Tinder is a popular online application that allows you to find yourself a romantic couple in accordance with the specified search and geolocation parameters. To start working with the program, first of all you need to download the application and create an account. Tinder works on the principle of ‘interlocking’, you just scroll through the profiles of candidates and click the “I like” mark if the applicant has aroused your interest. In case the person whom you have chosen, also feels sympathy, you are reduced. The program automatically creates a pair, and you can start chatting directly in the application. After getting acquainted with Tinder and its settings, instant romantic dating with one of the top sex dating sites and one night stand apps that work is provided to you!tinder review

Communicating in Tinder is superfluous. So, what is Tinder? Agree, that’s not the smartest question, lol! It is only a bridge between you—make an appointment right away, since the likes of each other have been placed. Here the truth lies in the danger of a small amount of information about the object. If the pictures are heavily subject to photo shoots, then it is better to ask for a link to the profile on the social network. In general, in this approach, too, it’s a plus—just because no one will write to you, only by mutual sympathy. Tinder is the perfect speed dating.

So, what are the features of the Tinder apk?

  • there is an opportunity to view profiles and select users by their geolocation;
  • there is the presence of a special function—Matchmaker. It automatically picks up a couple for you based on your interests and beliefs;
  • there is a distribution of profiles by interest group or location;
  • the ability to capture the moment and share it with others—thanks to the function of Moment’s, the application will independently remove the posted photos every two days.

So, let’s move to pricing, for the website of Tinder is not that now important. We’ll narrate everything in the app section of this review.

Prices of Tinder Dating

Well, the next point of HookupGeek’s review is pricing, as you see. So, what is the pricing with Tinder?

  • there is a free (basic) profile, so it goes absolutely for free (however, you will be limited with the opportunities)
  • 1 month subscription to Tinder is just $29.90;
  • 6 months subscription to Tinder will cost you $118.90; and
  • 12 months subscription to Tinder would go for $150.

What you get as soon as you get the premium membership with Tinder?

  • Super Like feature: you automatically put likes, which attracts the attention of users to you. It’s available in limited quantities: 1 time per day. To use the function unlimited, you need to pay almost $30;
  • Lack of advertising. Yeah, for a fee you will be turned off by annoying ads, which sometimes interfere with normal work with the application;
  • Access to the profiles from around the world, and not only to those close by geolocation;
  • Ability to go back to the previous user.

Nice, right? Test it right away!


As of 2019, Tinder has changed all the pricing policies in the very interesting but not tolerant manner. Yeah, if you didn’t know, the app intromitted the new pricing system: based on the age of the users.

There are the following categories of the NEW prices with Tinder,

  • Tinder Gold under 28;
  • Tinder Gold over 28;
  • Tinder Plus under 28; and
  • Tinder Plus over 28.

First let’s consider and compare the Tinder Gold subscription,

1 month 6 months 12 months
Tinder Gold under 28 $9.99 $52.99 $82.99
Tinder Gold over 28 $19.99 $90 $120

Tinder Plus goes next! What it costs?

1 month 6 months 12 months
Tinder Plus under 28 $9.99 $34.99 $54.90
Tinder Plus over 28 $14.99 $60.00 $80.00

Hence, we can agree with the numerous Tinder users reviews that the app got much costy, unfortunately!

Pros and Cons

So, what are the key pros and cons of Tinder? We’ll consider them shortly, for there are numerous users of the app, and all of us really aware of the benefits and shortcomings which Tinder contains. Thus, the advantages are as follows,

  • The first advantage is not an obvious plus it is a link to Facebook;
  • The second is the speed of the app. There are no unnecessary movements or gestures. To download the Tinder application  to the phone is not a difficulty;
  • There are no questionnaires, no questions for you;
  • As soon as you clicked on the profile and closed the application, you may be assured you’d found a couple in the evening;
  • Actually, the application is just perfect for visitors from other cities or people who need to meet today;
  • They write to you only by mutual sympathy. So if you liked someone and he reciprocated, know that it is sincere;
  • The ability to install the application on both Android and iOS.

The main drawback is a lot of advertising, which sometimes can interfere with the work with the application. In addition, the free dating application Tinder is aimed at a quick transition to live communication, which is not always convenient for users.


Because of the linkage with Facebook (and other social networks) you can always get secured, for it proves that Tinder is an official platform. What is more, because of the numerous profiles registered, the app takes much care about the security of the data (especially after several hackers’ attempts to have access to the database of the app). Thus, the administration and the owners of the app tend to take much care of the security. In any case, HookupGeek as always warns to be aware of the fraudulent actions which you can undergo because of the irresponsible users. Thus, do not ever communicate any of your private information.

Quality of Tools

Let’s now analyze the way the tools are effective or not when you log in Tinder,

  • the matchmaking algorithm is built in quite a nice manner, so that you will not need to waste your time for filling out numerous filters of search;
  • the geolocation principle works well, and it really determines the users located next to you (in compliance with the parameters you choose);
  • the registration process is the easiest one, as the numerous users claim;
  • the settings section ensures that you easily and fast can cancel your profile.

Hence, HookupGeek believes that you will enjoy the tools, as they are more than effective!

About Tinder Dating App

The Tinder apk is for mobile dating, which is not tied to a specific city. It literally looks for a soul mate within the distance specified in the settings. Tinder will not force you to create any profiles—a couple of photos, a few words about yourself (this is also not necessary) and go ahead—in search of the most perfect partner.


As you know, Tinder is a very popular and—along with this—quite simple dating app. You don’t need to have a lot of mind to use it—absolute minimalism (no offense to be taken, please), nothing distracts from the search for a future boyfriend/girlfriend. What are the features of Tinder to propose you?

