chatting with the Shagle random people (of course, Shagle users), hookup and adult dating becomes easier twofold!


When you’ve registered, you can have access to certain features. The main of them is the video chat, that is a live cam to cam communication, which sometimes resembles CamSoda or CAM4. The only difference is that you’d be unlikely to encounter such world known webcam models as Gianna Michaels, Farrah Abraham, and Cherise Rose but you’ll see the horniest Shagle girls and you’ll be able to chat with them and also ask them out! Gorgeous, right?

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

What about the distribution of the Shagle users’ genders as well as the general numbers about the site? HookupGeek as surely investigated some of the cool stats about the site, and they’re as follows,

  • the overall number of users on Shagle is currently 1 934 268 Members;
  • only about 55% of the users origin from the USA;
  • the majority of the users are males;
  • there are about 1M visits / logins per day;
  • the site is also attended from India, Brazil, the UK, and Mexico.

Impressive, right?

What about the age categories presented on Shagle? What can you expect from the site and how you could behave if you know this information? By the way, for more convenience of yours and for the visual compound, we’ve created a graph. Let’s see,

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 20%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 25%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 20%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 6%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 4%.

ShagleSo, depending on what you prefer (cougar dating or just some fuck sites-related experiences), you’ll easier find it, since you can see the ages of the users, and, thus, you understand if it suits you and if it can meet your expectations. Comfortable and useful, isn’t it?

To ensure that the website is worth of our attention, we need to investigate if Shagle was properly and legally registered. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about the Shagle video chat communication website for hookup,

  • Shagle website was established in 2015;
  • the site’s expiry date is 2027;
  • the platform was registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC;
  • the contact phone number of the registering company is 480-624-2505;
  • the fax of the registering company is 480-624-2598;
  • the physical address which the site is assigned to is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US;
  • the office of the administration is registered on the following address: Office 3, Unit R, Imperial Way, Penfold Works, Watford, United Kingdom, WD24 4YY;
  • the mailing address of the company is Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Therefore, now we all can see that the Shagle website was properly registered, so this is one of the advantages already discovered! In other words, this is the first sign that we can trust the service.

Registration Process

The sign-up process with Shagle is actually the easiest one (the ones which can compete with Shagle are iSexyChat and iHookup). So, in order to become an eligible member of the website, you’ll need to accomplish the following stages,

  • first of all, just press Sign Up button;
  • secondly, fill out the form, and insert your email (mind that it has to be a valid one, since you’ll need to verify it);
  • thirdly, put down your password;
  • fourthly, just verify your email address by accessing your email inbox.

ShagleHere you are, you’re in now! By the way, if you want to save up even more time, you can sign up and log in with Google or Facebook profiles of yours!

What is more, the site would never ask you to provide either your real name or your photo. The only thing is to identify the parameters of search, that is the gender and the location of your video chat interlocutor. Yes, do remember that the majority of the users are from the USA.


After you have successfully signed up with Shagle, you can start in hooking up online. Nothing special should be done at all. So, how is it all arranged?

  • right away after you signed up, verified your email, and again logged in, you’re redirected to you profile, where all communication takes place;
  • you’re given only two items to use: the search engine (limited to the country only) and gender (you can pick up men, women, and couples);
  • the window for video chat is open as soon as you logged in, so you’ll need to enable your Shagle camera;
  • as soon as you turned on your cam, you will broadcast to another user randomly found for you by the system;
  • if you don’t like someone, you just skip;
  • if you like someone, you just carry on your communication either in the video chat or just in the regular one.

ShagleHence, you can see that because of the minimal navigation, you’d be able to have many experiences, including,

  • heterosexual communication;
  • same-sex communication;
  • bisexual communication; and
  • swinger experiences.

Thus, all the possible formats of sexual preferences are possible. What is more, all the explicit types of video communication can also be ensured, you know!


In compliance with the official website, the service is absolutely free of price. Is this so in reality? Unfortunately, no! Of course, you can use the service absolutely with no money spent but your actions would be much limited. So, they have some tariffs, which are, in fact, much affordable. You can choose,

  • a weekly subscription, which would cost you just $6.99; or
  • a monthly subscription at $19.99.

ShagleAs you may see, that’s not that expensive, so just decide for yourself if you like the Shagle free mode or you would prefer having some more interesting features for the most alluring and adorable experiences online! We’ll inform you on the additional paid features right in a couple of minutes.

By the way, the following information should be now disclosed about the payment process and payment options,

  • you can pay only with your bank card (don’t like it? just find one of the PayPal based dating services);
  • you have to provide all the possible credentials about the payment;
  • the payments are not processed by Shagle but by the special third party company specializing on the financial procedures named SegPay.

So, there is no need to worry about the safety of the payments, as your personal information as well as the banking details would never be disclosed to anyone ever!

ShagleHowever, before you start paying for the service, just find out the diversity of the free and paid features, so that you’ll know which bundle of tools is more suitable for you.

Free Features

The free features of Shagle are comprised of the following,

  • the signup process is free of cost;
  • the basic search tools are not to be paid off for;
  • the users displayed to you are limited;
  • the number of users you are displayed to is limited;
  • messaging is absolutely free.

Of course, this is not that much stuff to admire; but still this is a free of price mode, so it is actually normal. By the way, there is one peculiarity, which is  important to keep in mind: if you’re a woman, you can use the free mode; in case if you’re a man or a couple with someone, you’d not have any access to the free features.

