After numerous reviews of the best and the worst web platforms for webcam model sites, adult dating web sites and hookup online, HookupGeek is aimed at disclosing some facts about the so-called escort websites, that is the forums, where you can discuss each escort provider in compliance with their location in the USA. So, how truthful and valid these sites are? What kind of tricks can you expect from them? What is TNA Board and what it promotes? Each of these questions will be responded in this article by professional HookupGeek in order to give an idea on how to find the best escort service in the USA (even if you are a non-resident of this country).

Before we consider all the most important details of the TNA Board platform, we would like to explain what it is and how it is characterized,

  • TNA Board is a website, which is a place, where escort providers advertise their services and where you can discuss each of your experiences with the escort provider you used to be with;
  • TNA Board is a categorized website, where you don’t have to spend much time to find the best suit for you, for the escort persons and agencies are discussed by the real persons who used their services at least once;
  • TNA stands for “Truth In Advertising”;
  • The owner of TNA Board is company;
  • The site was initially created in 2007;
  • The contact phone number of the company is +1-480-624-25-05;
  • The domain is provided by;
  • The website is located in 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, 85260, Arizona, USA;
  • The biggest number of escort representatives can be found in TNA board seattle and TNA review board WA;
  • The average number of escort services providers can be found in TNA board New York and eugene TNA board;
  • The least number of escort agencies is registered in TNA board Idaho and TNA board Oregon.

TNA boardThe functionality of the TNA Board web platform is more than great, since it has numerous interesting interactive tools to surprise the users. So, when using the website, you can be eligible to also use the following sections to either make your online pastime more intricate or to pick up what you have been searching for,

  • Forum List;
  • Groups;
  • Calendar;
  • Site Updates (11/13/17);
  • Local Singles;
  • Porn Games;
  • Home;
  • Search;
  • Rules & FAQ;
  • Gallery;
  • Activity;
  • Meet&Fuck;
  • Live Sex.

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Now on, let’s take a look at what these sections would provide you with in case if you decide on using the site,

  • Forum List is called to provide you with the whole diversity of the locations, escort persons, and leisure and entertainment alternatives to pass your time with pleasure and excitement. The Forum List is designed in such a way that you can easily pick up what you need by choosing a particular Forum thread categorized by city and/or state of the USA. The Forums are subdivided into the following categories, TNA board Lynnwood,  TNA board Everett, East WA, TNA board Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, TNA board Las Vegas, Alaska, USA, TNA board Tacoma, Death Valley, TNA board Portland or Go East;
  • Groups is the section in which you can join the groups of people, who discuss different stuff related to the themes they like. For instance, if you like being engaged in discussions on fetish, you can pick up the group with this title and become another new member to have it all read and discussed;
  • Calendar section has been designed in order to assist you with the choice of the latest news, so that you are not exposed to the old discussions and ads by the escort persons and agencies providers;
  • Site Updates (11/13/17) will inform you on the updates of the site, modification of the rules to post the escort ads, and, finally, on the procedure of getting signed up as both a client and and as an escort provider in a particular city of the US states;tnaboard
  • Local Singles is a section, in which each user can be engaged in adult dating and hookup with the purpose of picking up a single person. This section is quite frequently used by the escort providers as the target audience who can be in need of their services are located in that section. So, the providers of the escort can easily drop them private messages or indicate them as a key person to be exposed to the ads by a particular escort representative;
  • Porn Games section has been created in order to provide the users with some diversity and in order to prevent them from getting bored. So, there you can easily find numerous adult games ranked as explicit content;
  • Home page contains the users stats, top users, the most recent uploads to the forum, and the ads you watched recently or the ones, which can help you find the best option of escort in the USA;
  • Search section is a categorized one, since it is subdivided into the following categories of search you can be in need of, namely, Forum, Providers (of escort), Hobbyists, Today’s posts, and New posts. Using one of the categories you can find what you really need without any unnecessary waste of time;
  • Rules & FAQ is a part of the website, which will let you grab the answer for any question of yours in relation to the work of the Forum. The rules of use and the rules of posting an ad are communicate in this section.
  • Gallery represents a section, in which each of the users signed up with the platform can easily go through the pics of the escort representatives and providers as well as see the hot content pictures made just to stimulate your interest;
  • Activity or Activity Stream Section is to show you the most recent actions taken on the forum. Herein, you can easily pick up one of the escort providers and communicate all the details of your meeting;
  • Meet&Fuck is a section, where you can hook someone up in order to have some alluring experiences for one night hook up. Herein, both virtual and real relations are possible, so, don’t forget to indicate initially what you are aimed at;
  • Live Sex will assist you in watching the most alluring and the most misbehaving videos by the webcam models in the format of the real time to have more experiences and inspiration in your private life.

