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The present regulations on the cookies application tend to monitor and take the website’s responsibilities over in order to inform the users on what cookies are and how they function. The field of their functioning is legitimately and reputably comprised of the website (including a diversity of browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer), mobile devices based applications, accompanying and related services, advertisements, and emails.

When first accessing and using the websites designed by order or on the behalf of HookupGeek Ltd., you thereby do accede the policies elaborated and presented in the specified agreement.

  1. Cookies. Cookies are generally and exclusively referred to the specific bits of the text, which are, as a rule, applied by the device in your use to access the website or application to properly obtain the Service(s) by HookupGeek Ltd.
  2. The Modes of Using the Website Under the Current Cookies Policies. You are eligible to

2.1. use the website or application in an ordinary manner;

2.2. have the page(s) printed in any volume, which is necessary for your own purposes unless it contradicts the current legislation or the given Terms of Use;

2.3. get usage of all possible and exclusively designed functions of the website or application to fulfill the initial purposes you have when using the website or application (unless these contradict the current legislation or the given Terms of Use);

2.4. apply the feedback buttons to get in touch with the support team to have your inquiries resolved.

  1. Restrictions

3.1. You are strongly prohibited to share, copy, distribute, republish, publish, and use in any other purposes the contents of the pages without the preliminary consent given by the HookupGeek Ltd. administration in order not to violate the basic regulations of the authorship legislation. It is possible to get the consent by pushing the “Contact Us” button;

3.2. You are obliged to provide a hyperlink to the initial pages/posts you were given consent to use in case if you decide on copying any information, including texts and images, since they are protected by the copyright law and are the part of the HookupGeek Ltd.’s authorship.

3.3. In case(s) of the current regulation’s violation, the HookupGeek Ltd.’s management is legally eligible to act in the manner and in compliance with the current legislation to have the rights defended and secured.

  1. The Change of the Current Policies

4.1. The Company is unilaterally eligible to either change or modify the current Terms of Use and Cookies Policies;

4.2.  The possible changes and/or modifications of the current Terms of Use and Cookies Policies take place on the regular basis prescribed by the present legislation.

  1. The Purpose of Using the Cookies by HookupGeek Ltd.

Information collected is used in order to

5.1. Better understand and evaluate the audience attending the website or using the application;

5.2. Better analyze the functionality of the website and/or application, which causes the highest interest for the users;

5.3. Improve the functionality and productivity of the platform.

  1. The Manner of Cookies Usage by HookupGeek Ltd. The company reserves its right to use cookies in the following purposes, namely,

6.1. to collect the data on the IP, location, and name (in case of getting registered or in case if you insert your name in one of the required lines);

6.2. to gather information on the browser you use and activities you produce whenever you use the services provided by either the website or application;

6.3. whenever you want, you are given a right to check and get informed about the detailed version of the current Terms of Use.

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