Of course, if you go VIP, you’ll have much more opportunities at your disposal to ensure that your hookup is more than marvelous! What is more, the set of features somehow resembles the web sex sites. So, what features are to be paid for? Take a look at the list and grab the best ones,

  • Gender Filter: Filter who you connect to by gender in the Shagle random chat. Get the exact experience you want.
  • Kill the Ads: When you’re a member, the ads go away, giving you more open space to chat and watch.
  • Get Reconnected: Simply press your Back button to get reconnected to the previous user.
  • Location Filter: Connect to random people in over 200 countries around the world with ease.
  • In-Chat Verified Badge: Being a verified member gives you more credibility with other Shagle users.
  • Get Even More: Shagle is working on new features, as a verified member you’ll get access to all of them.

So, having come through the comparison of the free and paid features, just decide what’s better for you. In such a way, your hookup will be even more effective and, of course, more satisfying!

Pros And Cons

Let’s briefly consider the advantages of using Shagle! Of course, if you’ve been reading attentively, you have surely identified some, but we’d want to draw your attention to some more features. Thus, the main cons are the following,

  • the service is easy to use, so you’ll not need to waste time for getting it all sorted out;
  • the process of signup is fast;
  • there are tons of profiles being active;
  • the pricing of the service is more than affordable.

Thus, you can really see that the minimalism is also an advantage.

What about the cons? We’ve defined some,

  • there are some ads to watch in the free mode (but don’t be afraid, they’re not that irritating);
  • the free mode provides only a limited number of features.

Yep, the number of cons is not prevailing, so you can really see that the site is worth of your attention—at least the free mode.

Quality Of Profiles

We’ll not tell you much about the quality of profiles, as it is easy,

  • they are all to be trustworthy, since you see the interlocutor via the cam;
  • as you communicate with the users in the real time, you can have no doubts about them;
  • there are no online cupids or online fantasies, that is there are no fake profiles.

This is why we’d give a plus to the profiles and their quality!

Quality Of Tools

Because of the obvious minimalism of the tools, we’ll not have much to write here, as well,

  • the VIP membership ensures more sensible search, but in the free mode it is also ok;
  • the video streaming tool is nice, and has no errors at all;
  • the payment procedure is easy, and it takes just a couple of minutes to process; however,
  •  there is no support team to assist you in case of the technical issues.

We’d consider the quality of tool on Shagle as another benefit to use the hookup service! Hooray!


We believe that the website is absolutely secure, since a certain range of reasons is taken into consideration,

  • the site guarantees the absolute non-disclosure of your private data (with the exception of the legal cases requested by the court or any other enforcement body);
  • the refund policies prescribe a 30-days period for the billing disputes;
  • you should follow the laws of British Virgin Islands and/or any country which the content is posted from.

Hence, you don’t even have to have any troubles as for the security, as Shagle will provide you with everything possible related to the legality of the service and your safe stay online on there.

How To Delete Profile

In order to delete the profile you’ve run with Shagle, you’d have to take just a couple of steps (yep, this is similar to the fast registration process), namely,

  • just push Update;
  • in the pop-up window press the Delete Account button;
  • confirm your decision.

That’s it. You won’t need to f— your own brain to get out of Shagle.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we’ve arrived to the concluding part of this review. That means that we’d need to share our impressions with (to read your impressions in the comments right below the article). So, what we have been impressed with is the format of the hookup service: on the one hand, it resembles just an ordinary webcam site, while on the other hand, you’ll encounter a nice detail that you can do it for free and communicate. However, in comparison to the webcam sites, you’ll have a real chance to ask someone out to have the real experiences of the hottest nature, you know.

After the comparison of the pros and cons, we’ve really got that the website is worth of attention and will provide you with the very similar impressions as the webcam sites do. What is more, you’d really enjoy the power of yours: you are the only person to choose who’d you carry on communication with. That’s marvelous, right? You’ll like Shagle!

We do hope that you’ve found this review effective, so we’re asking you to share your experiences and Shagle reviews with us. Yep, this is important for both our respectful readers (to help them see even more truth about the site) and us (to be even more professional and to approach the matter of reviewing even in the more professional way). Finally, if you’re in search of the sites like Shagle just address our section of Shagle alternatives.

FAQ about Shagle

Regardless of the fact that you can locate the countries which you would prefer to watch the users from, you still cannot have a tool to block any country. In the future, the administration of the site promises that this tool will also be introduced, as being Shagle Omegle / Shagle Omegle chat is available in 50+ countries.

If you’re having any troubles with watching the other users, you should check one of the following aspects if they work properly with you: Operating System (Windows, IOS, Linux, etc.) Browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) Connection (DSL, Cable, T1, etc) Device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). So, you’ll properly watch the shagle cam in the normal mode.

To contact the site or its representatives, you need to either use the contact form located on the site or try to find an answer in one of the FAQ situated on the site.

In case if one or several of the users violate the terms of use of the site or its rules, you should report them via the report button. The administration of the site would take the necessary measures as the violation of rules is a reason to deactivate one’s profile forever.

Unfortunately, right now, there is no such a tool; however, Shagle intends to implement it as one of the paid features, since the numerous users would really enjoy it.