TNA boardSo, as we have depicted the functionality of the platform, you can easily see that the website of TNA Board unites not only the Forum approach (as it is on USASexGuide, whose review by HookupGeek you can read here). It is also a platform for adult amusement, which is comprised of both escort services ads, hookup opportunities, and live webcam performances by the horny and misbehaving models. So, believe, you can never get dull with all this stuff, which, by the way, is in its constant modification and development.

Pricing Policies

What you have to know about the pricing policies? Well, in fact, herein, it is necessary to distinguish between the escort providers and ordinary website users (that is the users of the escort services). So, we will start off the users and what they are expected to pay to get access to the escot providers and their services,

  • the registration for the users is absolutely free of cost;
  • the users do not pay any monthly fees for using the forum;
  • the user pay only for the service of escort upon their agreement on the price, and the payment procedure can be both cash-based and committed via bank card payment processed.

The escort providers have to pay for being a part of the Forum, since they want to generate money. Thus, the website has quite a comprehensive approach to the billing procedure, namely,

  • each individual escort provider pays $50 a month to have their ads regularly promoted;
  • each escort agency pays the same $50 a month to have their ads regularly showed;
  • in case if the escort provider needs to have the ad to be broadcast more frequently, the additional payment should be released, and it can vary from $1 up to another $50.

TNA boardBecause of the fact that the pricing tariffs have been mainly created for the escort providers, we will give you a chance to see what the money is paid off for and we will disclose some of the pieces of advice on how to get the best clients paid for your escort services,

  • The suppliers different wellsprings of pay. In case if that she as of now has a lucrative common occupation, there will be an edge rate at which going beneath that rate is just not worth the important least of a few hours to prepare, give, and tidy up. Not they all are full-time suppliers;
  • Elasticity of free market activity. Barring different factors, if charging $200 acquires 6 clients every day, $300 gets 4, and $400 gets 3, a supplier would make a similar gross whether she labored for 6 hours or 3. As an issue of financial matters, she will charge $400 in order to limit her work hours. In case if that $200 brought 6, $300 brought 3, and $400 brought 2, and time wasn’t constrained, she’ll charge $200 to boost her gross. Be that as it may, In case if that she just possesses energy for 2 sessions, she’s going to charge $400 in light of the fact that this will amplify her gross receipts;
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  • The exertion and time required to give. A few suppliers live alone and can just pickup after themselves, clean up, and hang their red light. Others have kids or flat mates so cautious coordination should be finished and no good TNA board escort can be reeached. It might require additional push to prepare the incall. In case if that there’s nothing more needed than perhaps an aggregate of two hours to give an hour of administration, $200 would mean $100 every hour net receipt. However, in the event that it takes, a sum of five hours to get everything facilitated and give, that is just $40 every hour net. So regardless of whether the woman charged $400 for an hour of administration, In case if that it likens to 5 hours of absolute exertion, at that point better believe it, she’s still just pulling $80 every hour while the supplier who just loses two hours for $200 is pulling $100 every hour. Try not to assume that it does or even could take equivalent time per visit for every supplier;
  • Local average cost for basic items. In east Washington, you can get into a decent quality, two-room loft in a gated high rise for under $1,000 every month. Stopping is free, basic needs are $200 every month, gas is modest, and utilities are modest. Western Washington is one serious part progressively costly. A supplier in Spokane has extensively lower overhead expenses than a supplier in Seattle;
  • Suppliers, similar to each living animal on this planet, will modify their techniques to best amplify their personal satisfaction. Also, similar to any agent, a benefit must be made to support the business, and that venture must be more gainful than some other alternative. The rate charged not the slightest bit shows the benefit earned by a supplier. A supplier charging $200 an hour could have a 20% benefit, while another supplier charging $500 an hour could be sitting at 1%. While charging a lower rate would result in a misfortune, the rate won’t drop. Rates are set by a business at the point where benefits are expanded, and advantages and expenses incorporate one serious parcel a bigger number of elements than just cash;
  • In the event that a supplier is out of your value run, discover one who accommodates your financial limit. A higher rate is a circuitous dismissal of less fortunate men, and dismissal harms. It’s exceptionally simple to endeavor to counter by offending the supplier as opposed to ingest the effect of the dismissal. Empathy, a sound feeling of self-esteem, and fundamental understandings of financial matters and brain science go far towards adapting to dismissal and disillusionment.

