About StrangerMeetUp

Of course, when being in search of the new impressions, we sometimes do really have no idea what to focus on. It may seem that just best online sex dating sites are boring. Or, that cam sex live platforms have nothing to surprise us with. The adult movies featuring Charley Hart or Carmen Ortega are not that adorable now. What we are eager to have, then? The final disenchantment comes when even the best websites to hook up don’t bring the same pleasance they used to.

So—one more time—what are we looking for? What are we aching for? Right! Some brand-new dimensions of communication! And you know what? The StrangerMeetUp chat platform can provide you with it! Intrigued? We’re sure, you are, since you’ve never used any similar site before to have the most alluring and—along with this—the warmest and the friendliest communication!

What Is Strangermeetup?

So, yes, a very nice question is what StrangerMeetUp is! In fact, this is not just a regular sex or hookup chat like iSexyChat or Shagle. What is more, it is much different from the BDSM-based CollarSpace. No way! StrangerMeetUp is based on the principle of friendly communication. Thus, it belongs to the sites to chat with strangers.

The philosophy of StrangerMeetUp is to connect people absolutely anonymously, safely, and, what is more and more important, for free! The site of the service clearly makes an emphasis that “StrangerMeetup is a place for you to chat with strangers, meet people and make new friends.” Hence, the priority is given to the casual communication with no sexual hues at all. However, you know, no one can forbid you using the horny topics.


By the way, as for the topics, they’re proposed by the site but are not limited to, and are comprised of the following,

  • What is the most crazy thing a boss asked you to do?
  • What is the latest movie you cried for? Or laughed aloud at?
  • Who would you choose as an Amazing Race partner?
  • What is your favorite account on Instagram?
  • Would you rather work four 10-hour days or five 8-hour days a week?
  • If you could get any job—what would you like to do then?
  • What was your first job? Did you like it?
  • You can teach any subject on university, what do you choose?
  • What is the most unpleasant thing you ever did?
  • What super power would you like?
  • If you could have any animal you wanted as a pet, which would you choose?

You’d admit that these topics seem to stay far beyond the limits of the best site for one night stands or fuck sites, right? However, it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed discussing something else, something to be more alluring, you know. What’s more, there are some chat rooms going public, and there is a special one named Dating Chat Room. So, you can try yourself in there!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

When you sign up with StrangerMeetUp, you should be aware of what you can find there, otherwise, what’s the point of getting registered, right? So, HookupGeek will provide you with some stats and data related to the chat service, so that you’ll be able to get if the platform can really suit your expectations!

As for the number of members and the visits, we can state that

  • the approximate overall number of the users signed up is about 650K;
  • the daily logins number is about 22K;
  • there are about 10 new members daily;
  • the site is popular in about 70 countries of the world;
  • about 35% of the users are from the USA;
  • the other countries which the users frequently visit the site from are India, Finland, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

So, it is evident that much diversity and fun can await you when you’re in the service.

What about the gender ratio and the distribution of the age categories? As it is indicated in the beginning of the stranger meet up review, the proportion of males and females is equal, that is 50% and 50%. In other words, both men and women have the same chances and possibilities.

As for the age categories, we discovered that they’re distributed in the following way,

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 25%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 20%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 5%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 5%.

StrangerMeetUpThus, you can easily see that the chances to chat with a man or woman are indeed equal, so just trust the matching random algorithm, and you’ll have the most interesting communication ever!

Now, let’s gradually move to the legal data of the site to find out if it was properly shaped and registered. Hence, what HookupGeek has found out is as follows,

  • the official geolocation of the site is US (United States), NJ, New Jersey, 07175 Newark;
  • the site was created in 2010 by Andreas and Eva from Sweden;
  • the site expiry date is 2020;
  • the StrangerMeetUp platform was initialized by Ascio Technologies, Inc. Danmark — Filial af Ascio technologies, Inc. USA;
  • the phone number to get in touch with the administration of the site is 416-535-0123;
  • the email is info@stranger.se.

