SPdate Review

When it comes to such private matters as live adult web cams or dating, choosing a legitimate and safe site is the number one priority. But how can you know? There are several ways to tell a scam site from a reliable one.

  1. look for user feedback and reviews online. Once something bad happens to someone on the Internet, they immediately go and leave a comment or even a whole blog post about it. Be sure that if there’s something bad about a dating provider, it will inevitably pop up.
  2. read reviews by sites like ours. Independent expert reviews are the best option if you want an objective opinion. While users may leave negative reviews driven by emotions (if something went wrong, often out of their own fault), you won’t find anything but factual info on review websites.
  3. check it for security logos. If you can find badges from security providers like Norton Secured, McAfee Secure, or others – you are on the safe side.

Is SPdate a scam?

We’ve reviewed and tested SPdate website carefully. The results showed that spdate com is a safe and reliable dating provider due to the following:

  • Responsive customer support
  • Only real girls profiles
  • Contact information available (check website’s footer)
  • Minimum negative reviews

These are just some of the good things this website can pleasantly surprise you with.

SPdate Spam And SPdate Scam

Well, this is no wonder that some of the SPDate reviewers tend to claim that you will not find anything except scam with SP Date. Is this so in reality? Can it be possible to have another angle of view? We’re sure that we can find out some details about the security of the dating platform as well as some information about the so-called spam and scam. So, we’re sure it’ll be quite a useful information to read about, so just see what HookupGeek has been successful to find!

  • as a rule, the SPDate spam is considered to be presented on the platform in the format of the numerous messages received;
  • however, what’s wrong with that fact that you can be quite popular and nice so that numerous users send you their requests to communicate?;
  • no spam in its classical view can be encountered, since the Message Tab is only for the private communication, and if you see too many messages in it, you just have to think that you are liked by all those horny girls;
  • the only manifestation of spam with SPDate can be encountered with the free of price mode, since the website is of paid services, thus, if you have not succeeded to pay for the more successful communication, you will see some ads, but they’re not that numerous;
  • you will never receive any ads or spam letter either to your email or in your messages tab.

Hence, HookupGeek cannot state that any spam has been detected throughout the week of our experience in using SPDate website for adult dating.

What about the SPDate scam? Will you be able to encounter it and if there are chances to omit it in case if you do really see any scam? Yay, HookupGeek is possible to show you everything about this aspect,

  • As a rule, scam presupposes that there are only fake accounts and the site does not work;
  • Actually, we have no had any instances of encountering any fake profiles because we have found that it is really possible to arrange a date;
  • The chats with the other users did not resemble that this is bot which communicates with us;
  • Indeed, we have communicated with 10 people and arranged 5 dates;
  • We met those 5 users in real life;
  • The profile photos totally corresponded to reality;
  • The website is equipped with some additional security measures like Privacy Policy section, Terms section, Safety Tips, Risk Notice, Refund Policy, Billing Policy, and Compliance Statement;
  • for instance, there are some anti-scam filters, which award the profiles special icons for your convenience;
  • thus, the Risk Note claims that whenever you see a profile, you will see a special icon like, “UP—unreal personality; ON—real personality online; and OFF—real personality offline”;
  • so, in case if the anti-scam filters detect a profile of scam they located the UP icon so that you can see it and not communicate with such a profile.

HookupGeek has a strong conviction that there is actually no need in proving some more about this site’s security and absence of scam. Thus, just be happy to use the service, and find the best matches by using the most advanced approach to dating online with SPDate!

In fact, we would love just to provide some of the additional ideas on the scam issues with SPDate located on the web in some of the site reviews,

  • as you may understand not all of the reviewers are like HookupGeek that not all of them provide you with the reviews for free;
  • some of the reviews could have been purchased by the SPDate’s competitors, so this is why they will contain only the information which they have been paid off for;
  • HookupGeek is merely the most unique and only website, which does not write the reviews on the pre-paid basis: we do compose our reviews using our experience and do not pay attention to the fact that someone can pay for it;
  • HookupGeek contain some many both positive and negative reviews, so it is evident that we do not cooperate with neither of the sites we review; and, finally,
  • we are aimed at the satisfaction of our beloved users and readers but not on the pre-paid and fake reviews, as the other reviewers tend to do.