Thus, we have discussed not only the pricing but also the risks, which are associated with the costs of the services, which the suppliers/providers can come across when delivering the escort services. In the next section of Pros and Cons we will show you some risks and advantages of the website and escort suppliers; however, they are not directly connected with the pricing approach.

Pros and Cons

TNA boardWell, similarly to the other alternative platforms providing escort services, we are not about to distinguish separately the pros and cons which you can encounter. Oppositely, we are going to unify them in order to give you a clear idea of what can be beneficial and what can be wrong with being engaged in escort as both a provider/supplier and/or user.

  • Commuting separation, time, and expenses. For those with incalls separate from their homes and the individuals who outcall, driving is another factor that must be considered. A few suppliers don’t have solid autos. Stopping might be an issue. Traffic and driving conditions shift extensively relying upon area. A woman with a long, costly, and hazardous drive would justifiably charge more than if every one of her customers went to her or if driving was a shoddy breeze.
  • Risk and cost of being captured. A capture for prostitution compromises an alternate effect on every supplier. The individuals who have no earlier capture record, no kids, no edgy civi manager, no licenses, and no open notoriety apparently have significantly less to lose than low maintenance lawyer for the state with three children and a family in governmental issues. The lower the rate, the less worth the danger of capture.
  • Props, attire, and actualize costs. A supplier of sex who appreciates punishing or trampling won’t probably spend much on obsession props when contrasted with a professional dominatrix. Subjugation furniture, ensembles, gear, restorative hardware, cleaning supplies, toys, and outfits are over the top expensive and devalue in an incentive with each utilization. Expenses to keep up a pro’s vital resources are extremely high.
  • Comfort, wellbeing, and delight in the supplier. Wearing impact points and interest gear isn’t useful for the back or feet. Great administration is likewise exceptionally athletic. There are a few demonstrations a supplier doesn’t much appreciate. The all the more debilitating and burdening the work, the higher the edge for when the cash simply isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.
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  • Ego and disgrace. In the event that giving is seen as dishonorable to the supplier, the customers are stooping or risky, and she has a whole lot of nothing encouraging group of people, the minor utility of expanding her rate, only to help pride and prosperity, will be a lot higher than for a supplier who feels pride in her work, has deferential customers, and gets backing and consolation for her work. It isn’t so much that the previous in any capacity trusts her vagina and administrations are of any higher quality than the last mentioned, it’s that the mental and passionate wellbeing costs are a lot higher for one than the other. In the event that giving lifts the disposition, a supplier may not feel slanted to charge as much as the woman who experiences embarrassment terrible customers, disguised disgrace from her way of life, and separation from her family and companions.
  • It’s bafflingly oversimplified to accept that each supplier is in precisely the same monetary and individual circumstance as the following and that the main variable influencing rate is narcissism. The equivalent designing assumptions are not generally connected to different administrations our products. Buyers by and large don’t accept that grapes cost more in the ice than a market in cultivating nation in light of the fact that the traders think their grapes are essentially unrivaled and there are no costs, benefits, or different factors influencing cost. Suppliers are people with altogether different conditions. No supplier subjectively sets a rate dependent on unmindful sense of self and afterward keeps it at a dimension that doesn’t augment her arrival.

So, it is evident that the pros and cons are more or less balanced, and you can be safe if you follow all the pieces of advice we have just enumerated. What is more, the section of Security will give even more ideas on how to get more protected, including the aspects of the legal security. Read on.


In order to be sure that everything you do on the the site is secure, you are expected to know some of the measures they take to protect your personal data. In addition to this, the aspect of security is comprised of the legality of using the service. So, this is what we have found out about the protection and security on TNA Board,

  • the site totally utilizes and undergoes the authority of Section 2257 Exemption Statement;
  • the work of the site is legal, since it is based on the provisions of 18 U.S.C. §2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75, 18 U.S.C §2256 (2) (A)(i)-(iv) and 18 U.S.C. §2257A;
  • the activities of the web platform is based on the grounds of Title 18 U.S.C. §2257(h)(2)(B)(v) and 47 U.S.C. §230(c); and finally,
  • TNA Board belongs to the Free Speech Coalition.