Of course, this list lacks one of the most important point, which is the address of registration. Nevertheless, we believe we can request these data from the administration and update the review.

Registration Process

To successfully sign up with StrangerMeetUp, you won’t have to do much. As we’ve experienced it, you’ll have to fill out the following fields and fulfil the following steps,

  • indicate your username (you make it up on your own);
  • type in the email address twice;
  • create a password;
  • undergo anti-robot check-up;
  • press Save button; and
  • verify your email.

StrangerMeetUpSo, it’ll take you just a couple of moments, so that you’d be able to start chatting. By the way, one of the greatest opportunities with StrangerMeetUp is that you don’t have to provide your bank card credentials or pay for the additional features like with Fubar or Badoo. In other words, you can use the site similarly to, say, Chatiw or ChatStep. Great, right? We’re happy to make you feel fine!


Similarly to the signup process, interaction will not make you wait for ages, since right after the registration process, you are redirected to your messages tab, wherein all communication takes place (with the exception for public chats).

StrangerMeetUpAs soon as you entered your messages tab, a random generator will randomly pick up an interlocutor for you. The main thing is that you are chatting with a person who you know nothing about and who you cannot even see for the beginning.

In case if you don’t like the conversation, you don’t have to block anyone, but just press Start a new chat button, and the algorithm will connect you to another person. What is more, when you communicate, you,

  • cannot exchanges photos or videos;
  • cannot ask for any private information including the banking one;
  • are not to promote anything;
  • are not to spam anyone;
  • are not allowed giving any offences to anyone.

By following these easy rules, you’ll surely succeed! If you want some hotter communication just use some sex quotes which are not forbidden by the policies of StrangerMeetUp!


As we’ve indicated before, the service is absolutely free of cost, so are never even asked to provide any banking details. Thus, it is to be included in the list of the hookup sites that don’t require a credit card.

Free Features

Since all the features on StrangerMeetUp are absolutely free of price, we’ll list all of them right in this subsection,

  • Blog: you can read the blog powered and constantly updated by the site administration. It contains numerous pieces of advice on how to communicate, how to organize your dates, how to mingle in the modern hookup culture, how to bring some squirt-related pleasure to your partner, how to behave in case if you’re not sure if a person suits you;
  • Success Stories: you can  read and also write the success stories about the way you communicated on the site;
  • Private Chat: in there, you’re supposed to chat with the strangers only with no group chat options;
  • Public Chat: you can join any of the public chats and discuss the topics with the other users;
  • Messages: all of them are not limited and are absolutely free;
  • App: you can freely use a unique StrangerMeetUp app both for Android and iOs, and the app is absolutely identical with the website.

StrangerMeetUpSo, can you see that? It’s really a free website to talk to strangers!

Pros And Cons

We’ll just briefly consider the advantages and disadvantages, since the majority of the pros have already been elicited! What is more, we’re always happy to read about your experiences with StrangerMeetUp.

The pros of using the chat are the following,

  • the database of the users is quite nice and numerous;
  • all features presented on the website are absolutely free;
  • there are no scam profiles;
  • easy to use interface;
  • fast registration;
  • the minimalist design would not prevent you from successful usage of either the site or the app;
  • there is nice multilanguage system: the site is available in English, Français, Português, Espagnol, Polski, Deutsch, Russian, Svenska, Dansk, Norsk, and Suomi languages;
  • you have constant right to quit the chat  with no other further responsibilities.

However, along with these awesome features, there are some which we have to single out, since they seem to be some negative, namely,

  • you’ll be exposed to the tons of ads (since you don’t pay for the service at all);
  • there is no search tool to pick up the users or shape the limits of matchmaking process;
  • you cannot share any content in the chats.

As traditionally, the choice is up to, since you are the only person to decide if you agree on these conditions. In any case, you lose absolutely nothing, so there will be no reason to regret if you eventually try it out!

