About SwingLifeStyle com

In the universe of the hookups sites, one can find countless opportunities and ways to get the most desired satisfaction. The myriads of the best hookup apps and adult dating offers presented on the web would surprise even the most mature and skillful hookuper!

Swinger sites, or dating sites for searching the couples, contain just miraculous horizons to be opened! One of the offers is SwingLifeStyle.com that we’re about to review now!

As you can see it from the main page of the platform, they claim to be “world’s largest swinger community,” so we’ll find out if they don’t lie!

Similarly to Fabswingers, a nice alternative to www SwingLifeStyle com, is ready to let you navigate and browse the thousands of the hottest profiles seeking passion in threesomes and foursomes!

Step by step, we’ll take a trip about this website and showcase all details, especially the ones being hidden! Yes, we have discovered some unbearably hidden and shocking details about SwingLifeStyle! Don’t quit reading, and you’ll be among the luckiest ones to know it all!


What Is SwingLifeStyle?

Let’s briefly consider the functionality of the site and what it provides to you, as to the user. The main navigation is located on the left-hand bar, and can be accessed at any time:

  • Home: there you’ll edit your profile and insert the necessary settings;
  • Who’s On: see the list of users going online at the moment;
  • Search: use two modes to search the hottest users;
  • Friends: see the list of your friends on the site;
  • Chat: take part in the instant chat not to waste a minute to arrange a date;
  • Messages: have correspondence in messages for the users who you’d respond when you’re on.swinglifestyle
  • My Wall: a news feed to see your friends’ events and news;
  • My Account:  manage your paid subscription settings;
  • Hot Date: manage a calendar of dates with the users who can’t stand waiting for a date to be arranged;
  • Events: be the first to know about the most recent events in the swinger world;
  • Forums: participate in forums to unlock some more experiences and desires;
  • Clubs: some of the clubs are run by the users, and you can join them to regularly visit those;
  • Groups: run or join a group that unites the users from all over the globe to get involved in hot discussion, virtual affairs, and even sex tourism;swinglifestyle
  • Travel: arrange the trips to different cities/countries to have swinger experiences there;
  • Tools: you’ll be able to update your profile, manage your photos, play some interactive games, and so on;
  • Help: obtain the assistance by the client support team working for SLS website;
  • Sexual Lubes: (optional) you may visit a special store to purchase some lubes for a smoother experience, you know;
  • Sex Toys: (optional) you will see a store to buy some sex toys from;
  • Sex Stories: read some nice plot-based sex stories to enrich your skills!

To be honest, we have never thought that we’ll uncover such an extensive functionality. yes, we definitely assign a plus to this aspect of SwingLifeStyle!

The search is another point to touch upon, when it comes to the service, as it contains innumerable features and tools. Thus, we’d like to spend some space for the very this tool:

  • You can point out if you search a couple or a single person;
  • The gender and sexual orientations can be either chosen;
  • Use the age filter, as well;
  • There are tools to search by the last visit of the users, their habits (drinking and smoking);
  • Location and distance filters are also possible.

Along with this, you will be able to save your search filters not to insert them every time. To save the search you use the most frequently, be advised to visit the search tab of the Saved Searches.


Thus, the functionality of the website is adorable, and you will surely succeed with dating the couples! In fact, we’d generally refer this particular website functionality to the most extensive. The only alternative that comes to our mind is Fubar dating site. But they have much different specifics.

In any case, let’s proceed with another point that is the gender ratio and member structure, as it would help us better understand the specifics of SwingLifeStyle com and how it can meet your personal expectations and desires!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

To have the biggest chances to find what and who you wanted to, you should be aware of the users and their number. Let’s see what we have, so that you could understand if it suits you:

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 20%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 25%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 20%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 6%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 4%.

swinglifestyle Because we’re now dealing with the swinger website, we’d need to know the correlation of the couples. Here, we’ll consider straight, bisexual (those who prefer both genders but are a couple with the opposite gender), and homosexual couples. See the data provided below:

  • straight couples aged 18–25 are 15%;
  • bisexual couples aged 18–25 are 7%
  • homosexual couples aged 18–25 is 10%;
  • straight couples aged 26–35 are 15%;
  • bisexual couples aged 26–35 are 10%;
  • homosexual couples aged 26–35 are 4%;
  • straight couples aged 36–40 are 5%;
  • bisexual couples aged 36–40 are 5%
  • homosexual couples aged 36–40 are 6%;
  • straight couples aged 41–45 are 5%;
  • bisexual couples aged 41–45 are 3%;
  • homosexual couples aged 41–45 are 5%;
  • straight couples aged 46+ is 6%;
  • bisexual couples aged 46+ are 3; and
  • homosexual couples aged 46+ are 1%.