Thus, you can easily comprehend that all the actions by the website are based on the legal framework, which is currently functioning within the borders of the USA. Due to this reason, you can easily understand that everything you do there undergoes the protection by the law. Thus, you may have no fears and shame of committing something illegal.

Quality of Tools

TNA boardAs we have already communicated the essence of the site’s functionality, you can easily get that the tools being built in the platform are intricate and appealing. However, we have to realize if they work properly and if they bring the desired results for the users and escort providers/suppliers. So, this is how HookupGeek evaluates the quality of tools,

  • the search tool is designed in such a way that each user can pick up the best option among the innumerable escort providers, for the users are eligible to opt for the hair color, age, skin color, ethnicity and other parameters, including the physical ones. You can also look for the escort in your location by selecting, say, TNA board portland or TNA board nj;
  • the search can be referred to as the most sensitive, since it provides the best results, which you can discuss in the Forum threads;
  • the private messages to be sent and to have been sent are categorized in such a manner that you can manage them;
  • the option of blacklist is a helpful tool to block the fake profiles and send complaints to the administration;
  • the process of registration is quite easy and does not require much details except your age (to verify you’re over your 18 years old);
  • the webcam live shows are constantly broadcast using the HD quality, so you can easily count for the best impressions.

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Thus, both by HookupGeek and the other TNA board reviews the tools have been designed in such a way that they provide you with the most fruitful results of staying online in search of the best escort partner, who you can discuss and who you are able to read the feedback on.

Quality of Profiles

In fact, we would not like to write much here, for the profiles listed on the platform (both the users and the providers’) can be easily accessed and checked by using the search. It means that you will be able to read all the most recent and credible feedbacks by the previous users of a particular escort person. So, when ordering the service, you can count for the most truthful outcomes. Thus, HookupGeek believes that the quality of profiles on the site is more than just great. By the way, in case of complaints or fake accounts detection, the administration deletes the profile on their own.

Final Thoughts

TNA Board review: should you trust this escort among the locals? As may know, HookupGeek has already reviewed some similar web platforms, where you can find the escort providers. TNA Board is among the most promising ones, where there are no extra fees and hidden payment charged from your bank account by the company. In addition to this, TNA Board is able to ensure the best quality of tools and profiles in order to let the users pick up the best options among the plenty of the escort providers. Thus, we don’t know what kind of experiences you had, as for us, we do believe that you should try it out. In any case, we will be always grateful to read your feedbacks and comments on how you used the site and what kind of experiences you got.


FAQ about TNA Board

In fact, there are no pre-paid users’ feedback, as the philosophy of the website is that the users voluntarily share their feedbacks. In addition to this, when using the TNA Board, you should alway bear in mind that all the comments and feedbacks are subjective. It means that someone’s experience cannot be the same as yours. So, it is better to be responsible when basing only on the feedback by the TNA Board users.

You can use the forum from any location of the planet. The philosophy of the site is that if you are not located in the USA but are going to visit the country, you will be able to circumnavigate the site to find the proper options for you beforehand and have them reserved. In other words, it is possible to believe that you have no limitations as for the location of yours, since when you visit a particular state and city in the USA, you will be able to get in touch with the persons who you are going to make a deal.

Of course, you can. The site does not ask for any personal information. Also, no bank details should be provided. To become a member of TNA Board, you will only need to make up a nick to log in and a password. Both are of your own choice. What is more, when you have a date in reality, you are not to communicate either your real name or any private details. Thus, confidentiality is also your responsibility to a particular extent.

The credibility of the site is proved by its absolutely free nature to use. In addition to this, no one forces you to write either positive or negative feedbacks. This is all absolutely up to you to decide which type of feedback you would prefer. Finally, you can but not forced to listen to the feedbacks by the other users. The same concerns the use of the escort profiles listed on the forum.

In fact, no one has to pay for the ads. So, if you want to provide such a service, you can freely get signed up to become an escort provider. As a result, you can promote all of your ads and communicate with the users. In addition to this, when you see someone’s escort ads, you can really find the feedbacks on this particular ad-giver, so that you would really know what is to be expected when you agree on paying for the services.