  • The system only needs to connect with your Facebook profile—so, if you happen not to have one, you’ll not be able to sign up with Tinder. Do not be afraid, no notice in your Facebook newsfeed that you just put the so-called ‘superlike’ will not ever appear. To start working with the application, you must be registered on the social networking site Facebook. Yep, this is a prerequisite for working with Tinder—it will not be possible to log in via Google+;
  • After downloading, you need to enter your account information in Facebook (e-mail and password);
  • You will also have to confirm (verify) your phone number via SMS. Immediately after starting the application, the search will begin;
  • Your phone works as a locator. Depending on what distance you set in the settings (for example, 10, 80 or 160 km), you will see which men (or women) are at a given distance and want to get acquainted;
  • Then just swipe through the applicants, put likes or looks like ‘into the abyss,’ literally saying;
  • If the likes match, it becomes possible to go to the chat, where, in fact, you agree on further actions.

You should admit that it’s easy as never before, you know!

How does it work, Tinder? Now the most interesting, trust us!

  • If a girl (boyfriend) appears to be in the affected zone of your fluids, then the program will display your potential partner;
  • You are not given any other means of communication yet—you just need to click ‘Like’ (heart), if you like the partner or ‘Next’ (cross).

Yeah, you’re not mistaken: there are just two points to follow! Coooool!

User information is limited to,

  • a couple of photos;
  • a small section “About Me”;
  • a distance from you; and
  • the latest activity.

Further, the principle is easy, as we have already mentioned!

  • The person you “like” will see your profile, and if s/he also taps on the “heart”, only then you will have the opportunity of personal correspondence, and the inscription will be lit in the interface—“Couple picked up”;
  • However, if the correspondence disappoints you, you can remove it from your pairs;
  • Another feature of the application is that you can not find out who put you like and who not;
  • In short, the correspondence will not begin until both people show mutual sympathy.

What about the settings tab of Tinder? What can you do there?

  • In the main settings, you can hide your account from new acquaintances, if you already correspond with a sufficient number of people;
  • You can specify the search range, age range;
  • In the Tinder apk settings, the only thing that deserves attention is the notification settings;
  • You will also be able to delete your profile from the Tinder database (and we will show how to do that right away in the next section).

Thus, it’s possible to claim that you will love the app at least because it’s really easy to use and, along with this, it is quite functional and effective.

How To Delete Tinder Profile

As we reviewed numerous dating apps, we can say that, similarly to Badoo or OkCupid, you will not spend much time to delete your account with Tinder. So, what you have to do is as follows,

  • you should visit the section of Settings;
  • you are to find the tab “Account Status”;
  • find the prompt saying “Deactivate my profile”, and
  • you should confirm your action and pick up the reason why you have decided on leaving Tinder.

That’s it, yeah! Just a couple of minutes needed to work on this.

Quality of Profiles

Alright, we’ve arrived to the section of Quality of Profiles, and you may guess what we are going to say. In any case,

  • because of having linkage with social networks, you can really count for the real profiles only;
  • there are no online cupids or fantasy cuties, which are presented on the other scamful dating and online hookup sites;
  • the profiles are not filled out to the greatest extent, and it serves as another reason to find out about a person more in private communication.

HookupGeek has a strong conviction that the profiles’ quality which you will encounter with Tinder will bring you much adoration. However, as you all told us, you don’t want to use Tinder just because you got tired of it. In any case, Tinder and its innumerable profiles are your path to the successful and saturated private life!

Final Thoughts

Tinder has been popular through all these years, and this is really fair to state that it served as a trigger to the greatest revolution in the industry of the online dating. Along with this, Tinder is a nice and effective app, for it really makes all the possible circumstances for the ideal matchmaking process for your convenience. Thus, of course, that’s absolutely up to you to decide whether you want to have the app on your mobile device or not. However, as for us, we do really like this app. However, the only thing which disappointed us, was the pricing approach, which is based on the age principle. We would refer it to some kind of discrimination. So, feel free and be welcome to HookupGeek in order to find the best impressions and to obtain the perfect emotions and sensations from the private life of yours! Finally, don’t forget to visit our reviews on the best cam girl sites!

FAQ about Tinder

Tinder was released on September 1, 2012 at Hatch Labs, and it was the business incubator of the American corporation InterActiveCorp. Immediately after its launching the application has become in great demand. In January 2014, the number of Tinder users exceeded 10,000,000. By the end of the same year, the indicator reached 40,000,000 users and 1,000,000,000 swipes (this gesture is used in the application for managing questionnaires) per day.

At one time, various opinions on the potential value of the company were announced. Someone estimated the project at about $ 550,000,000, someone talked about $ 1,000,000,000, at some point even an amount of $5,000,000,000 was proclaimed.

As the creators of Tinder, the relationship between users of their service - a reflection of the interaction between people in everyday life. When you sit at the bar and ponder whether you should meet a girl or a boy next to you, you have a very small amount of information at your disposal. Decision making is necessary on the basis of a person’s appearance. All the same in tinder. Initially, you are shown only a picture of a potential partner, and you decide: to swipe left or right. At the same time, unlike a bar or any other institution, here you can be sure that the person you are interested in is not against someone to meet.

Unfortunately, if you delete your profile, you can restore it only via the Support team’s assistance, and you will have to prove so many details in order to assure them that you were a real users of the very this profile. In this case, the users, as a rule, tend to sign up anew.

A serious disadvantage of traditional dating sites is that many users (usually women) receive countless messages from people with whom they would never agree to go on a date. In Tinder, this problem has been resolved by using a double confirmation system. This system also significantly reduces anxiety. Starting a dialogue, people already know about mutual interest, since both made a swipe right on the questionnaire. From a psychological point of view, this is an extremely important factor.