Quality Of Profiles

Of course, when you see someone’s profile, you don’t even know what to expect from its owner, as there is not that much information to accessible. It means that you have to clarify everything you’re interested in with your interlocutor. In any case, the following can be said about the quality of the profiles,

  • the profiles do not have any exact location and age of the person;
  • you don’t even know the gender of your interlocutor until you ask for it;
  • because of having no chance to exchange the media files, it’s much complicated to decide if you like a person from the first moments of your chat; and,
  • you’ll never be exposed to any online cupids or online fantasies so you can really count for the credible profiles instead of the scam ones.

However, it does not mean that you cannot follow each other on the social networks sites and apps.

Quality Of Tools

As mentioned above, the tools are not numerous, and mostly resemble some minimalism. Anyway, we have to characterize them,

  • the matchmaking algorithm seems to work properly, and it will always assign you with an interlocutor;
  • the chat works in the real time format, so you can see the other member typing;
  • there is no search tool, but it would not suit the site, since the anonymous random approach is applied in there;
  • the process of registration is fast and easy;
  • to delete your profile, you’ll need to spend about a couple of minutes.

Honestly, the tools are nice, right? What do you think? Share your comments, as we’re always glad to see them.


Initially, when the site was created, it was thought that it’d be the safest place for chatting, and in reality it has been so! Why? Is strangermeetup safe? Just take a look at the reasons list to get ensured,

  • the anonymous nature of the site will never let anyone disclose any of your personal data;
  • the fact that it is free, it doesn’t require any bank-related information from you;
  • you are the only person to decide who you’d wish to communicate with;
  • even if the third parties are attracted to work, the company claims the following, “We may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate our Service, to provide the Service on our behalf, to perform Service-related services or to assist us in analyzing how our Service is used. These third parties have access to your Personal Information only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.”

In general, when reading the Terms of Use and the Privacy policies, it’s easy to get that it is all safe, since “the security of your Personal Information is important to StrangerMeetUp, but you’d remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. While the StrangerMeetUp strives to use commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Information, they cannot guarantee its absolute security.”

StrangerMeetUpIn other words, just don’t disclose your own information by yourself. Anyway, we’d refer the StrangerMeetUp safe!

How To Delete Profile

The deletion of your StrangerMeetUp profile will need you to take a couple of easy steps, namely,

  • use the function of StrangerMeetUp sign in your profile;
  • tap My Account icon in the upper right hand corner;
  • scroll down a bit until you see About section;
  • press Edit;
  • press Delete account;
  • retype your password; and
  • confirm your action that you do really want to get out of the system.

Please, kindly remember that when you delete your account on StrangerMeetUp, you have no chances to have it restored, since this process is absolutely irreversible. So, think twice if you really need to delete it.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, regardless of the cons of the Stranger MeetUp site, it is really engaging and fun, and it is the best of stranger chat sites! Actually, having reviewed a ton of different dating sites—including the gay hookup sites and lesbian dating apps—we’ve never seen such a unique place to chat. So, if you’re really in search of the most innovative approaches to chatting, hooking up, and dating, you’re going to find it all with StrangerMeetUp!

In addition to this, we are sure that you’ll try strangermeetup.com, and you’ll also share your experiences and thoughts with us, as they’d be surely interesting to our numerous regular readers and newcomers! So, become a part of hookup culture and let the world know everything you think of!

FAQ about StrangerMeetUp

As we’ve partially indicated in the current stranger meet up review, the chat rooms are: Lobby, Dating, and Friendship. So, in compliance with what you want, you opt for a particular chat room.

It is possible to create your own private (that is one on one chat with strangers) chat room, just enter your Chat Room name. However, the policies of the site don’t approve of any sexually explicit content to share in the private chats with strangers.

No way. The site and app are absolutely free, so you’ll never have any chance to pay. In any case, this is really the best place to chat with strangers!

Unfortunately, no. No one is allowed to have the picture chat with strangers. It means that you cannot exchange either nude chat with strangers or the ordinary ones. In other words, under any conditions, you cannot talk to strangers with pictures.

Unfortunately, no. The essence of the chat with strangers free is friendship. So, gender doesn’t matter. This is just one of the regular talk to strangers sites with no exact gender division.