Hoping we have proved everything for you, and you can now be safe with SPDate and/or any other dating platform we have reviewed! So, don’t hesitate to visit our Adult Dating Sites reviews to get even more nice opportunities in the field of adult dating. We bet you’ll love it all!

SPdate Site Pricing


As promised, here is the best part: you don’t have to pay for anything on the website. Why? Because site administration and support work in low maintenance conditions to give users a possibility to utilize an online hookup site for free. Despite this, SPdate dating site offers:

  • SPdate app download (free of charge)
  • SPdate fraud protection mechanism
  • SPdate spam filter
  • SPdate fake profile checker
  • SPdate scam monitor

We’ll discuss site’s security measure more in detail later.

Pros and Cons of SPdate App

The majority of young people would prefer to have a dating tool on their phone rather than on a computer. With SPdate, this is not a problem at all. The provider allows you to download SPdate apk app for Android absolutely free of charge.

Is SPdate real dating website? – Advantages and Disadvantages 

SPdate login
visit site

  • Free SPdate sign up process
  • Moderators of SPdate verify all user profiles
  • Mobile Spdate chat available anywhere, anytime
  • New features of SPdate for Iphone
  • Updated SPdate home page

Despite all these, we also found some minor drawbacks of this app.

  • No SPdate for women
  • Lack of SPdate site reviews on the Internet

After all, it’s all about your convenience. Whether you prefer to chat with girls from phone, laptop or tablet, you can do so.

SPdate App

As each of the credible web dating platforms, SPDate is equipped with the nice app to use from any mobile device. So, what is it like? How do you use it? How is it different from the web version of the dating service under review? HookupGeek knows (!) all the answers, and… even morrrrre!

  • you can sign up and sign in with the app by SPDate;
  • the functionality of the web version is the same as the functionality of the SPDate apk;
  • when you use the SPDate app, you can set your notifications in such a way that you will either make them sound or, oppositely, mute them;
  • you will have a chance to upload the photos of yours;
  • you will chat with the users in the same way as if you use the web version;
  • you process the payments and control the expiry date of your subscription by using the app;
  • the app is suitable for all the Android mobile devices;
  • you can delete your profile by using the app, as well.

HookupGeek has also found out some of the SPDate app’s cons, though, but—don’t worry—they’re mostly insignificant and will hardly ever spoil your brilliant attitude towards the service provided by SPDate. So, the disadvantages of the app are as follows,

  • there is only SPDate app available for Android users, that is there is no app by SPDate for the iOS operating system members (as well as for the Windows Phones);
  • the app is not available from the official platforms like Google Play, but you can download it just from the other websites, containing it, so be sure to enable your google search, and you’ll shortly find it.

In fact, these are all the cons. What is more, we do hope that in the future—in the nearest future—you will have a perfect chance to install the app to your Apple products at your disposal.

SPdate Dating App Security


Probably, you’ve heard about websites that turn dating into a money-making business in an unfair and cheating manner? Or, maybe, have even been ripped off by one of those? Let us tell you what SPdate does to guarantee security and safety to its users.

First of all, there is an ongoing monitoring of new and existing profiles. All newly registered users must have their identities verified – this way, site administration makes sure that no user is under a threat of scam, fraud or virus attack.

Secondly, dating sites like SPdate will never spam on your email, no way. You will receive one and only email that requests you to follow the link to verify your SPdate account, that’s it.

Finally, all badges from leading online security providers are in place – check for yourself. This demonstrates that this website is responsible about doing its due diligence which means that you can sleep soundly.

SPdate: is it real Hookup?


