Preparing this Snapfuck website review, we wanted to make it as beneficial to you as possible similarly to the other online adult sites or best webcam model sites. That’s why, in this Snapfuck review, be sure to find the most up-to-date info about pricing, policies, security measures, real feedbacks, hookup rate and other things you might find useful.

We’d like to answer the most FAQ of many of you“Is Snapfuck free?”with a no. Snapfuck, like all respected dating apps, charges users for its services at a reasonable price, which we’ll discuss later. At the same time, yes, you can download and install Snapfuck for free. It is possible to install the app on any device apart from Android and iOS-basedjust download Snapfuck apk file and run it! It means that you can have the app, sign up and take advantage of a free trial period to see whether the app suits you. To know more about the website and app, get yourself acquainted with this or other Snapfuck reviews online.

About Snapfuck

Snapfuck was initially targeted at 30+ users, however, it very soon became viral among a much younger audience. The reason for that is the diversity of communication features embedded into the app. They include:

  • exchange of text messages, photos, and videos in private/group chats
  • free Snapfuck selfie editor (add smilies, texts, filters, etc.)
  • erotic Snapfuck gifs
  • Snapfuck real video chat
  • teen Snapfuck / gay Snapfuck chat groups

You chances to find a match in Snapfuck are equal regardless of whether you are straight, gay, bi or none of the above. There are so many different users of the app that you will surely find at least one like-minded person among them.

Snapfuck App Review

The functionality of Snapfuck app is pretty much the same as Snapfuck website. The main difference is that it is much more convenient to use such tools from a hand-held device like phone than from laptop or even PC. Imagine you want to take a nude pic and send it to your Snapfuck chatyou ’d much prefer to be on phone than on a computer. Thus, the key benefit of having an app on your iOS or Android device is that it allows to take a selfie right from the app, add filters and effects and send it as a private message! Easy peasy.

Is Snapfuck legit site?


Getting straight to the point, let’s discuss how legit is Snapfuck. If it’s not your first day on online dating sites, you’ve seen many. But, is Snapfuck legit? Snapfuck can guarantee each user legal and safe dating experience, which is proven by app’s untainted reputation. There is a Snapfuck fake profile protection that suspends or deletes suspicious and reported profiles.

With Snapfuck, be sure that every Snapfuck ad girl you see on their website is an actual user and not just some random model pic from the Internet. And, generally, all Snapfuck girls photos and profiles belong to real women registered in the app!

Is Snapfuck safe?Yes, and here’s the proof.

  • Only checked profiles of real users
  • 24/7 support available
  • Snapfuck ads block
  • Snapfuck scam checks

Is Snapfuck a scam site?

Since there are almost no fake profiles in Snapfuck user base, there’s no chance you become a victim of scamming activities. Is Snapfuck a scamwe answer with a definitive ‘no.’

Having searched on the Internet, we found not a single claim that Snapfuck is a scam. Of course, there are users that want to spoil good app’s reputation by leaving negative comments and scaring other users off. There is no sense trusting each of such comments, but, instead, it is better to read reviews like ours.

We don’t get anything out of posting our reviews that’s why they are maximum realistic and bias-free.

Snapfuck Pricing


Snapfuck charges their users reasonably and correspondingly to the quality of services they provide. Frankly speaking, the price list you’ll see below has neither the lowest nor the highest pricing. Let’s say, the price is more or less average on the market.

Special Discounts
visit site

  • 3 days for $5.83a beginner offer. Take a 3-day package to look around, check the app and decide whether or not it is what you expected.
  • 1 month for $34.95a reasonable choice. Whether you are on a vacation, temporary out of work or just think one month is enough to find a match.
  • 6 months for $69.92a confident hookup plan. Half a year with a possibility to prolong a subscription is your lucky chance to flirt, get laid, and enjoy the company of hot girls six months straight.

Each package is beneficial in its own way, so just pick the one that matches your plans.

Pros and Cons of Snapfuck

No matter how good and recognized a website is, we notice things that most users may not like. In the case of Snapfuck, these are some minor issues like comparatively high pricing, somewhat complicated interface, and lack of user responses on the Internet. On the other hand, we identified a number of positive sides.

  • Snapfuck videoswhether you share a video via private message or have live video chat, everything works as it should.
  • Snapfuck photosyou can send, take and edit your pictures right in the app.
  • Snapfuck download app for freeno need to purchase the app, only membership is paid.
  • Snapfuck usersmainly young people under 30.
  • Snapfuck communicationprivate / group text and video chats to your services.

As you can see, Snapfuck offers as many entertainment options as you can think of. Which is why many users say they don’t need any other online dating alternativesSnapfuck is everything you can desire in one small app.



When opening sites like Snapfuck, security is the last you think about. Lucky you, because you don’t have to change that using Snapfuck.

We hurry to assure you that your Snapfuck sex adventures stay between you and your hookups. Flirt, send provocative texts, nudes, and do whatever you wish without fearing data leakage. Snapfuck legit and safe dating arrangements will never let anything undermine your privacy and reputation.

To find out more about how Snapfuck secures their users, kindly read T&C and Privacy Policy on the website.

Hookup Rate

Finally, we’ve approached the most important question: Does Snapfuck work? Well, judge for yourself96% hookup rate demonstrated by app users speaks for itself.

This percentage shows that almost all users that downloaded the app, scrolled through Snapfuck pictures and got a matchgot a sex hook up in real life. What is more, it does not take ages: the majority of users manage to find a match within the first week of using the app.

With this hookup rate, Snapfuck turns your fantasies into a reality in no time. Checked and recommended by users, who already lead busy non-single lives.

Other Dating Websites

Maybe you don’t like everything about Snapfuck and would like to try out something else? There are plenty of dating sites and apps to give a chance to. And you are just on time, coz we are going to gladly share the 11 highly rated dating apps below.

Each of the dating websites (apps) presented above is tested and rated by us. Therefore, you can be sure that each name in this list is there by no mistake. Hopefully, you aren’t out of options now with all these fantastic dating services by your side.

FAQ about SnapFuck

As soon as you decide on signing up with SnapFuck, you’re not expected to release any additional payment for the service to register with it. However, the dating services (that is subscription) are paid.

In case if you have paid for the SnapFuck membership, you have unlimited number of messages both to send and to receive.

You can cancel your membership at any time when you desire, however, no refund is granted in such cases. So, it is advised to wait for your membership to finish, and then only, have it cancelled.

All the cases of refund are better to be discussed with the support team. In any case, if the work of site has not had any errors, the probability of refund is quite low.

Be advised to contact the support team in any case when you believe you need any assistance as for the work of the site. In order to get in touch with the support team you can just drop them a direct message via the special form located in your profile.