Let’s have it presented on the graph below so that you could see it in a clearer manner:


As evident, the younger the users are, the more percentage is presented. In other words, if you seek to hook up the younger lovers of experiments, you’ll be always welcome on SwingLifeStyle!

You know what? We have some more interesting stats for you about swinglifestyle.com! Intrigued? Let’s have a look at these details.

Here we’d also want to touch upon the countries where the SwingLifeStyle users come from. It’s incredibly significant, since you should know who and where you can hook up. Also, for the sex tourism trips, you’d need to consider some of the destinations, right?

HookupGeek possesses these exclusive data, and we’re glad to share it with you now!

  • The US users are prevailing, and they make up 95%;
  • Czech Republic is ranked second, and its number of users is 2%;
  • We ranked Australia third, since its users are 1.5%;
  • There are 1.3% of Canadian users; and
  • The UK-based users are just 0.2%.

Let’s put it in the graph to make these details more visual.


What an interesting information: it turns out to be that the American users are the most active swingers in comparison to the other countries enlisted in the stats. Among 5.05M logins a months, about 4.9M are Americans. Why so? Are there any ideas?

Well, let’s stop it all with stats and digits, and go to the next section about the legal information associated with the site.

This is what HookupGeek has succeeded to find about the registration data of the site. We’ll need it to know for sure if it is legit to use it and how properly and lawfully it was run.

Just have a look at the following details:

  • the officially claimed geo location of SLS is US (United States), FL, Florida, 33176 Miami;
  • created back in 2001, it was last updated in 2019;
  • the expiry date is 2029;
  • the address to which SLS site is assigned to is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US;
  • the SwinLifeStyle com is owned by DashBoardHosting, LLC;
  • the address for mailing with the owners is as follows: P.O. Box 9896 Coral Springs, FL. 33075.

For now, that’s all what we have discovered, and in fact, that’s enough. As we can see, the site is properly registered, and its details are in public access. Hence, we’d consider this fact as another advantage!

Registration Process

Every time when it comes to the signup process, it is always preferable to enroll with the sites that do not torture you with the innumerable questions, tests, and God-knows-what at all!

With SwingLifeStyle, to register, you will need even less than a couple of minutes, since you need to type in:

  • Your nickname (being visible to the other members);
  • Password (and its confirmation);
  • Account type (Couple, female, male);
  • Age of yours; and
  • Check-up code (like a captcha).

swinglifestyleWhen you’ve done it, you should also confirm you get on well with the Terms of use.

However, the longer process is awaiting for you next: you will have to fill out your profile. Until you have it done fully, you’ll not be able to see any users at all. All of the functionality will not work. So, be attentive.

By the way, the site approves of the profiles in the manual mode, so if you run a paid membership, you’ll be processed much faster than the free mode users.


When you sign in with SwingLifeStyle, you can count for the following tools of interaction. Yes, you can guess it already that they are numerous:

  • Messages;
  • Chats;
  • Participation in groups;
  • Participation in clubs.

Hence, you will never feel bored with this site.

In addition to this, you can always count for searching the users who are currently online not to spend time waiting the response. Hence, you’ll may spend about 5 minutes, and you’ll have someone to hook up! Adorable!


Now, it’s the most interesting thing to find out how much you’re supposed to pay for the services mentioned in the previous sections.

As you can guess, in compliance with the membership period duration, the price for the services varies. Nevertheless, SwingLifeStyle contains one significant particularity. Can you guess which? Even if you run your paid membership, you have different features at your disposal.

Well, to be honest, it’s some disappointing. Anyway, let’s look.

SwingerLifeStyle proposes the following membership types to pick up from:

  • 1 month membership: it’ll cost you $19.95;
  • 3 months membership: it’s priced at $29.95;
  • 6 months membership: its cost is $49.95;
  • 12 months membership: is priced at $69.95;
  • Lifetime membership: just for $149.95.

swinglifestyleAs it’s clear, the lifetime membership is the most beneficial. Of course, if you don’t want to risk, you can start your 1-month membership to test the service.

