Being run in September 2018, Taimi has already gained much fame among the queer community, for the app they have created is not only an ordinary dating service but a versatile social platform for gay dating, but if you want to have even more you can always have access to some gay adult sex cams. However, when saying ‘gay’ Taimi app presupposes men only, not women. So, only gay men are welcome with the application and have it used for any purposes.

In March, 2019, the last update for the Taimi App was released, and it is acclaimed to be the newest and the most functional version of the hub. It can currently provide each user with,

  • features of horny dating site mixed with the functions of a regular social network and the best free site for one night stands;
  • the quality of the pictures uploaded got better;
  • the work of support is available both day and night;
  • the speed of functioning of the Taimi app has been much improved, so it would not slow down the work of your mobile device;
  • currently the app can bill the users, if they need some premium features using the safe online banking services;
  • you can manage all the settings and notifications right in your mobile app to cancel or start any subscriptions on the activities related to your profile.

What else do you need to know about the app and its usage? Well, it is easy,

  • the app is exclusively owned by Social Impact INC;
  • the headquarter of the app is located in Los Angeles, Nevada, USA; (However, for the EU users, there some additional support, including the EU Representative for GDPR (located in Cyprus) and Data Protection Officer (also, located in Cyprus));
  • the newest version is 5.0.55;
  • the app has profiles in social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram;
  • you can easily contact the support team either via your Taimi app or via the social networks mentioned using the address @taimiapp or by using your email (;
  • the rate of views and visits to the app is currently 20,256 with 73,939 downloads monthly.

Being highly recommended by the most authoritative gay editions, including Pink News,, and Along with this, the app is freely available from all the most reputable platforms such as Google Play and iTunes. So, there is no doubt that the app is safe to the maximum extent.

Free Features and Prices Tag

Similarly to the most reputable hookup sites, Taimi has both free of cost and prepaid features at their disposal to suit the needs and affordability of different users. Thus, the free features are mainly comprised of the following ones,

  • absolutely free download of the app either for Android or iOs (Google Play and iTunes respectively);
  • absolutely free signup process;
  • limited ability to utilize the search engine to get acquainted with the service per se.

However, the rest of the functions are supposed to be paid off for. So, what’s the pricing policy there like?

  • Taimi XL (a trial period of 3 days) is just $3.49;
  • Taimi XL 1-month membership subscription would cost $14.99;
  • 3 months of the Taimi XL subscription would go for just $23.99;
  • Taimi XL Annual Subscription is only $71.99.

Herein, it is necessary to mention that in case if the payment has been released by you, and the prices have been eventually changed in the course of the membership period, you do not have to pay extra. It means that if you ordered the annual subscription for just $71.99, you will not be charged additionally if the pricing policies change somehow throughout this year. Nice, right?

What is more, Taimi app can provide you with some additional features, which the regular users go insane about. They include,

  • 5 Chat requests cost $2.99; and
  • 50 Chat requests cost $14.99.

Surely, for now, as the app is being developed, the additional services would be improved and added up. So, if you feel like having more additional features, don’t hesitate to contact the support team and communicate your suggestions!

Pros and Cons of Taimi

To start off, the advantages of using Taimi are more than great! We will disclose the most important and evident ones, while the rest of them would be left to you in order to discover them when utilizing the app. Hence, the strong sides of the app are comprised of,

  • Taimi is the first dating app, which ensures the video interaction between the users, who match each other’s criteria, and it resembles somehow the FaceTime feature by Apple;
  • The greatest safety measures ever to protect the users and their data;
  • Easy signup and billing procedures ensured;
  • No hidden fees or fees which follow after you cancel your membership;
  • The functionality of the site successfully unites the dating opportunities (including the men’s parameters) and details taken from the social networks (such as news feed, for instance);
  • Because of the specifics of the app, Taimi takes much care about the age of the users (because of the 2017 scandal connected with a similar gay men dating services), hence, the app takes all the measures possible to restrict using the app by underage persons;
  • exquisite design of the app attracts numerous users as well as the easiness of use and functionality.

Regardless of the fact that the feedback about Taimi app is predominantly positive, our task is to be fair and credible enough to do our best to find at least any negative features, which a regular user can encounter. Thus, we failed to find anything seriously negative, however, a point of the Taimi’s Terms of Use made us think more about the age limitations.

The thing is that the Privacy conditions of the app claim that the app is exclusively for the overage persons, that is for those who have reached their 18 years old. Nevertheless, the terms of Use pay special attention to the fact that the persons, who are more than 13 (thirteen) years old can freely use the app. We honestly believe that this is just a misprint, for the Taimi app is in close partnership with the Trevor Project aimed at reducing the case of child abuse. This drawback, of course, is not significant; however, it forced to re-evaluate the policies of the company.


Due to the fact that the Taimi app belongs to the newest generation of the dating applications for gay men, the matter of security is uttermost and needs additional attention to be paid to. So, because of the specificity of the app and its audience, the security measures exclusively developed for the app named, are comprised of,

  • the two-factor authentication of a log in (including either PIN and/or fingerprint);
  • artificial intelligence is applied in order to verify accounts and detect fraud; and
  • artificial intelligence is applied in order to allow only the verified and moderated users surf the app.

In addition to this, as for the personal data you share with the app to sign up, is covered in the terms of use of the app and can be easily found on the official site of the app. In general, the terms of use and privacy data measures sections of the site claim that,

  • the site guarantees anonymous notifications;
  • the albums of pictures and photos can also be restricted from the public access if the special settings have been put to protect the photos of yours as well as any information you share in your profile;
  • as of 2017, Taimi concluded partnership with the Trevor Project in order to protect the young users, who might have accessed the app, since it is only for persons whose age is over 18 years old.

In addition to this, the app collects the following data of yours from your mobile,

  • your GPS position at the moment of using the app;
  • your sexuality preferences;
  • your current relationship status;
  • your phone ID; and
  • your ethnicity/nationality.

In order to keep your data secure in order to to have it shared, you can easily change the settings of the app to stay incognito or try to use your VPN apps to protect your data.

Our Verdict

Because of the great reputation of the app as well as due to the super affordable pricing, Taimi application ranks number one among the LGBT apps. First off, it is because it gives opportunities not only to date but to have fun as in social networks. Secondly, the security measures are exclusive and unique, so that no user can be worried about the protection of the data. Thirdly, the pricing tag is just ridiculous for such a modern and versatile platform, since the majority of the dating sites have much higher prices. So, HookupGeek cannot but recommends this almost perfect app for men who are in need of serious love relations with men. Thus, be among the ones, who are engaged in global network of Taimi application to find the best match ever and to build your future in love and understanding. Believe, with Taimi it is more than safe and it is more than possible!

FAQ about Taimi

Unfortunately, no. It means that Taimi app for dating is exclusively for the homosexual men. No women are expected to sign up with the dating service.

There is no function for the sign up of a woman. Only gay men are welcome. Thus, you can easily pick up any other website, where the mixed dating opportunities are supported.

The app ensures the credibility of the profiles by making the users undergo special verification of the emails and photos they provide. Hence, there is a big probability that the users’ profiles are real.

Yes, you can. However, you should bear in mind the fact that you will not be granted any refund in this case. Also, all of the data related to you and all of the chats in your profile would be deleted forever from the database of Taimi.

The philosophy of Taimi is that the app is designed in order to help the gay men get acquainted for the most diverse purposes including friendship, relations, hookup, and many others.