SPdate is one of not many dating websites to demonstrate 98% hookup rate. For you not to wonder if SPdate fake or real, check out some of the latest user comments at the bottom of this page.

From our personal experience with this site, we can say that SPdate sex dating works. Of course, you won’t get many messages if your profile contains only your date of birth and nickname. One user that left a review on SPdate said that getting messages from girls while having an empty profile is a sure sign of scam websites, which he didn’t encounter when using SPdate. Thus, if you want to find yourself in that 98 % you only have to fill in the info and upload a couple of real pictures of yourself!

Spdate Chat And SPdate Messages

it would be quite unreasonable to create a dating site with no features like messages and chats. SPDate is not an exception in this case. Let’s examine what the messages are about and how it all functions? As soon as you use the function of SPDate sign in, you will be able to utilize the function of SPdating chats and messages. So, how it all works with this particular dating website?

  • as soon as you log in, you will be proposed numerous profiles which sent you a message with the friendly words to start communication;
  • in case if you’re interested in a person who sent you this message, you’re supposed to press ACCEPT button or if you would love to chat with someone else, you have to press IGNORE;
  • as soon as you press IGNORE, you will be exposed to the other user of SPDate, so that you can choose who to communicate;
  • you can do the same with the other users: you send the messages, and if a person accepts your message and your profile, you can start chatting.

Yes, you are thinking correctly, this is virtual model of the speed dating, which, by the way, has become extremely popular within recently again!

There are some features to be discussed under the section of the Chats and Messages provided by SPDate. There are some additional tools to use to get successfully in contact and have the most marvelous and alluring experiences with the partner, who matched your expectations and needs to the greatest extent! Just take a glance,

  • whenever you see another message from a user of SPDate, you can see also their location (that is how many metres or kilometres they are far off you);
  • you can see the detailed profile of the user including the horniest pictures;
  • what is more, there are some messages, which you receive directly in your Messages Tab of the site, where the users just drop you their messages to communicate with no speed dating principle;
  • you are eligible to send the innumerable (that is endless) number of messages so don’t feel any boundaries!

What is more, we have been even more than satisfied with the efficiency of the site’s work from the point of view of messages. Why?

  • there are no irritating notifications to both your mobile, your email and via SMS;
  • the notifications are mostly visual, so they disappear within a couple of seconds after you saw them;
  • the messages are instant, so you can message someone in the SPDate chat-format.

Hence, the quality of the messages tool is great, indeed!

So, that is even more than easy to comprehend that you will have no chance to be lonely with all those millions of the sexy profiles being ready for the most intricate spdates!

Sites Like SPdate

The aim of this page is to give you a detailed SPdate review. However, we also encourage you to read other SPdate reviews to get the full picture. Meanwhile, we give you the list of sites like SPdate that you might find of interest. Here they are:

Each of these 11 dating apps is check and tested by us, which is why we recommend them to our readers without a shade of doubt.

FAQ about SPdate

Yes, you can change the duration of your SPDate subscription at any time when you want to; however, you should always wait the end of your current membership to end up before you pick the new one. By the way, SPDate ensures that there is auto renewal of your membership, so be sure to watch the time to have an opportunity to change the membership duration.

If your purpose is to get acquainted with someone from the USA but you’re not a resident of this country, you actually can use the dating service. However, to fulfil this purpose, you’re expected to run a VPN app or extension in order to access the site. (A small hint: if you’re not in the USA, don’t forget to inform your interlocutors about it in order to avoid any confusion).

SPDate in no way provides the users with the escort services, as it violates not only the Terms of Use of the site but also the current legislation.

In case if you have a paid membership regardless of its duration time, you have no limitations in using the functions and features of the SPDate website. So, feel free to abuse them to the extent you need to.

Unfortunately, no. This is mainly because the Terms of Use of the site do clearly communicate the fact that the refund is possible only under the conditions if the website did not function properly.