In any case, we’re still disappointed about the difference in the features you can have. In the successive subsections, you’ll see what we mean…

The payment options being at your disposal are as follows:

  • Credit/Debit card issued by any bank;
  • Backup credit card;
  • Online checks.

Of course, we’d want to see some more payment options. We’ll hope, they would provide some more ones in the nearest future.

Let’s briefly consider the features you can have for free and within the paid modes of the service.

Free Features

Unfortunately, the free features are not that numerous, as one would wish. Nevertheless, we’ll enlist them right away:

  • View Profiles (limited mode);
  • Search Profiles (limited mode);
  • Block Members (limited mode);
  • Hot dates (limited mode);
  • Forums (limited mode);
  • Affiliate Membership.

As you can see it, you’ll fail to be absolutely successful with the site unless you run your paid membership.

The paid features on SwingerLifeStyle may also vary in compliance with what tariff plan you are going to pick up.

For instance, with the 1–12 months subscription, you’ll have the following list of features, including:

  • All of the free mode features;
  • Send Mail;
  • Video IM w/logs;
  • Video / Group Chat;
  • Club Ownership;
  • Group Ownership;
  • Nudity Private Pictures;
  • Personal Pictures; and
  • Rate Clubs.

It may seem that nothing else would be needed with this membership type. Nevertheless, we have some more to show you. When it comes to the Lifetime membership, you’ll receive some additional features accompanying the ones we’ve just mentioned, namely:

  • Approve New Members;
  • Approve New Public Images;
  • Approve New Personal Images;
  • First to access New Upgrades.

So, whenever you choose a particular membership package, you should know that they are all different, and you will have the different level of access to the best features of the site.

As for us, we don’t think that it’s so much a good idea. Why not? Just because paid membership types shouldn’t be so different from each other. Nonetheless, a good news is that you can easily claim your free 30-days trial period of the paid membership (but it’ll be also some limited, but still, it’ll contain some more benefits than the free mode does).

What’s your opinion? Are also disappointed as we are? In fact, it seems to be logical that the lifetime membership should contain more features as it is more expensive. In reality, it’s more pricey, for it is, say, longer than any other membership package. Nevertheless, it discourages to purchase any other membership except the Lifetime one. But not everybody can need or want the lifetime membership…

Pros And Cons

Yep, it’s time to approach the comparison of the pros and cons of the site to get all of the points discovered. Yes, in the very this way, you’ll be able to evaluate the benefits you can have as well as the drawback ranges. You’ll see what expects you and what you can have or… not.

In the course of our investigation and testing we’ve succeeded to notice the following benefits of the site, including:

  • There thousands of horny profiles to browse and get in touch with;
  • The site supports some nude pictures to be uploaded and/or shared;
  • There are opportunities for the video connection and video files to be uploaded and/or shared;
  • The tools proposed to use are incredible marvelous and countless;
  • You can also use the special shops powered by the site to purchase;
  • The diversity of the sexual preferences and orientations you’ll find is surprising;
  • Diverse membership plans are nice, and they are for the affordable pricing;
  • There is an opportunity to have a trial period of 30 days for free to examine the site and its features;
  • There is an adorable number of interaction tools;
  • You can easily leave the site by deactivating your profile.

What do you think of the advantages? Would they be suitable and efficacious for you? Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in our feedback section going right after the FAQ.

Now, let’s move to the cons review. Unfortunately, we found some, and they may be some spoiling, you know. In any case, you are to decide for yourself if you like them or not:

  • The process of filling out your profile is obligatory and some time-consuming, so be sure to spend about 10 minutes to accomplish it; otherwise you’ll have no fortune to see any profiles or have any interaction;
  • There are not that many payment options, like e-wallets, for example;
  • The accounts are approved manually, so it may take from 24 up to 48 hours to wait;
  • The free features are not effective, as they would never let you have any positive result of your search;
  • The interface of the site may seem to be not that modern, as it has not changed since… 2001, yeah;
  • There is no app to use from the mobile devices, so you can utilize either the web format or the mobile form of the site.

As you can observe it now, there are a plenty of the cons, but how crucial they are? Will they negatively impact your hookup and search on SwingLifeStyle? We believe that they will not have much influence being negative; nevertheless, you know better what triggers you and what turns you on.

So, what would your decision be in this case? Would you try it out, the SwingLifeStyle dating website for the most passionate adults?

Quality Of Profiles

Let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons and touch upon the quality of profiles that you will encounter right after you have your paid membership status. For now we can showcase that we’re pretty impressed with it, as the filters to search the user can unlock innumerable possibilities for you.

Hence, when we tried to contact the other users with different purposes, we found out that:

  • The majority of the users are quite responsive and we didn’t wait for too long;
  • As a rule, the profiles are equipped with the real photos, so no scam has been discovered;
  • Due to the fact that you can exchange the videos, you can also have another proof that the user who you communicate with is real;
  • We have not stumbled upon any computer-based automated communication;
  • Because the profiles are obligatory to be filled in, you will have some detailed information about the users when you enable the search;
  • You can always ban or report a user who has offended you.

Yes, the quality of the profiles is top-class, and we have nothing to add up except that we’ll consider this aspect as a benefit for each new user.

What about the quality of tools?

Quality Of Tools

As we’ve already mentioned, the number of tools is outstanding on the site, and you can always use the most different ones to have even more diversity. In addition, we believe that the more tools are presented, the more chances for the successful dates are possible. Along with this, you’ll have the most interesting pastimes.

When you sign up with SwingLifeStyle, you can also count not only for the real dates to be arranged but for the numerous video-based piquant experiences. You can shoot the most seductive videos and send those to your interlocutor(s). Yes, it’ll definitely spice up your communication!

In addition, if desired, you can also use some video tools to have some adult conferences. Yes, even if you prefer only virtual sexual experiences, you’ll grab them as well! Why not?

As for the other tools, we’d love to make an emphasis on the search engine powered by SwingLifeStyle. Yes, we wrote about it, and now we’d like to draw your attention just to the fact that it is going to be extremely efficient for you. Because of the numerous filters, you’ll be able to search both locally and globally. In addition, you’ll be able to pick up your ideal partner(s)!

As for the other tools, you should know that:

  • They’re all working;
  • The diversity provided by the entertaining tools like groups and clubs is great, as it would shape your search and add up to your skills;
  • You can unite people by making up the clubs and groups and have real experiences in communication and affairs for adults;
  • Because of the manual approval of the profiles, you’ll hardly ever be possible to communicate with the persons who are under their 18 y.o..

In fact, if all adult dating websites had been that responsible, there would’ve been less issues for the users.

Yes, we would recommend the tools on SwingLifeStyle, as they are versatile and productive. The best thing we found intricate is that you can also take part in the swinger cruises! Did you ever dream of this? If yes, you can easily make your dream come true. If not, just dream of it, and you’ll see how adventures it’ll be!


Now it’s time to discover the security aspect of SwingLifeStyle, as it is literally the core of any adult dating platform. If you don’t want to feel vulnerable or if you don’t like being offended or even blackmailed, you have to always be sure that no secrets are hidden.

When we review each particular website, we care of the security aspect, since it is a real proof the website is legit. Hence, is SwingLifeStyle legit? Let’s discover it together!

If you see the main page of the site you can easily have it indicated that the platform of SwingLifeStyle functions in compliance with the law, namely:

  • The first law the site obeys to is 18 U.S.C. 2256; and
  • the second one is 18 USC 2257(a)-(c).

Along with this, there is a disclaimer saying that the “website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21 where applicable by law. All Members are over 18 years of age.”

For more details about the legal aspects can be found in the Terms of Use of SwingLifeStyle.

Let’s analyze the security in even more details, for we would like you to be aware of everything!

If you remember, we told you that you can post and share any nude content, as it is not banned by the site. Herein, there is a question: can anyone use it in their illegal purposes? We investigated this factor of SwingLifeStyle, and we have answer. No one would be able to copy or download any of your content you post/upload/share on SwingLifeStyle. However, you still should use this tool wisely.

What about the security of the private data of yours? How well are you protected? Can anyone disclose your personal information you post in your profile?

In accordance with the Terms of use of the site, no one will disclose your personal information. Nevertheless, the Terms of use also point to the fact that the SwingLifeStyle adult dating platform “reserves the right at all times to disclose information it deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request”. In fact, it’s legal, and each dating website is supposed to provide the reinforcement bodies and courts with the information about the users upon request.

As you may know, HookupGeek has reviewed innumerable number of dating offers, and we have much to share with you all the time. The aspect of the security is significant, for it will be an indicator of your success. That’s why, probably, we’re so touchy about it.

In any case, we always ask you for and want you to be as precautious as possible. Don’t communicate any private details until you know a person well. Avoid dates in non-public places. Do not share your nude content unless you are not certain about a person who you send it to.

In other words, if you follow the reasonable thinking rules, you will never get trapped.

How To Delete Profile

It’s natural to want to quit something, and SwingLifeStyle platform—no matter how good or bad it is—may cause the same desire. Thus, we’d love to draw your attention to this procedure. We bet you hope it to be shorter than the fillout of your profile, lol!

Hence, you are expected to accomplish the following actions to get rid of your membership:

  • You should use the SwingLifeStyle log in form to access your profile;
  • As soon as you did it, find your nickname in the upper right-hand corner;
  • Get sure you find the button of deactivating your profile;
  • Confirm you would love to delete it forever;
  • Fill out the form wherein you are to type in your email address and your password;
  • Receive an email confirming that you are not the SwingLifeStyle member anymore.

That’ all.

When you are planning to deactivate your membership, you are supposed to bear in mind the following peculiarities:

  • As soon as your profile is deleted, you will never have a chance to restore it;
  • In case if you had your membership paid, and it’s not expired, you will not have any refund at all;
  • No auto renewal of the fees will be charged from your bank card;
  • All information you had in your profile (including all messages and chats) will be deleted forever, as well.

If you believe you can do that and you don’t need to use the site anymore, you can freely delete the account of yours.

As you see, it’ll not take a while!

But we have some doubts you would ever want to quit this website, you know why!

Final Thoughts

Well, we have done an extensive and detailed review about SwingLifeStyle, and we are sure we can share some final thoughts with you. Yes, in the very this section we’ll also show you our verdict about the site.

As promised from the very beginning of this SwingLifeStyle review, we have had some hidden information about the site that may somehow shock you. And here it goes now: it may seem unbelievable from the first minutes of using SwingLifeStyle but you will surely have all possible chances to succeed!

The diversity of the tools including the ones created for your virtual entertainment will definitely capture you! The innumerable interaction features would make you feel more and more passion! When you have it all translated to the reality, you will see that the world of adult dating and hookup has never had any limits, and it’ll hardly ever have them.

After the precise examination of the pros and cons, testing the tools and communicating with the other SwingLifeStyle users, we discovered that all of the drawbacks are in fact not that crucial. We’ve done big work to understand how SwingLifeStyle functions. We’ve accomplished innumerable tasks to prove that the benefits are real and they are prevailing (especially in comparison to the shortcomings).

Our verdict has not been easy, though.

As a matter of fact, we could literally hear two evils struggling inside. One of them said that we should not recommend the site reviewed as it is characterized with too many cons. The good side told us to suggest it to all of our readers.

There is some essence in this struggle, but we prefer staying absolutely unbiased and professional no matter what we encounter and what triggers us.

No doubts, there are too many shortcomings found. But which of them can prevent you, as a user, from the success and efficient results? Neither is the right answer.

So, why not recommend this site to you?

So do we! We truly and unbiasedly recommend you using SwingLifeStyle as one of the greatest swinger platform for hooking up and dating.

Shall you have any inquiries or issues to discuss, you can always address our users’ feedback section and drop your comments. We’re always happy to read them!

FAQ about SwingLifeStyle

Unfortunately, no. The company does not provide any refunds at all. Of course, this is your right to get in touch with the client support team and ask them to partly refund you. However, we don’t believe that it’ll be possible under any conditions.

In the view of the security measures and anonymity, your bank statement will contain the name of the company you decide to pay to. That is, your bank statement will have the statement that you released a payment to DashBoardHosting, LLC. As you can see, there is no hint about any dating or hookup.

Of course, not. Any payments can be processed only by the financial institutions. Your payment option will be charged by the agent bank that cooperates with DashBoardHosting, LLC. Thus, there are two banks interacting: your bank (as you provide the card issued by the bank) and the bank cooperating with the DashBoardHosting, LLC company. So, it means that all of your bank details would be kept in secret.

Of course, no one would ever be able to provide you any guarantees. SwingLifeStyle does everything possible to avoid any underaged persons and to protect your stay online. In any case, you are supposed to be guided by your reasonable thinking, so that no unpleasant instances would behold your hooking up process.

First off, get sure that you filled out 100% of fields required. It means that if you don’t you will not have your profile approved of. Secondly, release the payment, since it will make your profile approved within the shortest period.